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Thread: Seven Nights of Snow - Cang Yue

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    Default Seven Nights of Snow - Cang Yue

    Seven Nights of Snow


    Cang Yue


    Table of Contents
    Chapter 1: Introductory Chapter | 1 |
    Chapter 2:
    Chapter 3:
    Chapter 4:
    Chapter 5:
    Chapter 6:
    Chapter 7:
    Chapter 8:
    Chapter 9:
    Chapter 10:
    Chapter 11:
    Chapter 12:
    Chapter 13:
    Chapter 14:
    Chapter 15:

    NOTE: Cang Yue was one of the most popular wuxia authors out of China during the early and mid 2000s. Now she writes fantasy novels, but she started out writing wuxia. Seven Nights of Snow is perhaps Cang Yue's most popular wuxia novel.
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    Default Chapter 1, Part 1

    Journeyed a thousand li to bid you farewell
    On the first and last night of snow



    Who knows when the snow began to fall.

    Snowfall so heavy it was like a swarm of butterflies soundless and motionless descending from the cold gray cloud layer, passing through the vast fir forest, blotting out the sky and covering the earth. In the blink of an eye the desolate plain was a sheet of white.

    By the time Huo Zhanbai’s breathing stabilized snow already covered the blade of his sword.

    Red snow fell on the pure black sword. The reek of blood caused his stomach, without food for two days and one night to spasm. In fact, for this person whose hands were not accustomed to being stained with blood, the killing of this person was really……a bit too much.

    He panted violently, but he didn’t dare move an inch, his arm stiff, holding the gesture of stabbing a sword.

    It was an extremely violent stalemate: the sword in his hand pierced through the chest of his adversary, nailing him to the deep black fir tree behind him. Even so, at the same time the white jade masked person pierced through his body, passing through his right ribs straight into his lungs——at this moment after the fatal blows these two had reached the limits of their strength, each gasped for breath.

    As soon as one of them moved even slightly they would both go down together.

    On this wasteland the moment was quiet as death.

    Snow still fell in flakes without end, the huge fir trees like ice cold gravestones pointing to the firmament. He and the silver-clothed killer faced each other silently, each maintaining the position of his last strike, the sword in hand remained in the other’s body.

    Huo Zhanbai panted carefully, he felt the expanding of his lung almost touch the ice cold sword within his chest.

    He did his best to maintain his composure, struggling not to lose consciousness before his opponent fell. The chest before him pierced by his sword rose and fell urgently, the two eyes behind the white jade mask were slowly dimming.

    Looked like his opponent’s energy was also nearly spent.

    Despite his opponent’s effort, the sword piercing through Huo Zhanbai’s ribs had lost strength before piercing his lung. The masked person’s head suddenly tilted to the side and slumped over without a sound.

    Huo Zhanbai breathed out silently——he had won!

    On this cold snowfield if the two of them had remained deadlocked surely they would have frozen there? He watched the white jade masked face closely as he slowly shifted his center of gravity backward to slowly remove his opponent’s sword from his lung.

    Only a small amount of blood flowed out.

    In this cold weather the blood froze on the wound almost as soon as it oozed out.

    It took him the time it takes to drink a cup of tea to slowly move back half a foot. After he was away he pressed his hand against his ribs——he had ambushed and dueled with the Twelve Silver Wings in the snow, but even so the one known as number one among the Central Plains, Seventh Young Master Huo, had received thirteen serious wounds.

    However, this ought to be the last one?

    He could lose no time in getting to Apothecary Valley, he only worried he wouldn’t be able to make it in time.

    When he pulled his sword out the silver-clothed assassin he had dueled close to a hundred rounds with lost its support and the body fell slowly from the fir tree, trailing a red streak of blood down the trunk of the tree.

    “Crack”, as he hit the snow the mask on his head cracked open.

    Huo Zhanbai was stunned and took a step back, he subconsciously re-tightened his grip on his sword and looked closely. But the person’s vital breath was indeed already expired. Snow fell on his face but did not melt.

    “Ai, so young to come out and fight to the death……” He sighed. Before the killer’s body had fallen he had deftly opened the clothing with the tip of his sword, searching through the clothes to uncover everything the assassin had on him.

    Wind whistled empty through the rips and crevices of the man’s clothes and carried a long way.

    But there was nothing.

    Huo Zhanbai stared blankly and all of a sudden felt searing pain from all the wounds on his body. He could barely stay on his feet.

    How could this be? This was the last of the Twelve Silver Wings. After the battle at Mt. Qilian the person carrying the treasure made off, and he had followed the clues to find him out, but it was like a mantis catching a cicada all the while a titmouse waits behind——this person ought to be the leader, if the item isn’t on him then where could it be?

    Huo Zhanbai knit his brows and knelt in the snow on one knee to make another painstaking search of the body.

    If he couldn't get the last ingredient then he wouldn’t be able to make the medicine pellet and Mo’er would get weaker and weaker. He had been running around for eight years collecting with great difficulty the other ingredients, how could he fail now right at the end?

    He lowered his head and rummaged through. He was so close to the body he merely had to lift his head to look into the eyes——the dead man’s eyes were not completely shut and his pupils were cold and sharp and empty, his face in something like a faint smile looking straight up to the sky. The whites of his eyes were suffused with a strange light blue.

    If that pale blue had not been in stark contrast to the snow white surroundings then you wouldn’t be able to make it out.

    One glance and his heart skipped a beat. He felt en imperceptible surge of power from within and spreading out binding his body. That sudden surge made him almost lose his grip on his sword.

    This is not right! This is not right at all!

    Instinctively he wanted to get up and back away, draw his sword and guard himself——but he was unable to do anything. In a flash he felt like his body’s acupoints had been hit, he couldn’t even move his eyes much less make any other movement.

    What’s going on? This feeling……what exactly is going on?

    His body and line of vision was “nailed” by an invisible force and he couldn’t move away.

    Then, he saw the “already dead” light blue eyes move.

    The eyes moved slightly, then opened, staring right at him. The look was clear and shallow and limpid yet deep. It was only a glimpse but it pierced him like a cold knife or spear through his body and he was terrified.

    No! He shouted from within but he could not move his line of vision, he could only remain kneeling there in that stooped position in the snow.

    to be continued...

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