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Thread: Demi gods and semi devils 1997 (5 disc DVD)

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    Default Demi gods and semi devils 1997 (5 disc DVD)


    First time posting on the forums so I hope I am posting this in the right place, if not I apologize. I have just recently started re-watching the 80s TVB wuxia series and I am glad to have found this forum to read about all the insights on the novels, and movies that everyone has shared.

    I recently purchased the Demi Gods and Semi Devils 1997 (5 disc DVD) and although on the site I purchased the DVDs lists the series as complete, I read that there are 28 episodes on another website within those DVDs. I know the original TVB one has 56 and was edited to 45, so I am wondering if the 5 discs contain the complete series on the DVDs and if it is the 45 episodes compressed into 28?

    If anyone has the 5 disc DVD and can answer my question I would be very grateful and appreciative. Thank you in advance!

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    I want to download this but can't find it anywhere with English subtitle

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    Quote Originally Posted by gateau View Post
    This playlist is what I'm looking for. Thanks for sharing it
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