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Thread: Plagiarism & Posting Policies

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    Cool Plagiarism Policy

    Please take note that plagiarism is not endorsed at the Fan Fictions Forum and that the Spcnet forum is not held liable for it. If such posts are discovered, the poster's membership account will be deleted immediately.

    Sidenote from moderators: The fan fictions are supposed to be creative works. The stories are read for their originality and entertainment, so there should not be a need to copy other people's ideas.
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    Arrow New Refined Posting Policy

    After the trial period, there is a need to refine the posting policy a bit. Just to tweak it a bit to adequately fit the objective we're aiming for. Therefore, as of today, writers, you can update normally again. We apologize for any inconvenience.

    NO ABUSIVE POSTING ALLOWED - Writers can not post updates of their fanfic repeatedly with the intention---to keep their own fanfic thread on top (of the Fan-Fic Forum).

    Violators of this policy will have their fanfic thread temporarily closed for one month.
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