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Thread: The most-loved features of Vietnam in the eyes of foreign travelers

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    Default The most-loved features of Vietnam in the eyes of foreign travelers

    Indeed, Vietnam is much better than China in terms of travelling.

    Despite differences in lifestyle and culture, foreign tourists in Vietnam are still attracted by the natural scenery, the people and interesting stories about the country’s traditions.

    1. Safe destination


    When planning a vacation, the first thing that travelers think of is to choose a safe destination. Thus, the "dearest thing" about Vietnam in the eyes of foreign tourists is its safety.

    Business Insider has rated Vietnam as the safest and most friendly destination in Southeast Asia among the top 30 ideal destinations. HCM City is ranked 48th in the Top 50 safest cities for tourism in 2015 by The Economist (UK).

    As you learn Vietnamese culture and international fame further, this is not the first time Vietnam has been honored for its safety by foreign newspapers. Last year, Business Insider also ranked Vietnam the 45th in terms of safety and the 2nd for the level of happiness. DeMorgen (Belgium) also praised the S-shaped land of being particularly suitable for female travelers.

    2. Many scenic spots


    3. History

    Vietnam has a rich culture and history spanning over 4,000 years. This is most evident in folklore and legends, the traditional folk festivals of each region, cuisine and French colonial architecture... Today, foreign travelers go to Vietnam not only to discover the landscape, but to relax and explore the history of Vietnam...."


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    I am of Vietnamese descent but was born and raised in America. I visited VN for the first time ever back in January 2015. Spent around 10-11 days total in the country going from Hanoi -> Thai Binh -> Ha Long Bay -> Hanoi - > Saigon.

    I really enjoyed my time there and can't wait to go back. I heard all these horror stories from friends and family about how dangerous VN could be.
    - "Don't bring your iPhone or people will steal it right from your hands."
    - "They can spot that you're American right away and scam you!"
    - "Don't eat street food." (But this is the best part of traveling!!!)

    Suffice to say, I didn't experience any of that while I was there. I never felt I was in danger anywhere I went and if I was scam, I didn't know about it. None of the prices I paid felt outrageous. The food was great and outside of the cities, the scenery was picture perfect.

    If you never been to Asia before, the traffic is absolutely crazy! People treat road signs as more of a suggestion than the law. And the fumes from SOO many motorbikes on the road does get to you so buy a mask. Though, this is true for all the Asian countries I've been to except for Japan and Singapore. I've learn to accept that is a part of the charm of visiting Asia.
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    Vietnam is another place I have wanted to visit. I'm glad to hear all those horror stories are not true.

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    I know, Vietnam is beautiful, but i dont know more about this country, i am planning a visit in 2018, I am on a tight budget, I'm considering these 2 options:

    both 14 days, option 1 is cheaper, option 2 is a little higher but I can visit 2 countries: vietnam & cambodia, would you give me a n idea?

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