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Thien Kim
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    Well known for playing countless different roles of old ladies in many movies and TV series in recent years,Thien Kim is one of the few famous Vietnamese actors who are in their 80s.

    One interesting fact about Thien Kim is that she became popular since joining the home for retired artists.With invitations for so many roles in movies and TV series, the old actress sometimes doesn’t even remember when she starred inthe movies when she sees herself on TV.

    At times when she has to go far away for a scene, despite her health, she will still say “let’s roll” and goes merrily on her way to do her job. More shockingly, she even ‘escaped’ from hospital while she was hospitalized a few times just to play in a scene for a movie.

    As an actress with a varied set of acting talents, Thien Kim can be a kind, happy old lady in one movie or a wicked, evil villain in another. She once shared that she is happier with her career now because modern special effects are much better than before. “Back when I was a young actress, I actually had to act with burning fire around me. It was really hot, yet the scene was really disappointing when I watched it on the TV”. With the love for acting running deep in her blood, it looks like Thien Kim will continue to appear in many movies in the future.

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