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    Default Divine Souls

    Synopsis: Born from the universe, two souls travel side by side for countless years,eventually they become sentient. After some time, they begin to converse with each other. They go from planet to planet, learning new things, all the while enjoying each others company, since the only thing they have really known is each other. After living for so long,they began to understand that they are not normal, and wished to be a“living” being, instead of just a soul. than one day, everything changes

    Note: this is an original story, mine.

    Book 1- Lucian Azura

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    In an endless expanse of space and time, nothing ever really changes, planets die, imploding on themselves creating supernovas, sometimes even hypernovas, maybe even creating a black hole here or there.

    Again, other than these planets, nothing really ever changes why? Because the universe itself isn't a living thing, it just exists, probably the one thing no one will ever really understand.

    There are theories on how the universe came to be, but that is of no importance, in the end it doesn't matter if it just came to be, or if someone created it, all that matters is, it holds everything together.

    At some point, in a small little pocket, out of the infinite numbers of universe's within existence, two pale blue flames appeared, just simply existing.

    And this is how these pale blue flames continued for a millennia, then one day, their flames changed color.

    The flame with the brightest blue flame, started to change into a soul so transparent it was almost see through, if one were to touch this soul, it would immediately cause your hand to freeze, and would feel as though it were set aflame.

    On the inside of this soul, there would occasionally be a small discharge of electricity.

    The flame next to this one, with the biggest and most dense flame, started to change to it's color to black, if one were simply within 15 feet of this flame, their flesh would start to burn.

    On the inside of this flame, there is a small little mass, almost similar to a piece of dirt.

    While all of this was occurring, the souls themselves started to be aware of themselves, not quite intelligent, but aware.

    This continued for another millennia, during this time they felt each other, but never understood what it was.

    Then they started to be able to move, and even though they couldn't understand each other, they just stayed together, as if they were drawn to each other.

    This continued for a few hundred years until, the black flame started to drift off, the transparent soul not wanting to be left alone followed, and they drifted through galaxies, all the while becoming more self aware, at this point they could now have a sense of vision, not through eyes mind you, but a certain sixth sense.

    What these souls didn't know was, this “sense” was something similar to being able to “see” mana.

    Once this evolution occurred, they were able to see not only each other, but everything around them as well, this vision can't really but considered sight because, well technically they couldn't see, picture it like a color spectrum, they saw all different colors, but because of this, they could sense the shape too, hence being able to “see.”

    After drifting for awhile, the black flame saw a fairly decent sized planet, but this was different from the rest, they could sense, things moving?

    This has never happened before, and if they had any emotion at all, this would cause them to feel curiosity.

    So they made their way to the planet, once they got there they didn't understand what was going on, things were moving, the two always thought it was just them in the universe, they came to understand how wrong that was.

    Once on the planet, they immediately found out they were different from the things on the planet, they were much larger, and they could sense they had a solid mass, not like themselves, excluding the small mass in the black flame.

    So they decided to stay for awhile, after a few millenia, they came to be able to speak, not through speaking, or any method they could sense those other beings use, no they found out how to directly project their thoughts into each others conscience.

    They couldn't actually hear, but somehow they knew these things were able to understand each other, so why couldn't they?

    This made them “feel” exited, they were finally able to converse with each other, just like the things they were always watching.

    They gave each other names, now these two not knowing anything about names, just decided to call each the first thing they thought of.

    The transparent soul, decided to call the black flame, Illiana it didn't understand why, it just felt right, as if the universe was telling it that was it's name.

    The black flame, decided to call the transparent soul Light, again it didn't understand why, it just felt right.

    The two had been on this planet for 2000 years now, at this point they knew how to do everything, read, write, do math, fight, cultivate, they have seen and understand just about everything there is to know on this planet.

    Of course other than reading, and counting, the souls couldn't do anything even if they understood it, because they don't have bodies.

    [Light] This is so frustrating, why can't we have bodies as well? He asks toward his companion, who answer's in a caring voice.

    [Illiana] Because, my dear light, we are different from them, from what I can tell, our souls are completely different from theirs, they have a mother and father, that provided them with a physical body.

    We just simply came to exist, so how can we have a body if we just came into existence? She asks her fellow soul in sad tone.

    [Light]..... Your right, I'm sorry it just doesn't feel fair, look at them having families, living, having fun, being able to touch one another, I can't help but feel upset, Ana.
    He tells her in a soft voice, while calling her nickname.

    Yes, after living on the planet and becoming as intelligent as they are, they came to understand, that if they had a body, one would be male and the other female.

    As strange as it sounds, they just understood this fact, and it made them feel happy, knowing that, they didn't know why, to them it just felt right.

    After talking for a little longer, the two decided to go fly around, and for better or worse, play pranks on the life forms below.

    From this point on, it will be in first person.

    [Light] I don't why I said those things to her, I know how she feels, I feel the same way, I wish we had answers, the only things we understand are what these mortals on this planet teach, but that doesn't help at all

    We continue to fly around the cities, that have buildings constructed that actually reach past the clouds, the humans have come to call these buildings, zero gravity towers because once you reach the top, you are no longer in the planets gravity

    So to compensate for this, they built machines to artificially create gravity, otherwise you would be floating around, as fun as it is, not very practical.

    I read things on science and and came to understand, there is no way these things would stay standing without some help, in this case mana, they create a literal seal on the top of the building, and on the ground it was built on.

    What this does is, forces the top of the building to be heavy, while the bottom weightless, basically switching gravity around, so all the weight is pushing towards to the planet, still it wouldn't work if it was just that, it would just crush it self, so on every piece of metal used to build it, they put strengthening magic on it.

    Even if someone dropped a nuke on this thing, it wouldn't go anywhere, pretty fascinating, I found out how much it cost to make this thing, and even though I'm a soul, it still made me break out in a cold sweat.

    After flying for awhile, Ana asks what we should do, and so we decided to go check out the new infants in the hospital, it's always amazing to see new life being brought into this world, maybe one day we'll find out how we came to be.

    Hey Light, check this adorable little baby out, he's making such cute faces.

    I hear my most favorite person in existence call out to me, and when I float over to where she is, I couldn't help but feel happy, this little baby keeps making the funniest faces ever, he literally looks like he's trying to poop, I couldn't help but laugh and think, how is this cute? It's just plain funny.

    After hanging around at the babies room for awhile, it started to get dark, so we left.

    Souls don't need to rest, but it doesn't mean we don't like to just turn everything off and stop thinking, since that's all we really do, it's not that we can't hurt these mortals, we just choose not to, what's the point, they just hurt themselves, for us to watch it's pretty amusing.

    Me and Ana, floated off to a certain house, this isn't ours no, we just like it because of the family here.

    There is a Father, a Mother, and 3 children, two girls and 1 boy, I can see how much they love each other, just because of the things they do for each other, the boy is the youngest, and I can honestly say, I pity him, the girls treat him like a slave, dressing him up, making him do things for them, yet he doesn't complain, he just looks happy.

    Maybe this is what it would be like to have siblings, children? I don't know, it's impossible for us to understand, why they act the way they, do just deep down, I feel lonely, and a little bit jealous.

    After watching them play for a little while, me and Ana, decide to go to sleep, we've been together for as long as I can remember, I couldn't think of her ever not being by my side, nor do I ever want to, it feels as though without her, I wouldn't be complete, not really myself, I think this feeling is called love, and it's my most important treasure, other than Illiana her self.

    While thinking all this, Ana floated over to me and cloaked her flame over us, as if to embrace me, Ana is the most important thing to me, if just being a soul was what allowed me to be with her than so be it, I would do it over again in a instant.

    [Illiana] Good night, my sweet king. She tells me in a tender voice.

    [Light] Good night, my gentle queen. I tell her in a gentle loving voice.

    Waking up the next morning I couldn't help but shiver.

    Ever since coming into existence, we have never felt fear, not even intimidation, but that all changed at this moment.

    After being awoken, to someone or something, actually flicking me, awoke shaking, once I finally have my bearings in order, I realize we aren't in the house any more, in fact we are currently in a place I have never seen before, there is literally nothing, no stars, no buildings, nothing, just what looks like what could only be considered Void.

    Done looking around, and making sure Ana is still with me, I spot who, or what it is that brought us here, and what I find is simply breath taking, in front of us is what can only be considered beautiful.

    There is a women currently staring at us, she has hair down to her waste, Pale skin that looks delicate, her hair color is a bright silver, her body can only be considered perfect, slim waste, and long legs, slightly arched eyebrows in a relaxed manner.

    Breasts not too large, but by no means small, but the most amazing thing, is her eyes the pupils are a dark shade of purple, but her iris's are a bright golden color, the contrasting color's are absolutely gorgeous, and you can't help but feel drawn in.

    She noticed my gaze? I mean I don't have a face, so I can't help but feel weird, at least looking at her I can tell she isn't a danger, in fact I can tell she has a very gentle look, almost tender look in her eyes.

    [???] Hello my friends, sorry for just kidnapping you, but I really wanted to talk to you.

    She says in a gentle voice.

    [Illiana] It's no problem, but may I ask what is you want of us?

    Ana asks in a slightly sharp voice, while getting closer to me.

    The entity just, gives off a cute? Laugh, this is ridiculous, not only is she gorgeous, her reactions are also cute, I could see country's fighting just to be able to talk to her.

    Oh she is looking at me, I can see a small grin on her pretty face.

    [???] Thanks for all the compliments, little light. She says in a sweet voice.

    What?! She heard what I said, I just float there in a daze,completely shocked.

    [???] Yes little light, I can hear what your thinking, one of the perks of being as amazing as I am, she says in slightly smug voice.

    I can couldn't help but chuckle, thinking how cute she is acting. Hmmm, maybe I should see if she'll be our friend, she is the first person to able talk to us, it's so exiting I can't help but shake a little.

    Illiana noticing my reactions asks me in a low voice, as if trying to make sure the entity can't hear us.

    [Illiana] Is everything okay Light? Is something wrong?

    She asks in a worried tone.

    I tell her everything is fine, just that the entity can hear everything we think, not just what we project.

    Once she hears that, she starts shaking uncontrollably.

    [Illiana] How is that possible?! She asks in a scared voice.

    The entity hearing our thoughts answers in a gentle, reassuring voice.

    [???] It's because I'm a god, in fact only three others in the entire multiverse can compare to me, little one, and be assured I'm not here to harm you, just talk.

    Hearing that, I'm completely shocked, a god, and not just an ordinary god, only three in the entire multiverse, can compare to her, that means there are other god's not just her, but if only three others can compare to her, how strong is she?

    I think to myself in a nervous, yet exited way.

    Hearing my thoughts the god answers.

    [???] Hehe, your quiet intelligent, figuring out me and those three others I mentioned aren't the only god's in existence, no there are trillions of god's but me, I'm unique.

    She say's in a firm, but gentle voice, not masking the pride she felt.

    [???] Little ones let me you tell who I am, I am the Transcendent god of life, without me life would not be the way it is, everyone would just be a soul as you are now, I give people their physical body's, I am the law itself that allows this to happen, hehe great aren't I?

    She tells us in an pridefully, yet gentle tone.

    Me and Ana, can't help but being dumbstruck, this being is the personification of life itself?

    Hearing my thoughts, the god of life just giggles cutely before answering.

    [God of Life] Yes little one, I am the reason life is able to exist the way it is.

    She answers in a gentle voice.

    Before I can ask her something, Ana asks her a question, in a soft but firm voice.

    [Illiana] God of Life is it? May I be upfront and ask what it is you need of us, if your such an amazing figure, what do you need of us?

    The God of Life hearing this, just laughs in a beautiful voice, while looking at us tenderly, and answers in a gentle tone.

    [God of Life] Because dear little Ana, and Light, I'm here to help you, and request something of you.

    She answers in a slightly nervous tone, a god being nervous, what could it be? I think anxious yet very interested, the God of Life is here to help us, and ask something of us, no way is this going to be boring, I'm starting to get exited!

    Even though I'm sure she heard my thoughts, I ask her anyway, in a hard to repress exited tone.

    She looks highly amused, and exited her self, looking at both of us, she answers in a tender tone.

    [God of Life] Dear little Light, I'm here to explain, why you and little Illiana, are just souls, and why you're different from the other beings in existence.

    Hearing this me and Ana, start shaking, in excitement, and start feeling a strong feeling of longing, who are we, why are like this, finally we can get our answer.

    Hearing our thoughts, the God of Life answered in a soft voice.

    [God of Life] The both of you are something that has only happened once or twice, since time itself, in the higher realms where the god's and immortals live, no one has a soul like yours some are lucky and are born with great power, no one is born a god, but some are so strong that only living for 12 years they can become a deity.

    Not that this is common, but certainly more normal than your own situation, anyway to get a soul as strong as yours one would need to train thousands of years for the more gifted, and hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions years for the lesser talented perhaps more, to get to where you are, simply from being born.

    She answers in surprised, tone.

    Hearing this me and Ana, were surprised, no wonder we were immortal, we were born with such strong souls, but still that doesn't answer how we came to be.

    Hearing my thoughts, the God of Life answered in serious voice.

    [God of Life] This is something that not even I can explain completely, just tell you how it came to pass.

    She stops too take a moment to collect her thoughts, after a minute or two of thinking, she let's out small sigh, and looks directly at us.

    Answering in a sweet but firm tone.

    [God of Life] When a universe collapses, everything in that realm is destroyed, but sometimes, that universe itself while collapsing will create a small conscience, essentially creating a life, but only the soul, because it does not have the authority gifted to it by the heavens, like me.

    Now the reason that happens is unknown even to me, all I can do is make a hypothesis, what I think happens is,while collapsing all the life in the universe collects to a single point, and creates it's own conscience, the reason you two are unique is because you were originally one soul, but split apart somehow, this I can promise has never happened since the beginning of time itself.

    She finished talking, but me and Ana were dumbstruck, that's how we came to be? As amazing as that sounds, what if we ourselves are similar to the God of Life, and are the personification of that universe.

    Hearing my thoughts, the God of Life, looked surprised, and just mumbled interesting to herself.

    After being in complete silence for awhile, Ana asked in a curious but soft tone.

    [Illiana] Thank you for explaining that to us, is it okay to ask what is you meant by “help us”

    Hearing her speak the God of Life look surprised, than said in an exited tone.
    Of course! It's to give you life! I'm sure for existing for so long, you want to be able to experience all the things a living being can, don't you?

    Hearing this we just floated in a daze, we can really get a physical body? We can finally live? If I could I would have wept the one thing I thought impossible, can really come true?

    Ana asked in a trembling voice.

    [Illiana] Really?

    Almost whispering it, afraid it was all a lie

    hearing this the God of Life just flew next to Ana, and held her as if comforting her, and answered in a gentle tender tone.

    [God of Life] Of course little one, both you and little Light will be able to live, after talking to the Transcendent God of Fate, he said that the both of you, would be born on the same planet and realm, so you don't need to be separated either.

    I was going to do something about it, but it seems as if you two will always be inseparable, seems you two truly have very strong feelings for each other, if even fate bends to your will.

    Once we heard this, me and Ana were so exited and happy, we couldn't calm down, she rushed over to me and just covered us in a black flame, so happy she couldn't stop shaking.

    Once we calmed down the God of Life told us that everything is ready, and we should get prepared to join the living.

    I asked her how we would find each other, she just laughed saying we were originally one soul, we will always know where the other was.

    According to her though, there should be no problems, since it seems even in our new life, we will already have a bond ,and be together from the beginning.

    Me and Ana were so exited we just couldn't wait, but after noticing the the God of Life's sad expression I remember she had a request.

    After remembering, I asked her and she seemed very nervous even scared.

    Seeing this Illiana asked in a gentle tone what her request was, and reassured her we do everything we could to help her.

    Hearing this she was so exited she couldn't stop trembling.

    After taking a deep breath and looking at us, she asked in serious yet nervous tone.

    [God of Life] You see, being the personification of life itself, I had never had the chance to live a normal life, simply because no women could bear me, and no man had the potential to give the seed to create my life, you see I'm similar to the both of you, just a soul.
    She said in a bitter tone, but continued.

    After finding the both of you, I found that you have the potential to achieve this, I asked because without your permission, even if I wanted to I couldn't force my soul into your babies body, I would literally destroy the body, the laws of life gave me a very small chance to achieve this, and the only way it's possible, is with these conditions, so will you give me permission to become your daughter, and live my life along side yours?

    Towards the end, she started to get very quiet almost whispering, and you could tell how anxious and scared she was.

    Me and Ana were surprised but our reactions were different though, she was mumbling dddaughter? If she had a body, she would be blushing so badly right now, I can't help but think it would be cute.

    I literally thought for two seconds daughter? Someone as adorable as you as my daughter? Hell yes!

    Before the other two could say anything, I flew as fast as I could next to her, and encased her in ice, but it wasn't cold at all, I couldn't help but try to embrace her, when she had seen and felt what I had done she was confused, not giving her a chance to speak, I almost yelled.

    [Light] Of course you can! I would be honored for you to be my daughter!

    Hearing this she started to cry, saying thank you over and over, Ana, getting over her fit of embarrassment came over and did that same as me and covered us with black flame, we stayed that way for awhile, until she calmed down.

    Blushing she asked us a question.

    Papa, Mama, could you give me a name, all I ever been called is God of Life, I would love for my future parents to give me a name.

    She said almost begging

    Me and Ana were surprised, but thought about it for awhile.

    I asked her how does Sera sound?

    She jumped up in joy, thanking us for her name, me and Ana could only chuckle, and welcome her in a warm tone.

    We stayed chatting for awhile until, Sera said it was time, looking at us, she had a longing look and said it in a sad tone.

    Me and Ana told her it wouldn't be too long, at least to a god anyway, we each gave her a hug in our special way.
    [Sera] By Papa, Mama, don't make me wait too long, she said in a warm voice.
    [Illiana] Bye sweetie, I can't wait till you officially become my daughter, until than goodbye,
    She said in a warm and gentle tone.
    [Light] Goodbye Sera, I can't wait till I can hold you in my arms as a baby, bye bye my little God of Life.

    I said in a warm affectionate voice.

    Next thing I know there was a flash before my conscience faded.

    Sera looking at the are where her soon to be Papa and Mama disappeared, she whispered until next we meet Divine Souls, saying it in a sweet voice while giggling.

    End of of the prologue, soooo long I know, I write long chapters what can I say.

    Look forward to the next chapter

    Chapter1: The Beginning.

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    Prologue Part 2: The beginning

    After losing consciousness, Light felt as though he were in a deep dream, but he couldn't understand what was happening, in this dream he was watching thousands and thousands of stars and planets being destroyed.

    He could almost feel the animals, plants, and all the living things in this universe dying, and he just felt cold, so very cold, tears streaming down his face, he just felt deep sadness, he heard something just before everything faded to black.

    This is your punishment.

    He awoke with a jerk, sensing everything around him, he saw Illiana was still flying next him to him asleep, glancing at his surroundings, he found out he was passing planets at a speed he couldn't perceive, he felt as if time had stopped, around him and he was the only thing moving in the entire universe.

    This continued for a few hours until Illiana woke up, they just flew in silence anticipating what was to come.

    After some time, they began to slow down and they could see the creatures and plants as they passed the planets.

    Looking down at a certain planet that was mostly covered in water, except for a single land mass that was, simply enormous, he spotted a certain animal and could help but shout, and accidentally project his thoughts into Illiana's mind.

    Holy shit! Are you freaking kidding me?! That was tyrannosaurus rex! Light said in a hard to conceal excitement.

    Illiana hearing this just chuckled, secretly thinking how cute this soul of her's was acting.

    She understood, even though they were both very intelligent, their mindset was still very childish.

    They had no one to raise them, and they suffered no hardships, or pain, and they always had each other, so they were never lonely.

    At worst they just felt bitter, at not being able to live like those they watched.

    Once he calmed down, Light asked how Illiana felt about how things turned out, if she was worried, or scared, excited, or anxious.

    Hearing this she just laughed softly saying, “of course I am, but as long as I'm with you, nothing else matters, my sweet and gentle king,” she said in affectionate and loving voice.

    Once Light heard this, he just laughed and felt unbound love, for his most favorite person in existence.

    The two continued to fly for what felt like a day, until they both got a message from their new daughter Sera.

    “Papa, Mama, both of you are approaching your new home, before you arrive let me tell you why you are able to live in your soon to be bodies.
    You see even though I'm the God of Life, I can't put souls into a body, I technically am the reason life exists, but I don't create the souls, usually souls are just an imprint of that person not the person itself, the reason being is because all souls unless destroyed, go to either the netherworld or the life realm.

    Once there, The Transcendent God of Death is what purifies, or erases the soul to be reused, they then are put into new life completing this cycle, Without life there is no death, and without death there is no life.

    These are what binds all living things, nothing can escape it, except the laws themselves, the only reason you two are capable of achieving life is, because technically your new souls. You have never been reused the universe itself birthed you, so unless your souls are destroyed the cycle of life and death don't effect you.

    It's one of the reasons you two have the qualifications to be my mother and father, because your similar to the laws that bind us together, like me.”She said in a cute and lovely voice.

    Hearing her message me and Ana, were dumbstruck so that's how things work, no wonder she is called “The” God of Life, not a God of Life, I don't know why, but I felt strangely proud of her for some reason, I wonder why that is.

    After coming out of my thoughts, I found that we flying very slowly now and were approaching a planet, that can only be describe as huge, this thing is so massive I feel it would take days flying to just go around one time.

    One side of the planet has so much water, and from the size of the planet, I'm afraid to find out how deep it goes and what could possible be living there, every now and then you see bits of land.

    On the direct opposite there is nothing but land, with huge mountain ranges, and forests, with a few pockets of water.

    But It's what's in the middle that captures my attention, On each side on is either frozen in solid that stretches for what seems forever, and on the other side this black earth that occasionally spews fire or liquid magma.

    And in the center there is a huge land mass, that is some how connected to the ocean and the other landmass, simply bypassing those desolate lands of ice and fire, I can't wait to see how it works.

    In the center of this landmass there is what looks like a giant volcano, only it looks frozen solid I looks like it breaks the clouds, once we get close I see how breathtaking it really is, it looks like glass like it would break if struck, but something tells me that's not likely.

    Surrounding this volcano is what can only be described as lucrative there is a palace so beautiful and large, the only thing that can rival it, is the volcano itself and surrounding this palace is a massive city, with so many people it's impossible to count, and leaves me slightly dizzy. Before we can go into the city we stopped as if held in place.

    Looking around confused, all of a sudden we see figure cloaked in a hazy black blur so dark, it sucks the light into it.

    At first me and Ana were startled, but we immediately calmed down after seeing the haze slowly disappear and we hear an adorable laugh?

    Okay these last few days have just been weird, I wonder what it is this time, I said thinking to myself.

    As if to mock me, the haze fades away into the cutest girl I have ever seen, long black hair that almost seems to suck in the light around it, she has a very cut face small nose, thin pink lips that seemed to glow, and her eyes were the most beautiful color of red, that looked like it was blood itself.

    She's wearing a small purple skirt, with elegant designs of what appears to be thorns, into the shape of a flower,

    She's wearing what looks like a white blouse, that stops at her elbows and opens up at her navel showing, bit's of her stomach, and wearing boots that seem to try and make her taller.

    Hearing me talk to myself the little girl seemed bashful, yet proud at least until she heard me mention the boots, than she got mad.

    “Hey! Don't make fun of my size! How rude going after a little girls weak spot.”

    She said furious, than started sulking, and had tears in her eyes, seeing this I was shocked and immediately felt horrible but before I could say anything, Ana yelled at me saying.

    “Light! Apologize to her now! How could you be so mean to a little girl?”

    She said while flying over to the girl, and covered her up in a flame trying to comfort her.

    I felt bad and was about to say something, till I saw her face grinning at me, with the most evil yet adorable face I had ever seen, It makes you feel annoyed, yet bad at the same time.

    How does that even happen?!

    I yelled thinking to myself, this little girl is too cunning, who raised her to be so evil? I should have a talk with her parents if given the chance.

    Hearing my thoughts the little girl get's depressed and sad, seeing this Ana asked what was wrong.

    I could only hear her quietly whisper, “I don't have parents,” she said it in such a sad voice I immediately felt horrible.

    Saying it in a soft voice I apologized sincerely

    After that we sat in silence, it seemed as if Ana, was thinking about something.

    Before I could ask what it was she blurted out a line that I will never forget for all eternity, and in the future when I thought back to this moment, I would simultaneously brake out into a cold sweat, with warm smile on my face.

    “Than how about you become our child, I your mother, him your father,” Ana said in a soft gentle tone.

    Hearing this both me and the little girl were dumbstruck, we both yelled at the same time, projecting our thoughts into Illiania's conscience.

    Really?! We both sounded surprised and bewildered.

    Hearing this Illiana just let out a soft chuckle, and answers in a firm but sincere voice.

    “Of course my child, I would never lie about something like that, besides I have already taking a liking to you, and I would do it even if you weren't the Transcendent God of Death.”

    Hearing this me and the God of Death? Were shocked, this is the God of Death? Thinking about it, she does have a similar aura to Sera.

    The God of Death, looks somewhat shaken, and asks in tone full of hostility.

    “How did you know who I was?” Looking almost ready to kill.

    Ana hearing this just let out a soft chuckle, trying to snuggle up to the little girl even more.

    “Of course I could tell who you were, you have the same aura as my daughter Sera.”

    Hearing this the little girl was surprised and immediately stopped her blood lust, and hostility disappeared from her eyes.

    Looking at me than Ana, she takes in a small breath, before asking, “is it really okay? One day, when you give birth to me and my sister, we may be your children, even through flesh and blood, but our souls would not be pure, we would be as we are now, just as children, your children.”

    She said in a voice shaking, and scared, hearing this I sent a dose of electricity right into the middle of her forehead as if I was poking it.

    Looking at me surprised and confused, I told her in soft and gentle tone, “what if you were meant to be our daughter, and that's why the universe helped birth me and Illiana?”

    Hearing this she was surprised, and started crying, me and Ana just floated trying to comfort her, once she stopped crying I asked a question that had eluded me for awhile now, “who is your sister?” I said in curious voice.

    Hearing this, she looked like she was hit by thunder, and all Ana said was “idiot.”

    After a minute of silence the little girl started laughing and clutching her gut, with tears in her eyes, it took her awhile to calm down, than she told me in an amused, and teasing tone.

    “Father, you are completely oblivious to other women aren't you? My sister is the God of Life! Your future daughter.”

    Once I heard this i was shocked and couldn't help but laugh like an idiot, it does make sense, no parents able to talk to us, and she has an aura very similar to Sera's pretty obvious.

    Than I asked in a tone of bewilderment, “you and your sister are completely different though not just your personality, even the way you look, you bear no resemblance to each other, except in aura.”

    The God of Death hearing this, said in a serious voice, “of course we don't look a like, we are the personification of life and death itself, the only reason we could tell we were sisters, is because of aura, aura's are like a permanent identification given to us by the heavens, no matter if your a million years old, meeting your descendants you would recognize them because of their aura.”

    I couldn't help but be surprised, no wonder they seemed so familiar, even though they look and act nothing alike.

    All of of sudden I remembered something, looking straight at my future daughter, I asked her in a serious voice, trying to mask my confusion.

    “I see that you wear a beautiful set of clothes that any women would jealous of, might I ask why your sister was in the nude than?” Being a soul this didn't really bother Light, but he didn't understand why she was naked and all the other humans had clothing, including the God in front of them, he had assumed it was because God's don't see the need for clothing.

    The God of Death hearing this immediately screamed out, “she wasn't wearing clothes again?!

    Is she a pervert?! I don't care if you could destroy worlds with a flick of your wrist, kill other god's just by thinking about it, at least have some dignity!”

    She yelled in an annoyed, tired voice.

    Ana just floated there and started making Fufu noises as a dark aura surrounded her, saying “No daughter of mine will walk around naked, like some beast.” The aura was even darker than the God of Death's.

    Hearing this “I looked towards the stars softly murmuring, sorry my daughter”

    Somewhere in the multiverse, “Sera the God of Life, started to break out in a cold sweat, she looked into the distance and uttered one word, Mother?”

    The God of Death got our attention and looked directly at us looking very shy and asked in a very small voice, “Father Mother, I know your supposed to name your child when they are born, or least while you are pregnant with the child, but would it be too much to ask if you could name me now?” She said almost afraid of what we might say.

    Funny enough me and Ana, after coming to the idea of her becoming our daughter, had expected this, because our other daughter asked the same thing. We said at the same time looking at her, in a hard to cover tender tone, “ Liliana”

    Once she heard this, she was ecstatic given us each a hug telling us how much she loved it, and was thankfully for the name.

    We floated there, just talking for awhile before she said it was time to go, I had something that was bothering me so I had to ask.

    “Honey I understand that you and Sera, can only come to live with a physical body thanks to our souls, but what happens when your born, what happens to the laws, wouldn't life and death cease to exist?”
    Once she she heard this just gave a cute laugh, before saying” hehe no daddy, even when me and sis are born, nothing will change, you see we are the personification of the laws, even without us the laws will continue to exist, you see daddy even though we can be considered the strongest god's in existence were actually also the weakest.”

    Taking a minute to collect her thoughts, she continues.

    “ You see unless someone tries to do something on a such a level that only the laws themselves can stop it, we aren't allowed to do anything to the other god's or mortals, we are bound by that law, the only reason we are having this conversation, is because you exist outside these laws, which is also why only you two are qualified to be our parents.”

    She said in a serious tone.

    Oh so that explains it, well whatever I get two beautiful daughters, so this other stuff is of no importance, if something needs to be said I'm sure Lily or Sera, will say something.

    Liliana hearing my thoughts, just gives me a big hug laughs, and said “ hehe, I knew it daddy's the best”

    I could only chuckle.

    Liliana thinking of something, asks” Daddy, Mommy how did you come up with my name?”

    Ana hearing this just chuckled slightly, before saying “ little Liliana we come up with this name by putting our two names together, we don't know why, it just felt right.” she said in tender tone.

    Once she heard this she very happy and was snuggling between us when, she all of sudden stood up and pulled us along.

    Not understanding what was happening, Ana asked “ what's wrong Lily?”

    Lily said in a hurried voice, “ Daddy Mommy, your mothers are about to go into labor, we need to get you there now” she said slightly panicked.

    Me and Ana started to shake from the excitement, this is the day we've been waiting for, for so long.

    We first headed towards the palace, on our way Lily started talking to Ana, “Mommy your soon to be mother, is the only person capable of giving birth to you, there are certain reasons for this in the future you can ask either me or Sera, but for now we need to get you too her.”

    We flew straight into the palace, and into what can only be considered the royal chamber, it's so large that you could fit at least 100 people in here, what's wrong with these people this place is for sleeping, not parties, or are they compensating for something.

    In the center there is a massive bed, no surprise, it could fit 5 people on this bed with room to spare, before I could move closer Liliana said,“ Daddy you can't go further, if you get too close there is a chance you might be forced into the womb as well as Mommy, so you need to stay here while we go over.”

    I was slightly surprised when I heard this, so was Ana, before I said anything she flew straight into me.

    “Light this is where we say goodbye for now, we will always know where each other is at, so when the time comes, find me as soon as possible okay?” She said in a somewhat scared but excited tone.

    Before I could say anything, Lily said, “Mommy, Daddy, it's okay you two will be together sooner than you think, like sis said your feeling for each are so strong, even Fate bends to your will, nothing can keep you apart, of course why it is that you'll see each sooner than expected is a secret, hehe.”

    She said in a reassuring voice, that somehow turned into a mischievous laugh at the end.

    Me and Illiana, were surprised when we heard this, but more than that were very happy, we really don't have to separate after all, and we'll see each other sooner than expected.

    I turned to Ana and Said “ Ana, go I believe Lily and Sera, we'll see each other soon, goodbye my sweet flame, I love you.

    Hearing this, Ana just gave a cute chuckle before saying “Love you too,” and floated over to her soon to be mother.

    After getting everything taken care of, Lily came over grabbed me and said, “let's go Daddy, we need to hurry.”

    I was expecting to fly but we literally teleported into a room similar to the royal chamber, not as big, but just as lavish, before I could say anything, Lily just hugged me and said, “ this is goodbye Daddy, we won't see each other for a few years, but I can say this will be the longest years of my life, I'm sure Sera feels the same, this means so much too us, and you and Mommy didn't even hesitate to let us become your daughters, thank you so much.” she said with tears in her eyes

    I just poked her with my electricity saying,“ your my daughter, this much is nothing, you and your sister take care, until next we meet, my little God of Death.”

    I said in a gentle tone, hearing this Lily just picked me and flew me over to who is soon to be is my mother before I could even see her face I was placed in her womb, before I blacked out, I said just five words as if to announce my arrival to the living. “ This is just the beginning.”

    Look forward to the next chapter

    Chapter 1: Our new life.

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    Chapter 1: New life

    Becoming aware of myself, I found that I was trapped inside what I can only describe as a small (very Small) room that is pitch black, normally one would be nervous or even scared when waking up in such a way, but all I felt was comfortable.
    I guess this is the womb and surrounding me is water? At least some kind of liquid, but that's beside the point, it's warm?
    Haha, I can actually feel something, this is amazing! Before the only thing that I could feel, was when Ana used her flames on me, I still don't understand why this is, me and Ana could inflict damage to others, but they couldn't touch us.
    Hmm, well whatever I'll worry about that later, I have a body! Come on mother, let's get this show on the road, the oven's been cooking, and the baby (me) is ready to come out.
    As I said this, I started pushing against my mother's stomach, trying to tell her to hurry up.
    Feeling me pushing, my mother started making small sounds of pain, than I heard her say something, wasn't too sure what she said, I was submerged in water and couldn't hear very well
    Hearing my mother speak, I could tell it was a slightly cold voice, but somehow happy, and it sounded like she was excited.
    Thinking this I started to move around, hoping to get her attention, after a few minutes of this the water around me disappeared, and I was moving along with it, Instinctively I started to force my way through what I can only assume is an opening.
    Vera's POV_______________________________________________ __________________________
    I was in my bedroom playing with the baby clothes I had just bought, I had a feeling the baby was going to come today, I was so excited I couldn't stop smiling.
    After awhile, the baby started moving around, like it was trying to break free, even though I was happy and excited I spoke in a cold tone.”Little Baby, I know it's time for you to come out, so please stop doing that, it hurts mommy more than she would care to admit.”

    This continued for what felt like an eternity, until my water broke, and knowing it was time for the baby, I told the maid to go get my husband, the midwife immediately came in and started helping me with the baby.
    My husband came in a few minutes later, sweating slightly looking like he was in pain, I couldn't help but think to myself, “What are you are acting like you're in pain for, I'm the one that feel's like crying from the pain,” I said to myself sounding bitter.
    The midwife told me to start pushing, and that the baby was starting crown, so I said in a pained and tired tone, “ little baby, your rent's up, and You're getting evicted, time to say hello to the world.”
    Vera's POV end_______________________________________________ _______________________
    Once I was released from my prison, I immediately felt the air around me, and I could breath, it was an amazing feeling, I didn't have the need to breath while I was a soul, this feeling is weird but I don't hate it.

    I was being cleaned off, there was goop that was on me, no one was talking, my eyes started to open and once they did, I started balling, I don't know why, I just felt like I had to.

    Once this happened the person holding me, let out a small sigh of relief saying,” My lady, your lordship, you have a healthy baby boy.”

    My Mother and Father hearing this let out small sighs of relief of their own, I had calmed down now, and was looking around curiously, I saw two maids standing next too each other with a surprised look on their faces, next I looked up to the women holding me, and could tell she was past her prime, almost like she could croak at any minute, but she had small smile on her face, and looked quite gentle.

    She gave me back to my mother who looked at me with nothing but love and tenderness, the first thing I heard her say was,” what pretty eyes.” I guess this is why those two maids had a surprised expression their faces.

    Looking at my mother, I was almost speechless, she was absolutely gorgeous, blood red hair, blue eyes small red lips, sharp eyebrows, first impression would be this women is cold to others, but at this moment all I could see was love and tenderness on her face.

    Next I looked at the man who I suppose is my Father, brown hair that was down to his shoulders, emerald green eyes, handsome face, looked very gentle, and compassionate, but almost weak because at the moment, he looked like the world was ending, I don't why, but I understood not to look down on this man, something about him, made me nervous.

    My Father looked directly at mother and asked in a worried tone,” Vera are you okay? Is everything alright?”

    My Mother hearing this laughed softly before saying,” of course Laylen, it was a lot more taxing then I thought it would be, but nothing I can't handle.” She said in a warm voice.

    Next she looked right at me and said, “well hello there little baby, you've given mommy a hard time, you know that?” She said in a gentle tone, as she gave me a kiss on my forehead.

    Seeing this I gave a cute laugh and was playing with her hair, looking at me and my Mother, my Father said,” Vera, so what should we name him?” He said in a soft tone with curiosity in his voice, now that he knew everything was okay, he was acting what I can only assume is his normal attitude.

    Mother hearing this, put on a serious expression, looking right at me and thought for a while before she said, “Lucian”
    After saying this she looked happy and proud, and said in voice everyone could hear,” from now on my son shall be known as Lucian, Lucian Azura.

    My father hearing this said in a warm tone, “it's a good name honey.”

    My Mother just looked really happy, and I was too, Mother had given me a name, even though me and Illiana gave each other names, it was meant for only us too use, my little Gods of Life and Death called us by these names, because technically they were names, and it was what identified us.

    I started to feel really sleepy, and before I knew it, had fallen asleep.

    Laylen's POV_______________________________________________ ________________________

    The maid told me that my wife was giving birth, oh no oh no, what if something goes wrong what if the baby doesn't make it, what if my wife doesn't make it.

    Thinking this on the way to my wife, I hadn't noticed the sweat or the face I was making, once in the room, I found my wife in labor she looked like she was in horrible pain, what can I do to help her.

    Breaking me out my thoughts I heard my wife say something just before the baby comes out, he isn't crying that isn't good, the midwife is cleaning him off, and before I could say anything the baby opened it's eyes and started bellowing.

    I heard the midwife breathe a sigh of relief before saying he was a healthy baby, both me and Vera hearing this let out our own sighs of relief.

    The baby started to look around curiously first at the maids, than at the midwife, once he was in my wife's arms I could see him properly, he had what can only be considered an adorable face, a little patch of hair on his head that was a little darker brown than my own, but had what looked like a little bit of red mixed in, that looks just like the color of my wife's, but what stood out the most were his eyes, they were golden! Not yellow but gold.

    His pupils though had what looked like hints of blue, just like my wife's own eye color.

    While looking at him, I realized we hadn't given him a name yet, thinking this I asked my wife what we should call him, after thinking about it, she told me his name, Lucian I love it.

    Laylen's POV end_______________________________________________ _____________________

    I woke up really hungry and started crying, my Mother hearing me came over and started to breast feed me, this is my very first meal, and I can say I'm not disappointed, it was warm and delicious, feeling content I fell back to sleep.

    A few hours later I'm woken up, because I had to go the bathroom, not a pleasant feeling sitting in a diaper full of your own excrement.

    My Mother takes me every where while talking to me, even when she had a meeting, I was there with her, it was really nice spending so much time with her.

    It's only been what I can tell a few days since my birth, and I haven't heard anything from Ana, we could always communicate, even when we were a couple thousand kilometers away.

    I hope nothing has happened to her, I miss her already.

    It's been a month since my birth, and I'm starting to get more and more anxious, than as if she heard my thoughts, all of sudden my Mother get's a message on her communicator that is kind of similar to the one on the planet I was previously on.

    Her ring that she was wearing popped up a little screen that had a few words on it, I think it said big news, were on our way to your house, expect us in a few hours.

    My Mother reading this was excited, and told all the maids to prepare a feast, and told everyone else in our palace to get ready to expect very important guests.

    Mother looking at me in a slightly mischievous way said, “ little Luke, let's get you dressed up so you look presentable, who knows you might find yourself a fiancee.” She said in a teasing tone.

    Once I heard this I was nervous, I don't want a fiancee, I only want my Illiana, I started panicking.

    Mother noticing this, just held me close telling me everything would be okay, for some reason when I heard this I felt strangely calm.

    A few hours later, once she had dressed me up in several different out fits, I heard someone yelling,” The Queen, and princess of the Heavenly Fire empire is here!” Mother hearing this immediately went to greet them.

    On our way to the reception hall, I felt something tugging at my soul, it felt very nostalgic, as if I knew who it was then when he walked into the hall it hit me, looking at the baby in the women's arms, I knew exactly who it was.

    I immediately yelled projecting my thoughts into her conscience “ Illiana! It's me Light!”

    Hearing me speak to her, i should she was visually shaken and started to cry yelling into my thoughts,”Light! Finally I can see you, where were you, you idiot, why didn't you find me sooner wuuu.”

    She broke down crying not only in her thoughts but out loud as well, the women seeing this was surprised saying,” she never cries, even when hungry, she just let's out little noises to get my attention.”

    I couldn't help it and started sniffling almost breaking down into tears as well, looking at my Mother first I pointed at me, than Ana, at first she was surprised that i acted that way, she took me over to Ana, her Mother picked Ana up and set her in a play pin, my Mother did the same, and Ana crawled over to me, and her put her arm around my waist and her head on my chest while saying, “ you idiot”constantly.

    I would have sat up and held her if I could, but I'm just a baby, at best I can crawl around a little while moving some of my limbs, I'm actually impressed Ana, could crawl on top of me while only being a month old. While thinking this I could only pat her on her tiny head, while saying directly to her conscience, “sorry”, over and over.

    After we had calmed down, we had listened to our Mother's speak, and they were mostly
    congratulating each other on being a Mother and the queen apologizing for not coming sooner, she had to care of some things.

    Than they started talking about how cute and adorable their babies were.

    My Mother looked at me and said with a sly grin, “ so little Luke, how do you like you new fiancee,” hearing this I just looked dumbstruck, than immediately started making baby sounds while looking at my Mother.

    Seeing this she just let out a soft chuckle while saying, “ I take it you're pretty happy.”

    Later that night, me and Ana, were placed on the same little bed while holding hands and going to sleep.

    And just before falling asleep, I said “this world is going to be so much fun, I get a family, and Ana will be with me through all of it,”with a smile on my face.

    Then me and Ana, went to dreamland, while anticipating what was to come.

    If you guys like the story check me out at

    I also am posing them on WordPress once i get it setup, it will be posted here first as well, than royalroad.

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    Chapter 2: Heavenly Flame Continent

    It's been 6 years since I've was born into this world, I'm currently in my mom's study waiting for Ana to get here, while waiting I started to read about the world.

    The continent that I live on is called the Heavenly Flame Continent, it's called that because of the person that created the continent, yes (created,) he used a flame so hot that he created magma, and caused the ocean to disappear and create a single landmass 10 million kilometers in total.

    By the way, our continent is actually one of the bigger ones on the planet, we have multiple forests that stretch for thousands of kilometers, desserts that seem to never end, and cites with hundreds of millions of people, the city I saw before while I was a soul is the capital of this continent. Selestria, Selestria and the continent are controlled by the Snow empire.

    Funny I know, but see it's like this, because the person who made the continent, actually made it for a really good friend of his, that person was Arthur Snow, the ancestor and founder of the empire, and he was extremely gifted in ice and fire magic, originally his last name was different it seems, but he changed it to Snow because of his wife, on the night he asked her to marry him he made it snow, romantic right? I laughed to myself because of how ironic it was.

    He is also the reason that Volcano was frozen solid, I also found out what was up with that ice field and lava I saw in the distance while I was at the capital, it seems it's illusion magic, truth is the ice is actually all water, and the lava is all earth.

    It's a defensive mechanism against beasts, of course there are other defensive measures but this is the first one you see, of course after finding out it's an illusion you break the spell, and can see things for what they are.

    The reason it works against beasts is because until they reach a certain level, and become intelligent, they don't understand it and are afraid to go near the fire and ice.

    Illiana, is the Princess of the Empire, her name that her parents gave her is Ellie, the reason why she is my betrothed is because of my parents.

    My Mother is best friends with the current Queen of the Empire, and my Father with the Emperor, before I was born they were all best friends, like brothers and sisters, and wanting it to become official, they decided if either child was a girl the other a boy, they would be engaged.

    Of course our parents would never force us into this, if neither one of us really wanted to be with the other it would have been okay to call it off, but of course they didn't know that me and Illiana are literally soul mates, even if we weren't engaged from birth, I would have still married Ana.

    Closing the book I was reading, I walked over to a map on the wall, in the middle I see our continent, to the east I see a continent that is our enemy, we have never gotten along with them, they view themselves as the true rulers of our planet, the Dark Cloud Continent, my mom says that when I go to school, I'll learn more about them, so I don't know much about it.

    To the south I see our allies the Lunar Goddess Continent, it's called this because it used to be a desolate place nothing grew, even though there was plenty of water, it was even worse than desserts, the soil was useless because of the position of the planet it never got enough sunlight.

    A really long time ago, a certain individual, actually created a second moon that directly faces tha continent, and the land was bathed in moonlight for eons causing the earth there to became the most fertile on the entire planet, the people living there called it the Lunar Goddess continent, in respect for what she had done.

    To the North is possibly the most mysterious, the Divine Fate continent, no one really knows anything about it, from what I read there is a legendary beast that keeps away all intruders into his land, I also don't know why it's called that.

    To the West is the Savage beast lands, as the name suggests, it's nothing but beasts there, there isn't too much to learn about it, other than it's still here today, because there are beast so strong, no one has the strength to conquer it.

    Breaking me out of my thoughts, my Mom comes in and says,” Luke Ellie is here, go to the dinning room, breakfast is ready,” she said in stern but warm voice.

    Looking at her I see her stomach is now very large, I couldn't help but smile run over give her a hug and say,” Mom when will the baby come out? I can't wait to meet my sibling,” I said in a very excited voice.

    Hearing me say so, my Mother leans over kisses me on the head, before laughing softly saying,” soon my baby, probably in a week or two,” she said in a warm and loving tone.

    I couldn't wait, I don't know If it's a girl or a boy, but it didn't matter I was so happy to be getting a sibling.

    Holding hand my Mother leads me to the dining room, already in a chair waiting for me is Ana, she can only described as stunning.

    Long golden hair that reaches her waist, thin eyebrows, small pink lips, bright purple eyes, wearing a sky blue blouse made out of silk with long sleeves that stop at her elbows, a black flame sewed on where her heart would be.

    A black skirt that reaches her knees with little hearts sewed on it, with black boots that looked very expensive.

    I couldn't help but stare at her, she is so cute, in the future she will be an absolute beauty.

    Noticing my gaze, she gave a cute chuckle saying,” Light stop staring at me like that, come over here and sit down.” She said in a very warm voice.

    She indicated for me to come over and sit next to her, letting go of my Mother's hand, I walked over with a small spring in my step, and a smile on my face.

    Seeing this my Mother just gave a wry smiling before saying, “ Luke you and Ellie will be testing for your elements today, also if you have any talent in magic, after breakfast go and get changed.” She said in a stern but caring tone.

    I just looked at her before laughing and said in a lighthearted tone,” okay Mom.”
    Sitting down next to Ana, I started to eat my breakfast, we ate while talking about what to expect and how exciting it was to finally be able to start training.

    In this world you don't start cultivating before the age of six, even though I knew cultivation methods, it wouldn't have mattered, the natural laws of the world don't allow to you train before the age of six, this is because before you awaken to your elements, and try to forcefully cultivate, you would cripple yourself.

    Simply put, the body couldn't contain the Qi or the Mana, without destroying itself in the process.

    Me and Ana already know or elements, this isn't a surprise to us, we have always known, the reason we didn't start cultivating is because even though we know our elements we still haven't awoken to them, in our bodies it's a process that naturally occurs.

    I heard from Dad, that this is called a breakthrough, and I've had this really weird feeling for awhile now, like I'm about to gain enlightenment, maybe that's what a breakthrough is.

    After finishing breakfast Ana goes with my mom and waits for me to go get dressed, I walked towards the stairs before heading up to the second floor, we have three floors the first is for guests, meetings, it has the dining room, kitchen, and a hall for party's and important events.

    The second floor is only for my family, the servants aren't even allowed on this floor, we do everything ourselves, except for washing our bedding and clothes, we send them down to the basement using a small transportation formation.

    The third floor is for the servants it's big with multiple rooms, and a kitchen of their own a bath just for them, if your wondering how they get to the third floor without passing the second floor it's simple, they have their own staircase in the kitchen that only goes to the third floor.

    Walking up the stairs even though you can't see it, there is a powerful formation the only way up here is if the person who set up the formation gives you permission to go through, once you pass the barrier you can immediately tell it feels different.

    It's as if the outside world as been cut off, here it's completely tranquil, once you get to the second floor there is small hallway, and at the the end it splits off into two directions, one leads to my parents room the training hall, and the bath.

    We have showers in all of the rooms on this floor, but only one bath and it's massive, it's basically a pool.

    The right side leads to my bedroom, or more specifically our bedrooms, for the children of this house, along the way, there are guest rooms a lot smaller than the main rooms, but still bigger than common sized bedrooms.

    In the middle is the most breathtaking, it's like being In the forest surrounded by nature, there is a pond with a waterfall flowing into it, it's big enough to actually take a dip in, there are Beautiful bright fish in it.

    The ground is covered in grass, with very colorful flowers all over the place, there are chairs with a table in the middle, for talking and relaxing, next to the pond a little open area so you can meditate.

    There is naturally light being emitted from a skylight, it's very peaceful, there are even a few birds chirping.

    This place meant to meditate, and cultivate it's actually one of the most important things in this house, it's a cultivation field and they are very rare and difficult to setup.
    My parents are actually the ones the set it up, my Mom collected all the items to make it, and my Dad created it, even most major sects don't have something like this.

    The Royal palace has one, but it's weak and small compared to the one we have, in the six years I've lived the one thing I have learned is, my parents are amazing.

    My mother is the blood descendant of the ancestor to the biggest sect in this country, and only two others on this planet can even slightly compare, she is next in line to be the patriarch.

    My Dad is a genius, he was of noble descent but because he didn't have a talent in Qi they kicked him out, abandoning his last name, after marrying my mother he changed his last name to Azura.

    He is one of the most talented Magi in the world, and when it comes to formations, no one can compare except for maybe that legendary beast in the Divine Fate Continent, this is the one of the reason's why we only have maid's at our castle, if they can break the seals made by my dad, no warrior or mage is gonna be any help.

    Once in my room I stripped and threw my clothes in a corner, than went in my closet and found some clothes.

    Looking in the mirror, I see a little boy about 6 years old looking back, with dark brown hair almost black, his hair is short letting nature take it's course without styling it, “simplicity at it's best” the little boy says to himself, on the left side there is a line through his hair front to back, it's color is blood red like his mothers.

    The boy is tall for his age, sharp eyebrows, small face, eyes that are golden with a bright blue hue in the center, the boy has a small childish grin on his face, at six years old he is cute with a mature charm, in the future he would be devilishly handsome.

    Putting on his clothes, he put's on a thin black shirt that almost seems to suck in the light, it's a defensive type artifact, that his dad made him, even though it's just a shirt it will stop blades from piercing his flesh.

    He than put's on an expensive robe it's color is sky blue just like Ana's blouse, it has a crimson colored sewing of what looks like a soul, where his heart should

    Once dressed he runs back down stairs to where his mother is, seeing him she let's out a sweet smile showing her pearly white teeth saying,” you look handsome sweetie, you and Ellie will be taking the transporter, Aunt Tessa is on the other side waiting for you, I can't go with you, it isn't good for the baby.”She says in a warm voice.

    Looking at her I just smiled and said, “okay Mom, I'll be back soon.” he said with a warm voice, than he took Ana's hand, and led her to a room that had a bunch of weird symbols on the floor.

    My Mom looking at me gave me worried face saying,” be safe and don't do anything reckless, love you honey.”

    I looked at her giving her a warm smile and said,” love you too Mom,”than as everything went white, I said “this should be fun,” with a grin on my face.

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