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20 Vietnamese Foods You Really Should Be Trying
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Thread: 20 Vietnamese Foods You Really Should Be Trying

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    Default 20 Vietnamese Foods You Really Should Be Trying

    Besides "Phở", most foreigners don't know about these special foods which are really delicious and unique in Vietnam. Therefore, if you want to learn Vietnamese cuisine more, make this list and begin to experience!

    Bánh Cuốn (Steamed Rice Cake)

    Soft, delicately thin sheets of steamed rice cakes are served with crispy fried shallots, chopped cucumber, shredded romaine lettuce, bean sprouts, slices of pork sausage, chopped shrimp, scallions, and ground beef - all drizzled with fish sauce. Sometimes, the restaurants that serve these will usually complement bánh cuốn with crispy potato shrimp tempura and deep fried mung bean batter cakes.OMG it’s a flavorful heaven on a plate!

    Bánh Mì (Vietnamese Sandwich)

    French baguettes filled with goodness! Once you’ve tried one, the regular boring turkey sandwiches just won’t be the same.

    Gỏi cuốn (Spring Rolls)

    Not to be confused with your traditional egg rolls, these are different in that they’re not fried but still equally delectable! These come in varieties of ingredients but my favorite spring rolls are the grilled pork (nem nướng̣ cuốn - image shown).Dip it in peanut sauce, and your taste buds will go on the ride of your life! ...."

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    The spring rolls is worth the try. The filling may vary though at every store but still, I find it very delectable and savory.

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