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Thread: The Gate Of Good Fortune (造化之门)

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    Default The Gate Of Good Fortune (造化之门)


    This was a fragmented and disorganized world, this was a place that had been forgotten.

    That day, was the most frustrating time for Ning Cheng, when on that day, he was abruptly brought here.

    Because this world had Ning Cheng, who would imprint his name in the vast heavens, it would finally shine in the endless universe!

    You can also find it at my site, Demon Translations.

    [Please do note that, only the chapter links would be posted here in order to avoid multiple posting of chapters.]
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    Default Prologue 1 : Don't Believe In What You See

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    Default Prologue 2 - Falling Through The Void

    Translated At Demon Translations

    Prologue 2 - Falling Through The Void

    Translated by: DemonKiller, with a bit of Void
    TLC by: Petie
    Edited by :DemonKiller, Petie

    At the Jiangzhou Universitys entrance, Ning Xiao Cheng was grasping a snowflake shaped pearl hair clip, feeling a bit pumped up. He has not seen Mu Wan in a long time, this time also he gave the money and another pearl hair clip to his younger sister, and didnt even have time to eat a meal together with his sister, coming to the Jiangzhou University right away.

    Ning Xiao Cheng didnt wait too long, as he saw Tian Mu Wan walk out. Tian Mu Wan was still as beautiful as ever, she moved in such a way that it would make everyone to become nearly breathless. Ning Xiao Chengs heart started to fill up with a hint of pride, that such a beautiful woman would one day become his wife. At this point he was even happy regarding that accident, if not for the catastrophic flood that occurred, he wouldnt even have had the chance to get to know Tian Mu Wan.

    You wanted to see me? Tian Mu Wan says flatly, this made Ning Xiao Cheng to swallow Wan Er, these two words that what he was going to say, he felt that there was something wrong with Mu Wan today.

    [TL Note : Wan Er, Wan is her name, when you add 儿(Er) behind as a nickname, basically it just means Baby/Babe.]

    I bought this pearl hair clip for you .. Ning Xiao Cheng had wanted to say that he bought this pearl hair clip for her, and then go out to eat dinner together. But the words only managed to arrive at the tips of his tongue, as he just uttered half of it, when he felt the sudden change in Mu Wan.

    Tian Mu Wan calmly took the hair clip that Ning Xiao Cheng gave, and without even looking at it asked, Is there anything else?

    I would like to invite you for dinner

    Ning Xiao Cheng had not finished his sentence, when he saw a blue car stop next to him and Tian Mu Wan.

    Wan Er. A young man exuding a strange perfume opened the door and got out, and at the same time eagerly called out.

    Ning Xiao Cheng frowned, he very much disliked the smell, a fully grown man had made his all of his body to be covered in this sweet fragrant scent, this really made it hard for him to bear it. He recognized this young man, Wan Lins family had introduced him to be hers so to-be boyfriend, and was called Zha Zhi Yi.

    Zhi Yi .

    The way Mu Wan responded made Ning Xiao Cheng frown, previously whenever this young man called Zhi Yi called her Waner, Mu Wan would always answer in a cold voice, Waner is not yours to call, please be prudent.

    Today, however, she does not seem to have the momentum.

    Tian Mu Wan not only not seem to be displeased with him, but also did not say anything when she was called Waner, noticing this Zha Zhi Yi suddenly felt elated, he hurriedly walked up and said, Waner, are you free today? I would like to invite you to have dinner together.

    Contrary to what Zha Zhi Yi expected, Tian Mu Wan did not refuse, but nodded her head and said, Today I happen to have some free time, then lets go together.

    Zha Zhi Yi was so surprised, he almost forgot his own name, he was just about to speak, when he heard Tian Mu Wan speak again, Zhi Yi, can you help me take a look at this?

    That said, Tian Mu Wan placed the pearl hair clip she got from Ning Xiao Cheng into Zha Zhi Yis hands.

    What is this? Zha Zhi Yi took the pearl hair clip, and subconsciously asked the question.

    Oh, this was just given to me by Ning Xiao Cheng, I do not any any place to put it. Tian Mu Wan said nonchalantly, seemingly not caring that this pearl hair clip could be worn at any time on her head.

    Oh.. said Zhi Yi after listening to Tian Mu Wan, shook his hand, the pearl hair clip fell to the ground, and rolled into the gap between the sewer covers.

    Zhi Yi did not seem to think that it would fall into the sewers, with some frustration he said, Im sorry, Waner, I was too careless, I will buy you a better one.

    Zhi Yi did not seem to mind it, Tian Mu Wan actually noded and said, If its lost then forget it, you are free to buy a good one for me, lets go,

    Ning Xiao Cheng looked a bit pale, how could he not know that what Zhi Yi did was intentional. The one who made him more depressed was Mu Wan, he had only not seen Mu Wan for half a month, how could she change so much? In his mind, Mu Wan was not such a person.

    Waner, I want to speak a few words with you. seeing Tian Mu Wan was going to leave, Ning Cheng spoke.

    Tian Mu Wan seemed to know what Ning Cheng wanted to speak, she turned around, and said in a slow voice, Ning Xiao Cheng, I know what you are going to say. Its just that I have just graduated from college, I cannot play around anymore. You should know that there is a huge difference between us, it is absolutely impossible for us to be together.I was naive and innocent before, but now I understand, I hope you do not come to look for me in the future, it would be bad for us.

    Having said that, Tian Mu Wan simply ignored Ning Xiao Cheng, and went directly to the blue sportscar, pulled the door and sat inside.

    Watching the blue sportscar spit out a white circle of smoke while it disappeared without a trace, Ning Xiao Cheng felt his heart bleed. He did not understand why Mu Wan would become like this, the impression he got from Mu Wan was completely different.

    Were all women so fickle? Although he was born in a poor family, he never felt himself unworthy of Mu Wan, moreover Mu Wan also never cared for his appearance.

    Xiao Cheng, why are you standing here? A clear and crisp voice sounded, interrupting Ning Cheng who was still immersed in the midst of a daze.

    Ning Cheng looked a bit pale, he looked up and saw a pretty girl with short hair, and subconsciously said, Zeng Ji Yun

    I just saw, Xiao Cheng, some matters you just let nature take its course. Mu Wans family is not ordinary, you can see, if there is someone more suitable for you perhaps in the same room. Ji Yun spoke with a gentle tone, like clouds drifting gently in the horizon, comforting Ning Xiao Cheng.

    Ning Cheng did not seem to hear the words of Ji Yun, he was vainly looking at the pearl hair clip that fell into the sewer, he took quite a while before responding, saying to Ji Yun, Thank you, I need to go now.

    Wait, Xiao Cheng, I will accompany you for a walk. Ji Yun suddenly took a step forward, her gaze looking somewhat scorching when she looked at Ning Cheng.

    Ning Xiao Cheng shook his head, did not speak again, and quickly turned into the streets and vanished in the crowds.

    Looking at the disappearing back of Ning Xiao Cheng, Ji Yun bites her lips, and even said in a voice, so quiet that even she herself couldnt hear, Ning Xiao Cheng, I like you more than Tian Mu Wan.

    She was Tian Mu Wans best friend, and she even felt that she was better at understanding Ning Xiao Cheng than Tian Mu Wan. He was one of the most outstanding man she has ever seen. Ning Xiao Cheng had a tough and optimistic personality, and for any hardships he couldnt care less.

    Because after knowing Ning Xiao Cheng, only then did she want to get to know him even better. She inquired about Ning Chengs high school, he did not seem to have any formal education, even when that was the case, he was still admitted into the University. After entering University, he never seems to study during classes, but there was never any cases of him failing subjects. According to her inquiries, Ning Xiao Cheng never took notes, always arriving one or two hours before tests, then going through the books once, the same as reading a regular fiction novel or something.

    Just like this, there werent any subjects where Ning Xiao Cheng would fail at, which also included not only written exams but also practical ones of Science and Engineering.

    With the leftover time, he would go and do part-time jobs. He and his sisters school fees, all of them was his hard earned money.

    Ji Yun concluded that, Ning Xiao Cheng not only had photographic memory, but also had a strong understanding ability, it can even be described that he had a special kind of talent.

    The only regrettable thing was, Ning Xiao Cheng did not know how to make money, with his kind of ability, basically he wouldnt need to work at the construction site. However, later, Ji Yun felt that she had guessed wrong, it wasnt that Ning Xiao Cheng didnt know how to make money, it was as if he didnt want others to know about his ability

    With such a better understanding of Ning Cheng, Ji Yuns heart was filled with the image of Ning Cheng. Even if Tian Mu Wan was her best friend, she wanted to grab Ning Cheng for herself. Tian Mu Wans wanting to investigate Ning Chengs house, was her idea.

    Lets get off here. The words of Tian Mu Wan left Zhi Yi who was still in state of excitement, dumbstruck.

    We havent arrived yet . Zhi Yi says subconsciously but stops his car, he did not dare to offend Tian Mu Wan,

    Tian Mu Wan opened the door and said, My family called, and requested that I came back immediately.

    Looking at Tian Mu Wan walking away, Zhi Yi suddenly had a feeling of being played with, he did not hear Tian Mu Wan answering her phone, he knew he was played, but he also did not dare to let Tian Mu Wan to be dissatisfied with him.

    Ning Xiao Cheng stopped walking, he discovered that he had unconsciously and unexpectedly ended up walking onto the highway, which was full of cars. He shook his head and decided to look for Mu Wan tomorrow again, to ask clearly why she was like that. If Mu Wan was genuinely that heartless as she said, then he no longer needed to stay in this city.

    His sister was about to graduate, and there was no more need for him. If not for Mu Wan and his sister Ning Ruolan, he would have already left.

    When Ning Xiao Cheng just had decided to return, suddenly a thick golden beam that strained ones eyes, shot towards him. Even with Ning Xiao Chengs quick reaction speed, it was too late to determine what that golden beam was, as it collided with him. In the instant that he lost consciousness, he seemed to have felt a huge change in the atmosphere like that of a world of the ancient times.

    Tian Mu Wan sat inside her dormitory with her mind somewhat unhinged, she picked up her phone and put it back down, this was repeated a number of times, but now that Ning Xiao Cheng really disappeared from her sight, she felt she could not forget about the boy who was often covered in dust.

    After repeating it several times, Tian Mu Wan sighed, after all, she decided to no longer contact Ning Xiao Cheng, and even intended to delete Ning Chengs number from her phone.

    At this time, her phone rang.

    Tian Mu Wan receives the call, and hears a crisp but careful voice, Are you sister Mu Wan? I am Ning Chengs sister, I want to talk about my brother

    Ten minutes later, Tian Mu Wan arrived outside the coffee shop outside the school, she saw a somewhat anxious Ning Roulan.

    Is it you? Tian Mu Wan knew Ning Ruolan, was she not the girl who was together with Ning Xiao Chen last time?

    Ning Ruolan had not seen Tian Mu Wan, but when Tian Mu Wan came in, she knew, that at present this woman definitely was Tian Mu Wan, only this kind of woman can match her brother.

    I am Ning Chengs younger sister, Ning Ruolan, my brother did not leave any message, did not even return to his dormitory, do you know where he is? Ning Ruolan was not in the mood to talk with Tian Mu Wan, she opens her mouth and immediately inquires about the whereabouts of her older brother.

    Tian Mu Wan did not react to the meaning of Ning Ruolans words, she just subconsciously asks Ning Chengs sister is at home farming, right? How can it be you

    Ning Ruolan frowned and said, My brother and I were in Jiangzhou, I wanted to study here, how do I have the time to go back to farming?

    Tian Mu Wans face changed, immediately having some clarity. She was quite intelligent, associating what Ji Yun said and did, she came to vaguely understand something.

    Not good.. Tian Mu Wan immediately thought of Ning Xiao Cheng and her that night, an elevated bridge was hit by a fragment of a meteorite that night. It was nothing to with her relationship with Ning Xiao Cheng, but at this moment her mind just flashed to a very lonely Ning Cheng standing near the bridge.

    Looking at Tian Mu Wan, who ran out desperately, Ning Ruolans face changed, it was clear that something had happened to her brother.
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    Default Chapter 0001 - A Close Call

    Translated At Demon Translations

    Chapter 0001 - A Close Call

    Translated by: DemonKiller
    TLC by: Petie, Void
    Edited by :DemonKiller, Petie

    Bang .. a sound emerged, as a rusty iron gate was opened, the echos of the iron gate opening was blocked by the ancient building, rising in spirals unceasingly,

    After a few dozen breaths time, a drooping young man was dragged by his arms by two prison guards, he was dragged out from inside the gate. This drooping young man, did not appear to be breathing, and even his thin arms were just bones. From his ragged clothes which were besmeared with blood, it could be seen how much devastation and suffering this young man had gone through.

    Peng This emaciated man was thrown on to the floor by the two prison guards, kicking up some dust, then there was no movement.

    This kid should be dead, right? Asked a stout jailer while staring at the motionless young man on the floor.

    Another jailer humphed, He should to be dead, who let him act recklessly and blindly, even dared to be rude to Miss Jan. Now it is good, not only the Ning Clan was destroyed, he himself seems to have fallen out in the same way, he got what deserved.

    Old man, speak carefully, well have to drag him out. The short and stout prison guard hastily warned the other.

    Listening to this short and thick prison guard, the old guard with a shrinking hairline, went to the person lying on the ground, ready to pull him up.

    At this time, a somewhat weak and delicate voice cried out, Two elder brothers, I would like to take my husband away.

    The two prison guards who were just speaking to each other saw a woman standing at the side dressed in coarse cloths, although this woman was dressed in coarse linen, but they could vaguely see that she was in good shape. The only disappointing thing was, her face which had been disfigured, was covered slightly by her messy hair, letting people not willing to look a second time.

    The two prison guards recognised this woman, she was one of the two remaining people from the Ning Clan left alive.

    The entire Ning Clan was exterminated, the only ones left alive was the old housekeeper and the woman standing in front of them. Ning Gao was the housekeeper of the Ning Clans residence, when the Ning residence was raided, he had already left the Cang Qin Province to go out on a trip, thus he escaped. But this woman was not only Ning Clans daughter-in-law, but also the wife of the emaciated man who was just thrown out by the prison guards, and was called Ji Luo Fei. Due to her stay in the Cang Qins Two Star Academy, she also escaped unharmed.

    Of course, this was because Ji Luo Fei and Ning were not affiliated, the only reason she married into the Ning family, was because the heads of the Ning and Ji family were close friends, she was betrothed to Ning Cheng during childhood. But the Ji family had a rather bizarre fall, leaving only the disfigured Ji Luo Fei behind. Even so, Ning Chengs grandfather Ning Hong still allowed her to marry into his house. After making the preparations for Ning to gather qi, the two of them got married.

    Unfortunately, the aptitude of Ning Cheng was extremely bad, even after many years of trying to cultivate he was unable to gather Qi, not only that, he even curses the disfigured look of Ji Luo Fei. Fortunately, Ji Luo Fei was a homeless daughter-in-law, always resigned herself to adversity, and never said anything. This time when she came back from the institute, she was informed that the Ning Clan was destroyed, that was the first time she had come to the prison here. Originally she wanted to ask if Ning Cheng could come out, but she never thought, Ning Cheng who had no breath, was thrown out of the prison by the guards.

    Ji Luo Fei seeing the expressions of the two prison guards, did not wait for them to speak up, and pulled out a dozen silver coins and quickly handed them over, Two Eldest Brothers, my husbands already gone, I

    OK, OK, drag him away, put this ugly to die here. That short and stout prison guard took the silver coins, and said while impatiently waving his hand.

    Originally, they were the one who had to handle the corpse of Ning Cheng, actually it was unthinkable for them that somebody would handle it for them, moreover even gave them silver coins, this kind of good deal, they certainly would not reject.

    Ji Luo Fei hearing this, hurriedly took Ning Cheng and putting him on her back, quickly picked up speed and soon disappeared from the entrance of the prison.

    That Ji Luo Fei, if had not been disfigured, then she would have been a real beauty. Looking at the figure of Ji Luo Fei , the other prison guard said while tossing up a silver coin in his hand, with an appraised tone.

    Dont talk nonsense, whether that Ji Luo Fei is good or bad, she is a person of Cang Qins Two Star Academy, even if she is ugly, she is beyond us. The short and stout prison guard patted the shoulders of the prison guard who had just been speaking and took him inside the iron gate. With another loud bang, the iron gates closed once more.

    Ning Xiao Cheng caught a wiff of an exceedingly pleasant and delicate fragrance. When he first opened his eyes, the first thing he saw was a spotless white neck. The next moment, Ning Xiao Cheng was able to sense, that he was being carried by a woman, and that delicate fragrance was coming from this womans body.

    No thats not right, he remembers being rejected by Tian Mu Wan. His mood was extremely bad and he had ended up walking onto a highway. Then, from the horizon came a yellow light which caused him to lose conscious, and then..there was nothing after that.

    Could it be that he did not die? What was going on here in the end?

    Ning Xiao Cheng was just thinking of this, when all sorts of myriad information swarmed into his mind, he had unexpectedly reborn.

    What really made Ning Xiao Cheng feel really shocked, was that the body in which he was reborn belonged to someone called Ning Cheng.

    The reason that he was so shocked, was because originally his name was also Ning Cheng. It was only because he used to have frequent nightmares, in which he would see himself being brought to very strange places, plotted against and thrown to prison, and getting tortured to death. Although it was only a dream, but still Ning Cheng changed his name to Ning Xiao Cheng.

    He did not expect it to turn a full circle, where he would be called Ning Cheng, and actually be reborn into the same environment that he had witnessed in his dreams.

    Ning Xiao Cheng wanted to lift his hand, to wipe the cold sweat from his forehead. Turning to look at the woman who was carrying him on her back, he didnt have much to say.

    Im sorry, I dont have the strength to walk. Seeing this woman turn to take a glance at him, Ning Xiao Cheng said apologetically. Making a woman carry him, he was feeling truly uncomfortable.

    The Ning Clan is already dead, it seems you were still lucky enough to be alive. This woman spoke with a calm tone, it seemed that even if Ning Xiao Cheng were to really die, she would still have this tranquility and calmness.

    Ning Xiao Cheng became silent, just now he had been rearranging some of his fragmented memories. He would now once again be called Ning Cheng, the sole heir of the Ning Clan in Cang Qin Province. His name was now Ning Cheng, Ning Cheng, anyways, was also his original name.

    The Ning Clan was a medium-sized aristocratic family in the Cang Qing Province, but the numbers were too small. The parents of Ning Cheng went to the Mingot sea to seek for magical treasures when Ning Cheng was still small, and then they never came back. Ning Cheng followed his grandfather Ning Hong Chang and lived a prosperous life in Cang Le city, the capital of the Cang Qin Province.

    Although the Ning mansion was large, there were not many people living in it. Ning Cheng of course became the head of the mansion, because Ning Hong Chang did not always manage Ning Cheng. Ning Cheng did all kinds of bad things in the Cang Le city, and Ning Hong Chang was the one to bear them. Cang Le city was a city filled with the Emperors relatives, although Ning Hong Cheng was a senior statesman in the Cang Qin Province, but compared to these relatives of the Emperor, he was quite poor.

    Finally one day, even he could not put up with the basket of evil that was Ning Cheng. He went so far as to even offending the Cang Qins Jan Clans beloved daughter Jan Su Jie, not to mention that Su Jies family was untouchable, Jan Su Jies fiance was Qiu Ying Guang. someone the Ning Clan did not dare provoke.

    Ning Cheng thought of this, and sighed. The result of his deeds, of course, was being locked up and tortured in prison, his grandfather Ning Hong Chang in order to protect him, depleted his connections and wealth, and as a result, not only was he not able to save him, on the contrary the whole Ning Clan got dragged into it. He heard about this news from the mouths of the prison guards, that the Ning Clan was destroyed completely because of him.

    After Ning Cheng cleared up these matters, he sighed again in his heart, this world didnt make any sense to speak of, here the one who had the strength was always right.

    Meanwhile he also understood who the woman carrying him on her back was, the woman with the disfigured face was his fiancee, named Ji Luo Fei, somewhat similar to a child bride on Earth.

    The Ji Clan were foreign to the Cang Qin province, because the relations between the grandfathers of Ning Cheng and Ji Luo Fei were good, they helped Ning Cheng and Ji Luo Fei to get close. Later the Ji family inexplicably declined, leaving only the disfigured Ji Luo Fei. But Ning Chengs grandfather Ning Hong Chang wanted Ji Luo Fei to have a better home, once Ning Cheng was ready to begin practicing gathering qi, he helped the two to immediately get married.

    Ning Hong Chang tolerated Ning Cheng in other matters, but in the matter of taking Ji Luo Fei, he did not yield.Originally Ning Cheng was very dissatisfied with the disfigured face of Ju Luo Fei, he did not hit her but frequently scolded her, Ji Luo Fei just grinned and bore it, never refuting what Ning Cheng said.

    But Ji Luo Fei and Ning Cheng were different, she was qualified to practice cultivation. Not only that, with the help of Ning Clans help, she was admitted into Cang Qins Two Star Academy, and was already at the 3rd level of Qi Gathering stage. In the state of Qin, as long as a person was able to cultivate Qi they were called cultivators. Once the cultivators practice Qi Gathering up to the 4th layer, their status would immediately shoot up.

    At this time, Ji Luo Fei had brought him back to a very small black stone house. Although it was a black stone house, the area was not small, unlike some others. There was even a small yard, the yard also had a deep well.

    How was Ning Clan destroyed completely? Ning Cheng suddenly asked. Even if related to him, Ning Cheng must clarify this matter. Although he guessed that it was because of Jan Su Jie and Qiu Ying Guan, but he had to find out for himself.

    You did your own things, why ask me? Ji Luo Feis answer was simple, putting Ning Cheng down at once.

    She poured a cup of water and feeding it to Ning Cheng said: Ill go boil water for you to bath, there are some things you should forget, you know that it will not do you any good.

    Ning Cheng looked at Ji Luo Fei boiling water, and did not continue to ask, he understood the meaning of what Ji Luo Fei said. With his ability, the more he knew, the more he was likely to die. Even if he doesnt know anything, in this place, its another thing to be able to survive.

    He did not know what Ji Luo Fei added in that cup of water, but Ning Cheng felt that after he drank the cup of water, he regained some strength.

    Ning Cheng sitting on an old wooden bed, was thinking about his own situation, he was thinking of his younger sister Ning Ruolan. At the same time, he also did not understand why Tian Mu Wan did such a thing to him, according to him Tian Mu Wan was absolutely not that kind of a snobbish girl.
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    Default Chapter 0002 - Difficult Prospects

    Translated At Demon Translations

    Chapter 0002 - Difficult Prospects

    Translated by: DemonKiller
    Edited by : DemonKiller

    The water is ready, I will help you take a bath. Ning Cheng was almost finished sorting out the things he was thinking, when Ji Luo Fei once more walked out and said.

    Although Ning Cheng was in love Tian Mu Wan for a couple of years, but at most they were limited to holding hands. In addition, he did not take any further action. Now that Ji Luo Fei was helping him take a bath, Ning Cheng felt this was unnatural. He was certain that he did not let himself be bathed by Ji Luo Feng, not because of his ideas, but because of her disfigured face.

    I can do it myself .. Ning Cheng said hastily.

    Aware of Ji Luo Feis puzzled look, Ning Cheng quickly got up from the bed, barely managing to hold himself steady while holding the bed he said. You see, I can move around on my own now.

    Although he suffered heavy torture in the prison for some time, but after coming back and drinking the water offered by Ji Luo Fei, Ning Cheng was able to barely move.

    Seeing Ning Cheng walk towards the bathroom in a rickety manner, Ji Luo Fei was getting increasingly puzzled. In her memories, Ning Cheng absolutely did not deny others serving him, to Ning Cheng, those who did not serve him properly only received a good beating, but he would never say such kinds of words nor did he do such kind of thing. Now that Ning Cheng knew that his Clan was exterminated, did he mature and started to understand many affairs when compared to before?

    However Ji Luo Fei put these doubts to one side, she no longer went to help Ning Cheng with his bath, instead she started making some rice porridge. Ning Cheng had practiced for many years but was unable to cultivate Qi, this was no doubt not only because he was not willing to endure the hardship, but even his temperament in that area was very poor. Now that the Ning Clan was destroyed, and Ning Cheng also did not die in the prison, Ji Luo Fei could expect the kind of miserable life that awaited him.

    Although she was the wife of Ning Cheng in name, they did not get married, but at the same time she already was at the 3rd level of Qi Gathering, and once she progressed to the 4th level of Qi Gathering, the institute would put great emphasis on her training. Even if she did not give up Ning Cheng, the institute would not permit her to stay with Ning Cheng in the same place. As a person at 4th level of Qi gathering, if she continued to live with Ning Cheng in the same place, with Ning Chengs present condition, it would definitely not help Ning Cheng, but rather would make Ning Cheng die quicker.

    To live with Ning Cheng in the same place, Ji Luo Fei did not have any qualms. Although Ning Chen was bad to her, he did not hit her but only scolded. The reason why she not only came back to rescue Ning Cheng, but also looked after Ning Cheng with all her heart, was because she owed the Ning Clan.

    I the eyes of Ji Luo Fei, Ning Cheng was unable to cultivate, so he went down in the world, if she did not rescue Ning Cheng, then Ning Cheng could only wait for his death. She was aware that she could not marry Ning Cheng, but also made up her mind that she would not remarry others. The reason why she proposed to help Ning Cheng take a bath, was because she was his fiancee, and the only one who was willing to and could help Ning Cheng. Since Ning Cheng claimed to be able to move by himself, she certainly would not help.

    The only thing that she could do before she progressed to 4th level of Qi Gathering, was to help establish comfortable living conditions for Ning Cheng. With her cultivation progress, even if her face was disfigured, in the future, she would have to leave the Cang Qin Province, Ning Cheng would just end up becoming a passerby in her life.

    After Ning Cheng took his bath, although he felt some pain, but he definitely felt a bit better than before. When he came out, Ju Luo Fei served the rice porridge that she had cooked. After eating the rice porridge, Ning Cheng finally had some color and strength return to his face.

    These are for you, I must go back to the institute. You can move now, so you can make what you want to eat. Ji Luo Fei says after she sees that Ning Cheng has eaten something, besides him looking weak, there seemed to be no other obstruction, taking out a package of silver coins she gave it to Ning Cheng.

    Ning Cheng did not receive the package of silver coins that Ji Luo Fei gave, he knew Ji Luo Feis meaning. Ji Luo Fei was a student Cang Qin Two Star Academy, and moreover was a good disciple. However, he remembered that he was also the student of this institute, and immediately said, Since you are going to the academy, of course I would also go.

    Ji Luo Fei was immediately somewhat surprised and was stared at Ning Cheng, she knew that before Ning Cheng only went to the institute because of his grandfathers oppression. Now the Ning Clan was almost finished, he also did not have any more restraint, not only that but now he was also thinking about going to the institute? Besides, with his intelligence and aptitude, even if he went to the institute, what would he be able to accomplish?

    Ning Cheng looking at Ji Luo Feis expression, and immediately knew that he spoke his words somewhat hastily. He just thought, in this place, if not for ones strength, he estimated that he could not live much longer. Thus, when Ji Luo Fei said she was going back to the institute, he also immediately wanted to go there together. But he forgot that he did not always go to the institute, moreover he did not have the intelligence or the aptitude to cultivate, going to the institute did not have much significance to him.

    Er. I was afraid of my grandfathers scoldings, now thinking that grandfather is gone . Ning Cheng felt sad, mainly because he was reminded of his great love of Tian Mu Wan, that kind of sadness cannot be faked, and it came out naturally.

    When Ji Luo Fei heard Ning Cheng saying grandfather, his eyes were red, if not for Ning Chengs grandfather, he would not have Ji Luo Fei. Now that Ning Cheng mentioned his grandfather again, even Ji Luo Fei was affected. She fills Ning Chengs hands with the silver coins and says, You need to rest your body now, I will try to find the time to come back and see you again, wait till your body is better, if you still want to go to the institute, I will take you there

    After saying that, Ji uo Fei turned and went out of the house, and soon disappeared.

    Ning Cheng looked at his hands that did not have a lot of silver coins in them, and then looked at the low blackstone house, he already understood that Ji Luo Feis financial condition was not good.

    In the future if he wants to live this place, he absolutely can not rely on Ji Luo Fei. At this time, Ning Cheng was not rattled, he could feel that to survive here he would have to suffer many hardships, this world followed the law of the jungle. If you did not have enough strength to survive on your own, then you could only live under others foot, even if Ning Clan possessed good strength, they were also destroyed completely in one night.

    He was very clear that once his fiance advanced to the 4th level of Qi Gathering, they would take her away from him. Not to say about two people that were not married, it would be true even if they were married. A cultivator at 4th level of Qi Gathering, for the Cang Qin Province, would be the focus of training, and would definitely not allow a disabled person to follow by their side.

    Although he did practice in his clan, but he does not have the aptitude, even after practicing for so many years he could not gather Qi, not to speak of even advancing to the 4th level of Qi Gathering.

    Cannot practice, but also wanting to find a way to survive, Ning Cheng had secretly made up his mind, but sighed. It was unfortunate that he could not cultivate, if he was able to cultivate, on the face of this planet, someday he might be able to practice until he arrived at the Yuan Realm, and then think of a way to return back to the Earth,

    Ning Cheng cannot practice cultivation, but that didnt mean he that he doesnt know about the different realms of the cultivation practice, he knows that the cultivation practice has 9 realms, with 81 levels. However he understood that the highest realm that was obtainable, was the Yuan Realm, from his memory he found that, in Cang Qin Provinces history there was only one person who was a Yuan Realm master.

    The realms that Ning Cheng could understand were only the first three, Qi Gathering Realm, Qi Condensing Realm and the Yuan Building Realm. Qi Gathering Realm consists of accumulation of Qi in the meridian channels, according to the amount of accumulation of Qi, this realm is divided into 9 levels. Li Luo Fei was currently at the 3rd level of the Qi Gathering realm, between the 3rd and the 4th level of Qi Gathering realm there exists a big divide. Although Cang Qin Two Star Academy has a lot of students who were at the 3rd level of Qi Gathering, but the number of students at the 4th level were extremely low.

    When the cultivators reach a certain level, they will be qualified to enter the Qi Consation Realm, at this time the Qi starts to truly transform into a Yuan. Similar to the Qi Gathering Realm, the Qi Condensing Realm also has 9 layers, not only it is much more vigorous, it is more sophisticated and exquisite, the Yuan Building Realm surpasses it. Even the Chief and Vice-Chief of the Cang Qin 2 Star Academy were also cultivators of the Qi Condensation Realm, and were some of the most powerful men in the Cang Qin Province.

    As for the Yuan Realm, Cang Qin Province does not have anyone.

    Ning Cheng came from Earth, and heard a variety of cultivation legends. Moreover on Earth there were some people who were able able to cultivate, especially in the mainland from where he came from, as such Ning Cheng was not surprised. Of course, as for why he has not learned to cultivate back there, it was because it was beyond the scope of his imagination.

    Ning Cheng knew that his own aptitude was very bad, and could not cultivate. In addition with his body, even if he can recall some of the cultivation techniques of the Ning Clan, he would not be able to practice. To survive here, the first essential factor was to heal and recuperate his body.

    After Ji Luo Fei returned to the institute, there was no further news. Ning Cheng never got out, besides resting in the stone building, he only exercised his body in the front yard of his stone house.

    A few days later, Ning Cheng although looked somewhat emaciated, but has actually slowly recovered. At least, he did not have any feeling of weakness. Ning Cheng felt, he could go out and have a look. At least he wanted to look at the Cang Qin Capital Citys environment, he had to survive here, what else could he do?
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    Default Chapter 0003 - Cang Le City

    Translated At Demon Translations

    Translated By DemonKiller, Void
    Edited by DemonKiller

    Chapter 0003 Cang Le City

    Cang Qin Provinces Capital, Cang Le City was very prosperous. Ning Cheng could recall many images of Cang Le City from his memories, but for the present Ning Cheng, this would be the first time for him to actually see and walk in Cang Le City. Cang Le City to Ning Cheng gave off the feeling of vicissitudes of life amidst prosperity, just like an old man whose strength was leaving him slowly, he walked somewhat unsteadily.

    Cang Le Citys streets criss-crossed freely, with each main street being very spacious on both sides, these streets intertwined together much like a spiders web.

    On both sides of the street, there were a variety of shops and stores. Many of these stores were selling things which Ning Cheng had not even heard about, let alone seeing. Most of the shops were engaged in sale and purchase of various fierce beast materials, low level spirit grass, and there were also some stores that sold weapons. Some of the stores were high-end, they sold various instruments and medicinal elixirs.

    As for those restaurants, ordinary clothing shops and brothels, they were just too many to count.

    There were all kinds of buildings in the Cang Le City, not only loft buildings, but there even was a Castle built with a Western Architecture theme. The buildings were mixed together, which made the entire Cang Le City to appear somewhat nondescript.

    Ning Cheng, to have a clear look, came to a stop in front of the doorway of a shop who sold unusual weapons, he saw a very unusual long knife which was being sold for a price of one gold coin. But with all of Ju Luo Feis possessions that were given to him together, only amounted to 50 silver coins. One gold coin was equivalent to 100 silver coins. This means that even with all his possessions, he could only buy half of an ordinary long knife.

    For those shops who sold various instruments and medicinal elixirs, Ning Cheng did not go to see. He knew that these shops seldom collect gold coins, these shops used Qi Gathering Stones as payment. A Qi Gathering Stone can be exchanged for 100 gold coins, even if he still lived in his family home, Qi Gathering Stone for Ning Cheng would have been a luxury item.

    Similarly there were some hunters who carried weapons mixed into the crowd, walking on the streets. These people generally had a hint of bloody smell on them, this made it clear that they usually roamed outside and faced danger all year round. Although these kinds of people looked aggressive, but such people were quite popular in the Cang Le City. Mainly because they were very generous, and would very rarely ask to lower the price.

    Since these type of people lived a precarious life, except in the case of some who were qualified to practice cultivation, most of these hunters were inebriated with the wine that they drank today. They used all their gold coins and money to enjoy their life, not only did they come and go out of some high-end hotels, they also spilled a lot of gold coins on the prostitutes of Cang Le City

    Ning Cheng was moving around while still lamenting in the myriad and flourishing streets, when a burst of sharp cry came from the end of the street. A young man dressed in white cloths, riding a white unicorn, roared while he rushed from a distance. From afar, it looked like a bolt of lightning over a white shadow.

    The people on the streets dodged to both sides, to avoid being hit directly and be sent flying by the unicorn. This mass of white instantly came in front of Ning Chengs eyes, Ning Cheng, his reaction was very quick, since his body was almost restored, he was able to react almost instantaneously when he saw the white shadow.

    Ning Cheng had just turned when at the same time, he saw on the middle of the street, a panic stricken little boy. At this time the people on the street had responded quickly, because of the little boys slow response, it was apparent that he would not be able to avoid the incoming unicorn.

    Ning Cheng put his hands behind the back of the little boy and rapidly pulling him back up, rushed to the edge of the street. While Ning Cheng was making his way to the streets edge, the white unicorn roared past the side of Ning Cheng, the whipped up wind caused Ning Chengs eyes to ache.

    Seeing that the little boy was safe and sound, Ning Cheng sighed in relief, in his heart he thought that the unicorn was not a wild beast, it was very likely because the rider lost control while running on the street.

    It was at this time that the beast which was running madly just a while ago stopped suddenly, and not only that, the unicorn turned, and unexpectedly walked and arrived in front of Ning Cheng.

    Dare to ruin my interest, die.. said the white man sitting on the back of the unicorn as he took out a whip and lashed out at Ning Cheng.

    Ning Cheng immediately wanted to escape, but he found that he could not escape the whip which was in front of him. The long whip brought up an invisible force, which suppressed him, making it too late to be able to dodge or avoid it.

    Ning Chengs heart sank, he didnt even have the time to question it, as a force brought him up. The next moment, the whip streaked across his eyes, even the front part of his robe was lifted up.

    Someone had saved him, Ning Cheng immediately realized it soon after it happened, at the same time he also realized that this white unicorn which was running madly on the main street was also doing so in deliberation. This unicorns owner went so far as to hit people for amusement, and him pulling the boy away seemed to have dampened the other partys pleasure.

    After Ning Cheng understood this, his heart immediately sank. This place was not Earth, and it seemed like a completely unreasonable thing to just go overboard. He saved the little boy, but at the same time offended the white man who was looking for pleasure.

    That white clothed man on the unicorn seeing Ning Cheng being pulled away by a person, immediately became angry. However, when he saw the one who had saved Ning Cheng, his anger was immediately extinguished, even his tone became genial as he said: So it is Su Jie, ah, this is just an outcaste only.

    The white robed man sitting on the unicorn spoke, as he jumped down from the unicorns saddle.

    Xian Yuan Kui, you and I dont have a good relationship, me rescuing the outcastes also has nothing to do with you. A clear crisp, cold female voice sounded, simultaneously Ning Cheng saw a young girl, who wore a very gentle and graceful pink dress.

    Ning Cheng knew that it was this girl who had saved him. However, Ning Cheng actually did not go forward to express his gratitude, he knew this woman. Her name was Jian Su Jie, it can be said that she was the enemy of the Ning Clan, the Ning Clan and his family was destroyed because of her.

    Looking at this beautiful ice-cold face before his eyes, Ning Cheng couldnt recall how his predecessor had been discourteous to her, but he truly remembered that Ning Cheng actually liked her very much. Although his predecessor also had a good family background, however it was reasonable to say that it was very unlikely that he wouldnt be aware that he and Jian Su Jie were poles apart from each other, and even if he was fond of her, he could only keep it in his heart and absolutely would not engage in any indecent thing.

    Besides, compared to Jian Su Jie, his predecessor was an idiot, it was completely impossible to repair the cracks between him and Jian Su Jie. Compared with Jian Su Jie, even if Ning Cheng did not say anything indecent, was it difficult to imagine what would happen if he approached her? It looked like his predecessor was indecent towards Jian Su Jie, and was finally thrown into prison, there was not something that was strange.

    The white clothed man called Xian Yuan Kui having abruptly bumped into Jian Su Jie here, felt his face become immediately embarrassed. But then he recognized Ning Cheng, Hey, arent you Ning Cheng? You did not die? Elder sister Jian, this boy

    Xian Yuan Kui eventually did not dare call out to Su Jie call again, as his words were yet again interrupted by Jian Su Jie, You dont need to worry about that, and dont let your unicorn run wildly around in the crowded streets.

    Having finished speaking, Jian Su Jie turned and stared coldly at Ning Cheng, If I were you, I would go crouch in a corner like a tortoise, and not have the face to go out shopping in the streets.

    Ning Cheng sneered in his heart, but did not pay much mind to Jian Su Jie, as he turned around to walk.

    Not knowing how to appreciate favors. Xian Yuan Kui seeing Ning Cheng unexpectedly ignore Jian Su Jie, immediately lost his cool, and cursed at his back.

    Jian Su Jie was used to seeing the appearance of Ning Cheng trying to curry favour from her, but at this time seeing him not even paying attention to his savior, she immediately frowned. However, also did not have to say anything as Xian Yuan Kui had already said what she wanted to say, she just turned and left in another direction.

    There was no longer any ideas in Ning Chengs heart of being able to survive in this place, if one couldnt practice cultivation, then one would not have the strength, resulting in not much hope of being able to live. At this point, how could he have the mood to go shopping? He wanted to practice, even if he was unable to practice, in order to survive he had to practice cultivation.

    Dad, he is the one who saved me. A crisp voice sounded out from the side, Ning Cheng turned his head to see the young boy who he had just saved from getting trampled under the unicorns feet. Ning Cheng, because of the things just now, had forgotten about the little boy, he didnt think that this young boy would still remember him.

    At this time, the little boy was dragging along a middle-aged man whose entire face was covered with scars. This middle-aged man was obviously the father of the young boy.

    Ning Cheng thought that the middle-aged man wanted to say thanks, thus he stopped, and was ready to say a few kind words to him. No one thought that when the middle aged man saw him, a look of panic would emerge in his eyes, he quickly bowed to Ning Cheng and said, Young Master Ning, I am sorry, this child naively collided with the Young Master, Ill take him away..

    After that, he did not even wait for Ning Cheng to reply, pulled the little boy up and got away fast, and soon disappeared among the crowd.

    Ning Cheng touched his thin face, and shook his head, he did not know the middle aged man, but could feel that he was afraid of him as the Young Master.

    Such a trivial matter, Ning Cheng did not mind, for him, the most important thing now was to practice cultivation. If he could not practice cultivation, he would have to try other methods, or leave Cang Qin, for surviving he must search for other methods.

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    Default Chapter 0004 - The Secret Within The Body

    Translated at Demon Translations

    Translated By DemonKiller, with a bit of Void
    Edited By DemonKiller

    Chapter 0004 The Secret Within The Body

    Coming back to the stone house again, Ning Cheng first tried to remember the practice methods that he learned before. His predecessor, originally did not like practicing cultivation, that coupled with his poor aptitude and intelligence in this field, he ended up with no progress in cultivation, even more he did not have the strength to practice, now Ning Cheng desperately tried to recall the cultivation practice method of the Ning Clan that was passed down from generation to generation.

    Fortunately, although Ning Chengs grandfather Ning Hong Chang pampered him, he also forcefully made him practice and remember the basic elements of the Ning Clans cultivation practice method

    After Ning Cheng repeatedly recalls the practice details from his memories, he finally remembers the First Mnemonics of the Ning Clans cultivation practice method, as well as the the information about the acupuncture points and meridians through which Qi had to be circulated.

    According to what he remembers of the First Mnemonic of the Ning Clans cultivation practice method, Ning Cheng cautiously senses the Qi outside to allows it to enter the meridians. He had already done this many times so he was prepared, he knew his own talent, if his Qi sensing was good, he would not have to wait until today to gather Qi.

    Buzz. just when Ning Cheng started to sense and gather Qi, his meridians gave a sharp sound, this sound could be heard clearly, it was followed by an intense pain that filled Ning Chengs body.

    The next moment, a thick and strong force was dispersed throughout his whole body, almost tearing it apart. But at this time Ning Cheng felt that, if he was even a slightly careless, the meridians in his entire body would be completely torn apart, and he would end being becoming truly useless.

    Ning Cheng was panic stricken, he did not dare to be lax even for half a minute, aggregating his spirit to guide the sudden increase in Qi, according to the First Mnemonic of the Ning Clans cultivation practice method that he remembered, he had to guide it through the meridians in his body by breathing in a specific way. With his careful guidance of Qi along his meridians, his body which Ning Cheng felt would soon rupture began to gradually relax.

    As the time passed, Ning Cheng became immersed in the state of circulation of Qi in the meridians, just like a trace of warm water flowing, it proliferated his entire body. He was vaguely aware that some of the meridians that were blocked, naturally began to open, as a trace of this warm feeling passed through the meridians, traces of impurities were squeezed and sent out from the pores of his body

    A kind of warm comfortable feeling rose in Ning Chengs body, in a way that even his consciousness was shielded by his senses, Ning Cheng always felt that what he was practicing before and what others practiced had some differences. In his memory, practicing ment sensing the Qi from the outside, and then passing it through ones meridians thereby allowing it to be absorbed by the body.

    But at this point he felt that, he has not even absorbed the Qi from the outside for more that half a minute. In his body, there seemed to be a thick amount of Qi, when he was in practice, this Qi filled into his meridians. This Qi was like fine threads of hot water, which automatically squeezed out the impurities from his body, and even automatically burst through his blocked meridians and and then circulated through the meridians.

    He did not know how long it took, Ning Cheng felt his whole body tremble, and he suddenly opened his eyes.

    The world suddenly became clear, he even seemed to forget that the Qi circulating in his body had disappeared.

    A kind of relaxed feeling welled up in his heart, Ning Cheng was a fool, he had unknowingly succeeded in gathering Qi, and was already a 1st Level Qi Gathering cultivator.

    Was the practice so simple? Not at all, if the cultivation practice was so simple, then he would have gone so many years without gathering Qi, and at the same time in the Cang Qin Province there would have been many more people who could gather Qi.

    Ning Cheng calculated the time that he practiced, he confirmed that he had not practiced for more than a day, but in just one days time, he unexpectedly reached the 1st Level of Qi Gathering, if he said this to others no one would even dare to believe it, what the hell was going on?

    At this time Ning Cheng had forgotten about the smell of the impurities that were flushed out from his body, and sat down again to meditate. Not only was he not a fool, he knew how to protect himself. Before his rebirth Ning Cheng knew that he was not ordinary, as he was gifted with photographic memory along with an ability to understand and comprehend, it simply made him an unparalleled existence.

    Because such a fearful ability went against the heavens will, it made Ning Cheng dare not disclose it. He only wanted to live a simple life, and after his younger sister graduated, he would go and seek his own simple life. He was very clear on what this particular ability represented, as long as there was even a little bit of exposure, he would become the focus of attention. From then on, he would not have the freedom to live an ordinary or simple life.

    This was also the reason why Ning Cheng preferred to work at the construction site, as he did not want to use his ability for the sake of money. He knew that there if he picked a second choice, as soon as he started, it would become hard to stop, in the end he would end up being noticed by the people. If not for his encounter with Tian Mu Wan, he would not even enter the University. The only thing that he did not expect was that he would be reborn in this place after he lost his love.

    Ning Cheng was sure that his cultivation practice and what the others practiced were different, others practiced by absorbing Qi from the outside, but in his own body there was already a pure and thick Qi, this Qi allowed him to quickly gather even more Qi, and he was even promoted to the 1st Level of the Qi Gathering Realm. Having always been cautious, Ning Cheng was trying to figure out what was going on. His body seemed to have a source, this source provided a such a pure and thick Qi that it even allowed his cultivation practice speed to soar, it even disregarded his aptitude for practicing cultivation.

    Unfortunately Ning Cheng knew very little about the cultivation practice, he only knew some information which was obtained from his predecessors memory, it can be said that it was extremely poor. His predecessor was definitely not a very good person, if his aptitude for cultivation was good, he would not have waited until now to gather Qi. But the way he practiced was so simple, the only possibility he could think of was that something might have happened during his rebirth.

    Ning Cheng remembered that a yellow light pierced through him from the air. could this mysterious yellow light have a relationship with his cultivation speed.

    Leaving aside the things that he could not understand, Ning Cheng emerged from his house, and started to clean his body. When Ning Cheng had finished cleaning his body with the water from the well, he discovered that some of the scars on his body had faded and even his skin seemed to have a fair complexion.

    Ning Cheng, although could not gather Qi, he was still a student of the Cang Qin Two Star Academy, and also a member of the Ning Clan, as a result he did know something about the practice of cultivation. He knew that cultivators recovered from their wounds quickly, but it was definitely not as fast as him. The scars on his body were very clear yesterday, but today when he reached the 1st Layer of Qi Gathering, they had faded down a lot, which was a bit unusual.

    There was a sound of rushing footsteps, these footsteps were obviously rushing towards the yard where he was, Ning Cheng was startled at heart. He had lived here only for a few days, but no one ever came over, now that he could hear the sounds of footsteps, he knew that their aim was obviously him. Ning Cheng simply had no time to ponder, as hastily got inside the house, took out some clean clothes and wore them rapidly.

    Ning Cheng had just worn his clothes, when a somewhat anxious Ji Luo Fei pushed the door and entered.

    How did you come back? seeing Ji Luo Fei, Ning Cheng sighed in relief. Because he had offended Xian Yuan Kui, his heart was somewhat restless.

    Ji Luo Fei seeing that Ning Cheng was all right, secretly relaxed, and said with a flat tone, I heard that you offended Xian Yuan Kui..

    Ning Cheng thought Ji Luo Fei would start to criticize him and did not let her take the initiative and said, It was he who provoked him, even if this sort of thing happened one more time, I would still come to the rescue.

    Let a little boy get trampled to death in front of own eyes or save him, Ning Cheng, without a doubt, would not have just stand and watch and refuse to take any action. For him, if he had let the little boy get trampled to death in front of his own eyes, then later he would not be able to let go of the guilt that he would have surely felt.

    Contrary to what Ning Cheng thought, Ji Luo Fei unexpectedly said in a slow tone, Xiao Yuan Kuns status in the Cang Qin Province is not ordinary, if you continue to stay here then you will definitely die, huh .

    Ji Luo Fei stopped there, and looked at Ning Cheng intently, after some time she said, You were successful in gathering Qi? This smell inside the house, is it due to the impurities from your body?

    Ning Chen knew that Ji Luo Fei already smelled the odor when she came in, but she did not say it to his face. Now that she saw his Qi, she just blurted it out.

    Yeah, just returned from having felt something, just practiced a bit, I did not think that I could gather Qi successfully, it was really lucky. Ning Cheng replied with an awkward and somewhat embarrassed smile.

    Ji Luo Fei after listening to Ning Chengs words, did not answer immediately, instead stared at Ning Cheng and sized him up from top to bottom for a while. Ning Cheng wanted to ask Ji Luo Fei, when suddenly he felt his heart tighten, he understood the meaning of Ji Luo Feis words.

    Ji Luo Fei was with him a few days ago, with his body in that condition it would have been somewhat difficult to restore his health, how was it possible for him to arrive at the 1st Level of Qi Condensation Realm? It was obvious that he had a secret, if Ji Luo Fei could see it, then why cant other people not tell the difference? He Just got out of prison, surely everyone knew about it.

    Although Ning Cheng did not know what the secret of his body was, however would others think that, they may just spilt him up to examine this so called secret.

    Luo Fei, I have already reached the 1st Level of Qi Gathering Realm, and thus I would also like to go to the institute. Ning Cheng soon understood his situation. For him, this time, only the Cang Qin Two Star Academy could save his life. If he stayed outside, it was quite possible for him to be killed off any time.

    Ji Luo Fei was still apprehensive with what secret Ning Chengs body held, but after listening to Ning Chengs words, she put those thoughts to one side. Ning Cheng always called her girl, now unexpectedly it was changed to Luo Fei. Does suffering really make a person grow so quickly?

    She reacted quickly, now was not the time to think about these things. She then says, I came back to let you temporarily go to college by all means, as you have a personal presence on the outside, I think they cannot overlook you in the same way. But you are not a student of the institute anymore, so you will not be able to attend the classes of the institute. Mr. Mu of the institutes practice room is very good, he helped me a lot. I told him about your matter, you can go there to give Mr. Mu a hand, and work as the institutes handyman

    I dont have a problem. Ning Cheng immediately accepted, as long as he could preserve his life temporarily. Ning Cheng knew that there were secrets in his body, but he believed that with his practice speed, he would soon have the ability to protect himself.

    Ji Luo Fei nodded, Go to the practice room to help, at least if the Qi gathering is successful. I came back with with a piece of Qi Gathering Stone this time, wanted to help you out with your Qi Gathering. I did not think you would succeed in gathering Qi, it could not be any better. We will wait here for a few days, and then go to to the institute.

    Ning Cheng was very clever, he understood why Ji Luo Fei came over immediately, Ji Luo Fei knew that his successfully advancing to the 1st level of Qi Gathering Realm was definitely unusual, and thus took the initiative to stay for a few days. In the future, even if people would come to know that he could gather Qi, it would be assumed because of her help.

    Ning Cheng was just about to thank her, when he saw Ji Luo Feis face seemed a bit wrong, it was pale and white.

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    Default Chapter 0005 - Yi Xing Continent

    Translated at Demon Translations

    Translated By DemonKiller, MeTaL MaX, and a bit by Void
    Edited By DemonKiller, CurlyAdi

    Chapter 0005 Yi Xing Continent

    Are you okay? Ning Cheng asked, as all of a sudden, Ji Luo Fei staggered, Ning Cheng hurriedly stepped forward to support her. Ji Luo Feis body emitted a soft fragrance however there was also a faint smell of blood mixed with it.

    Ji Luo Feng did not wait for Ning Cheng to continue to inquire and shoving Ning Cheng aside said, Im fine, I am going to take rest first. I will come out after a little while to speak with you.

    After she finished speaking, Ji Luo Fei entered into a nearby room.

    Ning Cheng looked at his palm. Shockingly, on his palm, there appeared a faint trace of bloodstains.

    Ning Cheng instantly understood that Ji Luo Fei had sustained some injuries. A moment ago, when he was supporting Ji Luo Feis back, the condition of her injuries could be clearly seen.

    He looked towards Ji Luo Feis room, Ning Cheng hesitated a bit, but did not go in. Ji Luo Fei was at the 3rd Level of the Qi Gathering Realm and so her recovery ability was much higher than his. It could be clearly seen that the Cang Qin Two Star Academy was also not a safe region.

    Ji Luo Fei was attracted by the fragrance of food, she had also changed into a new set of clothes. Ning Cheng saw that after she rested for a while, her face was not as pale as before.

    This is your doing? asked Ji Luo Fei in a surprised tone as she looked at the small wooden table which was laid with 4 dishes and a soup. In her memory, when did Ning Cheng ever cook a meal? Moreover even the food that he made looked very appetizing?

    Ning Cheng smiled, Of Course, I made it, Come over and have a bite.

    Ji Luo Fei was obviously not a very talkative person. Although she was surprised that Ning Cheng could cook a meal, but she did not ask about it. She did not know whether the food, Ning Cheng made was delicious or if she was really hungry, even after finished eating several bowls of the food, she still felt like she was not full.

    After they finished eating the food, Ning Cheng hurried to tidy up the dishes.

    Wait. Ji Luo Fei stopped Ning Cheng by calling out to him and said, These dishes, I will clean them up, you do not have to do these

    Ji Luo Fei, did not even finished speaking, when she thought of some issues. Ning Cheng definitely didnt cook this, how could he prepare such a delicious food?

    She promptly corrected herself, Would you please first sit down, there is something that I have to say to you.

    After waiting for Ning Cheng to sit down, Ji Luo Fei took the initiative and took out two very thin leather books and placed it in Ning Chengs hands and said, This was left by your grandfather, he left it with me to give it to you later. Now that you can successfully gather Qi, I should give this to you.

    Ning Cheng silently took the two thin books, he was very clear on what was going on. This was because his predecessors grandfather, although spoiled and pampered Ning Cheng, he also knew what kind of person he was. This leather books must be the Ning familys heirloom cultivation practice method, this was given to Ji Luo Fei to be passed on to him. But Ji Luo Feis reason to give him the leather book, was not because of his success in Qi gathering, but because she felt that the present Ning Cheng and the past Ning Cheng were completely different.

    Seeing Ning Cheng receive the leather books, Ji Luo Fei sighed, she seemed to be glad that she completed this matter. She, once more, took out a small wooden box and handed it to Ning Cheng and said, Inside this is a Qi Gathering Stone, you can use it to practice your cultivation.

    The present Ning Cheng was already not a beginner, he knew that Qi Gathering Stones were very precious. A single Qi Gathering Stone was equivalent to one hundred gold coins, however this was just a set price and one hundred gold coins were absolutely not enough to actually buy a Qi Gathering Stone. Even the Ning Clan didnt have much of it and now Ji Luo Fei was giving him one, he immediately refused and said, Luo Fei, I can already cultivate Qi. You are currently at the 3rd Level of the Qi Gathering Realm and you will require many Qi Gathering Stones during this period so you need not give it to me.

    Ji Luo Fei forcefully stuffed the wooden box into the hands of Ning Cheng and said, Ill let you take it, you know, I am already at the 3rd Level of Qi Gathering Realm. With my qualifications, I suppose I will by leaving the Cang Qin Two Star academy soon, at that time you will be on your own..

    Ning Cheng after listening to Ji Luo Feis words, no longer refused to take the wooden box. He received the wooden box and with a sigh he said, Luo Fei, in the past I was naive and not quite sensible, please forgive me for having made you angry in any way. You know that my aptitude and qualifications are not good, in the future you are going to leave the Cang Qin Province, we will then no longer have the opportunities to meet. Fortunately, although we were engaged when we young, but we have still not married. When you get promoted to the the 4th Level of Qi Gathering Realm, we would become people of two different worlds, anyhow, let us give up on this engagement immediately, all these years you suffered great inconveniences in the Ning mansion

    Now that the Ning mansion was burnt to ashes, Ning Cheng must also give up on his engagement to Ji Luo Fei

    Ji Luo Fei stared at Ning Cheng, she did not think that Ning Cheng would say such a thing. But she was very clear that what Ning Cheng told was the truth, once she left the Cang Qin Province, there would be no chance for her and Ning Cheng to meet.

    My life was saved by Grandpa Ning, without Grandpa Ning, there would not have been a Ji Luo Fei. What you said is right, after I leave Cang Qin Province, we probably will not have the opportunity to meet again. Let alone that I have a disfigured face, so us being married was also unrealistic, but I also know that I will be faithful till the end of the world. This betrothal was laid down by Grandpa Ning and my grandfather, without their words, I will not dissolve it. But in the future, after Im gone, you have to take care of yourself, as I am sure you would have no way to follow me around for the rest of your life.

    Ji Luo Fei finished, stood up, picked up a few dirty dishes and put them in the kitchen. She had clearly stated to Ning Cheng, that when she left Cang Qin Province, she would not have any opportunity to meet Ning Cheng. With her qualifications, if she wanted to forcibly stay to take care of Ning Cheng, then he would just end up dieing quickly. Now that Ning Cheng was already at the 1st Level of the Qi Gathering Realm, regardless of how he advanced, it made Ji Luo Fei a little bit comforted.

    Ning Cheng was very smart, how can he not understand the meaning of Ji Lu Feis words? He knew that in the future when Ji Luo Fei left the Cang Qin Province, he wouldnt be able to meet her, because of this he offered to dissolve the marriage, mostly because Ji Luo Fei did have any fond memories to hang onto in the future. After all, Ji Luo Fei saved his life, he can only help Ji Luo Fei in such a way. Now that Ji Luo Fei did not agree, he was also not willing say anymore.

    Ning Cheng returned to his room, and he first took out the Qi Gathering Stone, in his memory there was information about the Qi Gathering Stone, but he had never seen one. Now that Ji Luo Fei brought back a Qi Gathering Stone, Ning Cheng wanted to know what made this stone so valuable, although 100 gold coins can be used to purchase a Qi Gathering Stone, one may not necessarily buy it, as this price was not in any way low.

    When the Qi Gathering Stone was taken out by Ning Cheng for the first time, Ji Luo Fei was able to sense it, she peeked at Ning Cheng in his room, the corners of Ning Chengs mouth revealed a trace of smile. Although Ning Cheng did not have his playboy attitude from before, his face was still somewhat childish. His mouth was slightly open when he saw the Qi Gathering Stone, this was clearly the first time that he saw a Qi Gathering Stone.

    Ji Luo Fei was able to sense the Qi Gathering Stone in Ning Chengs hands, but Ning Cheng was confused, when he saw that it was just a very ordinary dark yellow stone, in his heart he felt a bit disappointed.The aura contained in the stone seemed to be richer, but Ning Cheng felt that this aura and the one present inside him, simply couldnt be compared.

    Putting the Qi Gathering Stone away, Ning Cheng took out the two leather books. One book introduced the history of the Ning Clan, and the other was the cultivation practice method of the Ning Clan that was passed down from generation to generation.

    After reading the first book, Ning Cheng came to know a bit more of this world. Cang Qin Province was just a tiny province of the Ping Chau country, and was just in the corner of the Yi Xing continent.

    There were nine great countries in the Yi Xing continent, the Qi in Ping Chau was the most scarce, this country was regarded as a mortal country as it was mostly occupied by humans, it belongs to the lowest class in the continent.

    In the Yi Xing continent, the power distribution was complex. As the Ning Clan, since the beginning of their history, only had one member who was at the Building Yuan Realm, they did not have a very thorough understanding of the Yi Xing continent. Ning Cheng from this thin book could only make out the main forces of Yi Xing, the various countries, vassal states, institutes, families and some low leveled sects.

    Institutes were the strongest power of a country and every country possessed many vassal states under it. Vassal states also were divided according to their strength, the highest position was held by a Three Star vassal state. A One Star vassal state was basically classified as a mortal nation, at most having only some ordinary military cultivation.

    Cang Qin Province was only a One Star vassal state. If not for the Cang Qin Two Star Institute, the Cang Qin Province would be the same as a mortal nation.

    Also, institutes were different, at a low level country, the highest rank of the institute was only a Five Star. In a low level country, a Three Star Institute was equivalent to a Three Star vassal state. If a country has a Five Star Institute, then that institute would be the one who ran that country.

    On the thin book, there was an after-note which said of a legend of a Nine Star Institute in the Yi Xing Continent, but the Ning Clan did not have any experts go out to verify its authenticity.

    Closing the thin book, Ning Cheng heaved a sigh of relief. He didnt know how big the Yi Xing continent was but from this book, he could guess how incomparably vast it was. Even the Cang Qin Province was estimated to be equivalent to only a grain of dust on the Yi Xing continent.

    Even though the Ning Clan had a cultivator at the Building Yuan Realm, but they were still unable to move away from the Yi Xing low level country. It could clearly be seen that Ning Cheng, thinking he could return to Earth just by reaching the Building Yuan Realm, was simply childish.

    The reason why the Ning Clan had been able to gain a foothold in the Cang Qin Province was because they had served the Cang Qin Provinces Monarchs for generations. Even so, the Cang Qin Provinces Monarchs didnt even say a word when the Ning Clan was wiped out.

    Even if Ning Cheng came from Earth, his heart was very uncomfortable. The cold nature of Cang Qin Provinces Monarchs wasnt worth anything for him to die for.

    Opening the second leather book Ning Cheng thought, it was Ning Clans cultivation practice methods. Reading the introductory sentence, it said that this practice method was at the top tier among the ordinary rank cultivation methods. When Ning Cheng saw this, he was a bit disappointed, top tier but merely of the ordinary rank cultivation methods. The Nine Levels of Qi Gathering were written in a very detailed manner in the thin leather book, also there were some comments and illustrations too.

    Ning Cheng looked ahead, he recalled that the 1st Level of the cultivation practice method was more or less the same. He attempted to circulate his Qi according to the Qi pattern and in a while, a stream of lukewarm water like Qi flowed unexpectedly from his dantian. Ning Cheng was shocked, he wanted to stop the practice but in his mind, suddenly a new meridian had emerged and Qi was circulated in it.

    This new Qi flow was clearly different from the description on the Ning Clans cultivation practice methods Mnemonic Chant. Not only that, Ning Cheng felt that if he cultivated Qi according to the practice method which his mind produced, the effects could be even better.

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    Default Chapter 0006 - Concealment Technique

    Translated at Demon Translations

    Translated By MeTaL MaX
    Checked By DemonKiller
    Edited By DemonKiller

    Chapter 0006 Concealment Technique

    Ning Cheng was stunned by his own notion. He forcibly stopped his cultivation practice. He was merely a cultivator of the 1st Level of Qi Gathering Realm, as for his level of comprehension of the cultivation practice, it could be said that he was at the most primitive level. If someone else had said that his amateurish knowledge of the 1st Level of the Qi Gathering Realm, was even better than the Ning Clans cultivation practice method, even he himself wouldnt believe it.

    Even if the Ning Clans cultivation practice methods were of the Ordinary Rank, it had come into existence after being revised according to the experiences of many people under countless years of time. Why was he able to identify the shortcomings of this cultivation practice method, and also able to correct them?

    Despite wanting to give it a try again, Ning Cheng still held back the idea. He knew that the practice of cultivation was without an end, even without modifying the method, one could still cultivate to the 2nd Level of the Qi Gathering Realm. His understanding the 1st Level of the Qi Gathering Realm was already shaky, now if he again advanced to the 2nd Level of the Qi Gathering Realm, he truly wouldnt know how to explain it. Although he wanted to urgently improve his cultivation level, but before that, he wanted to find a suitable reason or an appropriate method that would help him.

    Whats more, he was able to find a more suitable Qi Meridian for the cultivation practice method which was in itself, very strange. Because of this kind of matter, he didnt dare to proceed as he was not clear about it.

    However Ning Cheng was becoming even more excited, even if he didnt have the ability to modify the cultivation practice methods, he wouldnt need to worry about his poor aptitude of being unable to cultivate. Within his body, there seemed to be an incomparably large source for practicing cultivation, if this kind of situation always continued, even he did not know up to what extent would he be able to increase his cultivation? Perhaps up to the Qi Condensation Realm or maybe even the Building Yuan Realm.

    Not continuing with the cultivation practice, Ning Cheng began to study that thin leather book that contained the Ning Clans cultivation practice method. This book contained an Ordinary Rank cultivation practice method, it had detailed informations from the 1st Level of the Qi Gathering Realm and all the way up to the 9th Level of the Qi Gathering Realm. Furthermore, there were even some detailed comments and notes written by the Elders of the Ning Clan regarding the methods. To Ning Chengs surprise, on the back of this cultivation book, there were also some simple magical arts.

    These magical arts, apart from the Fireball Technique and the Wind-Edge Technique, there was also the Wind Riding technique. Originally, Ning Cheng was very interested in the Wind Riding technique. The Wind Riding technique was introduced for the cultivators of the 3rd Level of the Qi Gathering Realm and it allowed one to traverse through the air for almost a few dozen feet. If he had not caught sight of the Concealment Technique, then he would definitely have cultivated the Wind Riding technique.

    [TL Note: Raw says: 匿真术 (lit. true hiding technique ), this doesnt sound that good. so changed it to concealment technique which practically has the same meaning ]

    Reading the introduction of the Concealment Technique made Ning Cheng feel that, at the present, this was what he needed the most. The Concealment Technique allowed cultivators to conceal their cultivation level, this clearly made Ning Cheng excited. He had a heavy secret within his body, for the time being no matter what kind of secret it was was, his rapid cultivation speed was a fact. If he could hide his cultivation level, then what would there be anything to worry about?

    Ning Cheng wasnt happy for long, before becoming disappointed again. This Concealment technique was merely an Ordinary Grade magic technique, even if he cultivated it to its peak, according to its information, it could only conceal up to three levels below. Even if he accomplished it, he would only be able to cheat those at the Qi Gathering Realm, wanting to cheat those cultivators who were at the Qi Condensation Realm was impossible.

    Cang Qin Provinces Qi Condensation cultivators, although few, they still exist. He recalled from his memories, that Cang Qin Two Star Institutes Vice-Principal was a cultivator of the Qi Condensation Realm.

    Even after knowing that, Ning Cheng had already decided to learn the Concealment Technique. Ning Cheng was already at the 1st Level of the Qi Gathering Realm, moreover he had photographic memory and in addition to that, he also had a very powerful comprehension ability. Despite this being the first time that he had been in contact with a magic technique, he completely understood the practice method within an hour.

    Just as Ning Cheng began to practice the Concealment Technique for some period of time, a gentle stream of Qi rose from his dantian. Within his mind, yet once again, there appeared some new directions for the Concealment Technique.

    However, this time, Ning Cheng didnt stop, he only hesitated for a bit. Out of nowhere, the mnemonic chants for the practice of the Concealment Technique appeared in his mind. He felt the mnemonic chants which appeared out of nowhere in his mind, were even better than the chants for the Concealment Technique which he had previously read. Or rather, the practice method which appeared in his mind was a new Concealment Technique which was created after modifying and improving the base of the original Concealment Technique.

    Ning Cheng was not clear about what was going on, he vaguely sensed that this and the earlier golden explosion had some kind of relation. He decided to practice according to the modified Concealment Technique and if he finds anything wrong, he would then immediately stop.

    However after Ning Cheng began to cultivate, he did not find anything wrong. The Qi within his bodys meridians began circulating freely, without any sluggishness.

    Soon, Ning Cheng was once again immersed in the practice of the magic technique.

    When Ning Cheng woke up, he found that he had already made a small accomplishment in the cultivation practice of his first magic technique. Ning Cheng tried using the Concealment Technique that he just learned to try and hide his own cultivation, unexpectedly it was quite easy and the Qi fluctuations were completely concealed, without any delay.

    So good. Ning Cheng subconsciously blurted out. He didnt know whether the concealment technique was a good thing, or him being able to automatically correct any cultivation method was a good thing.

    Ning Cheng had just said these words, when he heard Ji Luo Feis voice from the outside, Since you are not practicing cultivation, then come out to eat.

    When Ning Cheng heard Ji Luo Feis voice, only then did he come to realize, that he had stayed in the room overnight and now it was already morning. Regarding cultivation, time really was of little value, he did not have the feeling that the night had already passed.

    What went wrong with your practice? after Ji Luo Fei saw Ning Cheng come out, she immediately stood up in amazement once again, she couldnt feel any Qi fluctuations from Ning Chengs body. In other words, she, at the moment, couldnt see Ning Chengs cultivation level, to be said exactly, according to what she sensed Ning Cheng basically had no cultivation at all.

    Ning Cheng only then reacted, he thought the reason must be because he had used the concealment technique, and immediately said, I feel my level is still not stable, sometimes there is response from my Qi and sometimes there is no response.

    Even if Ji Luo Fei was his fiancee, Ning Cheng still did not want to reveal his secret. He was aware that if he hadnt followed the modified cultivation practice method for the Concealment Technique, then it would have been fundamentally impossible for him to achieve success in it, especially in a single night. This kind of method correcting secret, was simply too formidable. If he was an expert, it wouldnt be a problem but the crucial point is that he had only just recently came in contact with cultivation.

    Ji Luo Feis cultivation level was quite low, she didnt know anything about this kind of situation. She frowned and after a while said, Although you are able to gather Qi now, your cultivation level is still not fully stabilized. Use the Qi gathering stone for some days, it ought to stabilize your level. Before that, eat some food.

    Ning Cheng saw that the breakfast was already prepared and placed on the small wooden table, and at once said, Thank You.

    Both had a lot on their minds so they ate their breakfast in silence. Finished eating, Ning Cheng proceeded to return to his room to cultivate, Ji Luo Fei also didnt ask.

    A few days passed by, Ning Cheng, in the past few days, had wholeheartedly devoted himself to practicing the Concealment Technique. As for the Fireball and Wind Edge Technique, he only memorized them and didnt cultivate. He knew that trying to practice these kind of magic techniques inside his room was not suitable.

    On this day, Ji Luo Fei saw that Ning Cheng seemed to have stabilized his cultivation level at the 1st Level of the Qi Gathering Realm, only then she said to Ning Cheng, Your 1st Level of the Qi Gathering Realm ought to be stable now, we will go to the institute today.

    Okay. Ning Cheng didnt have any hesitation, even if Ji Luo Fei hadnt said anything, he intended to remind her. The past few days, Ning Cheng always felt that there were some people secretly sneaking around this small stone house, if not for Ji Luo Fei being here, maybe someone would have already come and taken him away.

    Cang Qin Two Star Institute in the Cang Qin Province had an exceedingly high status, so much so that its status was said to be even a bit higher than the Cang Qin Province itself. Because the institutes vice principal, Yong Zhang Yan was a member of Cang Qin Provinces royal family, Cang Qin two star institute was also considered to be the other half of Cang Qin royalty.

    In the memory of Ning Cheng, Cang Qin Two Star Institute was quite big. Because Ning Cheng originally, didnt always go over and also loathed the Cang Qin Two Star Institute, so, at present, Ning Cheng didnt have a clear memory of it. Now, that he had followed Ji Luo Fei to the Cang Qin Two Star Institute, only then did he become aware of the reason why the Cang Qin Two Star Institute was regarded as the highest power in the Cang Qin Province.

    Cang Qin Two Star Institutes architecture was somewhat similar to the western castle grounds which covered an incomparably large area with large swaths of forest, looking from a distance, it looked extremely imposing. Ning Cheng knew pretty well about the Cang Qin Provinces Capital City and he was sure that the Cang Qin Provinces Capital City was not equal to this Two Star Institute.

    [Editor Note The Western castle grounds here refers to the Castle grounds in the European countries like England, Scandinavia, etc.]

    Standing at the gate of the institute, Ning Cheng could clearly feel that the spiritual energy here was many times denser than other places.

    In front of the Institutes gate, was a public plaza of several hundred feet, and in the middle of the huge public plaza, there was a huge elevated stage.

    Seeing Ning Cheng stare at the huge elevated stage, Ji Luo Fei lightly said, That place is the Dueling Platform, if the cultivators of the Institute have any resentments, disputes, gambling or even Life or Death grievances they can settle them on the Dueling Platform. Previously, there was no Dueling Platform here. Because, all the Three Star and above Institutes have this kind of a Dueling Platform, the Cang Qin Two Star Institute also wanted to compete with the Three Star Institutes, as a result they built this Dueling Platform.

    After she finished speaking, Ji Luo Fei repeatedly warned Ning Cheng, After you help out in the cultivation room, as much as possible, dont come out, also dont provoke and start a feud with other people. Otherwise it would become quite difficult to avoid the going on to the Dueling Platform.

    Ning Cheng was puzzled and asked, If other people tried to find me for a duel, am I not allowed to fight?

    You cant. Ji Luo Fei gave a concise answer, and after she finished, did not wait for Ning Cheng to speak again and had already entered the institutes gate.

    Ning Cheng immediately followed after Ji Luo Fei and entered the institute when a clear, distinct voice reached their ears, Cang Qin Two Star Institute will select ten disciples to participate in the selection for the Yun Xing Five Star Institute

    Ji Luo Fei didnt seem to hear it, however Ning Cheng but almost stumbled. This broadcasting voice, he absolutely didnt mishear, this was definitely a voice broadcast.

    [Editor Note It is something similar to a radio/loudspeaker broadcast]

    What are you standing there for? Ji Luo Fei turned around and asked, seeing Ning Cheng stand in a daze.

    This is a broadcast? Ning Cheng stood at the original spot and mumbled, he seemed to have returned to the place where he previously used to live. If this was not Earth, where did the broadcast come from?

    This was a magical place, where one could cultivate, where one could even display all kinds of magic techniques. But if Ning Cheng had a choice, he would still choose the Earth. At least there, was his younger sister, his only family.

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    Default Chapter 0007 - Ning Cheng's Work

    Translated At Demon Translations

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    Chapter 0007 Ning Chengs Work

    Of course it is a broadcast..Ji Luo Fei saw Ning Chang standing there mumbling to himself, and said helplessly. The Cang Qin Two Star Academys broadcast was not introduced too long ago, because the Academy wanted to join the ranks of a Three Star Academy, apart from reinforcing their external strength, the Academys facilities were also upgraded and improved.

    Because of this the Dueling Platform outside the Academy was constructed, the Academy also paid a heavy price to set up this broadcasting service by calling a high level Array Master to help set it up. Not only that, the Academy also sold Sound Transmission Jade Tablets. These Sound Transmission Jade Tablets can easily distribute the news of important matters within the scope of the Ping Chou Country. The sound transmission setup of this Sound Transmission Jade Tablet, was constructed using various Sound Transfer Arrays.

    Are you a country bumpkin? You dont even know what a Range Array is. said a long haired boy who passed Ning Cheng and Ji Luo Fei from the side, when he heard the talk between the two. His voice was full of disdain and ridicule.

    Ning Cheng came to an understanding, that the sound he heard was not broadcasted through the air as he thought, but through other ways. At this point when he heard someone speak in a sarcastically tone, he tried to respond back, but Ji Luo Fei pulled his hand and said, Forget about others, lets go.

    I must say, arent you the ugly female disciple Ji. The boy who spoke recognized Ji Luo Fei and continued to ridicule her in an unbridled fashion.

    Ji Luo Feis face was calm, her face was tranquil, as if the one who was ridiculed was not she. Ning Cheng contained his fury in the innermost depths of his hearts, and was led away by Ji Luo Fei, He knew that in this place of cultivation practice, if he tried to stir up a fight, then more than ten people would come to kill him in a second.

    Gu Fei is really useless, he was not even able to defeat such an ugly person. as Ji Luo Fei and Ning Cheng left, the boy behind them sneered and said loudly. His aim was very clear, and that was to provoke Ji Luo Fei.

    Ning Cheng could feel that Ji Luo Fei was suppressing her anger in the innermost depths of her heart, at this moment, Ning Cheng almost could not bear not turning back to seize the sarcastic guy and beat him up violently.

    His name is Zhu Chen Jun, and he is at the 3rd Level of the Qi Gathering Realm, his cultivation level is somewhat higher than me. Ji Luo Fei gave a light explanation while turning a bit pale at the same time.

    Ning Cheng did not speak, he knew that his strength was inferior, Ji Luo Fei reminded him that the words that he wanted to say would be utter nonsense. If he was powerful, Zhu Chen Jun would not dare speak in such a way in front of him. After listening to Zhu Chen Juns words, he was thinking about who this Gu Fei person was, it seemed that Ji Luo Fei had fought with this Gu Fei once before, he did not know that Ji Luo Feis injuries before were because of this matter.

    The Cang Qin Two Star Academys area was very large, Ning Cheng also knew that the purpose of Ji Luo Fei bringing him to the Cang Qin Two Star Academy, was for the sake of saving his puny life. So he thought the Ji Luo Fei would certainly find a secluded place for him to take shelter, he did not expect that Ji Luo Fei would lead him to the very front of an ancient tower tower like structure.

    The tower looked very majestic and grand, moreover the tower seemed to have many people inside it. Although it was said to have tower shape, but only the shape is somewhat similar. More precisely it was similar to a tower but the top was flat.

    [TL Note Damn the wordplay here]

    On the middle of the tower-shaped construction, a few large words were written, Cang Qin Cultivation Practice Tower.

    You just follow me inside and do not speak anything. Ji Luo Fei warned Ning Cheng, then walked in first.

    The tower like structure from the outside looked enormous, Ning Cheng followed Ji Luo Fei and entered through the ground floor, he didnt imagine that the inside would be several times larger than the outside

    Ji Lu Fei directly brought Ning Cheng to the Third Floor, and walked towards a black door in a remote corner.

    Elder Mu lives here, here are the Academys Cultivation Practice Rooms where the cultivators practice, and Elder Mu manages it, when you see Elder Mu be respectful

    Ji Luo Fei was just warning Ning Cheng when the black door opened. With a thinning hair, face full of wrinkles, and even the eyes that were not able to open fully, an old man stood at the doorway and said, Since you already came, come in.

    His voice was crisp and resounded clearly, if Ning Cheng had only heard this voice for the first time, he would definitely not think that it belonged to an old man, but to a young man in his twenties or thirties.

    Elder Mu, he is Ning Cheng Ji Luo Fei entered the room first and gave a respectful salute to this man.

    Ning Cheng also followed Ji Luo Feis suit and said Ning Cheng greets Elder Mu.

    1st Level of the Qi Gathering Realm, it is just barely adequate to come to help, how is his spirit root? asked Elder Mu after glancing at Ning Cheng with lackluster eyes.

    Ji Luo Fei hurriedly says, Ning Cheng, although has no main spiritual root, he does have a three-way hybrid support spiritual root

    What color is it? Elder Mu asked again.

    Ji Luo Fei replied with some fear, Muddy Yellow ..

    Ning Cheng did not know what spiritual roots were, he just knew that a spiritual root was a representation of his intelligence and qualifications, if his qualifications were poor, then presumably even his spiritual roots would be unlikely to be be able to grow.

    Just as Elder Mu asked Ji Luo Fei about Ning Chengs spiritual root, this time after Ji Luo Fei replied, Elder Mu just snorted and said, He is here to clean up the practice room, it does not have any relation with the quality of your spiritual root. Well, this is not your thing, you can go.

    Yes, this younger generation will go. said Ji Luo Fei after she heard Elder Mus words. She hastily bowed in a salute and backed out, not even saying a word to Ning Cheng.

    Ning Cheng felt something was wrong, before Ji Luo Fei said that Elder Mu treated her well, the only reason why he was able to come here to do odd jobs, was because it looked like Elder Mu wanted to help Ji Luo Fei. But towards Ji Luo Fei, Elder Mu did not seemed to give much regard, such being the case, why did Elder Mu help him.

    After Ji Luo Fei left, this Elder Mu looked like the sun just died and said to Ning Cheng in a cold voice, There is no one cleaning the Seventh Floor Practice Rooms of the tower now, go and clean it up, from now on you are responsible for the Seventh Floor.

    Ning Cheng was confused, responsible for the Seventh Floor? This old man just only said one sentence that he was responsible for the Seventh Floor, and did not speak any other words, who knew what did he want? And where would he live?

    This is for you, go to the Seventh Floor by yourself, i am busy with something, if it is not important then leave and do not disturb me. Elder Mu says while he threw a wooden plaque towards Ning Cheng.

    Ning Cheng just caught the Wooden Plaque when he felt an enormous force pushing on him, he could not help but be pushed out of the room. The next moment, the black door already closed.

    This Elder Mu does not seem like a person with good speech, might also not be a good person. Ning Cheng secretly said in his mind, and also did not dare to continue to come forwards to inquire about this Elder Mu.

    [TL Note Its a weird idiom in Chinese which makes perfect sense in the raws but in English it is as confusing as a pretzel, had to substitute it with a suitable English sentence]

    Written on the piece of paper were some very simple instructions, every day between 5 to 7 am, when the cultivators have not yet arrived for practice, he must reorganize and clean the practice rooms on the Seventh Floor.If there were any abnormalities, then it was necessary to report them immediately.The Wooden Plaque was the key to the practice rooms, as long as there was no one staying in the practice room, it could be opened with the Wooden Plaque. If you breach the regulations, you would be penalized harshly.

    Ning Cheng looked at the few simple words, and became somewhat puzzled. In breaching the regulations? He doesnt even know what the regulations were. Besides, what did he mean by abnormalities? Who did he have to report to? Cleaning, what did he have to clean?

    Knowing nothing about these, Ning Cheng only came to understand that the cultivation tower has Seven Floors, his work was on the Seventh Floor, he didnt even know he was supposed to eat or sleep.

    Ning Cheng wanted to find Ji Luo Fei to ask about this, but he did not know where Ji Luo Fei went. The Cang Qin Two Star Academy was so huge, that even if he turned around in a circle, he would not be able to see it completely.

    According to what Ning Cheng thought, Ji Luo Fei after she brought him to Elder Mu, she should be waiting for him outside, but when came out of Elder Mus chambers, he did not se Lu Juo Fei.

    Ning Cheng did not go out to look for Ji Luo Fei, he was well aware that the less he showed himself the better it would be for him. Ji Luo Fei knew that he ended up offending Xian Yuan Kui, the status of Xian Yuan Kui in the Cang Qin Two Star Academy was not low, or even the person who saved him, Jan Su Jie, even her status in the Cang Qin Two Star Academy was also not low, otherwise the matter would not have reached Ji Luo Feis ear.

    Ning Cheng climbed by himself to the Seventh Floor of the cultivation tower, he imagined that the Seventh Floor would be much smaller, in accordance with the construction of the tower. The cultivation practice tower only has a total of Seven Floors, the top is expected to to be small.

    On the Seventh Floor, Ning Cheng counted, a total of eighteen cultivation practice rooms. Ning Cheng did not spend much time on clearing up his understanding, as long as there was a red light lit in front of a cultivation practice room, it meant that there was someone practicing in there. If there was no light lit in front of the door, it meant that there was no one using the room. The cultivators practicing on the Seventh Floor were obviously few, there were only three practice room doors on which there was lit a red light, all the others did not have a red light in front of them.

    Ning Cheng tried to use the Wooden Plaque by embedding it into the grooves on the front door of an empty cultivation practice room, and the door of the practice room automatically opened. Ning Cheng immediately saw the inside of the practice room, this practice area was also very large and the practice room was divided into two rooms.

    Outside one room there was a small playground, he did not know what kind of magic techniques were practiced here, as the ground was in total disorder and there were even some traces of being burnt by fire.

    Ning Cheng exited this cultivation room, and went on to check out the rest of the empty cultivation practice rooms. These cultivation practice rooms were not the same, some of them had puddles of water on the ground, many had a variety of burns, and some were even full of dead plants.

    After looking in general, Ning Cheng already came to know what things that he were supposed to do, it was to clean the empty cultivation practice rooms every day. Saying it bluntly, he was now a cleaner.

    Turning around in a circle, Ning Cheng found his accommodations in the corner of the Seventh Floor, it was just a small stone room of only a few square feet. The Elder Mu also lived in a similar stone house below, but compared to him, his stone house wasnt even one tenth in size of his.

    Inside the small stone room in addition to a bed, adjacent to it there were some cleaning tools. A giant broom, a hand shovel, and a few dustpans, these were the objects that occupied a tenth of the floor space in the small room.

    But Ning Cheng was relieved, at least he had a relatively safe and hidden place, although the Practice tower is relatively busy, but at least his residence is relatively remote. The only thing he wanted to know urgently, was where could he eat and wash himself.

    To ask Elder Mu, Ning Cheng did not dare to go, he did not want to face him who could easily change his face from a positive happy one to a deathly cold one in an instant. Because of this he deliberately went to the sixth floor, to the small stone stone with a black door in the corner, this was the room of the cleaner in charge of the sixth floor, after knocking on the door, a thin man appeared who was much taller compared to him.

    Seeing that the tall man had a look of impatience in his eyes, Ning Cheng hurriedly asked in a polite way, I have just arrived, and have been placed on the Seventh Floor for cleaning the practice rooms, I would like to ask where could we eat a meal?

    Who told you that you could have something to eat in the practice rooms? The tall thin man replied with disdain, and with a bang, closed the door again.

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    Default Chapter 0008 - Second Level Of The Qi Gathering Realm

    Translated at Demon Translations

    Translated, Checked and Edited By DemonKiller

    Chapter 0008 Second Level Of The Qi Gathering Realm

    Ning Cheng never imagined that when he asked, this fellows both attitude and response would be so rude. He could only helplessly shake his head and prepare to go down to the Fifth Floor to ask. The Sixth Floor was larger compared to the Seventh Floor, there were even more students here, you could occasionally see some of the students go in and out of the practice rooms, it was unlike the Seventh Floor, where there were very few people and the few who there would hardly come out of the practice room.

    You stop for a minute. when Ning Cheng was on the stairway someone called him.

    You called me? Ning Cheng turned and looked towards a boy who was few years older than him, the boy seemed to have just got out of the cultivation practice room. The boy, when compared to Ning Cheng, had a dark complexion, and was smiling at him, it was clear that his smile did not hide any malice or evil thoughts towards him.

    Ning Cheng knew that the cultivation level of any one of the students practicing here was much higher than him who was just a handyman of sorts. In order to avoid unnecessary trouble, he did not intend to ask this person, he did not want to strike up a conversation with the students. Also in the Cang Qin Province, the ones who could enter the Academy as students, regardless of which one, most of their backgrounds were not ordinary. To Ning Cheng these students were someone who he could not offend under any circumstances i.e. for Ning Cheng they were an untouchable existences.

    I just heard the words you spoke a while ago, you are the one who is responsible for cleaning the cultivation practice rooms, right? The boy asked directly.

    Ning Cheng replied in a hurried manner, Ah Yes, today is my first day, I did not know where I could find something to eat, so I came here to ask.

    You not only do not know where you can go to eat, but you also do not seem to know the rules around here. After today, keep this in mind, the Grand Staircase is not for the helpers to use, if you are caught by the students or the law enforcement people, you would end up losing a layer of your skin.

    [Tl Note It means, if he was caught then he would be beat up pretty badly as punishment for violating the rules.]

    After listening to the words that were spoken by the boy, Ning Cheng was shocked, he had just come down from the Seventh Floor, moreover by taking the Grand Staircase. But why did Ji Luo Fei not tell him, that as a helper, he could not use the Grand Staircase? If there was such a rule, and if the boy hadnt warned him, then he was afraid that something ominous would have happened to him

    Thank you for telling me, or it would have been dangerous. Ning Cheng said with gratitude in his heart.

    The boy laughed and said, Its nothing, I was also a cleaner of the practice rooms before, I did the job for seven years, and was able to cultivate till I reached the 2nd Level of the Qi Gathering realm, and from then became a formal disciple of the Academy, and now currently I am at the 4th Level of the Qi Gathering Realm. If you can put the effort, maybe in the future you could be like me. Remember, if have to go in and out of the cultivation practice tower, you can only do so by going through the side door.

    After saying so, the boy pointed towards a hidden door at the back, You can find the side door there, each floor has it, after you go in, you can directly exit the tower from the back. In the back of the tower you can find a place to eat, the money for the food will have to be earned by yourself, do not go looking for Elder Mu, otherwise you are as good as dead, I wish you good luck.

    The boy finished, and didnt even say his name before he descended the staircase.

    Ning Cheng knew that the other party did not plan to introduce himself. However, as this boy had pointed out the rules to him, it was equal to saving his small puny life, Ning Cheng, in his heart, was extremely grateful towards the boy.

    Eying the Grand Staircase, he seemed to have heard some footsteps, Ning Cheng hurriedly walked towards the small concealed door in the back corner, opened it and entered in a flash.

    Behind the small door, was a very dark and narrow staircase, to him it looked like a life saving emergency escape passage that was installed on every high rise building back on Earth.

    After going all the way down the staircase, Ning Cheng found himself in the back of the cultivation practice tower at its bottom. The back side of the practice tower was similar to the interior of the tower, but contained only a very few people, there seemed to only be a single curved path. On both sides of the path were some giant trees, and from the shadow like gaps between the trees, many Academy students can be seen coming and going. There were also some students who deliberately sneaked onto this path, and would rush forward on the path in a hurry.

    Ning Cheng also walked along this path, after about half an hour later, he saw a narrow door, it was like the door of a small stone house. There was a middle aged man in front the stone house, but this man didnt seem to care about the students who passed in and out of the stone tower through the narrow door, seeing his appearance it was evident that he was just a gatekeeper.

    Ning Cheng after emerging from the small door, was immediately shocked as in front of him, was a market that had everything, and was really noisy.

    There were a variety of shops, restaurants and street vendors. But it was obvious that the level of these were much low compared to the shops on the big streets of the Cang Qin Provinces capital city, the Cang Le City. But this place was very busy, and had so many people wandering around, Ning Cheng suspected that even Ji Luo Fei did not know about this place, at least he could not recall any previous memories of this place.

    A huge sign was erected in the most conspicuous place, the sign showed the various directions in which the various shops and stores were located through the use of arrows.

    The first building was unexpectedly not for business, similarly it was also not the kind that sold medicines, but rather was a place with the name Fighting Pot. The name Fighting Pot, when Ning Cheng heard it for the first time, raised his sense of curiosity. Simply following the directions of the arrows from before, ten minutes later, he appeared in front of a huge circular building.

    Ning Cheng stopped, as he saw that they were two people that stopped at the entrance of the circular building, it was obvious that if he wanted to enter the building then he had to pay some fees. Ning Cheng only had a few silver coins on him, which were supposed to his future living expenses, he just didnt want to waste this money on something unknown like a Fighting Pot.

    Just as Ning Cheng wanted to turn away from the circular building, his ears twitched and he stopped. From the next building a few people were coming out, it was their talks and remarks that attracted him.

    Looking at that person going all out against that brute really does not have any meaning, it really did not feel good that we lost todays silver coins, not only we didnt get to see any wonderful things, but also ended up losing money.

    The last battle between Gu Fei and that ugly Ji can definitely be called splendid, little did I expect that Gu Fei wouldnt even be an opponent for the ugly Ji

    Ji Luo Fei may be ugly, but she knows the importance of cultivation practice. She defeated Gu Fei and got the Qi Gathering Stone too. A Qi Gathering Stone, ah, it really makes me envious. But it seems that even her injuries were not light, once his elder brother Gu Yuming comes back, I guess she will have to spit out what she took. Even if Gu Yuming does not come back, Ge Fei is not the forgiving type.

    She is not necessarily ugly, she only has disfigured face, otherwise can you find someone who has a better figure than her in the entire Academy? Even Jian Su Jie, is not as ..

    Dont talk anymore, do you not want to live, daring to say such things about Senior Apprentice Sister Jian

    As the few people went away, blue veins popped on Ning Chengs fists as he clutched at them tightly. Ning Cheng did not go inside the Fighting Pot, but he could already imagine that inside there were many bloody fights that went on, it was similar to the underground boxing scene back on Earth. He did not think that not only did Ji Luo Fei obtain the Qi Gathering Stone from such a hard to get place, but it even left some serious side effects for her.

    That Gu Fei and his brother Gu Yuming, listening to those people, it seemed that they were not willing to let off Ji Luo Fei.

    Ning Cheng did not have the mood to continue strolling casually, he just bought some arbitrary dry rations and hurried back to the Seventh Floor of the cultivation practice tower. He wanted to speed up his pace of practice, and reach the 4th Level of the Qi Gathering Realm as soon as possible. In this place only if you had strength, would you have dignity.

    As usual, there were very few amount of students practicing cultivation on the Seventh Floor of the cultivation practice tower, Ning Cheng after cleaning up several cultivation practice rooms, directly entered and locked himself in his small stone room and began his practice of cultivation of Qi.

    The students inside the cultivation practice rooms, once they went inside and closed the door of the cultivation practice room, the Qi inside the room would increase exponentially. But Ning Cheng did not have such a treatment in his small stone room when he was practicing behind closed doors.

    Once Ning Cheng started gathering Qi, in his mind once again appeared a new flow which he immediately started using. Because he had not only mastered the Concealing Technique before but even had improved it, Ning Cheng did not even hesitate for half a heart beat and directly went ahead and abandoned the thin leather book that was the Ning Clans Cultivation Practice Manual and started directly practicing cultivation according to the modified cultivation method that had appeared in his mind.

    The Qi from the outside, had no effect on Ning Cheng, as he began to practice, at the same time, from his dantian, just like before, it provided a much more pure and strong Qi from its source, Ning Cheng let this Qi wash all over him and allowed it flow through all of his meridians throughout his body.

    Ning Cheng because of his previous experience did not panic, he discovered that the cultivation practice method that his mind has mysteriously created was much more effective than the cultivation practice method from the thin leather book of the Ning Clan. Even the Qi flowing in the meridians was much more smooth and was flowing ten times faster than what was described in book.

    When Ning Cheng woke up again, he was already at the 2nd Level of the Qi Gathering realm, and his body oozed a large amount of filth again.

    Feeling more powerful than when he was at the 1st Level of the Qi Gathering Realm, Ning Cheng knew, that he had without any doubt progressed to the 2nd Level of the Qi Gathering Realm. Forgetting about the time, he actually practiced for two days and nights in row.

    In addition to feeling hungry, he only felt a drum like fluctuation in the air. Ning Cheng did not dare to continue practicing cultivation, he knew that he had committed a major offence, as he did not clean the cultivation practice rooms for two days.

    Fortunately, he knew that very few people practiced cultivation on the Seventh Floors cultivation practice rooms, he reaffirmed in his heart that Elder Mu would not really come to find him. Because of his belief Ning Cheng did not immediately go out to clean the cultivation practice rooms, but instead continued to practice a new spell, Removing Dust Technique. So that after every time he practices, he could easily remove the filth on his body, without going downstairs to search for water to clean himself.

    On the early morning of the third day, Ning Cheng successfully used the Removing Dust Technique on himself, and then went out to clean the practice rooms.

    Sure enough, there were not many people practicing in the cultivation practice rooms on the Seventh Floor. Even if he did not come to clean the rooms for three days, there were still a few cultivation practice rooms that were still empty.

    The next day, Ning Cheng not only hid himself in the Seventh Floor of the cultivation practice tower, but also made use of the opportunity to clean the practice rooms to practice all kinds of spells. The only regret was that, when he practiced the various spells in the practice room, he did not have the support of the mystic atmosphere that was present in the rooms.

    Time flew by, and in a blink of an eye almost ten days flew by. In this period, Ji Luo Fei had not come to visit Ning Cheng. Ning Cheng also rarely got out, his entire heart and mind were focussed on practicing cultivation.

    However, when he was promoted to the 3rd Level of the Qi Gathering Realm, he was somewhat startled. After practicing to the 3rd Level of Qi Gathering Realm, he could not sense the mysterious source in his body which helped him till now. Ning Cheng was very clear, that if he did not have the support from the mysterious source, then even if he practiced for a lifetime, he would never be promoted from the 3rd Level to the 4th Level of the Qi Gathering Realm.

    A few days later, Ning Cheng had been practicing repeatedly, but he was unable to get to the situation where the mysterious source in his body would provide him with the thick and pure Qi. As a result his cultivation practice stagnated, he could only successfully practice a few simple spells. After he successfully advanced to the 3rd Level of the Qi Gathering Realm, under the guidance of the modified cultivation practice method, he was able to master the fireball technique and even improved it into a fire sword.

    Even then, Ning Cheng was anxious to the extreme, he knew that if he did not have the support of the mysterious source in his body, then he would only be stuck at the 3rd Level of the Qi Gathering Realm for the rest of his life.

    Ning Cheng decided to go look for Ji Luo Fei, since he could not progress any further in his cultivation, he did not want to stay inside this small stone room. He had just tidied up a bit and had not opened the door, when he heard a boom sound as the door of the small stone room was directly kicked open by a foot.

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    Default Chapter 0009 - Major Event At The Academy

    Translated At Demon Translations

    Translated By MeTaL Max
    Checked and Edited By DemonKiller

    Chapter 0009 Major Event At The Academy

    There were two people who stood at the doorway, a man and a woman. As Ning Cheng was already at the 3rd Level of the Qi Gathering Realm, he with a glance, could see that the man was at the 4th Level of the Qi Gathering Realm and the woman was at the 3rd Level of the Qi Gathering Realm respectively. The man had a unique appearance, he had a tall stature but because he also had slender eyes, it made his tall stature become somewhat superfluous.

    You are the handyman responsible for cleaning the cultivation practice rooms, right? that woman asked. When she saw that Ning Cheng was only at the 1st Level of the Qi Gathering Realm, disdain flashed through her eyes.

    [Tl Note Ning Cheng had already become an expert in the Concealing Technique in the previous chapters, he he]

    Ning Cheng originally was planning to get out of here, the things that the Elder Mu was fond of, he had nothing to do with it. But just when he was about to leave, the door was kicked open by someone.

    Why did the two of you kick my door? Ning Cheng simply didnt reply to the woman and asked them directly.

    The slender eyed male, when he saw that Ning Cheng dared to question them back, immediately went forward a single step: Whats wrong? I kicked your door, could it be that you are out of your mind. Today, not only will I kick your door, I will also beat your face to a pulp, what are you going to do..

    This man didnt even finish speaking when he already raised his palms up to strike.

    Good, very impressive. An ice cold voice arrived which caused the slender eyed males hands to become abruptly stiff and stopped his hands while they were still in the air.

    Ning Cheng had originally seen that the man was about to hit and had already prepared for it, but he didnt expect that someone else would speak up. Now, he saw who the person was, who had just spoken and moreover he found that that person was a girl who had just moments ago, exited from a cultivation practice room. This woman not only had an ice cold tone, but even her face was devoid of any expression.

    If going only by appearance, she wasnt even a least bit off compared to Jian Su Jie. What made Ning Cheng astonished was not her looks, but rather her cultivation base. Unexpectedly, she was already at the 6th Level of the Qi Gathering Realm.

    Senior Apprentice Sister Zhuang. that slender eyed man had already recognized this girl and hurriedly called out, while clasping his hands. Beside him, that woman at the 3rd Level of the Qi Gathering Realm also hurriedly went forward to show her respect.

    This female Senior Apprentice Sister named Zhuang gave a cold humph! and turned around and was just about to leave when in that moment, she noticed Ning Cheng. She stopped, and instead of leaving she came over and spoke with wrinkled brows, Are you Ning Cheng? Ji Luo Feis fiancee?

    Ning Cheng replied in a manner that was neither haughty nor humble, and said while cupping his fists: This one is indeed Ning Cheng, greetings Senior Apprentice Sister.

    Seeing how Senior Apprentice Sister Zhuang unexpectedly recognize Ning Cheng, the slender eyed man quickly said again: Senior Apprentice Sister Zhuang, I had forgotten my Sound Jade Tablet in the cultivation practice room, I had just left and came back not long after, but I was unable to find it. On the Seventh Floor there is no one who is able to enter the cultivation practice room, aside from this handyman

    This slender eyed man hadnt finished speaking when Senior Apprentice Sister Zhuang interrupted him, Lu Pengyun, I presume that you already know about Ning Chengs identity. Yun Xing Five Star Academy is about to arrive to recruit the ten best students from the Cang Qin Two Star Academy. Selection of the best students will soon begin, as a result Gu Yiming is sure to return. Gu Fei wanted to bully Ji Luo Fei but instead was injured heavily by her. After Gu Yiming arrives, Ji Luo Fei is bound to run away, so you came here to teach a lesson to Ning Cheng, in order to use him to humiliate Ji Luo Fei.

    The complexion of the man by the name of Lu Pengyun at once turned pale. He immediately gave a straightforward reply, Senior Apprentice Sister Zhuang, you and Senior Apprentice Brother Gu, are both people that I respect. Senior Apprentice Brother Gu has already returned, Gu Fei was seriously injured by Ji Luo Fei and he is unlikely to let go of this matter.

    So you say that I should stop meddling in other peoples business, and let you take away Ning Cheng? Senior Apprentice Sister Zhuang said with a soft voice.

    This male cultivator cupped his fists and no longer spoke, clearly Senior Apprentice Sister Zhuang had spoken exactly what he had in mind.

    Get lost, do not let me see you in the great forests and the large sea, or I will kill you. Senior Apprentice Sister Zhuang said these few words with an incomparable ice cold voice. The man and woman, hearing this, their complexion changed. They hadnt thought that Senior Apprentice Sister Zhuang would not even give face to Gu Yiming.

    The two people, however didnt dare to continue stand there, with a gloomy look on their faces they hurriedly went towards the staircase and left.

    You, take care of yourself. After seeing that those two had left, Senior Apprentice Sister Zhuang looked at Ning Cheng and spoke, with her face devoid of any expression.

    Ning Cheng was somewhat depressed, especially because he was continuously saved by two women, this really made him feel awkward. Now at present, whether it was Jian Su Jie or this Senior Apprentice Sister Zhuang, both had said take care of yourself, these exact four words.

    Seeing Senior Apprentice Sister Zhuang turning to leave, Ning Cheng hurriedly called out and asked, Many thanks to Senior Apprentice Sister Zhuang for extending your helping hand. I would like to ask a question to Senior Apprentice Sister, in the end, what is the matter between Luo Fei and Gu Fei?

    Senior Apprentice Sister Zhuang turned and gazed at Ning Cheng silently and then gave an irrelevant reply, You do not deserve Ji Luo Fei.

    Finished speaking, she unexpectedly did not pay any attention to to Ning cheng, and turned around to leave.

    Ning Cheng thought that this might be the reason why Ji Luo Fei hadnt come to find him for more than ten days, thinking about it he at once, became somewhat worried. He picked up his speed, and ran down several steps, and earnestly asked, Senior Apprentice Sister Zhuang, please tell me how Ji Luo Fei was injured by Gu Fei, Ning Cheng will endlessly be thankful to you.

    Senior Apprentice Sister Zhuang stopped, only after sweeping a glance at Ning Cheng, she said, Ji Luo Fei, to win a Qi Gathering Stone, fought continuously for ten rounds at the Fighting Pot. Gu Fei saw that Ji Luo Fei, after fighting ten rounds, her Qi was almost exhausted, moreover she also did not have any friend to accompany her. So, he challenged her with a bet of a Qi Gathering Stone. Ji Luo Fei under the threat of losing at the Fighting Pot had no choice but accept another round. The result, because of insufficient Qi, Luo Fei was seriously hurt. Gu Fei had also underestimated Ji Luo Fei and as a result his injury was even more heavy

    She paused for a moment, and once again looked at Ning Cheng, If I guessed it correctly, Ji Luo Fei should have given that Qi Gathering Stone to you to use so that you could advance to the 1st Level of the Qi Gathering Realm.

    Ning Cheng did not refute her statement, Ji Luo Fei had indeed given him a Qi Gathering Stone but he still hasnt used it and only stored it by his side. There was no relation between him advancing to the 1st Level of Qi Gathering Realm and Ji Luo Feis Qi Gathering Stone.

    Senior Apprentice Sister Zhuang, you said that Gu Yiming is Gu Feis elder brother, and after he returns, he will look for Ji Luo Fei for revenge? Ning Cheng again inquired.

    Senior Apprentice Sister Zhuang didnt directly respond to Ning Chengs inquiry, taking herself to consideration, she said, Ji Luo Fei after defeating Gu Fei, again gained a profit of another Qi Gathering Stone; however she didnt kill Gu Fei. Because she was already heavily injured and she had no one to accompany her, the Fighting Pot forced her to leave behind one of her Qi Gathering Stones.

    Why is that? Ning Cheng wasnt the slightest bit aware that his voice had become quite loud.

    Senior Apprentice Sister Zhuang slowly narrated: Because Ji Luo Fei had already finished ten rounds, her time had already concluded. Gu Fei challenging her was classified as an unexpected round and so Fighting Pot demanded the site expenses.

    Site expenses for a round of fighting is a Qi gathering stone? Not only that, Fighting Pot forced Luo Fei to repay? Ning Cheng felt his heart burning with anger, this was simply taking advantage and bullying intolerably. He could even imagine Ji Luo Feis helplessness at that time.

    Senior Apprentice Sister Zhuangs tone was flat when she spoke, After Gu Yiming returns, he is bound to look for excuses to kill Ji Luo Fei. If you want to survive, then leave here as soon as possible and you wont suffer any harm.

    After she finished saying this, she increased her pace, and quickly disappeared along the stairway.

    Ning Cheng suppressed the fury in his heart, this time, he did not go out from the side door. He wanted to immediately depart from the Cang Qin Two Star Academy and even if it was considered as committing an offence, he did not care.

    When Ning Cheng had first followed Ji Luo Fei to the cultivation practice towers Third Floor, there were many people there. Today, when Ning Cheng once more walked down to the Third Floor, he found out that there were only a handful of people. Not only this, those several people were also hurriedly rushing down the stairway.

    You are not staying on the Seventh Floor cleaning the cultivation practice rooms, what are you doing by coming down? Ning Cheng was just about to go down from the Third Floor when Elder Mus sudden voice arrived at his ears. Ning cheng was frightened, he had just a moment ago, seen that Elder Mus stone room was closed. How did it open in a flash?

    Ning Cheng reacted instantly, he quickly bowed and replied, I wanted to go take a look at what was going on.

    He absolutely didnt know what situation had occurred, but the people in the cultivation practice tower were all going out. Now, that people were only going out and not coming in. Apparently to Ning cheng, it seemed that something major had happened.

    You really have got big nerves. Elder Mu coldly said. After that, unexpectedly, he didnt say anything. Instead, he returned to his stone room and at the same time, the door of the stone room closed .

    Ning Cheng was drenched in a cold sweat, he didnt understand what Elder Mu meant by him having big nerves. Was it because he had left without leave or because he was going through the Great Staircase? No matter what, Elder Mu only spoke and did nothing more, not even criticizing him, this made Ning Cheng frightened and at the same time, he felt that something was strange.

    Fortunately, Ning Cheng immediately thought that he was unlikely to stay here and this made his heart calm a bit. As soon as he goes out and finds Ji Luo Fei, then they would immediately depart from here.

    Only after coming out of the cultivation practice tower, did Ning Cheng see that the entire Academy was bustling with noise and excitement. Many Cang Qin Academys students were rushing towards the same place, Ning Cheng pulled aside a boy who was at the 1st Level of the Qi Gathering Realm and asked, May I ask where are all these people are all going to?

    This boy at the 1st Level of the Qi Gathering Realm looked doubtfully at Ning Cheng and asked, Are you not of Cang Qin Academy?

    Of course I am, its only that I just recently came out from closed door training, therefore I am not very clear, thats all. Ning Cheng replied confidently.

    That boy at the 1st Level of the Qi Gathering Realm looked at Ning Cheng somewhat doubtfully, it would be a wonder if he believed that this guy who was at the 1st Level of the Qi Gathering Realm was in a closed door training. However, he still replied, Hua Countrys Yun Xing Five Star Academy is going to select ten disciples from our academy, today is the start of the competition for the selection of the best disciples, so how could it not be bustling with excitement?

    Wouldnt that competition be very fierce? Ning Cheng was aware of this matter, when he had originally entered the Cang Qin Two Star Academy with Ji Luo Fei, he heard the broadcast regarding this matter and not long ago, Senior Apprentice Sister Zhuang had also mentioned about it.

    Intense? Cang Qin Two Star Academy has innumerable talented disciples. Hua Countrys Yun Xing Five Star Academy will only select ten from them, you say if it will be intense? Senior Apprentice Brother Qiu Ying Guang, Senior Apprentice Sister Jian Sujie, Senior Apprentice Brother Hou Zhuan, Senior Apprentice Sister Zhuang Tianya, . anyone can casually name more than ten. a student at the 1st Level of the Qi Gathering Realm who was standing by the side heard them talk and immediately interrupted.

    Ning Cheng was also a student. He shook his head, sighed and spoke, Ah, if Yun Xing Five Star Academy selected a few more from our academy, that would be good.

    The student whom Ning Cheng had previously pulled over, gave an inconceivable look to Ning Cheng and spoke, Could it be that you dont know how this ten person quota came about? In the past, Cang Qin Two Star Academys students were able to go to Yun Xing Five Star Academy, but in the past, only one or two were picked, thats all. This time, Yun Xing Five Star Academy took the initiative to select because our Ping Chau Countrys first expert, ancestor Lian Hao Yan achieved great merits in the war of the three countries. Only then, this kind of treatment was given.

    Of course, ancestor Lian Hao Yans cultivation base went through the sky, I heard he was already at border of the Mysterious Dan Realm. After he made his contributions, his first request was for Hua Countrys Five Star Academy to select ten disciples from all Ping Chau Countrys Two or more Star Academies. Otherwise it was very unlikely that my Cang Qin Two Star Academy would get ten quotas, not to mention that Yun Xing Five Star Academys teachers even personally came to recruit. after the boy who was on the 1st Level of the Qi Gathering Realm finished speaking, immediately a loud chime was heard.

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    Default Chapter 0010 - Ten Openings

    Translated At Demon Translations

    Translated By MeTaL MaX, DemonKiller, and a bit by Void
    Checked and Edited By DemonKiller

    Chapter 0010 Ten Openings

    Ning Cheng followed the many students of the Cang Qin Two Star Academy to the plaza, here there were tens of thousands of people squeezed into such a small place, and there was even a steady stream of students coming in.

    In the middle of the square was an enormous golden golden ring, behind the ring were a row of chairs. Ning Cheng, by a rough estimate counted at least 100 people sitting behind the ring. Ning Cheng, estimated that on this planet, the people sitting behind the ring were some sort of the royalty. Perhaps even the Ruler of the the Cang Qing Province was among them, but he was not sure of who the ruler of the Cang Qin Province was.

    Ning Cheng stood in the corner, as for the people taking part in this competition, he did not recognize anyone, he was not even aware of the specific circumstances for the selection. At this point he could only hide in the corner and listen to the comments of others

    See that, right in the middle of the first row, the senior wearing a grey robed decorative gown, as well as the two seniors by his side, I heard that they came from the Yun Xiang Five Star Academy, I heard that they were masters of the Building Yuan Realm.

    I heard that the students from the Five Star Academy were very remarkable, and now the school teachers for the Five Star Academy were unexpectedly willing to come here to look at the students, obviously as their Academys rank was higher, they were more eager to see the gifted students.

    What do you know? If it wasnt for the ancestor Lian Haoyan of our Ping Country, how would the experts of the Yun Xing Academy who have such a high cultivation base come here? If not for that, they might even not know that we at Cang Qin Two Star Academy existed.

    Stop talking, President Yan Yuan Kai is coming out speak. I heard that President Yan was at the peak of the Qi Condensation 9th Level, just one more step and he would be able to step into the Building Yuan Realm.

    Ning Cheng has been listening to the people talking, he was especially concerned about the teachers from the Yun Xing Five Star Academy. Sitting in the middle was a middle age man wearing a gray robe. He appeared to be a bit plump, and had smile on his face. As for the man on his left, his face was very pale, there was no expression on his face.

    On his right was a somewhat graceful woman, wearing a pale pinkish shaded skirt with a gold thread pattern, her hair was tied into a bun, she looked very demure, but Ning Cheng was able to perceive the atmosphere of arrogance around her.

    What made Ning Cheng feel a bit odd was that she looked a bit like Ji Luo Fei. Thinking about Ji Luo Fei, Ning Cheng became worried, he came here to see if Ji Luo Fei would come here to participate in the selection. Otherwise in such a huge Academy, trying to find Ji Luo Fei immediately, was not possible for him.

    When President Yan Yuan Kai stood up to speak, the entire plaza that was packed with tens of thousands of students instantly quieted down. The name and fame of Yan Kai Yuan had impressed Ning Cheng, but he had never seen him. When he first saw the President of the Cang Qin Two Star Academy, he was wearing a brown robe, although he looked very spirited his was clearly not of a young age, he even had grey hair.

    All the Cang Qin Two Star Academys elites, as we all know, today, I am here to announce some good news. Thats right, the Hua Countrys Yun Xing Five Star Academy has come to pick ten of our students, these selected students will enter Yun Xing Five Star Academy and continue to practice more advanced cultivation practice methods and magic techniques. Each and every student who is able to enter Yun Xing Five Star Academy will have boundless prospects in the future. I am very grateful to the Yun Xing Five Star Academys seniors for arriving three days earlier than we expected, lets eagerly look forward to our Academys students performance..

    Yan Yuan Kais speech was met by waves of warm applause, Ning Cheng also followed everyone and raised his hands to give several claps. He was already clear on what was going on. In an ordinary course of event, when Yun Xing Five Star Academys people would come over for recruitment, Cang Qin Two Star Academy would be sure to have all the students and teachers be present early, how can they still drag their feet. Originally, because these people simply didnt play by the rules and common sense, they had arrived at an earlier time.

    Cang Qin Two Star Academy didnt dare make the people from Yun Xing Five Star Academy to wait too long, so the selection event was hastily organized in advance.

    After the applause stopped, Yan Yuan Kai spoke once again, Now, we would like to ask Yun Xing Five Star Academys Elder Wen Ji Lue to come and speak about the main rules of the selection competition.

    A man sitting in the middle wearing grey robes, stood up and walked towards the middle of the huge ring. Face beaming with smile, he spoke, To become Cang Qin Academys students, you all ought to be Cang Qin Provinces most gifted cultivation talents, if not you would be unable to enter here. However at my Hua Countrys Yun Xing Five Star Academy, the entrance requirement is hundred times more difficult than here. Now, I, a delegate of the Yun Xing Five Star Academy, am here to recruit some students, but there are a few requirements. First, the person must not be too old, we do not want people who are too old. Second, we wont consider any person that doesnt have a main spiritual root or if the main spiritual root is muddy yellow and third, if I find someone unpleasing, then he/she is also unlikely to be considered.

    After speaking the few sentences while still smiling slightly, this man named Wen Ji Lue didnt speak any more and went back to his seat.

    Cang Qin Two Star Academys students all started discussing one after another amongst themselves, but nobody dared to speak out loud. At Cang Qin Two Star Academy, even if the teachers found students to be unpleasing to their eyes, it was not possible for them to say it out like this. And now, when Wen Ji Lue directly went out and said that anybody who was not pleasing to their eyes would not be considered. Even if your natural aptitude went against the heavens, if you were not pleasing to their eyes, you still wouldnt be able to enter the Yun Xing Five Star Academy.

    Yan Yuan Kai was Cang Qin Two Star Academys President, but even he didnt dare to retort even in the slightest to Wen Ji Lues words. When he saw that Wen Ji Lue had already descended, he hurriedly stood up once more and spoke, Now, I announce some of the other rules for the selection, the Academy will pick out ten core students. Each student can accept three challenges, challengers must be twenty years of age or below and have a main spiritual root with cultivation base of Qi Gathering 3rd Level or above. The winner will continue to stay on the stage.

    In the audience, after hearing these conditions, the students all burst out in discussion. Even if the spiritual root was better, they should be twenty years of age or younger and have a cultivation base of Qi Gathering 3rd Level or above, this condition alone almost eliminated 99.99 percent of all the students.

    Ning Cheng had an agile mind, he could easily understand what was going on. Yun Xing Five Star Academy clearly were impatient to being here, they came to Cang Qin Two Star Academy for selecting the students because it was a compulsory matter for them. Who would be so patient as to wait for each and every student to finish? Even several tens of days might not necessarily be enough for it.

    Yan Yuan Kai, as if he didnt hear the noisy clamors, continued to speak, The ten core students are Qi Ying Guang, Gu Yiming, Jian Su Jie , Zhuan Tianya, Yong Ying Rui, Hou Zhuan, Xie Shao Xi, Zhong Yi, Yong Rui Li and Dan Xiang Ling.

    The ten students whose name were announced, were not out of peoples expectations. These ten students were, all along, Cang Qin Two Star Academys most powerful, the only controversy was that of Yong Rui Li who was at the 3rd Level of the Qi Gathering Realm. However, Yong Rui Li was the princess of the Cang Qin Province, it was believed no one would dare to go on the ring and fight her for the quota. In case she won the fight for the selection, then it was okay but if Yong Rui Li lost the in the selection then the one who challenged her would not be able to survive in Cang Qin Province.

    Speaking of these ten students, among them, the only one that was poor, was Hou Zhuan. Hou zhuan was born in poverty and not only that, his parents also had died prematurely, at present, he was alone at Cang Qin Academy. However, his natural aptitude was astonishing, only eighteen years of age and was already at the Qi Gathering 5th Level. Apart from Qiu Clans Qiu Ying Guang, he was unmatched.

    Because, this selection process was held very suddenly, those ten students arrived on the ring without having made much preparations, they stood in the ring, ready to accept the challenges.

    Yun Xing Five Star Academys Wen Ji Lue slightly nodded, clearly the Cang Qin Academys Presidents speed of handling things was very satisfactory to him.

    The challenges can begin. Cang Qin Academys Yan Yuan Kai clearly understood Wen Ji Lues thoughts. They didnt want to stay at this broken place, so the sooner it finishes, the better. Therefore, he didnt dare to waste time by saying much nonsense.

    Lu Pengyun wants to challenge Zhong Yi. Yan Yuankai had barely descended from the ring when a tall student jumped over on to the ring. Ning Cheng recognized this person, he was exactly the one from before who had tried to find him for trouble, Lu Pengyun and also at Qi Gathering 4th Level. The one he challenged, Zhong Yi was also at Qi Gathering 4th Level, except Zhong Yi was much younger than him.

    Zhong Yi was not very tall, looking at him being at Qi Gathering 4th layer, and also be selected as a core student, it meant that he definitely was not as simple as he looked on the surface.

    Hold on. Just when Zhong Yi wanted to come forward to accept the challenge, Yun Xing Five Star Academys Wen Ji Lue once again spoke up.

    After he finished speaking, he waved his hand and a ten feet tall crystal pillar appeared in the corner of the ring, You, first go and test your spiritual root.

    Lu Pengyun clearly hadnt thought of having to test his spiritual root, fortunately, he was not a stranger to the spiritual root test. He stretched out his hand and put it below the hand mark on the testing crystal pillar, and forced out a bit of his Qi into it.

    Immediately, a thumb thick yellow light rose along the crystal pillar and after rising continuously till a height of one meter, it finally stopped. To the sides of this thumb thick yellow light, there were two thin muddy yellow lights, however, those two thin muddy yellow light only rose till two-thirds of a meter.

    [TL Note : raw says 3 尺 and 尺 = ⅓ meter]

    Lu Pengyun took his hands off the crystal pillar, he had a somewhat proud expression on his face. He had a main spiritual root and not only his main spiritual root was not muddy yellow colour, it could already be considered to be of pure yellow color.

    But before he could continue to be pleased with himself, he felt a powerful force slap his body. The next moment, he, similar to a kite with a cut string, flew out from above the ring and landed heavily on the hard ground beneath the ring.

    A trivial meter, with a yellow colored spiritual root, also thinks of entering Yun Xing Academy? This is the first and the last warning, the next time, anyone who dares to use this kind of spiritual root to come waste our time, it wont just end with a slap. Wen Ji Lue spoke with an ice cold voice, there was no longer that smile from before on his face.

    Some students had wanted to go up, but due to this severe intimidation they didnt dare to go. For a moment, there were no one who dared to go up on the ring.

    Ning Cheng was also intimidated. but he was intimidated for a different reason than these people, he was intimidated because he saw Wen Ji Lue casually throwing out a ten feet tall testing instrument. And he had only seen Wen Ji Lue patting down between his pockets, thats all, this was really too magical. Could this be the legendary Xumi space? Where one can put huge amounts of stuff inside?

    [TL Note : Xumi space is most probably inspired from Mt. Xumi of china, which holds a lot of Buddhist cave statues, basically, caverns with huge statues, paintings and so on]

    Not all the students were intimidated by Wen Ji Lue. After a brief moment of silence, a male student jumped on to the ring, and with a clear voice, spoke, Jiang Tu challenges Yong Rui Li.

    All people including Ning Cheng were immediately attracted to this Jiang Tu, he not only dared to go on the stage after Wen Ji Lues severe words, moreover, the one who he challenged was Yong Rui Li.

    Yong Rui Li was a royal princess, although her cultivation base was low, but who would dare go challenge Cang Qin Provinces princess? Granted that if she won, at most they would only be lightly punished, but if in case she lost, that would be the same as their total destruction. Not saying about ones own small life, even their whole family would end up having to share the same fate.

    Do not look, quickly follow me. A soft voice arrived as at the same time a gentle hand grabbed Ning Chengs hand.

    Luo Fei. Ning Cheng had been in the process of thinking what Jiang Tu was relying on to dare challenge Yong Rui Li, but unexpectedly, Ji Luo Fei had found him. Only, Ji Luo Feis hands were somewhat shivering, clearly some bad situation had occurred.

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    Default Chapter 0011 - Listen To Me

    Translated At Demon Translations

    Translated, Checked and Edited By DemonKiller

    Chapter 0011 Listen To Me

    Now that the Academy is selecting students, we have the opportunity to escape from Cang Qin Province, furthermore it is slightly late, I estimate that the Academy will come to know that I killed Xian Yuan Kai and Yong Li Man.. Ji Luo Fei said in a low voice so that only Ning Cheng could hear, she whispered this urgently into his ear.

    Killed Xian Yuan Kai and Yong Li Man? Ning Cheng was surprised, but on thinking about the two names he instantly came to understand something. He did not know if Ji Luo Fei killed these two people for other reasons, but he knew that because these two people were killed by Ji Luo Fei he would also be killed because of his relationship with her.

    When he arrived in the Cang Qin Province that time, he had gone to do some shopping, for the first time he had almost died in the hands of Xian Yuan Kai. He understood that Ji Luo Fei killed Xian Yuan Kui, so that he could not look him up again for revenge. As for Yong Li Man, although Ning Cheng did not know, but he knew from his name that he was connected to the Cang Qins Royal Family.

    Even if the Cang Qins Royal Family was not involved, if the matter of Ji Luo Fei killing Xian Yan Kui spread out, she would definitely end up dead. Even if they did not end up killing Ji Luo Fei, they would still come back for him, apparently because they feared that with her ability she would end up escaping, because of this the Cang Qins Royal family and Xians family would end up venting their anger on him.

    Thank you, Luo Fei. Ning Cheng came to understand this point, and said while immediately holding Ji Luo Feis hand in a grateful manner.

    Ji Luo Fei did not feel anything when Ning Cheng grasped her hand, even when she was carrying Ning Cheng back home before, she did not feel anything, Ning Cheng had revived on her back, but it was not unusual for her. Whether Ning Cheng was dead or alive, she would have taken Ning Cheng away from the doors of the prison. For her, this was just gratitude, not for Ning Cheng, but for Ning Chengs Grandfather.

    Before when she brought Ning Cheng to the cultivation practice tower, it was only as a small part of repaying her debt of gratitude, even if she was soon going to leave the Cang Qin Province, she was only concerned about Ning Cheng, and had no other emotions in her. But now when Ning Cheng spoke those words from the heart, it made Ji Luo Fei feel slightly shocked, she felt a deep gratitude from Ning Cheng.

    Ning Cheng had changed, the Ning Cheng from before, even if she gave up her life for him, when she just thought about it, he would absolutely wouldnt be able to say those words, and now the image of the previous Ning Cheng in her mind had completely changed. At this time when Ning Cheng held her hand, she even felt her face getting hot.

    [TL Note For those readers who are still naive, it means that she was blushing when Ning Cheng held her hand.]

    Ji Luo Fei felt her heart tremble, Ning Cheng was much more calm than her, pulling Ji Luo Feis hand he said, Dont be nervous, come with me and listen to me.

    Looking ant Ning Cheng calmly moving through the crowd, Ji Luo Feis eyes were completely red, and followed behind Ning Cheng in an extremely obedient manner.

    Dont be nervous, come with me and listen to me. A simple sentence, but to Ji Luo Fei it felt that she could completely rely on it. Her cultivation base was obviously higher than Ning Cheng, but she was able to feel some comfort and protection from the words of Ning Cheng,

    Her home was destroyed when she was very young, and was adopted by the Ning Clan, to put it nicely, her status was even below the maids. Saying it bluntly, her status as a child bride or the position of a maid, it made no difference. Although Grandpa Ning didnt see her as an outsider, the rest of the members of the Ning Clan did not see her as their daughter-in-law, rather most of them saw her as a small servant girl at best.

    Even the previous Ning Cheng, took her to be female slave girl, putting her even beneath the maids. Everytime Ning Cheng saw her, his face would fill up with disgust.

    Ning Hong Chang was the head of the Ning Clan, so it was impossible for him to be always be able to take care of Ji Luo Fei.

    Since the time she could remember, she did all the things by herself, she had no one that she could rely on.

    Ning Cheng was obviously younger than her by a year, but when Ning Cheng spoke those words, it let her feel that Ning Cheng was very tall, someone she felt she could rely on. Only people who never had anyone to rely on, only they would be able to understand this feeling. The image of Ning Cheng, at this moment seemed to have reversed in her heart.

    Of course Ning Cheng did not think too much, although he knew that Ji Luo Fei was more familiar with the Cang Qin Two Star Academy, but he was very clear, the ability to escape and deal with some critical situations, Ji Luo Feis capability was lower than him in this matter.

    Ji Luo Fei followed Ning Cheng through the crowd and in about seven or eight breaths seemed to have reached the edge, seeing Ning Cheng sneak into the rows of giant trees, Ji Luo Fei immediately thought that Ning Cheng was going to escape through the door leading to the Fighting Pot. She was going to remind Ning Cheng, that since today the Yun Xing Five Star Academy was conducting the selection of students, the door leading to the Fighting Pot must have been sealed and guarded, it would be better to go through the main entrance. At this time, a team of seven or eight security guards unexpectedly appeared in front of both of them.

    The group had seen that Ning Cheng and Ji Luo Fei were heading in the direction of the small door, they tried to stop them immediately, and they even seemed to come over.

    Ji Luo Feis heart sank, she thought that they might have been exposed, when the guard sergeant came over. She made up resolve, that even if she died, she would help Ning Cheng escape.

    Before Ji Luo Fei could speak, Ning Cheng suddenly whispered to her again. What is the name of the Vice Principal of the Academy?

    Changyan Yong. Ji Luo Fei blurted out subconsciously.

    Ning Cheng suddenly raised his voice and said, But why did he pick us for running errands, alas, we can only blame ourself for being too close to the ring, what a pity ..

    Although Ning Cheng spoke in a regretful voice, but on the contrary, he showed an expression of surprise on his face, at the same he sped up towards the head sergeant of the security team.

    When the security team saw Ning Cheng and Ji Luo Fei unexpectedly come towards them, they stopped, they had intended to stop and inquire Ning Cheng and Ji Luo Fei and when they saw Ning Cheng and Ji Luo Fei were instead running towards them, they just stood where they were and did not move.

    Head Sergeant and several sergeant brothers hold on.. Ning Cheng obviously stopped in front of the few people and loudly called out to them.

    Whats the matter with you? Asked the head sergeant leading the team who was a cultivator at the Qi Gathering 3rd Level. When he saw Ning Cheng calling out to him and his brothers, he forgot to ask, where Ning Cheng was heading to.

    Ning Cheng removed a dark wooden plaque and showing it to the captain of the guards said, Seeing that there are several of you here is nice however, would the several guard brothers here help us out, it would be a great favor. I am a disciple of Elder Mu, the Vice President asked my master to assemble a team of security guards and stand by the doors of the cultivation practice towers, it was my master who let the two of us come here. But now is a crucial moment that Yun Xing Five Star Academy is selecting students, in this challenge match, I really do not want to leave, aah, never did I thought that you would come at the right moment. Youve got to come quickly with me to the entrance of the cultivation practice tower, hold on, Ill give you the instructions that Vice President Yong wrote to you, when the time comes you can directly hand it over to the Vice President Yong.

    No can do, we have to go to the south-west gate, there is no way for us to help you. looking at the wooden plaque in his hands, he immediately interrupted Ning Cheng and said in a positive way.

    Saying that, he returned the wooden plaque to Ning Cheng. This wooden plaque had a carving of three words of the cultivation practice tower, it proved that the wooden plaque was genuine.

    Ning Cheng quickly followed with an anxious cry and said, But I even have the instructions written by the Vice President, is it not the same as an executive order? You first have to come with me to the cultivation practice towers and wait

    After speaking for a while, Ning Cheng let out a relieved sigh, he was afraid that the guy would recognize that the wooden plaque belonged to the cleaners of the cultivation practice tower.

    You have your own instructions, we also have our own orders, You Academy students are sloppy and casual, did you think that you can just grab a few people from Cang Qin Guards, I think it would be better if you go, dont try to be smart. Said the captain of the guards as he walked away in disdain. He was looking down on Ning Cheng, this kind of guy had no idea about military discipline.

    By the time the two people finished their talks, they had already arrived at the door of the bustling market. From what Ji Luo Fei anticipated turned out to be quite good, there were two people who were guarding the small gate, but it was not the middle aged guard from before.

    Seeing the two guards blocking the door, Ning Cheng showed an unhappy face and said, Open the door, I want to go out.

    The dialog between the Head Sergeant and Ning Cheng, these two security guards had heard clearly, and they knew even what Ning Cheng was going to do. Seeing the unhappy expression on Ning Chengs face, the two security guards knew Ning Cheng wanted to see the competition, but was now being sent away, it would really be strange if they were cool about it.

    One of the guards was about to speak, but suddenly he saw the face of Ning Cheng suddenly flush with joy and rushed in front of the guard and spoke, Guard brothers, are you not hear to guard? For guarding a gate, two people or a person is the same, one of you can help me do a favor and take a trip with me while the other one can stay here ..

    Im sorry, we were ordered to guard this place, we are simply unable to leave. The other guard said simply.

    Ning Chengs face fell fell again, but this time it was only for a moment, and then he said again, Your are guarding this gate here, you would certainly not allow anyone to go through it, right?

    Yes., the other guard who was just asked replied in a simple way.

    Then if we want you to open the door, you would certainly not open it, right? For example, just like I asked you to open the door a moment ago, right? Ning Cheng continued to ask, as if he was guiding the sheep to the wolf.

    The guard who was just asked was going to say yes, but then he saw the smile on Ning Chengs face which harbored evil intentions, his heart suddenly thumped. This student clearly did not want to handle the matter, so he would just blame them for not opening the door, unexpectedly this student was very cunning.

    However they knew that the origins of many of the students of the Cang Qin Two Star Academy were not ordinary, so the students being this bold, was not something that surprised the guards.

    Well, you are right, Senior Apprentice Sister, lets go back. Ning Cheng pulled Ji Luo Fei and turned around to leave.

    Wait, will you let me see the token. This security guard understood that Ning Cheng had some insurance which could be disastrous to them, and hurriedly called out to Ning Cheng to stop. He just took a step down, he knew that Ning Cheng had a token with him, just now the Head Sergeant had taken a look at it.

    Ning Cheng did not move from his position, Why do you want to see that token? Just a moment ago when we asked you open the door, you were not willing to open it. This is your responsibility, I also do not blame you, but why do you want to see my token? If every soldier that I meet wants to look at my token, then I should just hang the damn token on my neck just as well. Lets go, Senior Apprentice Sister.

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    Default Chapter 0012 - Not Of This World

    Translated At Demon Translations

    Translated By MeTaL MaX, DemonKiller
    Checked and Edited By DemonKiller
    Sponsored By Joshua Jacobs

    Chapter 0012 Not Of This World

    This guard, after hearing Ning Chengs final words, his complexion turned somewhat ugly. He hesitated for a moment, but still went to open the gate and spoke, The gate is already open, if you want to go out, then go , if not, I will have to close the gate again.

    If only Ning Cheng dared to take a step back, the guard would have closed the gate immediately. Anyway, Ning Cheng wanted the guard to open the gate and the guard had already opened it. Ning Cheng, himself was unwilling to to go out, in that situation, even if he went out, the blame might not necessarily reach him.

    Ning Cheng helplessly walked forward, he resolutely glared at the two guards and wearing a bad mood, walked away from the academy through its small back gate.

    From the time Ning Cheng moved towards that squadron of guards till going out of the small gate, Ji Luo Feis heart was continuously filled with worry. It was completely unexpected to her that Ning Cheng would surprisingly dare to be so bold and brazen as to do this kind of act by using only a cleaners wooden plate. In case something had happened, they both would have ended up dying tragically. Because of those several guards, if any conflicts had occurred between them and those guards, they would no longer have been able to go further.

    After, they walked out through that small gate, Ning Cheng was not at all impatient to leave, rather he stopped. Pointing his finger at the two words displaying Fighting Pot, he spoke , Luo Fei, in the future, if I am able to succeed in the cultivation, I will eradicate this Fighting Pot.

    Ji Luo Feis ability to adapt to changes was not as good as Ning Chengs but she definitely was a clever and smart person. When Ning Cheng spoke of Fighting Pot, she immediately came to understand that Ning Cheng knew about her situation with the Fighting Pot, it warmed her heart immediately.

    Lets go, this is not a place to stay for long. I am not familiar of this outside area, Luo Fei, you lead the way. After going out of the Cang Qin Academy, Ning Cheng felt his whole body relax and turning around, said to Luo Fei, with a smile.

    Okay. Ji Luo Fei nodded. Knowing this time she couldnt hesitate, she accelerated her pace, passing through the bustling marketplace. After a short amount of time, she took Ning Cheng to a very remote alley.

    Despite being in a run, Ji Luo Feis heart was continuously having doubts, how could Ning Cheng have become this calm and steady? She hesitated for quite a while, but still decided to ask NIng cheng. She hadnt even opened her mouth, when Ning Cheng asked, Luo Fei, I have been wondering, there were almost a hundred thousand people at the huge square public plaza, how were you able to find me?

    Furthermore, he still hadnt asked everything. He also wanted to know where was she when he was at the cultivation tower? Why hadnt she tried to come find him?

    Ji Luo Fei hesitated slightly, thinking of a reply, suddenly she felt Ning Cheng pulling her aside, following which a white light struck the place where she was just standing. Ji Luo feis complexion changed, she saw that there were two men were standing ahead in front of her and Ning Cheng.

    Seeing the two men, one tall and one short, Ji Luo Feis heart immediately sank. She knew these two men, both were the Xian Clans hired thugs and had a cultivation base of Qi Gathering 6th Level. She basically felt that it was impossible to escape because she was at Qi Gathering 3rd Level and Ning Cheng at Qi Gathering 1st Level, this ability compared to them was too low.

    Oh, a puny Qi Gathering 1st Level was able to react so fast. said the tall man who had seen Ning Cheng reacting somewhat faster than Ji Luo Fei. Contrary to what one might expect, he was a bit startled.

    Ji Luo Fei only then, recalled that her reaction had been slower than Ning Chengs. However, at present, she wasnt in a mood to think over these matters. Immediately, spoke impatiently, Ning Cheng, You run away quickly, I will hold them up for a moment

    A mere Qi Gathering 3rd Level dares to speak of stalling us. Killing Young Master Yuan Kui and still thinking of running? Think about it yourself, how do you want to die and then you might receive a smooth death. The tall man said in a disdainful manner.

    Ning Cheng passed through a short moment of panic, after that, on the contrary, he began to calm down and spoke: Luo Fei, you know of my aptitude. It would be better if you run away and remember to take revenge for me later, I dont want to believe that there will be no one to avenge me after my death.

    The two thugs from the Xiao Clan simply did not wait to let Ning Cheng finish his words, and began raising their hands, several wind blades sealed up the entire road where Ning Cheng and Ji Luo Fei were standing in. At the same time, the two people each took out an artifact, but did not proceed to attck with it, apparently these two wanted to catch them alive.

    Ning Cheng did not reach out to these people, it this fight, he did not know has far was the difference between him and these people at the Qi Gathering 6th Level, as this was not a level that he could reach yet. He did not want to let Ji Luo Fei suffer, but even if they wanted to avoid some of the wind blades it would be very difficult.

    A six foot white gold spiritual roots . all the people sitting behind the ring immediately stood up, the Yun Xing Five Star Academys elder who was wearing a grey robe, had an excited expression on his face which was difficult to conceal.

    At this time a challenger stood in front of the spiritual roots testing artifact, his hands were placed on the detection artifact, there appeared a whitish gold column inside the crystal of the testing instrument which was about six feet in height, this whitish gold light beam was about as thick as an arm of a child. There was no small light columns next to this whitish gold light, there was only a golden circle at the bottom of this whitish gold light beam.

    Ha Ha, I did not think that there was such a genius in the Cang Qin Institute, good, good, this trip was not in vain. By the way, what is his name? Wen Ji Liu was incomparably excited, as he asked President Yang Jiang.

    President Yang Jiang replied in a very polite vice and said, Senior, that young one is called Jiang Tu

    Good, Good Jiang Tu , afterwards, you will be Yun Xing Five Star Academys student, you need not go up for any more fights, just now who did you challenge? Wen Ji Liu immediately became fond of Jiang Tu and so immediately asked who was the one he challenged.

    It is Yong Rui Li. Jiang Tu replied honestly.

    Wen Ji Lue nodded slightly, and spoke to Yong Ruili who had come up, You are already eliminated, You can go down.

    Yong Rui Lis complexion turned extremely ugly, but she had no choice other than to bow respectfully after which she departed sadly from the ring. She was very clear that even if she was Cang Qin Provinces Princess, in front of this grey-gowned person, she was not anyone important.

    Jiang Tu, do you want to be my personal disciple? after Yong Rui Li left the ring, Wen Ji Lue asked Jiang Tu in a very pleasant manner.

    Jiang Tu hurriedly bows again and replied, Jiang Tu meets the master.

    Wen Ji Liu laughed, took out a small leather bag and gave it to Jiang Tu and said, This is a gift from your teacher to you.

    Senior Brother Wen, you really are generous, you are even willing to give up a coin filled bag. After Jiang Tu returns to the Academy, perhaps even the other elders of the Academy will want to accept him as their disciple. spoke the pale faced man from the Yun Xing Five Star Academy who hadnt even spoken a word till now.

    Wen Ji Liu did not mind it even a bit, You are just envious of me, there are a lot of students here, you can find one yours- ah maybe you can find a satisfactory disciple to take back.

    Wen Ji Liu was certainly proud of the words he had spoken out, apparently he did not expect that Cang Qin Academy would have a disciple with such pure spiritual roots.

    However the other two individuals from the Yun Xing Five Star Academy released their auras. They were cultivators with their cultivation bases in the Building Yuan Realm, those people in Building Yuan Realm can even be called as Gods. Moreover, the pale faced man could easily tell that there was no one here that was worth his interest, but the woman who was wearing the Lavender Shaded dress with gold threadings suddenly stood up.

    Junior Apprentice Sister Yao, what is it? Wen Ji Liu and the other man who were also at the Building Yuan Realm were able to sense the unusual behaviour from her and hastily asked.

    This junior apprentice woman called Yao coldly snorted, she even took out a Blue Lotus shaped artifact, then she jumped onto the instrument and immediately flew off from above the ring.

    Flying artifacts. the Cang Qin Academys students suddenly became restless, in their view, an artifact capable of flight was even more rare that a pure spiritual root.


    Ning Chengs one hand was pressing on his bloodstained abdomen, and another hand was supporting Ji Luo Fei, his heart was as cold as ice. He knew that today, it would be absolutely impossible to escape, however, he wasnt sure that after death, would he be able to return to the Earth or not. His younger sister wouldnt be able to find him no matter how she searched, she should be very worried, right? Ning Cheng looked at the dark blue sky, and thought of Ruolan.

    While Ning Cheng was stupidly gazing at the distant sky, Ji Luo Fei knew resisting would mean more humiliation and nothing more. This moment, she forgot about the incoming fate of death and suddenly asked, Ning Cheng, before, you said you couldnt marry me because I am very ugly, right?

    Ning Cheng suddenly smiled and replied, Luo Fei, you are not ugly. Because we are not people of the same world.

    Furthermore, Ning Cheng did not say that at present, he would somewhat prefer being together with Ji Luo Fei than any of the pretty and beautiful women. Besides, excluding his younger sister, Ruolan, his heart was closed like the ocean to any beautiful women. You wouldnt know at what time they would suddenly show you a knife and that too, without any reasons. Even Tian Mu Wan, that kind of gentle and graceful girl, was not excluded from this, let alone other people.

    Ji Luo Fei was silent, she didnt know what Ning Cheng meant when he said they were not from the same world. She thought Ning Cheng spoke that when she would leave the Cang Qin Province, in the future, therefore, was not one of the people of the same world.

    What about now? We are going to die. Ji Luo Feis voice had just fallen when a long whip had already swept over. Both she and Ning Cheng together didnt have the capability to resist it, they could only watch that long whip as it swept over.

    Bang, Bang two muffled sounds echoed, at the very next moment a long whip lashed towards the men at the Qi Gathering 6th Level who were standing in front of Ning Cheng and Ji Luo Fei. The whip flew with an immense explosive force inside it and smashed the thin man onto a giant boulder with a loud explosion and immediately the thin man at the Qi Gathering 6th Level threw up a mouthful of blood. At the same moment, the other Qi Gathering 6th Level man also met with a similar explosion, and in the same manner was smashed on to the side of the giant boulder and sprouted a mouthful of blood.

    Senior the two men at the Qi Gathering 6th Level had serious injuries, so much so that their meridians were also damaged, they were very shocked. Simultaneously, those two became aware that the one who had thrown out that whip had a cultivation base which surpassed theirs by far.

    Ning Cheng and Ji Luo Fei felt the heavy pressure, but only saw a woman standing in front of them radiating hostility.

    Ning Cheng was the first to recognize this woman, she was the female elder from the Yun Xing Five Star Academy who had come to recruit students. But why would she suddenly appear here? And even extend a helping hand in such a situation?

    What is your name? This woman looked at Ji Luo Fei who was leaning on Ning Cheng and just spoke one sentence.

    Ning Cheng worked his mind, he felt that the woman standing before him and Ji Luo Fei had some similarities, does she and Ji Luo Fei have some kind of relationship?

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    Default Chapter 0013 - Ning Cheng's Plight

    Translated at Demon Translations

    Translated By DemonKiller, MeTaL MaX
    Checked and Edited By DemonKiller

    Chapter 0013 Ning Chengs Plight

    This younger generation is named Ji Luo Fei. Ji Luo Fei also felt that she and this woman had some kind of relation. If she was not disfigured, maybe this feeling would have been more obvious.

    You really are of the Ji Clan .. this womans voice was trembling, her tone of speaking was clearly not the tone one used to inquire, but was purely emotional.

    At this moment, the two Qi Gathering 6th Level men who were of the Xian Clan had already crawled up, and spoke out in panic, Senior..

    To go as far as to hurt my Ji Clans people in this way, you are courting death. This womans mood was agitated but had no place to vent, the luck of the two men from the Xian Clan was bad for again speaking out which suddenly made her recall that Ji Luo Fei was seriously injured. In a flash, she turned around shooting out two black lights.

    Ning Cheng and Ji Luo Fei, at one side were only able to hear two pu, pu sound, these two cultivators at Qi Gathering 6th Level simply werent prepared and at once changed into two dried up husks. The flesh under their skins, under the bombardment of the two black lights, unexpectedly disappeared within several breaths.

    Ning Cheng drew in a cold breath, he had never killed anyone however he had always been courageous, situations which could make him panic were very rare. However, he, too, was frightened by this womans dreadful way of doing things. She had just merely raised her hands and the two black lights shot out which transformed those two cultivators at Qi Gathering 6th Level to end up as dried husks, how terrifying was this? Could this be the might of the Building Yuan Realm?

    What are the names of your grandfather and your parents? How did you come to the Ping Countrys Cang Qin Province? After she finished killing the two cultivators of the Qi Gathering 6th Level, this woman continued as if she felt nothing, and asked Ji Luo Fei. Simultaneously, she threw a medicine pellet into Ji Luo Feis mouth, and Ning Cheng, even though his injury was not light, she, however, looked as if she didnt care.

    Ji Luo Fei, quickly replied, My grandfather is Ji Yuan Ying, my father is Ji Xuan Zhang, my mother is Xiong Qihua. That year, it was grandfather who brought me to the Cang Qin Province, he told me that something bad happened to my parents in Great Calm forest.

    This womans eyes had become red, she couldnt help but embrace Ji Luo Fei and spoke, Luo Fei, I am your aunt, Ji Yao He.

    Aunt? Ji Luo Fei looked unbelievably towards Ji Yao He. She really couldnt imagine how she suddenly had such a powerful aunt, this was simply like a dream.

    Seeing Ji Luo Fei in a daze Ji Yao He immediately spoke, Luo Fei, take me immediately to your grandfather.

    Grandfather Ji has already passed away. Ning Cheng had already figured out why this woman had helped Ji Luo Fei and him and immediately replied from the side. At the same time he began to calm down and felt relieved from his heart, Ji Luo Fei had such a powerful aunt, presumably their escape from the the Cang Qin Province would not be a problem.

    Who are you again? Ji Yao He was just reminded of Ning Chengs presence, before she saw Ning Cheng and Ji Luo Fei, their relation seemed to be a bit unusual and had no time to ask, but she now remembered and asked.

    Ji Luo Fei had just recovered from such a huge shock, and quickly replied, He is Ning Cheng, Grandfather Ning and Grandfather Ji were very close friends, after Grandfather Ji passed away, he entrusted me to the Ning Clan for a better home.

    Ji Luo Feis reply was very simple, she did not say anything about the relationship between her and Ning Cheng, she also did not say that Ning Chengs Grandfather had also died. She had not yet come to accept from her heart that she was her aunt, it was somewhat bizarre to her.

    Ji Yao He understood Ji Luo Feis mood and softly said, Luo Fei, when I was taken off to the Ishigaki Island and you were in the Ning Clan, just remember, that your grandfather was my fourth uncle. When I returned a few years ago, the Ji Clan had already disappeared, I looked around and could not find a single member of my Ji Clan. Fourth uncle came to the Ping Country, should have escaped home during the catastrophe. Luo Fei, later your aunt went back to the island, otherwise she would have been hunted down.

    Yes, Aunt Ji Luo Fei felt her heart warm up after hearing her speak, her aunt had suddenly appeared, she was no longer confused or lost as before.

    This aunt, although she did not look like a blood relative, they mutually accepted each other. Ji Yao Hes last words, were also a concern for her. But the person who made her feel like she could depend on and also made the deepest impression on her, was Ning Cheng and his remark Listen to me, just follow me.

    Auntie, Grandfather Ning had adopted me, Ning Cheng is the only remaining person alive from the Ning Clan, he also remained in the Cang Qin Province Ji Luo Fei did not finish saying her words, when Ji Yao He came to understand and immediately said, Dont worry, I will keep him in mind.

    Ji Luo Fei felt her heart loosen up a bit, her aunt seemed very powerful, since she said that she would protect Ning Cheng, then it would definitely be alright.

    Ning Chengs heart sank, he was not as simple as Ji Luo Fei. Ji Yao He did not say that she would protect him, but said that she would keep him in mind, there were only a few differences, but is best to not think about it too much.

    [TL Note There was a bit of word play here, so had to substitute something equivalent here so as to understand it better.]

    Come up. Ji Yao He once again brought out the Blue Lotus-shaped flying artifact and said to Ji Luo Fei and Ning Cheng.

    Is this a flying artifact? Ning Cheng asked in a shocked voice, as he had some understandings about the artifacts. He had read and memorized the thin leather book that was passed down in the Ning Clan, he knew that in the Yi Xing Continent, the cultivators could use magic weapons, and the magic weapons and artifacts also had different grades. Talismans were the magic weapons of the first grade, jewels could be fitted on the artifacts used and would be of a higher grade, also if the jewels had a spirit, then it would become a soul artifact and would have mystical powers.

    Ji Yao He lightly said, Yes, this is a top grade flying artifact.

    Looking at the Blue Lotus-shaped artifact under his feet, Ning Cheng was very excited, these things were legends, and he was actually able to see such a thing. If he could practice cultivation to such a level, then maybe one day, he could really fly in the air. Without power, did not even have any mechanism, the flying artifact totally depended on the person to fly.

    Luo Fei, was you face ruined by the Xian Clan? I will return and exterminate the entire Xian Clan. When Ji Yao He said about exterminating the Xian Clan, her tone immediately became cold and fierce.

    Ji Luo Fei quickly said, You should not, when I was still very young, it seemed that the Ji Clan was facing difficulties. the subordinates of Grandfather Ji gradually decreased inexplicably, and finally one night, there was a man who rushed into the Ji Clan. That night I was disfigured, when Grandpa Ning finally was able to catch up, Grandfather Ji before dying, told him to take me away.

    While Ji Luo Fei was speaking, the Lotus came back to the challenge arena of the Cang Qin Academy.

    Junior Sister Apprentice Yao, this is? Wen Ji Liu saw Ning Cheng and Ji Luo Fei with Ji Yao He, and asked in a puzzled way.

    Ji Yao He pointed to Ji Luo Fei and said, This is my niece Ji Luo Fei, she followed my fourth uncle and wandered into the Cang Qin Province, she is the only one left, I want to take her back to the country.

    Wen Ji Liu did not talk much, with a stiff face he said, Since Junior Sister Apprentice Yao has found her niece, you must take her home with you, so one of the ten people here have to be swiped next.

    The ten seeded students who were standing on the stage, when they heard those words, their hearts suddenly thumped. Now those ten people understood, that although they were seeded, in fact they they had to be selected by them. Because these people were from the Yin Xing Academy, they simply did not want to waste their time on these challenges, they just wanted to finish it as fast as possible and go back.

    Now that they casually said that they were going to swipe out one of the ten. No one wanted to go ahead, only a fool would give up the opportunity to go to a Five Star Academy for practicing cultivation.

    Ji Yao He swept her eyes over the ten people, and suddenly pointed to Gu Yiming and said, You go down.

    As a cultivator at the Building Yuan Realm, when Ji Yao He said that Ji Luo Fei was her niece, obviously Gu Yiming felt an extreme shock in his mind, it can even be said to be fear. Whether this was because Gu Yiming felt fear or not, it could not be said, she just pointed at him and asked him to leave the group of 10 people standing there.

    When Gu Yiming heard her, he suddenly got into panic, if not for the Five Star Academy, then if he wanted to reach a higher level, it would be absolutely impossible.

    Thinking about this, he simply clasped his hands and said, Members of the Yi Xing Academy, this junior of the Cang Qin Academy here is one of the top disciples of the Academy, to go to the Yi Xing Institute is this disciples life dream. Junior hopes that the several seniors here do justice

    Gu Yiming had not finished speaking, when he saw a shadow to his side, and then felt that he was kicked out of the stage.

    I told you to get lost, get lost, why is there so much nonsense. with his body in the air, Gu Yiming heard Wen Ji Lues ice cold voice.

    Aunt, also Ning Cheng. Ji Luo Fei, just now, realized that even if her aunt was Yun Xing academys teacher, wanting to casually go with her aunt as one wishes was not a simple matter. Therefore, she hurriedly reacted when Ning Cheng spoke. Before, her aunt only guaranteed Ning Cheng to be all right, but didnt say Ning Cheng could also go with her.

    Yun Xing Academys decision, there werent any people who would stand up to go against it. Even if Cang Qin Provinces King and Cang Qin Academys Principal were here, they would be the same and not dare to retort.

    Hearing Ji Luo Feis words, Wen Ji Lue however, wrinkled his brows, immediately looking at Ji Yao He, spoke, Junior Apprentice Sister Yao He, you found your niece, it is still possible to accept her, we also dont need to test her spiritual root. However, this boy, if his spirit root is not anything great, then wanting to take him away, Im afraid it would be out of question.

    Ji Yao He also frowned, there wasnt any chance to speak. Sitting besides the Cang Qin Academys President, a man stood up. This man had brown face and his face looked as unsightly as the rust born from a piece of a broken iron.

    Seniors from the Yun Xing Academy, this younger generation is the Cang Qin Academys vice president, Yong Zhangyan. I also know this Ning Cheng, before he relied on the position of the young master position of the Ning clan, scolding Miss. Ji Luo Fei unjustly whenever he came in contact with her, not only that, he completely considered her as the Ning Clans slave girl.

    The vice-president, after saying the few sentences, once again clasped his hands and then sat down. Basically, he didnt mention about Ning Chengs spirit root, he was certain that Ning Cheng must test his spirit root to go to Yun Xing academy.

    Ji Yao He stood up, with an ice-cold complexion, looked coldly towards Ning Cheng and spoke, Boy, was it really as such? Daring to take Luo Fei as a slave girl and you are unexpectedly still alive?

    Ning Cheng was immediately speechless. Before his rebirth, he was indeed did as such, but how would he explain that?

    You are courting death. Seeing Ning Cheng unable to explain, Ji Yao He immediately knew what Yong Zhangyan said was true and so, she suddenly waved her hand towards Ning cheng.

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    Default Chapter 0014 - A Slap To The Face

    Translated at Demon Translations

    Translated By DemonKiller, MeTaL MaX
    Checked and Edited By DemonKiller

    Chapter 0014 A Slap On The Face

    Dont.. Ji Luofei felt her soul flying out and scattering away, she had herself had seen this aunt, just a short while ago, lifting her hand and changing two Qi Gathering 6th Level cultivators into dried up husks. If her aunt shot the same way, then wouldnt Ning Cheng also turn into a dried up husk?

    [TL Note Soul flying and scattering away is chinese idiom which means you are so scared that even your soul runs out of your body]

    Ji Yaohe originally didnt intend to kill Ning Cheng, she felt that the relation between Luofei and Ning Cheng was not so simple. Now that Luofei was stopping her, she immediately released her hand, somewhat resentfully looking at Ji Luofei, spoke, Luofei, this boy had bullied you and you are unexpectedly still helping him by pleading for leniency?

    Ji Luofei impatiently spoke, No, the present Ning Cheng is different from before, he hasnt bullied me..

    Ning Cheng secretly sighed, Ji Luofei was too honest, if only she said that what Yong Zhangyan spoke were lies, wouldnt that be okay? Could Yong Zhangyun still dare to dispute against Ji Yaohe? Ji Luofei, speaking like this, how couldnt it be apparent that Ning Cheng had previously bullied her?

    So, before, you really were bullied. Ji Yaohe, although didnt plan to kill Ning Cheng, her heart was already filled with incomparable hatred towards Ning Cheng.

    Ji Luofei spoke in panic, Aunt, I beg you to help Ning Cheng, if Ning Cheng isnt able to go, and he is alone here, it will be the same as having one foot in the grave. Also, I wont be able to have calm mind even if I depart here.

    That man with the rigid complexion, suddenly spoke, Junior Apprentice Sister Yaohe, you must allow Ning Cheng to go test his spiritual root, if his spiritual root isnt bad, then it isnt a big matter to take him away.

    You go test your spiritual root. Ji Yaohe spoke coldly to Ning Cheng.

    Ning Cheng himself knew that his spiritual root was very inferior, now in this current situation, he and Ji Luofei simply couldnt take control. He could only walk towards the spiritual root testing artifact. In front of the artifact, he stretched his hand out and touched the palm print indentation on it, simultaneously sending out some Qi into the artifact.

    Three light yellow beams rose to a height of three feet and stopped, the crystal pillar in the center had no especially thick light beam in it.

    The meaning was very clear, he did not have any main spiritual root, only three support spiritual roots, and these support spiritual roots were only slightly better than a murky yellow one.

    Ning Cheng actually did not care, he knew that his spiritual roots were poor. But he was a bit surprised as he heard from Ji Luofei in the past that he had a three line hybrid support spiritual root, and it was even turbid yellow. Although he still had a three line hybrid support spiritual root, but it was not turbid yellow, but pale yellow. He did not know if the testing was done wrong or if Ji Luofei remembered wrong.

    Ji Luofei was also amazed when she saw Ning Chengs Spiritual Root test results, she certainly knew that Ning Chengs spiritual root was a three line hybrid support spiritual root, but according to what she knew it was turbid yellow in color, how did it turn pale yellow? She had never heard that a spiritual root could change colors. Although she read in some legends that there were some special things in the world that could help change and improve ones spiritual root, but after all, they were just legends, even on the Yun Xing Continent there may not exist such a legendary spiritual thing.

    Luofei, your aunt will not help you. With his spiritual roots if I wanted to take him and walk together with him, and at last arrive at our destination, the elders would not let him go, it would even implicate me and bring all sorts of troubles. Even if was only me, I would not be able to cut through the Ping Country and arrive at the Yi Xing Academy. Ji Yaohe sighed, as she looked at Ji Luofei in a daze.

    She was not crazy, even if she was already a cultivator at the Building Yuan Realm, and if she wanted to go across the two countries alone, then the possibility of falling through was very high.

    Seeing how Ji Yaohe reacted this quickly towards Ning Chengs spiritual root test result, she anxiously said, Aunt, if Ning Cheng cannot go, then I also cannot go. I would rather have Ning Cheng being taken away from here first, I will stay here

    Nonsense. Ji Yaohe snapped back and knit her brows, then she turned around and stared coldly at the Cang Qin Academys Principal and the pale faced King of the Cang Qin Province, and said, Ning Cheng will remain in the Cang Qin Province, but if even a hair on him is touched or he is injured in any way, then I will come back and exterminate the entire Cang Qin Province.

    Ji Yaohe saying that she would eradicate the entire province was obviously shocking, but the Cang Qins ruler who was just warned by her stood up respectfully and clasped his hands in front of him and said in a very respectful manner, Please rest assured seniors, Ning Cheng is also one of my people from the Cang Qin Province, and no one will unreasonably harm him. If someone tries to unreasonably harms him, I will not just idly sit by.

    Ning Chengs heart sank again, this kind of word play he had already seen too much. Ji Yaohe played it before, and now the King of Cang Qin Province was playing it. Although he said that no one would harm him unreasonably, that only meant that if they found a legitimate reason, then anyone can hurt him. Whats more, the guy even said that he would not sit back idly and watch, who knew what it meant?

    [TL Note Damn these word plays, if anyone has any better suggestions then please do share it with us.]

    Ji Yaohe nodded in satisfaction, then turned to Ji Luofei and said, Luofei, its alright now, certainly there will be no one now who would hurt Ning Cheng.

    Ji Luofei was obviously worried about Ning Cheng even when Ji Yaohe downplayed the threat, when she heard Ji Yaohe talk like that, she became more anxious and said, Auntie, they will certainly make life difficult for Ning Cheng, I beg you please help Ning Cheng

    When Ji Yaohe heard Jin Luofeis words, she frowned, in fact, she could feel that between Ji Luofei and Ning Cheng, there seemed to be emotions that went beyond ordinary. Ning Cheng not only had a distinct three-line hybrid support spiritual root, but it was even pale yellow, in this life Ning Cheng had no future, Luofei and Ning Cheng together, it would only end up ruining Luofei. She had not tested out Luofeis qualifications, but Luofei was already under 20 years old and was at the Qi Gathering 3rd Level, so her qualifications were definitely not too bad.

    At this moment, she would rather walk out in front, and kill Ning Cheng in front of the people from the Cang Qin Province.

    If Ji Yaohe could think of such things, then of course, the crafty little Wen Jilue could also think of such things, but he had nothing to do with it, and was not willing to say more than a few words.

    Seeing Ji Luofei was about to speak once more, Ji Yaohe raised her hands and placed them on Ji Luofeis body, Ji Luofei immediately passed out.

    With Ji Luofei held in her hands, Ji Yaohe looked at Ning Cheng and said in a cold voice, No matter what relationship exists between you and Ji Luofei, that is now a thing of the past. From now on, you are not allowed to think of Luofei, she no longer has any relationship with you.

    Having said this, she turned towards Wen Jilue and the other male and said, Two brothers, Ill head out first, I will be waiting on the boat for you.

    Ji Yaohe immediately took out the Blue Lotus shaped flying artifact, and disappeared from there along with Ji Luofei.

    Wen Jilue also didnt want to continue waste his time in selecting the students, for him, this was already a great harvest, he was able to find such a genius disciple. So when Ji Yaohe was gone, he said, Cang Qin Academys selection of disciple ends here, the nine students standing on the ring, I am giving you an hour, so that you can handle your own affairs. After that, immediately assemble here. Once you go to the Yi Xing Academy, at what time would you be able to come back, even I am not sure about it.

    The selected students were clearly very excited and quickly left the ring, they were going back to prepare, then they would leave the Cang Qin Province of the Ping Country. Although the country that they were going to was just adjacent, it was considered as a medium class country, even the spiritual aura there was also very abundant, there were even a large variety of treasures available in that place. Whats more, who wouldnt want to go the a countrys Five Star Academy?

    [TL Note Although we say country here, but infact these countries are actually islands in the sea around the Yi Xing Continent. According to the translations, it is a country, but we wanted to clarify so as to avoid any confusion in the future chapters.]

    This selection of the students from a general assembly was unworthy of its name nor did it made any sense, they said that they would fairly choose from the selected students, they might as well say that a few people from the Yi Xing Academy came to the Can Qin Academy, selected a few random students and then left the Academy early. Unfortunately the tens of thousands of Cang Qin Academys students were just helpless and could only disperse.

    Ning Cheng knew, that from now on the only person he could only rely on was himself. Fortunately this was the ending time of the assembly, pressing forward Ning Cheng hid himself in the midst of the students, he wanted to hurry towards the outside of the Academy, he wanted to leave as fast as possible.

    Ning Cheng, why did that ugly Ji girl decide to protect you? Why do I see you as an anxious homeless dog now? Ning Cheng had just stepped out of the gate of Cang Qin academy, when he heard a harsh voice filled with sarcasm.

    Gu Fei, what are you gonna do? Did you forget what Ji Luofeis aunt said just now? The two elders from the Ying Academy have not gone yet. This voice belonged to a girl, Ning Cheng saw that the one who helped him was the Senior Apprentice Sister Zhuang. At the same time he also knew that the person who just ridiculed him was Gu Fei, Gu Feis brother Gu Yiming had some vendetta with Ji Luofei, he knew that now since he could not even touch her, so as a result he wanted to vent out on Ning Cheng and make his life very difficult. At this time he saw a familiar face which was sinister and vicious walking towards him, this was none other than Gu Yiming.

    Gu Feis stature was not high, at most he came up to Ning Chengs chin, but he had an extremely savage and ferocious look on his face, although he did not dare to kill Ning Cheng, but he also swore not to give up.

    Senior Apprentice Sister Zhuang, this is a vendetta between Gu Fei and Ning Cheng, maybe they should have a fight at the Dueling Platform. People like us, should not intervene, right? Gu Yiming had come, after being pushed down from the ring, he kept a close eye on Ning Cheng all the time.

    Gu Fei listened to his brothers words, raised his eyebrows and said, Yes, that Ji girl is really ugly, she even dared to cheat me of my Qi Gathering Stone. Initially when I gave the Qi Gathering Stone to her, I wanted her to accompany me to bed, but she went back on her promise, now that ugly Ji is not here, I can only find and vent my anger on someone with the surname Ning.

    Oh, Gu Fei, you say Ji Luofei is so ugly, do you dare to? A cynical female voice sounded, Ning Cheng knew the woman this voice belonged to, her name was Lu Pengyun and she had come together with him to cause trouble for Ning Cheng, ultimately resulting in Senior Sister Zhuang to drive off the girl who was at the Qi Gathering 3rd Level

    I was counting on turning off the light for the same.. Gu Fei hadnt finished, when he heard the sound of a snap, his face was slapped by Ning Cheng. After that Ning Cheng quickly took a few steps back, and rapidly began to retreat.

    Several teeth and blood flew out from Gu Feis mouth after his face was slapped black and blue.

    At this moment, almost all the people were shocked into silence, Ning Cheng, did this guy wanted to die by the hands of Gu Fei? He even went ahead and directly slapped him, is he brain dead?

    Gu Yiming face turned sour, but he did not come forward. He knew knew that Ning Chengs sneak attack although succeeded, if they really started fighting, then his brother Gu Fei could easily kill Ning Cheng.

    Gu Fei reacted instantly, he suddenly wanted to kill Ning Cheng because he attacked his face, How dare you attack me? I will kill you, you bastard.

    Ning Cheng disdainfully looked at Gu Fei and said, You want to kill me? Come on. Just now didnt the King of the Cang Qin Province ordered, that whoever tried to kill me in an unjustified way, he would not let them out lightly. Does that mean you dont even put the King in your eyes? I am also a person of Cang Qin, is this how you think about the hierarchy here? How would you even defend against foreign enemies like this?

    Gu Fei abruptly stopped, he was jolted by the words of Ning Cheng, although he wanted to kill him. Ning Cheng was right, the King made the commitment in front of a lot of people, and if he arbitrarily went and killed Ning Cheng, how would he be able to justify it?

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    Default Chapter 0015 - Kill

    Translated at Demon Translations

    Translated, Checked and Edited By DemonKiller

    Chapter 0015 Kill

    Gu Fei abruptly stopped, he was jolted by the words of Ning Cheng, although he wanted to kill him. Ning Cheng was right, the King made the commitment in front of a lot of people, and if he arbitrarily went and killed Ning Cheng, how would he be able to justify it?

    Thinking this, Gu Fei sneered and said, Ning Cheng, you really are smart, before I had no reason to challenge you but now you hit me in the face. The Dueling Platform is over there, if do not dare go there, then starting with your grandfathers crotch, and say that the ugly Ji woman ..

    Gu Fei, you are at the Qi Gathering 3rd Level, want to challenge a person at Qi Gathering 1st Level, do you have any shame? Senior Apprentice Sister Zhuang said with some anger.

    Gu Yiming replied calmly, Senior Apprentice Sister Zhuang, I would like it if you would stay fair, not because Gu Fei is my brother. A Qi Gathering 1st Level student dare to take the initiative to hit a Qi Gathering 3rd Level student, dont say that Gu Fei is not taking the Academy into account, he is issuing a formal challenge to Ning Cheng. Even if he kills Ning Cheng, Ning Cheng can only blame himself for it.

    Ning Cheng laughed, and cutting into the words spoken by Gu Yiming said, What are you two brothers who are garbage discussing in front of your father, you want to challenge your father, fine, I, your father, accept your challenge.

    Taking a sigh of relief, he thought that in any case he was already a dead man, so before he ends up dying, he would definitely kill Gu Fei.

    Ning Cheng, you are just at the Qi Gathering 1st Level, if you and Gu Fei fight, the end result will be . Zhuang Tianya knew that Ning Cheng had no choice, but still she could not help but say these words.

    Ning Cheng certainly knew that he did not have any other choice, so before Zhuang Tianya could say anything else he interjected, Thank you Senior Apprentice Sister Zhuang for helping me so many times, if Ning Cheng has an opportunity in the future, then this Ning Cheng would certainly repay the favor the Senior Apprentice Sister has shown to him.

    Humph, thrash, you already know that its a bad fix for the challenge, if you really have the guts then go do it. a contemptuous voice which was filled with disdain arrived.

    Ning Cheng recognized this man, he was one of the seeded students to join the Yi Xing Academys selection, named Hou Chuan. He was a genius, he usually only knows how to practice. He also just arrived at the gate of the Academy, and said those words in a sarcastic tone.

    Gi Yiming face turned ugly, if it was someone else, he would have taught him a lesson already. But he did not dare face Hou Chuan, its not the Hou Chuans cultivation base was worse than his, but with Hou Chuans status, he did not dare make a move against him.

    Ning Cheng knew that Huo Chuan was giving him a bit of a fighting chance, and then turned to Gu Fei and said, You challenged me and I accepted. Since you are the challenger, then of course I will choose the rules of the Duel.

    Gu Fei said with disdain, You can choose, no matter what kind of method you choose, I Gu Fei will also follow it.

    Okay, since I am at the Qi Gathering 1st Level, then if we battle battle, it would clearly be unfair. But I am still very confident of my own speed, so why dont we compare our speeds. Both of us will start at the gates of the Cang Le City, and run along in the direction of the Daan Forest, the person who is last to reach it, would be killed. Ning Cheng said in a nonchalant way.

    On hearing Ning Chengs words, all the people came to understand, that originally he was thinking for a way to escape. However, this was a bit too good to be true, if he could escape with such a method, then what was the point of anyone practicing cultivation. Some of the onlooking students even chuckled, hearing Ning Chengs idea, they thought that he really was naive.

    After listening to him Hou Chuan shook his head, turned away from the crowd and quickly moved away. If it was him, even he was to end up dying, he would still face Gu Fei on the Dueling Platform for a showdown to measure his strength. He would never try to escape, and then be insulted and then finally be killed. Therefore he had no interest in watching Ning Chengs duel, he wanted to go to the Cang Le City to buy several things, so that later when he was going out of the country, he wanted a souvenir as a memento.

    Zhuang Tianya was silent as she shook her head, she did not think that Ning Cheng would come up with such a childish way. A Qi Gathering 1st Level person, even if he was faster, how could he beat a person at Qi Gathering 3rd Level?

    Gu Fei also clearly understood the meaning of Ning Chengs words, with a sneer he thought, trying to escape from their hands? Stop dreaming. The dueling method proposed by Ning Cheng did not contradict him, even though Ji Luofeis aunt had given out a fake threat, but at least he had to make it look like it was clean on the surface. Moreover the King of Cang Qin had also said that no one can cause trouble for Ning Cheng unreasonably.

    Now he just wanted Ning Cheng to flee like a mouse trying to escape, currently he had no place to kill Ning Cheng, and yet if Ning Cheng ran, it would only coincide with what he meant. He was sure that even if others came to know that Ning Cheng was killed, no one would question him about it afterwards.

    Sure enough when Gu Fei saw his brother Gu Yiming nod to him, apparently he also wanted to kill Ning Cheng in a place where no one would be able to see.

    Ok, I agree with your approach, of going out of the city. Gu Feis eyes flashed with murder, and was the first to leave.

    Ning Cheng breathed a sigh of relief, although he knew that Gu Fei would certainly agree, but he was afraid that the others would be able to see his true cultivation level. Once the people knew that he was at the Qi Gathering 3rd Level, rather that Qi Gathering 1st Level, then no one would have agreed with his proposal of having a race out of the city.

    Zhuang Tianya was in no mood to see Ning Cheng getting killed, she was soon going to leave the Cang Qin province, and needed to go back to her family and explain it. But the students of the Cang Qin academy were very excited as they had nothing better to do, they wanted to know that if Gu Fei would really end up killing Ning Cheng when he would run out

    The status of the students of the Cang Qin Academy was very high, with so many students going out to the city, it immediately caused a huge sensation. The road leading out to the city, became very active as the people on the road stepped aside to let them pass.

    Even after half an hour, there was still a line of people coming towards the Cang Le City. Looking back at the vicissitudes of the ancient city of Cang Le, Ning Cheng let out a sigh in his heart. Since there was no one blocking his path, it took him just a bit more than an hour to get to the citys gates. He could affirm that, even if he and Ji Luofei managed to escape from the two men at the Qi Gathering 6th Level who had come to kill them, they would still be unable to get out of the Cang Le City safely. He came to understand that his thinking before was too naive.

    This is the last time in you entire life that you would be seeing Cang Le City, take a good look at it till your hearts content, rest assured, I wont let you run far. Seeing the pale look on Ning Chengs face, Gu Fei said with a sneer.

    Ning Cheng did not bother to pay any attention to him, turning his back to the students who had come to spectate, he clasped his hands and said, Now Ill go, Gu Fei as long as you can catch up to me, you can then kill me.

    With that, Ning Cheng did not speak anymore nonsense and rushed out. He had never been out of the city before, so him running out now felt strange to him.

    Gu Fei, Gu Yiming and the others, looking at Ning Chengs running speed and posture, with his strength and luck, they knew that they did not think wrongly, Ning Cheng just wanted to use this opportunity to escape. Unfortunately, Ning Chengs cultivation base was too low, with his ability, even if it was an ordinary person at Qi Gathering 1st Level, they could easily catch up to him and kill him.

    Gu Fei who was standing near the people on the sidelines said, I am going to play with a clown.

    Having said this, he just moved his body a little, and came very close to Ning Cheng. But Gu Fei did not stop Ning Cheng, but rather sent out a wind blade towards his back, instantly blood blossomed on Ning Chengs back.

    At this point the people who came to watch a spectacle lost their interest, they thought that Ning Cheng who believed that he could escape, came up with such a naive approach. Gu Fei was now entirely playing with Ning Cheng, what was the point for them in watching this? Some of the students went back to the Academy. The reason why they came out was to see if Ning Cheng really had the ability to escape, since he clearly did not, then what was the point in watching?

    Gu Yiming smiled to the crowd of people lifting his fist he said, Ill go and see him.

    Having calmly said this he just slowly followed behind, although he said that he was going to look, the speed at which he was moving was clearly much slower that Ning Chengs speed.

    Although there were no friends of Ning Cheng, looking at the Gu brothers killing a person at Qi Gathering 1st Layer, no one wanted to join in that kind of fun. If one looked at the past results, wasnt it obvious that he should not have offended the Gu brothers? With Gu Yiming slowly following behind, it was obvious that he wanted to see how long this play would last.

    Although Ning Cheng was being suppressed by Gu Feis several wind blades, once he could not see the Cang Le City, he finally sped up, but his breathing became more intense,

    Seeing Ning Cheng speed up, puzzled Gu Fei, but then he immediately felt the pace of Ning Cheng was superficial. At this point he felt that the Qi in Ning Cheng was in disorder, and he was running entirely on the strength of his willpower alone.

    Lets call it, your grandfather is in no mood to pursue you any more. just as Gu Fei said this, he picked up speed while at the same time took out a sword blade to cut him into two.

    Ning Cheng suddenly turned, and almost instantaneously, escaped the shadow of Gu Feis sword. As his body moved to the right of the bully Gu Fei, he sent out a flame blade edge.

    [TL Note If some is wondering how Ning Cheng came to use flame blade edge, then you can refer the previous chapters as it is one of the basic spells in the Ning Clans practice manual.]

    Gu Fei did not have to look Ning Cheng in the eyes, this time when he saw Ning Cheng suddenly accelerate, he knew that he was deceived by Ning Cheng. Ning Chengs reaction speed, and the momentum of his flame blade edge, was not of a person of Qi Gathering 1st Level, but of a person at the Qi Gathering 3rd Level. Even if he was at the Qi Gathering 3rd Level, he could not split the burning blade edge that was coming towards him.

    It was too late for Gu Fei to think how Ning Cheng reached Qi Gathering 3rd Level suddenly, he hastily tried to twist his body, he wanted to avoid Ning Chengs flame blade, but it seemed that Ning Chengs flame blade had eyes of its own, as it directly flew towards Gu Feis arm and chest as it exploded with a bang.

    Gu Fei, count yourself lucky, little ol me does not have the time to slowly cook you, in the future your brother will also slowly follow you. Eat my blade

    Ning Cheng threw out another flame blade edge, from this fire blade edge of Ning Cheng, Gu Fei felt a great deal of danger.

    Poof this burning blade almost cleaved Gu Fei in two, he could clearly feel his body being torn apart from his abdomen filling his body with an incomparable pain moments later.

    Ning Chengs heart sank, he was immediately aware of what had happened, this was because he lacked any combat experience, he did not think that Gu Fei would die with his attack, he came to understand that it was because he and Gu Fei were fighting too closely.

    Although Gu Fei died before he could carry out his revenge on Ning Cheng, it was no longer untenable, as Ning Cheng had almost directly split him into two parts.

    Ning Cheng forced back his injury, his cloths were torn in many places, then he grabbed Gu Feis dead body and quickly ran forward, as blood dripped all along the way. After running about a hundred meters, Ning Cheng suddenly backtracked his steps and then changed his direction while he quickly fled. This time, he was more than ten time faster than Gu Fei when he was chasing him.

    Ning Cheng was very clear that if he didnt speed up, and Gu Yiming came, then he really would die. At this time he took the blade that was hung on Gu Feis back, lifted his arm and set fire to Gu Feis corpse, after Gu Feis body completely burned to charcoal, he forcibly threw his burnt body into the great lake that was by the side of the road.

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    Default Chapter 0016 - Little Nun An Yi

    Translated at Demon Translations

    Translated By DemonKiller, MeTaL MaX
    Checked and Edited By DemonKiller

    Chapter 0016 Little Nun An Yi

    Although he was able to get off Gu Feis plot of killing him off his chest, but his injuries were also fierce. However because he had a strong desire to live, Ning Cheng still went faster and faster, he did not care that his injuries were hurting, he only wanted to run away with all his might, he even circulated the Qi in his body throughout his body to the extreme, he did not let a single drop of his blood fall down.

    Gu Yiming stopped when he saw a large pool of blood beneath his feet. Obviously he came to the conclusion that two men had fought here, there were even torn pieces of clothes scattered on the ground. The cloth pieces were also drenched in blood, but he knew that these were not the clothes of Gu Fei, but of Ning Cheng.

    Gu Yiming nodded with satisfaction, looking in the direction in which the blood disappeared, he stopped. He knew why the blood was this spread out, it was not because Ning Cheng escaped, but rather Gu Fei wanted to play with Ning Cheng, letting Ning Cheng run and then allowing him to taste death was something that he wanted to do.

    After he understood this, Gu Yiming no longer ran, but just simply walked along the path splattered with blood, he even did not check the circumstances of the surroundings. With Gu Yimings cultivation, if he had been a bit more careful, then he would have certainly found out that Ning Cheng had gone in in another direction, but he did not even think to consider this. After all according to him Ning Cheng was just a cultivator of Qi Gathering 1st Level, while Gu Fei was at Qi Gathering 3rd Level, how would he able to change directions, if he could it would really be odd.

    Ning Cheng ran to his extreme, but he was also getting dizzy, in the time it takes for an incense stick to burn, his eyes had begun to go dark, Ning Cheng knew that he had pushed his body to its extreme limit. He was also well aware that that he was still absolutely not safe, he was certain that Gu Yiming would find him, it was just a matter of time.

    Bang Ning Cheng staggered a bit, as he tripped on a stone and fell into a ditch on the roadside. Ning Cheng was already sleepy and when fell into the cold water in the ditch, he immediately became sober. He quickly grabbed at the weeds on the road side, wanting to use them to climb up and continue to run, but it was as if he was a completely burned out oil lamp, he simply did not have any strength, just by making the slightest effort, he ended up falling down into the water again.

    With a strong will to live, it let Ning Cheng to once again catch the weeds on the edges of the ditch. Just when Ning Cheng was vigorously climbing out of the watery ditch, a big ten feet long snake rapidly approached Ning Cheng.

    When Ning Cheng saw the serpents oily green eyes, his heart filled with despair. This had nothing to do with his will, if it was a student then he could at least beg to let him live, but he wouldnt be able to flee from this fast snake.

    Looking at the big snake Ning Cheng felt that it could swallow him whole, he immediately took out his belt and lashed out at the snake that was coming near him with all his strength that he could muster, which sent the snake flying. After it landed, it did not dare to come over, clearly it understood that the person it tried to sweep over was extremely difficult to handle. It hurriedly shifted its body around and disappeared in a flash.

    Ning Cheng relaxed, it was only then that he saw a little nun wearing a deep blue gown. That small nun was incomparably beautiful, she had a few incense scars on her head, and unexpectedly her cultivation base was also at Qi Gathering 3rd Level. At this moment, she opened her eyes and watched Ning Cheng attentively with her two enormous eyes, she hesitated a moment before timidly speaking, Are you okay?

    Ning Cheng, somewhat gloomily looked at this little nun and spoke,Young grand master, do I look like I a person that has nothing better to do?

    Hearing Ning Cheng call her a young grand master, this little nuns face became very red, she hurried went forward and pulled Ning Cheng up. She stuttered a bit while speaking, I am not a grandmaster, do you..

    Ning Cheng didnt want to waste time and as this little nun was refusing that she was a grandmaster, he immediately said, Will you do me a favor, help me escape from this place, someone is trying to kill me.

    Why? The little nun was clearly anxious to learn about Ning Chengs predicament.

    Ning Cheng wanted to say that it was not the time to ask why, as he became more and more aware of his surroundings, he just simply replied in a weak voice, I saw a couple of late stage Qi Gathering bandits forcing a little nun to become their concubine, I was able to save the nun but later the several bandits came to kill me, and they soon are going to ..

    What is a concubine?

    It is a woman who marries someone who is already married.

    The little nun listened carefully, several Qi Gathering bandits wanted to catch the nuns and make them into their concubines, was she also not a nun. Understanding this point, the little nun did not ask anything again, she quickly helps Ning Cheng get up, Ning Cheng also did not care that his whole body was also drenched in water.

    Ning Cheng felt relieved in his heart, and after gathering some strength to speak, he said, The bandits are collaborating with the Cang Le City. The farther you go, the better it would be

    Finished saying, Ning Cheng finally felt relieved and fainted

    Gu Yiming stopped, he felt something was amiss. He walked a long way but saw no bloodstains and moreover, he could not find traces at all!

    He, once again turned around and went back to where the bloodstains stopped and bent over to look carefully, suddenly a bitter feeling rose up in his heart. This bloodstain abruptly stopped here, there were no other signs, it was as if they disappeared into thin air.

    Gu Yimings heart somewhat panicked, he rapidly turned around, one more time walking towards that bloodstained area. After carefully looking at the scattered pieces of clothes which Ning Cheng abandoned, he again looked all over the place for a long time. Immediately, closing his eyes, he pondered for quite a while, after which he opened his eyes and choosing a direction, ran fast towards it.

    Within the time it takes for half an incense stick to burn, he once again stopped, then stared blankly at the shallow lake beside the road. After a short period of time, he suddenly jumped into the middle of the lake, immediately grabbing a completely burnt corpse.

    The moment he grabbed the body, he understood completely, that this was definitely not Ning Chengs body, but his brother Gu Feis.

    Gu Yimings eyes turned red, a horrible and hideous killing aura filled his heart.

    Splash Gu Yiming forgot that he was still standing in the lake, with anger in both his heart and mind and suffering from such a huge psychological shock, he actually fell into the lake.

    But then he suddenly leapt from the lake to the shore, with his heart aching he howled out, Ning Cheng, I, Gu Yiming, vow that till I swallow you whole, I will never rest..

    It was completely unexpected, he did not expect such an ending, his younger brother who was at the Qi Gathering 3rd Level was unexpectedly killed by Ning Cheng. This was absolutely impossible, surely someone must have helped Ning Cheng, otherwise how could he counter against Gu Fei who was at the Qi Gathering 3rd Level.

    Regardless of how Ning Cheng did it, Gu Fei was already dead and he could not die again.

    Ning Cheng woke up at night and heard an owls screech along with several unknown sounds which he felt to be somewhat gloomy and dreadful. In the darkness around him, he could only feel something icy cold and hard.

    Where is this? Could it be that I already died and went to hell? Ning Cheng felt around the surrounding with his hands and felt only hard and ice-cold stones all around.

    Are you awake? While Ning Cheng was guessing whether he was dead or not, the little nuns voice promptly arrived. The little nun was unexpectedly besides him.

    This moment, Ning Cheng smelled a burst of faint fragrance, and then immediately with a relieved voice, spoke, Thank you, little grandmaster, I did not expect nuns also liked using scents on their bodies.

    The words were spoken in order to relax the atmosphere as well as to let him feel the joy of still being alive. He did not die, Ning Cheng, of course didnt want to go to hell. He longed for being able to return to the Earth after death, in fact he knew that he was only deceiving himself. Even though he was re-born here, it was also possible that it was because of that yellow light. This kind of life after death, Ning Cheng did not want to risk it.

    I havent, ah! the timid little nuns voice arrived again.

    Ning Cheng suddenly realized, he had occasionally smelled this kind of fragrance on Tian Muwans body. Tian Muwan clearly didnt like using perfumes, this clearly was the fragrance of her own body. Thinking till that point, Ning Cheng hurriedly changed the subject and spoke, Little grandmaster, there are night owls and wild beasts roaring around, are we inside the woods? Could this be Great Calm forest?

    I am An Yi, not a little grandmaster. the small nun spoke her name and then explained, This is not the Great Calm forest, the distance from here to Great Calm forest, even if you rode a beast it would take many months and would still be very far.

    After Ning Cheng had spoke a few words, An Yis expression and her tone naturally also rose up. She was no longer looking timid.

    Ning Cheng sensed that his injury had recovered a lot, he knew for certain that An Yi had healed him, and he immediately spoke, An Yi, I am called Ning Cheng. Many thanks for saving me, if not for you, I would have certainly ended up dead. Before when I spoke of the bandits grabbing nuns, I was just deceiving you, I want to apologize to you.

    An Yi smiled slightly and said, I know I was very stupid, not knowing my priorities in that situation, I ought to have immediately escaped instead of questioning you at that time.

    Is there anything to eat? after coming out of the cultivation tower, Ning Cheng had continuously been in a highly tensed situation one after the other. Afterwards, he even ran all the way, he was already famished. Now under safety, he immediately felt he couldnt endure his hunger.

    An Yi took out two wheat flat cakes and gave them to Ning Cheng, I have several flat cakes, you can eat it.

    Ning Cheng at once, swallowed down those two wheat flat cakes and after drinking from An Yis water canteen, with a hushed tone, he spoke, An Yi, where did you come from? How could you appear in this neighborhood?

    Hearing Ning Chengs question, An Yis expression immediately turned sad. Even though Ning Cheng didnt see it, he could feel the change in An Yis demeanor .

    If it is inconvenient to talk, then its better not to talk. In a persons life, inevitably, there will be several matters which are inconvenient to talk about, I am also the same. Previously, I also saved a person, that one time, there were several students in a mountain area, collecting folk songs when a flash flood burst out in the mountains. I rescued a girl student, afterwards we became friends, but there were many eventful matters which I havent told her. She also had many eventful matters which she hasnt told me, this is very normal, you need not put it in heart. Ning Cheng already knew that this little nun was very truthful and also very pure. One would wonder how was she able to survive in this place, and that too alone.

    An Yi blinked her big eyes and asked, Ning Cheng, what is collecting folk songs?

    [TL Note Even we would like an explanation for this.]

    Collecting folk songs. Ning Cheng thought of something good to say, It is eating till you are fully satisfied without doing anything, then finding something impractical to do. Or to say, wanting to go to someplace fun and then finding a pretext, thats all.

    I am not collecting folk songs, I was always with my master, but I ended up separating from my master. I wanted to find some medicinal ingredients, to allow my master to live for several more years. when An Yi spoke of separating from her master, her voice again became sad.

    Ning Cheng didnt find it strange, the small nun was also at Qi Gathering 3rd Level, it would have been odd if she didnt have a master.

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    Default Chapter 0017 - Kindness Is Not Something Expressed In Words

    Translated at Demon Translations

    Translated, Edited and Checked by DemonKiller
    Proofread By CurlyAdi

    Chapter 0017 Kindness Is Not Something Expressed In Words

    The place where you live, is it far away from here? Ning Cheng asked again, after taking a small time to adapt, Ning Cheng could already vaguely see that the place he was at was a cave of sorts.

    An Yi quickly replied, So far, I sought out many places but I could not find the Day Colored Glazed Fragrant Spirit Grass, I ended up going farther and farther away. Now from the place we are, I estimate it would take about five to six days to cover the distance back.

    What is the Day Colored Glazed Fragrant Spirit Grass? Ning Cheng was not clear on what kind of grass it was.

    Day Colored Glazed Fragrant Spirit Grass is a rank three spiritual grass, I heard that it can prolong a persons life by 12 years. I want to find this grass to prolong my masters life. My master said, if she failed to wake up then I should say my goodbyes to her. I am very worried about master, without master, I also do not know where to go.. An Yis voice becomes lower and lower, until she finally starts to cry.

    Ning Cheng remained silent for some time, although he did not know about this spirit grass, but he knew that a rank three spirit grass was absolutely one of the highest existences. If An Yi could casually go out and find such a high ranked spirit grass, which many people were looking out for, how could they wait for her?

    Thinking of this, Ning Cheng said in a comforting voice, I think the most important thing is to remain by your masters side, the rank three spiritual grass is not something that could be easily found. Besided this spirit grass called Day Colored Glazed Fragrant Spirit Grass would definitely hide its scent, how could such a spirit grass wait for you to find it?

    No, thats not it. An Yi quickly refuted Ning Chengs words, The Day Colored Glazed Fragrant Spirit Grass will hide its scent only just before it was going to be picked. If you remain immobile, it would have no interest, if you do not believe me you can take a look at these. An Yi said while handing Ning Cheng some thick books.

    Ning Cheng did not understand the slightest but about spirit grasses, and now that he received so many books from An Yi, he hurriedly put them away and said, An Yi, it is clearly too dark now to read the books, lend me these books for a few days, after you come back back again, I will give them back to you, OK?

    You can. after An Yi said, she seemed to have remembered something and quickly asked, Ning Cheng, do you want to come with me?

    Ning Cheng felt that he had gained some strength in his body and immediately said, Of course, not only will I go with you, we can even go now. If we wait for daybreak, we may not be able to leave.

    Ning Cheng did not want to depend purely on An Yi, he was sure that Gu Yiming would never let him go, as long as he came to know that he had killed Gu Fei, he was certain that that he would combine his power with Cang Qins Qin Guo to kill him. Not to mention that the Ning Clan was also completely exterminated by the Cang Qins royalty, even if the Ning Clan was not exterminated by the Cang Qins royalty, with Gu Yimings familys status in the Cang Qin Province, it would be utterly simple for them to eradicate someone from the Cang Qin Province.

    Those who are hunting you to kill you, may not necessarily be able to find you here. I have stayed here for two nights, it is very safe. An Yi did not even mind it a little bit, in her view, there were mountains everywhere around here, even if the people looking for Ning Cheng to kill him came here, it would be absolutely impossible to find them.

    But Ning Cheng had to speak the facts to her and said, An Yi, I am not a bad person, the people who want to kill me are also not ordinary people. It is the King of Cang Qin Province who wants to kill me, so he would definitely send out his army to try and find me. If we stay here, the only thing that awaits us is death.

    An Yi nodded accordingly and said, Well, I certainly believe that you arent bad. Then I will listen to you. How do we leave this place?

    We will first go to the place where you live. seeing An Yi agree to his idea, Ning Cheng immediately stood up and said. He wanted to send back An Yi, and then go on to the Mingot Sea area.

    An Yi was a little too simple and naive, not to say about a person going to look out for Day Colored Glazed Fragrant Spirit Grass, even if she found it, it would have been a strange affair. The scent of spirit grass on ones body, is something that couldnt be hidden from other people easily.

    My master has been in closed door training for 7 or 8 days, she should be out soon, I would also like to get back to her at the earliest, but I was not able to find the Day Colored Glazed Fragrant Spirit Grass. An Yi was depressed, it was apparent that her inability to find the Day Colored Glazed Fragrant Spirit Grass was weighing heavily on her heart.

    Come on, dont think of such things. Ning Cheng first stood up, and encouraged An Yi. An Yi followed behind Ning Cheng, temporarily putting her thoughts about the Day Colored Glazed Fragrant Spirit Grass to the side.

    Here it was indeed just like An Yi had said, the place they were hiding was surrounded with mountains one after another. Ning Cheng had been seriously injured, but after An Yis treatment, had become much better, plus he was also a cultivator at the Qi Gathering 3rd Level, so his recovery speed was also not slow.

    An Yi was also at the Qi Gathering 3rd Level, that coupled with Ning Cheng, their speed of travelling was very fast. As the two people ran, by the time dawn broke, they were already very far from the cave they they had hid in.

    Let me carry you. seeing Ning Cheng covered in blood and terribly tired, An Yi said with some worry in her voice.

    Ning Cheng just waved with his hand and said, No, if you carried me then our speed would definitely slow down, I would really like it if you went ahead first. So that if we really get intercepted, you would not get dragged into my troubles.

    An Yi did not understand and looking at Ning Cheng she asked, You mean, we still havent yet escaped to a safe place?

    Ning Cheng heavily nodded, he affirmed that they were still not yet safe. With Cang Qins forces, the distance they had fled was still within the Cang Qin Provinces control range. Originally when he entered the huge forest, he had thought that he could hide in there, but now he did not think of it. Even though this was a huge mountain range, and although a person could hide here, but he would not have a secure feeling in this forest.

    Then well have to keep on running. An Yi quickly said.

    Ning Cheng shook his head and said, It would be useless, even if they let us run for an entire night. Even in that situation, we would not be able to escape while running at full speed.

    After a stopping for a bit, Ning Cheng took out the books about the spirit grasses that An Yi had given him, giving them back to An Yi, he said, An Yi, you really are kind, if you really reach your master, then do not easily leave that place. I give these books back to you, in case I get caught, it would be a pity if those bastards took it away.

    No.. An Yi hurriedly pushed it back, even though she and Ning Cheng were not familiar with each other, But from Ning Cheng, she could unexpectedly feel a bit of intimacy.

    Clip Clop Clip Clop. There was a rapid sounds of horse shoes that interrupted Ning Cheng, Ning Chengs first reaction was to pull An Yi and flee.

    But he was too tired, and the horses were too fast, in just a short period of time, it had already arrived by Ning Chengs side.

    Young Master Ning.. a familiar voice came, Ning Cheng was able to immediately recognize who the rider was, with his face covered with scars, it was the father of the child he had saved earlier in the Cang Le City.

    Is it you? Ning Cheng asked while also being a bit surprised, he immediately thought about why would a man would rush here with a carriage this early in the morning?

    This middle aged man saw the bloodied body of Ning Cheng and immediately came to know what had transpired, he quickly stopped the coach and said, Young Master Ning, I was in front of the Relay Station in the previous town when I heard some things regarding you. It would be better if you quickly change your clothes, and get inside the carriage, I will take you away.

    Ning Chengs heart warmed up, when he had saved his little boy, this middle aged man was terrified to the point that he could not even say thanks. Now that he was in such a difficult situation, he did not even hesitate a bit to help him out, he knew that if he was caught, then he would end up dying a horrible death. Kindness cannot be expressed with just a sentence, this middle aged man did not say much, but manifested it through his actions.

    It is too dangerous, I went to the mountains to escape. If I was caught sitting in your carriage, you would definitely be killed. Ning Cheng still chose to decline the middle aged mans kindness.

    The middle aged man seeing Ning Cheng refuse, hurriedly said in an anxious tone, You are the saviour of my little boy, my familys benefactor. How can I even let you suffer?

    With that, the middle aged man directly took out a set of cloths, handing them to Ning Cheng and said, Well, first put on these clean clothes, the clothes on you have a strong scent of blood on them.

    Ning Cheng gratefully took the clothes and asked, Where are you going so early?

    I must go to Dean Town every month, there are many adventurers that come back from the Mingot Sea, they always bring back a lots of skins and various kinds of stuff. Because many of these vehicles with monsters cannot directly go to the Cang Le City, so most of these vehicle come to stop at the Dean Town. Those adventures then hire our coaches to head back to the Cang Le City. I and a few other coach drivers are familiar with the roads nearby, so we usually walk through here, but I did not think that I would actually meet my familys benefactor here. This middle aged man rubbed his hands as he said these words that were filled with gratitude.

    Wait Wait. Ning Chengs mind immediately flashed with lightning, and then he eagerly asked, You said that you passed through the relay station that was not far from Dean Town, right? Also, when did you pass by the relay station?

    The middle aged man immediately replied in a dignified manner saying, Yes, I did pass through the relay station almost three hours ago, to reach the Dean Towns relay station, it would take up almost a day.

    Ning Chengs heart sank, he did not expect them and An Yi to go all night, hovering between the two posts, while also trying to escape. This An Yi that he depended on was too naive, looking for a Rank 3 Spirit Grass between the two posts, if this affair was told to others, they would just think of it as some sort of comedy.

    Seeing Ning Cheng silent, this middle aged man quickly says, Another coach will come right away, benefactor, please get in the carriage, I will get you out and take you to another remote location, bypassing the Dean Town along the way.

    Ning Cheng knew this was not the time to hesitate, as he quickly changed his clothes. An Yi at this time came to know that they were going the wrong way, and was a bit embarrassed, when Ning Cheng took off his clothes she helped him burn them by casting a fireball.

    When the middle aged man saw An Yi cast the fireball, his eyes showed an enormous respect.

    After Ning Cheng and An Yi boarded the carriage, the man and the carriage quickly departed, after about 10 minutes, the carriage turned around a corner to go onto the narrow mountain trail.

    After another half an hour, the sky was brightly lit, and the carriage had entered a more secluded mountain trail, with mountains on both sides, even the sun was blocked off by the mountains. The man driving the coach was very skilled, he was even driving the horse and getting faster and faster. This curving path, he should have gone through numerous times.

    Ning Cheng was secretly relieved, he knew that they were going the right way. In this place which was surrounded by mountains on all sides, if the people were unfamiliar with roads leading in and out of this place, then it would be very difficult for them to travel through here.

    Elder Brother, can I ask what is your name? This time I want to thank you. Although Ning Cheng knew that he was in danger, he still asked the middle aged man as he was very grateful to him.

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