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Thread: Easy Life 喜乐长安 2016

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    Talking Easy Life 喜乐长安 2016



    Easy Life (喜乐长安) is a 2016 Chinese wuxia film directed by Zhu Qing (竹卿) .

    Movie: Easy Life 喜乐长安 (2016)
    Director: Zhu Qing (竹卿)
    Producer : Zhu Qing (竹卿)
    Writer : Zhu Qing (竹卿) , Jin Haishu (金海曙) , Sek Wai (石惠)
    Cinematography : Cao Wei (曹伟) , Zhao Feng (赵峰)
    Original Music : Zhao Jialin (赵佳霖)
    Production Designer :
    Art Direction : Huang Jianeng (黄家能) , Hong Hui (洪晖)
    Choreographer : Tung Wei (董玮) , Wang Xin (王鑫) , Yang Zhenhao (杨振豪)
    Costume Design :
    Release Date: March 18 , 2016
    Genre : action , wuxia ,
    Language: Mandarin
    Country: China

    A story about two childhood friends turned lovers and their adventures after they leave the temple they grew up in.


    Zhang Tianyang (张天阳)
    He Hongshan (何泓姗)
    Jin Liang (金亮)
    Wan Cang (万仓)
    Ji Shuhai (冀书亥)
    Shi Shang (时尚)
    Li Nini (李妮妮)
    Lu Qingfuyuan (卢庆福源)
    Yu Dejiang (于德江)
    Zhang Gang (张刚)
    Ding Haijun (丁海军)
    Wang Liansheng (廉声)



    Easy Life Trailer Han Han Novel Chaos In Chang An
    "Easy Life" follows the adventures of young monk "Shi Ran" and his childhood friend "Xi Le" after being forced to leave the temple where they were growing up.
    The costume drama is directed by Zhu Qing and stars Zhang Tianyang and He Hongshan.
    Han Han's "Chaos of Chang'an" has been a long time best seller and sold over 3 million copies in 2004 when it hit the shelves.
    "Easy Life" is the third adaptation of Han Han's works following "The Continent" and "The Ideal City".

    Director: Zhu Qing


    Zhang Tianyang
    Viva He
    Wan Cang
    Jin Liang
    Yu Dejiang
    Ji Shuhai
    Wang Liansheng
    Ding Haijun
    Li Shuhai
    Shi Shang
    Zhang Gang

    Also Known As:
    Xi Le Chang An

    Country: China
    Language: Mandarin
    Release Date: 25 March 2016
    Runtime: 90 minutes
    Genre: Action, Comedy

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