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Thread: 绝世武神 (Peerless Martial God) by Jing Wu Hen

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    Default 绝世武神 (Peerless Martial God) by Jing Wu Hen

    Been a leecher for quite some time and decided why not try translating as I studied both English and Chinese since I was a kid.

    So Im here to leave the synopsis of this novel Im currently read and am interested in. If there are people who are interested in this novel, please respond and Ill do my best to translate it.

    Genre: Time travel, Fantasy, Martial arts
    The main character was born in the modern world but died and ended up possessing an initially thought to be trash son with the same name as him in another world.

    Peerless Martial God (synopsis as written by the author)
    In this continent where clans stand in great numbers, martial art is the key.
    The weak is bullied, while rivers of blood will flow when the strong is angered.
    The emperor of the martial world can even look down on the world, laugh at the rivers, move the mountians and lay waste to millions of people.
    The strongest of his generation, Lin Feng.
    Born against heavens will with a shocking inheritance, Lin Feng will walk down the martial path and go against heaven and earth while treading to the highest level.

    My Translation Page: alicetranslations
    Raw: or
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    haha please do translate if u will! both title and synopsis sound badass

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    yeah sounds good

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    leechers dont say no to free stuff. do eettt

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    Default Chapter 1: Spirit Awakening


    Chapter 1: Spirit Awakening

    Martial arts. It decides your fate as well as your life and death. The weak is humiliated while the strong looks down on the world.

    Martial Spirit. The innate talent of the people in the continent is considered as the warriors soul. It can be said that the achievements of a warrior is closely linked to their martial spirit.

    There are numerous types of martial spirit. Nature spirits such as fire, ice, hurricanes, lighting, etc. Weapon spirits such as knifes, guns, swords and halberd. Beast spirits such as the white tiger, the crazy rhinoceros, the violent ape and the dragon snake. In addition there are also many powerful soul spirits such as the immortal spirit.

    The martial spirit, it will evolve and increases its strength with its masters cultivation.

    The city of Yangzhou, Lin family mansion

    Lin Feng opened his eyes and stared at the ancient and unrefined room. In this strange yet familiar room, his eyes revealed a hint of bitter frustration.

    To think that I survived! Lin Feng whispered in his heart. At that moment, his bitter smile vanished and a hint of a smile appears on the corner of his mouth.

    Thats right. He was originally a senior student from Hua Xia Jiang Nan School. However, due to a car accident, Lin Feng crossed over to another world and ended up possessing a junior that shares his name.

    Lin Feng felt somewhat depressed but it was not due to the face that he crossed over to another world. On Earth, he was an orphan and was single-handedly bought up by his grandfather. One day, after seeing Lin Fengs college admission notice, his grandfather finally felt relieved and died due to overworking. He left Lin Feng enough money in his bank to pay for his college. This amount of money can be considered a fortune in the village. And for his grandfather to save up this last bit of inheritance for Lin Feng, he neglected his health.

    Lin Feng studied very hard in college and would always get best scholarship. He wanted to rely on his own effort to change his fate, to fulfill his grandfathers wish. But Lin Feng gradually understood that no matter how hard he work and how much effort he put in, it means nothing in this era where your parents influence plays an important role.
    During his senior year internship, a cocktail party was held in one of the hotels. During the party, a wealthy second generation kid made a female student that intern with him drunk. After that, people started to silently leave. Understanding what was happening; Lin Feng went to stop him.

    In the end, his four years of effort came to naught. He was expelled from school on the grounds of indecent assault on his female schoolmate. In fact, the evidence was irrefutable as the female identified him personally.
    His kind-hearted actions bite him in the end. He was sued by the female he helped as well as the wealthy kid. With both witnesses and evidences there, Lin Feng who has neither money nor influence was unable to fight against the law suit. His fate at that point of time was already sealed. Sentenced to jail for eight to ten years, he was completely derailed from society.

    When he saw the wealthy kid and the female schoolmate happily hugging each other when being affectionate in an Audi car, Lin Feng jumped into a random car and with a smile, he drove into the Audi. Lin Feng vaguely remembers the two fearful yet dirty faces that contain the dirtiness of this corrupted world.

    In his previous life, Lin Feng no longer has any lingering worries. Therefore, he was not depressed due to the fact that he crossed over to another world. He was depressed due to the factthat he seemed to have possessed the body of a trashy young master with a trashy spirit.

    This Young Master Lin that possesses the same name as him was originally an outer sect disciple of Yun Hai. In the Yun Hai Sect, he was frequently bullied by his own cousin, beaten nearly to death and finally kicked out of the sects doors. It was due to the fact that the young master was half dead did Lin Feng managed to seize the opportunity to cross over and possess his body.

    Since I managed to gain a new life, I will never let the tragedy repeat itself Lin Feng said while he lay on his bed and clenched his fists. To the young master soul that was reluctant to completely disperse, Lin Feng said Do not worry. From now on, you are me and I am you. I will no longer let myself be bullied.

    Having fused with majority of the original Lin Feng soul, Lin Feng was very clear on what kind of world he is currently in. The strong is respected. As long as you have sufficient strength, all power and influence would have to bow down in front of you and this includes even the supreme imperial authority.

    And to those who seek to walk the Martial Arts path, not only do they need to have talent above others but they would also need to have a strong heart as well as incomparably tenacious will. The former young master Lin Feng was somewhat weak but the him now is different. The current Lin Feng barely escaped death and crossed over to a different world. In addition to the pain and suffering he went through, his will is no doubt much tougher than the young master Lin Feng.

    It was as if the soul felt Lin Fengs strong will, it finally started to slowly weakened and at last the two souls fused together perfectly.

    Hong! The moment the soul fused together, Lin Feng felt the soul tremor and the stun knocked him unconscious.
    Time passes and Lin Feng finally opened his eyes again. His brow wrinkled slightly and he carefully felt the throbbing of his soul.

    Sitting up, Lin Feng moved his conscious. Immediately, a particular atmosphere spread. At this moment, Lin Feng felt that he was wrapped in shadow.

    Did you hear? Lin Feng that trash is still not awake. I bet that he is near death

    Ha, a trash like him is better off the sooner he dies. He throws the face of the Lin family.

    Their talk in the distance had travelled to Lin Feng yet he was not angry. Instead, he showed a strange look. The voices apparently transferred from a long distance away yet the him now could hear everything clearly. Not only that, he was able to hear all the noises within several hundred meters.

    Moreover, Lin Feng discovered that his vision became even better and he became even more sensitive to his surroundings. In addition, he suddenly understood the previously misty and unclear marital arts path.

    Moving his conscious once again, a small snake spirit appeared behind Lin Feng. Its small body curled up, this snake was the one that people laugh at to be a trash spirit. As the snakes species is unknown, he was unable to increase his ability.

    Twin Spirit!

    At this moment, Lin Feng was not worried about the snake spirit. Instead, he had a stunned look on his face. Slowly, a hint of smile appeared on his face. Thats right. The black mist spirit was a newly awakened spirit. Even though he does not know what type of spirit the shadow is, but with the snake spirit, he possesses two spirits.

    A person that was born with two spirits is also known as twin spirit. In fact, in the mainland, people who can cultivate two spirits are known as geniuses. The trash that everyone looked down on at this moment had twin spirit.

    Lets call you the dark spirit for now. Lin Feng showed a faint smile. To be able to have twin spirit must be due to his fused soul. Having two souls being combined into one, having two spirits is not surprising. As for this spirits ability, at this moment it would seem that it is able to enhance his physical fitness.

    Closing his eyes, Lin Feng began to meditate. Slowly, the worlds essence started flowing into Lin Fengs limbs and bones while nourishing the body and martial spirits.

    Two hours later, Lin Feng stopped meditating and started to emit a milky foul air from his nose. Right after that, he felt that his whole body became fresh and he felt carefree as even the soreness of his body disappeared.

    So this is the cultivation of a warrior, fascinating. Lin Feng looked at his fist and with just a little strength, a crackling sound full of energy sounded out.

    The speed of his practice seems to be faster as compared to his memories. Lin Feng walked out of his room and in front of him was a huge courtyard. In the courtyard, wooden stakes and stone pillars are there for him to practice.
    Arriving in front of the stone pillars, Lin Feng used the martial technique Nine Heavy Waves. The wind started whistling and pierced the air. It was as if space was being twisted by waves after waves.


    At this point of time, Lin Feng shouted. He straightened his waist and abdomen and sent out a meteor-like punch onto the stone pillar, creating a loud thunder sound. The stone pillar instantly exploded into piles of dusts and scattered onto the ground.

    Moreover, the air pressure continued on even after shattering the stone pillars. The air pressure produced several loud sounds and caused the air to move forward like waves. This air pressure created cracks at another stone pillar two meters away.

    This punch should have over 6000jin strength. Lin Feng was very satisfied with its effect. Right now, his power has been restored to the peak and his Qi has reached the fifth layer. Even the martial technique Nine Heavy Waves that he trained in has turned even stronger. Previously he could only achieve five heavy waves but now he had actually broke through to having six heavy waves. It was due to his breakthrough that he was able to use his Qi and send out 6000jin of strength.

    Seems like the dark spirit not only enhanced my vision and hearing but also my speed and comprehension Lin Fen smiled. He being called trash was not only due to his snake spirit but also due to his poor comprehension ability. The talented at his age would have already reach the sixth Qi layer or higher. Yet, he was only at the fifth layer. In addition, his comprehension ability was also lower as compared to the others. Even when he practiced only one martial technique, he was stuck at the fifth heavy wave, causing him to be ridiculed.

    But now, the cultivation problems he faced seemed to varnish with the appearance of the dark spirit.
    Being able to enhance the overall martial arts quality of a person, it seems that the dark spirit is no ordinary spirit.

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    yay! haha thanks !! bloodrose a bit scary name tho

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    lol, is this another version of douluo dalu???? haha but this is awesome

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    can i get a link to the raws?

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    Wow... another story the read...
    Keep up the good work please....

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    Thanks EnglishRose.

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    i think the raw is

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    Chapter 2: Continuous Breakthrough

    Xiao Feng. The voice came from the middle-aged man standing in the courtyard. This person with a strong body and disposition looked somewhat similar to Lin Feng.

    Father he was indeed the head of the Lin Clan and he is also Lin Fengs father. Due to the soul fusion, Lin Feng currently possesses both the thoughts and feelings of the previous Lin Feng. Thus, he felt natural calling that person, father.

    Xiao Feng, youre.ok! Lin Hais face quivered. Lin Feng was sent back to the Lin Clan with his life hanging by a piece of thread and all this while he had been in a comatose state. Lin Hai had already lost all hope and started to help Lin Feng prepare his funeral. But at this moment, he was surprised to see that his son alive. How could he not be delighted?

    Yes, Father. I have completely recovered. Lin Feng smiled when he saw how happy Lin Hai was. This gave him a very warm feeling. When his grandfather died in his previous life, he had to face the coldness of human nature alone and had never enjoyed this kind of warm feeling before.

    Good, Good. Lin Hai heavily patted Lin Fengs shoulder. A glint of light flashed past his eyes as he looked at the stone pillar that was turned into dust. His own brothers has been eyeing and waiting for him to fall so that they could snatch the Familys Head seat. Those bastards must be feeling rather disappointed now that Lin Feng had recovered so soon.

    It was at this moment did Lin Hai suddenly emit bursts of cold chills, causing Lin Feng to feel that his body had frozen.

    Father is indeed a strong fighter in the soul layer. Just by sending out his aura, he would be able to freeze the people below his strength. Lin Feng said in his heart. In the path of Martial Arts, the first layer would be Qi. Only by slowly directing the essence of heaven and earth into ones body, refining ** (Original text by author淬炼**) and training your spirit would one be able to form Qi. Thereafter, one would have stepped into the Soul layer. In the Soul layer, one can finally practice the martial arts laws. The mastery of the laws means that one will be stronger than anyone and with just one step, a man can be killed. And Lin Hai was one of the experts in the Soul layer.

    Xiao Feng. Who did this? Lin Hais face was gloomy. When Lin Feng was sent back, he was already half dead. This proved that the opponent had indeed wanted Lin Fengs life. And it was the truth. The opponent did wanted Lin Fengs life. (TN: Lin Feng in this case is the original young master that died)

    Father, please let your child handle this matter by himself. Lin Feng did not tell Lin Hai that he was wounded by his third uncles son, Lin Heng. In the Lins Family, his third uncle and eldest uncle acts in collaboration and is always coveting the familys head seat. In fact, in terms of their strength and influence, it is not much weaker when compared with Lin Hai. Adding on to the fact that Lin Hengs natural talent is rather good and he is one of the outstanding students of Yun Hai Sect, this was why Lin Heng dared to wound Lin Feng lawlessly.

    This hatred, Lin Feng has to pay it back himself. The way of the martial arts does not allow any regrets or it would eventually become a barrier to a warriors training.

    Lin Hai looked somewhat surprised at his son and at this moment, he saw that Lin Fengs attitude has changed and his eyes was firm and resolute. He no longer showed and give off the feeling that he was weak and dispirited.
    It would seem like this incident was a blessing in disguise. Lin Hai was pleased in his heart and nodded his head. Go with me to the family meeting tomorrow. I would like to see how they would kick me off my position.

    Night time, in the Lin Familys purple bamboo forest

    Lin Feng was sitting cross-legged on the ground and behind him was a cluster of black shadows. This shadow that has almost completely blended into the darkness was indeed the dark spirit.

    While training, Lin Feng discovered that when he uses his dark spirit, his practice speed is more than five times slower. Therefore, he had to push himself and ignore the additional mental fatigue that accumulated when using his dark spirit during his training. Since God had given him a second chance, he must naturally live well. In this continent, only the strong is respected and admired by people and can do anything they want.

    Wrapped around Lin Feng was a faint milky light that shined brightly in the darkness. This light only appears when the essences of heaven and earth have condensed to a certain extent.

    The talented when practising would have a faster rate of heaven and earths essences to gathering around their body and at this moment, Lin Feng was in that state.

    Right now, Lin Feng was breathing steadily and looked peaceful and calm. The heaven and earth essences are flowing through his body and dissolved in his blood vessels, strengthening his bones and physique.

    After a long time, the light flashed and Lin Fengs body suddenly became like a black hole and in an instant, he swallowed the entire milky white heaven and earth essence into his body.

    Opening his eyes, a fleeting light flashed across his eyes. Lin Feng stood up and a hint of a smile appeared. He had broken through in one night to the next layer. At this moment, he has reached the sixth Qi layer.

    However, Lin Feng was not satisfied. From his memories, he knew that the nine Qi layers was only the starting point of martial arts. The real martial arts experts are able to fly in the sky and travel beyond the highest heaven. How carefree and happy would it be? In his previous life, that would have been seen as a God.

    Thinking about it, Lin Feng started to sway his fist and a whistling sound came forth. A momentary burst of wave energy caused the surrounding bamboo to explode.

    Qi is separated into nine layers. With every increase of one layer, his strength is increased by a thousand jin. Right now, he is in the sixth Qi layer and possesses the strength of 6000jin. And if he uses the martial technique Nine heavy waves which he has trained till the sixth wave, he would be able to send out a force of 6500jin. However, it was still not enough to Lin Feng. If he was able to practise till the seventh wave, with one fierce wave after another bursting out, at that point he would be able to send out a force of 7000jin which would be equivalent to the pure strength of a warrior in the seventh Qi layer.

    Under the ferocious force of over 6000 jin, the fragile purple bamboo exploded endlessly. The entire space became ocean-like and the howls of the fist and its shadow were the only thing left.

    It was at this point of time, did one of the bamboos not explode but instead, rebounded back. When Lin Feng saw that, the speed of his punching slowed down.

    The Nine Heavy Waves technique was created based on the oceans waves. Every wave would be stronger than the previous wave and it is domineering. However, not matter how dominating it is, it would also have a gentle side. It was only when toughness and gentleness combine together would it become unprecedented.

    Enlightened, Lin Fengs fist was no longer constantly dominating. But instead, it was now occasionally tough yet occasionally gentle.


    Lin Feng shouted while sending out a punch.

    Hong, Hong, Hong.

    Sounds of explosion busted out. Six booms, seven booms eight booms

    The purple bamboos touched by the qi waves were all completely turned into dust.

    Eight waves, strong.. Lin Feng withdraws his fist and took a deep breath as he looked at the now empty space in front of him. Having gained comprehension of the Nine Heavy Waves technique, he was able to breakthrough two stages and reached the eighth wave. It must be known that martial techniques become more and more difficult to train in as it reaches the later stages. For people in the fifth Qi layer, it would be easy for them to comprehend up to the fifth wave. However, people in the eighth Qi layer might not necessarily gain the comprehension to the eight waves. But Lin Feng had done it.

    Now that I should possess the strength of 7500jin and as long as I fully comprehend the notion of combining both toughness and gentleness together, that would be when the Nine Heavy Waves technique is completed. Lin Feng felt pleased in his heart. Martial techniques would become increasingly difficult to practice in the later stages but the power of the techniques would be several time stronger. The him now possesses the strength of 7500jin. Even if he faced a warrior in the seventh Qi layer, he would still be able to put up a fight.

    The Lin Feng in the past was looked down on by others as he was not even able to win against a normal fifth Qi layer warrior. But the Lin Feng now, although he had only arrived in this world for a day, he had improved and now possesses the might of a seventh Qi Layer warrior.

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    Thank you for the translation!!

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    Good choice for the novel translation and a very long one too - 2500 chapters!!

    For those who love Martial God Asura, you'll definitely love this. Some minor spoilers ahead...

    click to show/hide spoilers

    They both have the same feel, similar power levels (spirit, profound, heaven, etc) and MC will get involved with many ladies as Martial God Asura (and marries them too). Now that I think about it, even the name of the MC is similar (the 2nd character 枫 is the same)- Lin Feng vs. Chu Feng

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    Default Chapter 3: Overbearing Violence

    Early in the morning, the Lin Family appeared especially lively. This was due to the family meeting that was occurring soon and everyone is heading towards the field in the middle of the mansion.

    Did you hear? This time, not only did eldest uncle come, but third uncle came as well. Looks like this time they are all aiming for the family head seat.

    He He, although the patriarch is strong, however that trash of a son might have already died. He was even sent back personally by people of the Yun Hai Sect, totally disgracing the face of the Lin Family. In addition, eldest uncle is always displeased with the patriarch. He would surely use this chance to launch an attack. Who knows, the family head seat might change its owner today.

    Throughout the journey, everyone in the Lin Family was whispering non-stop. The crowd knows that todays family meeting would surely be extraordinary.

    Lin Feng and Lin Hai are currently making their way to the field as well. Seeing that Lin Feng is safe and sound, hints of colors flashes past countless peoples eyes. Some of them were even thinking how is this trash not dead yet. But under the might of Lin Hai, majority of them did not dare to speak their mind.

    This trash sure is lucky to still be alive A shrill voice sounded out suddenly. This made majority of the people there raise their head and they saw a passerby with an extraordinary aura walk towards them.

    The one that spoke was a youth. He is the son of Lin Hao Ran who is the third uncle of the Lin Family. Both him, Lin Yun and Lin Feng are at the same age of fifteen. However, Lin Yun is at the sixth Qi layer.

    So it was Lin Yun. No wonder he dared to say that. When everyone saw third uncle, Lin Hao Ran and eldest uncle, Lin Ba Dao, walking together, they all knew that both of them came with ill intentions.

    Say that again. A cold glint flashed past Lin Hais eyes while he stared at Lin Yun. This caused a flash of fear to flutter across Lin Yuns face and he dared not look at Lin Hai directly.

    Second brother, youre getting more and more outrageous as the family head. To think that the older generation is bullying the younger generation. Lin Ba Dao said in a mocking and cold tone.

    Ha. I, Lin Hai, am still the family head. To think that Lin Yun is so uneducated, how improper is that Lin Hai responded indifferently.

    Second brother is so imposing. But Ill like to see how much long you can act like this as the family head. Lin Hao Ran said in a harsh tone Your trash of a son was kicked out of Yun Hai Sect and had to be carried back home. He had completely thrown away the face of the Lin family. How could people not gossip about it?

    How much longer can I stay imposing? Lin Hao Ran, are you trying to say that I may soon lose my seat as the family head? Do you think you can get this seat? Are you even qualified? Lin Hai took one step forward and a cold chill started emitting from his body. Lin Yun could only run and hide behind Lin Hao Ran as he felt his body turn ice-cold.

    Whether am I qualified or not, only the elders can have the final say. When did it become your turn, Lin Hai. Lin Hao Rans face darkens. He did not expect Lin Hai to be so overbearing today and to be so unlike his usual self.

    So you admitted it. I, Lin Hai am still currently the family head. For your son to curse my son to die in front of me, what sort of punishment does he deserve?

    Lin Hai did not back off and the cold air became even heavier. The surrounding airs temperature continued decreasing and white frost were starting to form.

    The family head is no doubt the family head. He gives off of aura of dignity. To think that he would be the one launching an attack on third uncle first. The crowd looked over and they all held a hint of respect and admiration for Lin Hai in their heart. They had thought that Lin Hai would passively deal with the attacks launch by third uncle and eldest uncle today.

    Lin Hai, do you think that I am afraid of you. Lin Hao Ran came prepare. After saying that, a powerful heat wave surged out and fought head on with the chill.

    Father possesses the ice spirit and therefore, he mainly practices in ice techniques. However, Lin Hao Ran possesses the fire spirit and so he practices mainly in fire techniques. Water is the bane of fire. No matter how hard Lin Hao Ran fights, he would not be able to win against my father. The main lead this time is clearly not him.

    Lin Feng who was standing at the side gazed towards Lin Ba Dao to see him revealing a hint of sneer at the corner of his mouth before saying, Second brother, the family meeting is starting soon. Could it be that you as the head of the family deem that the elders are not even worth your attention?

    In the Lin Family, the elders hold the highest authority. They exist only to appoint the next family head. Therefore, Lin Ba Dao had used the power of the elders presence to pressure Lin Hai and make him take a step back.

    Tsk. Lin Hai gave a look of disdain toward Lin Hao Ran and withdrew his Qi before leaving together with Lin Feng.
    Lin Hao Ran was naturally aware of the disdain look given by Lin Hai and cold chill flashed past his eyes. This time, your trash of a son was lucky to still be alive. But next time, he would not be so lucky.

    Lin Hao Rans oldest son, Lin Heng Nai was an outstanding disciple of Yun Hai Outer Sect and it would only be a matter of time before he gets promoted to be an inner court disciple. Even if he is just an inner court junior, as the sons status grows, so does the fathers. At that point of time, his position in the family would naturally go up as well. It would be to the point where a mere family head would not be able to reach.

    On the other hand, Lin Ba Daos daughter is even more talented. She had already joined the inner court of the Hao Yue Sect and her future is bright and limitless. Within the three brothers, only Lin Hais son possesses poor talent and is known as a trash. This was what Lin Ba Dao and Lin Hao Ran is relying on. Right now the elders have a much better impression of them and this is something Lin Hai cant influence.

    Four to five hundred people of the Lin Family had gathered in the field and in the middle of the field, there was a green stone platform. At this moment, the decision makers of the Lin Family are on it.

    Elders, a few days ago, it was an honor for the people of the Yun Hai Sect to have come to our house. However, it was to actually send back to us a half dead trash, completely throwing away the face of our family. Therefore, I suggest disowning Lin Feng from the family. He does not have the qualifications to be a part of the Lin Family.
    Lin Hao Ran stood up and respectfully faced the elders while directly launching his attack.

    Youre actually so blunt to go straight to the point. But, I the family head have yet to say anything. When did it become your turn to talk? Go back to your position. Lin Hai knows very clearly about the goal of Lin Hao Ran. He would like to see how the other party is going to expel his son out of the family and seize the position of the family head.

    Second brother, what you said is not right. Although you might be the family head, but third brother is also considered a member of the family. He was just thinking about the family. Your trash of a son had really completely thrown away the face of our family and should be expelled. Lin Ba Dao overbearing voice resounded and directly attacked Lin Hai.

    My own son, I will discipline him myself. How is it related to the clansmen and it is certainly not up to you. Lin Ba Dao, I know that you have been eyeing my seat. How about this? Today, you and I would have a duel. If you win, I will leave the family with my son. However, if you lose you better stop farting.

    Lin Hai stood up and walked directly to the middle of the platform. Strong Qi started emitting out towards Lin Ba Dao. Even if you do not want to fight, you have to fight.

    Lin Feng looked at his father with a changed attitude. Aggressiveness that can scare people, only the strong will be respected. Only the strong have the right to speak. He also wanted to make the other party shut up with his own strength.

    I only fear that you are inadequate. Anger surged inside Lin Ba Dao when he heard Lin Hai saying that his words are farts. He walked towards the platform and stood opposite Lin Hai.

    All the elders remained silent. In fact, they were happy that this situation occurred. If Lin Hai could not even win against Lin Ba Dao, along with the fact that he has a trash for a son, the family head seat would naturally move today.

    I would like to see based on what can you be so haughty. Lin Ba Dao sneered only to see Lin Hai ignoring him. Cold chills started surrounding the stage. Hundreds of people in the audience could feel the piercing chill seeping into their body and bones at the same time.

    This is the power of a spirit. Lin Hais spirit is the ice spirit. Once released, the surrounding would completely change as it gets eroded by the ice.

    Great distance ice-bound Lin Ba Dao had just wanted to release his own spirit. But when he heard Lin Hais voice, the sound of a click travelled outwards with Lin Hai as the center instantly. Cold chill covered the entire stage and spread to its surrounding. The entire platform was covered in snow white ice and at that moment, Lin Ba Dao had become frozen in ice and turned into an ice man.

    Boom! an explosion sounded and the ice cracked. Lin Ba Dao flew out of the platform and blood spouted out of his mouth before he fell heavily onto the ground.

    All the elders stood up and were shocked with the scene in front of their eyes. Lin Ba Dao had unexpectedly collapsed with only one blow.

    Great distance ice-bound, Lin Hais ice-bound technique had actually reached the eighth stage. No wonder he is so strong. The great elder eyes flashed. Lin Hai possesses the ice spirit, coupled with the powerful ice-bound technique, he had frozen Lin Ba Dao instantaneously and strike a deadly hit in one breath. If his reaction speed had been half a beat slower, Im afraid this duel would not be over so soon.

    The people of the Lin Family were all dazed. This was the first time they saw such a domineering Lin Hai. He was even more domineering as compared to Lin Da Bao.

    Lin Da Bao spouted out another mouthful of blood and looked at Lin Hai with a cloudy look. However, Lin Hai did not care. He could guess that Lin Fengs injury was undoubtedly related to his two brothers. Since they wanted to kill his son, there was no need for him, Lin Hai to take into account their brotherhood.

    Elders, please continue with the family meeting. Lin Hai paid his respect to the elders before returning to his seat as if nothing had happened.

    He, He. Lin Hai, as the family head, your cultivation had improved and you have set a good example. I believe that the people of the Lin family will work even hard. The purpose of this meeting had been reached. Everyone is free to go. Great elder gave a small smile. To continue the family meeting now would have no meaning at all.

    Great elder, if thats the case, I will retire first. Lin Hai paid his respect to the great elder and stood up with Lin Feng.

    Lin Hai, I would like to see how much long you can protect this trash. Said Lin Hao Ran coldly as his goal had not been reached.

    Thats right. Trash, the disgrace of my Lin Family. Lin Yun echoed. However, as he saw Lin Hais eyes sweep past him, he quickly shut his mouth.

    Xiao Feng, Lets go. Lin Hai did not want to bother with them. However, Lin Feng did not go. Instead, he turned around and started walking towards Lin Yun. This scene made the people of the Lin family confused as they did not know what Lin Feng is doing.

    Lin Hai was also looking at his son in surprise, only to see Lin Feng walking in front of Lin Yun before saying: Lin Yun, you keep blabbering that I am trash. I would like to ask you, if one day you find out that youre worse than me, how humiliated would you be?

    Youre dreaming. How could you, this trash be compared to me? Lin Yun did not expect Lin Feng, a trash to say those words to him and could not help but give off a mocking sound.

    Lin Feng eyes flashed and he chuckled before indifferently saying: Lin Yun, I, Lin Feng, challenge you to a duel.

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    Default Chapter 4: Wielding A Sword

    When Lin Feng finished speaking, the whole field had quietened down.

    Lin Feng took the initiative to issue a challenge to Lin Yun?

    Even Lin Hai was stunned and looked at his son in surprise. The elders on top of the platform who were preparing to leave, sat back down and looked at Lin Feng with great interest.

    Lin Hao Ran gave a cold smile yet his heart at this moment was suppressing his anger. He did not expect that the trash would take the initiative to fight his son.

    Lin Yun, accept the challenge. Lin Hao Rans gaze held an intense look as his eyes fell upon Lin Yun.

    Lin Yun looked at Lin Feng and felt insulted. In the family, his talent could only be considered ordinary. It was only in front of Lin Feng could find his pride and raise his head high up. Thus, every time he saw Lin Feng, he was more than happy to taunt him a few times. But right now, it was exactly this trash of the young generation that actually dared to challenge him, causing his face to darken.

    I will stop if you can receive three of my moves. Lin Yun said while walking out. He plans to defeat Lin Feng with the most brutal methods so as to let him understand how much of a trash he is.

    If you can receive one of my punches, it will be considered as my defeat. Lin Feng shook his head and said indifferently. The indifferent tone sounded as if Lin Yun would not be able to receive even one of Lin Fengs punches and this caused his complexion to turn gloomy instantly.

    The crowd was stunned and could only look at Lin Feng speechlessly. This fellow must have gone mad. To think he would actually say something so boastful.

    No matter how beautiful the words said by the trash are, he is still a trash. Using the advantage of the words, is something only a trash like you would do. Lin Yun sneered.

    Lin Feng laughed. Hes using the advantages of words? He had only said a few words.

    Receive my punch Lin Feng is unwilling to waste any more time with idle talk. After his voice faded, he moved his body forward, raised his fist and immediately brandished it towards Lin Yun.

    One punch? Lin Yun eyes flashed cruelly and he did not evade that punch. Instead, he raised his own fist. He wanted to let Lin Feng know the huge disparity between their skill levels.

    The air started vibrating and a tyrannical wave appeared on Lin Fengs fist, produced a fluttering sound. However, the crowd could only see heavy waves moving towards Lin Yun before passing through him tyrannically.

    Martial Technique, Nine Heavy Waves!

    Lin Yuns complexion changed suddenly as he felt how strong the force of oppression is. But it was too late to withdraw now. Both fists clashed and Lin Yun felt the aggressive waves travel through his fist and past his body forcefully. Each wave was stronger than the previous one and it was never-ending.


    With a groan, Lin Yuns body flew out. Everyone was dumbfounded. This scene was exactly the same as the fight between Lin Hai and Lin Ba Dao previously. Lin Yun, without the slightest resistance was sent flying with only a single punch.

    Lin Hao Ran stood up and stared dumbly at Lin Yun who was lying on the ground.

    How could, how could this be possible Lin Yun was as shocked as Lin Hao Ran and was unable to accept the cruel reality.

    When the crowd heard Lin Yuns words, they remembered what Lin Feng had said previously. You keep blabbering that I am a trash. I would like to ask you, if one day you find out that youre worse than me, how humiliated would you be? The present scene had without doubt proved the proud words said by the youth.

    This is the trash young master of the Lin Family? Looking at Lin Feng, everyone in the audience knew that to be able to send Lin Yun flying with one punch, the punch must have at least 6000jin in strength.

    You keep blabbering that I am a trash. Now that you cant even receive one of my punches, where does that leave you? Lin Feng said ironically and looked at Lin Yun with a vicious look in his eyes.

    And you. Youre a senior yet you keep saying the word trash all the time. Now, your son has been defeated by me with just one punch. Youre always saying that I am a piece of trash, now wont you have to say that your son is a piece of trash as well.

    Raising his head, Lin Feng looked over to Lin Hao Ran and said.

    Youre only at the sixth Qi layer. Does this insignificant strength allow you to be so arrogant here? Lin Hao Rans face turned very ugly and rebuked him.

    Im not being arrogant here. I am just returning what your son and you have been giving to me. Lin Feng is unwilling to say anything more. He turned to leave and said: If you shame others, other people will also shame you!

    If you shame others, other people will also shame you! Lin Hai whispered softly and lights flashed past his smiling eyes. His own son had really changed. To think he is actually able to say such philosophical words.

    Lin Feng returned to his room in the courtyard and began practicing again. Although he had conquered and passed the fifth Qi layer, it was not enough for him to stand up tall. Lin Heng, who had beaten him up and threw him out of the sect doors, is naturally more talented as compared to Lin Yun. And he was currently in the eighth Qi layer.

    In addition, there are also Lin Ba Daos children. Their talent can be said to be several times higher as compared to Lin Yun. Especially Lin Ba Daos daughter, Lin Qian. It has been said that she had already reached the ninth Qi layer.
    In three more months, the annual meeting would be held. At that time, everyone in the Lin Family, even those who are training in the sects would come back. If he does not increase his cultivation rapidly, it would be him that would be shamed the next time.

    Cultivation is endless. Time passes the fastest when a warrior is practicing. To a warrior who is able to absorb the heaven and earth essences, not eating or drinking for ten days is not a problem. The worlds vitality is no doubt the purest essence.

    Ten days had passed and Lin Feng finally stepped out of his room. He slowly exhaled a long breath. In this ten days period, he had reached the boundaries of the sixth Qi layer and would be able to reach the seventh Qi layer very soon.

    Quickening his pace, Lin Feng walked toward his fathers, Lin Hais room.

    Xiao Feng, isnt it ok to practice at home. Why must you return back to the sect? Lin Hai was worried when he heard Lin Feng said that he wanted to return to the sect. Lin Hai still bears a grudge in regards to the previous incident and is unable to let it go.

    Father, some things are inevitable. If I hide at home to practice, father will always be sheltering me. How would I be able to grow and become a strong martial arts warrior? Lin Fengs eyes showed a strong determination. The sects strength is much greater compared to the Lin Familys. There are strong martial techniques as well as intense competition in the sect. It is only in there would he be able to grow even faster.

    Seeing the stubbornness in Lin Fengs eyes, Lin Hai sighed in his heart. His son has really grown up. It is true that staying at home to practice and staying under his shelter is a cowardly behaviour. It would be impossible to become a strong martial arts warrior that way. However, standing from his point of view, he is unwilling due to his parental love towards Lin Feng.

    Since you insist on returning back to the sect, as your father, I will not stop you. However, you have to pay attention to your own safety. said Lin Hai as he nodded his head.

    Do not worry, father. I will practice hard and have them all under my foot. Lin Fengs speech held a strong sense of self-confidence. With his dark spirit, his cultivation speed is many times faster as compared to the average person. His comprehension ability had also become stronger. In addition, with a determined heart, he had reasons to believe that he would not be worse off as compared to those so-called geniuses.

    Lin Feng did not bring anything much, only a horse, a bag of dry food as well as some silver.

    Father, Im off. Outside of Yangzhou city, Lin Feng looked at his father as he said his farewells.

    Ah. Be careful. Lin Hai nodded.

    Riding the horse, thousand snows, they disappeared from Yangzhou city.

    In the endless vast land, Lin Feng was riding on horseback. Galloping between heaven and earth, a surge of pride and ambitions bloomed in his heart.

    In his previous life, Lin Feng had loved martial warriors shows. A lone knight riding a horse while singing and travelling around the world with a sword. He did not expect that in this life, he would have the chance to ride on a horse and travel through the world freely.

    A pot of liquor, a song of broken love, and a wild life!

    One hero wielding a sword and travel the world; for pride, the world will bleed and dye the green sky!

    In this life, he was fated to be extraordinary. In this life, he was destined to live imposingly!

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    now now .... only one punch ? a few more would have been nice .... thanks for the chapter Rose !!

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    The author deleted their site. So i'm guessing they are not TLing this series anymore? Anyone want to pick this up? This series has alot of potential!

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    I've read this series and enjoyed it a lot. If no one is picking it up I'll probably do so, though my rate of translation probably will not be fast as I've just started on one series

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    Haha, you should. It's better than no series to read.

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