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Thread: (RIP!) Ex-TVB Actress Stella Wong Man Ming has passed away due to cancer!

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    Default (RIP!) Ex-TVB Actress Stella Wong Man Ming has passed away due to cancer!

    I heard the sad news that Stella has passed away in the recent week due to return of her lymphoid cancer. She had some small TVB roles back in the late 80's to early 90's. I think her most memorable role was Chiu Hong in "The Final Combat", who was the vengeful girl with white hair and in a red dress. RIP Stella!
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    Hmm I don't think I know who she is nor remember seeing her in dramas. But upon googling, I do know her brother Wong Wai Tak, he's every where in TVB dramas.
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    R.I.P To Stella Wong. I don't recognise her name, but, after seeing her picture, I know who she is.
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    I think she was also in Hunter's Prey.

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