Chapter 1 Gongzi, Gongzi (Part 1)

The Autumn wind was amiable and the shadows of the trees were slim. The broad Xuanwu Lake was like a gigantic and smooth mirror. Under the shining sunset afterglow, it was glittered with golden radiance.

On the spacious surface of the glittering lake, a pleasure boat traveled back and forth, constant laughters came from above the boat. Did not know from which family the young ladies on board came from, but the scene was very lively.

Countless scholar-officials apprehensively stood on the bow, eyes longingly looked at the rich young ladies riding the flower boat, exposing their ordinary wolves look. When the flower boat came close to them, their expression immediately changed drastically, putting an air of upright, noble and virtuous appearance, eyes looking straight ahead, gently rocking the folding fan, reciting poems and proses, showing off their distinguished and outstanding talents to the utmost.

Several curtains immediately covered the windows on the boat on the lake, the rich young ladies hiding behind the curtains secretly sized up the coming and going of the distinguished and accomplished gifted scholars, picking out their favorite one.

Standing on the edge of the Xuanwu lake, if one have to choose two words to describe Lin Wanrong’s mood at this time, it would be-bad luck, really his mother’s bad luck.

After arriving here for about a month, the bad luck had not left him, perhaps, since the moment he decided to participate in the Company’s tourist group to tour the Mt. Tai, the bad luck started to follow him. Especially when he saw that chick’s name on the tour list, he had a restless feeling.

And the fact, also proved his guess.

Lin Wanrong, after fiercely spitting his spittle toward the lake, the mood became a bit better, and carefree feeling arose spontaneously. ‘This spitting out saliva is truly invigorating, I haven’t had so much joy in quite a while, his mother, this era should not have an elderly lady with red armband that will eagerly come to penalize me with 50 bucks, right?’

Lin Wanrong looked at his reflection in the clear water: Eyebrows curved like blades, nose hanging like a lamp and amiable smile. If he were dressed in an official attire, perhaps he would put those silly talented scholars, who were blindly reciting broken poetry on the lake, to shame.

Unfortunately, in a dark blue cloth gown and feet wearing a pair of leaking on the front worn out shoes, Lin Wanrong was really somewhat poor compared to those talented scholar’s clothing. Coupled with his completely different than the pedestrians on the road straight short hair, making him unable to pull up the silk cloth head cover on his head, he seemed even more out of place in this environment.

The young girls on the roadside, as soon as they sized up Lin Wanrong’s dress, simply skipped his face and directly passed him. Their eyes immediately reached toward the shivering from the cold caused by the howling of cold wind on the bow, those so-called talented scholar.

Suddenly, the beautiful women on the roadside squeezed themselves toward the lakeside like crazy, constantly gazed into the distance. These crowd of young women started to yell with sweet sounding voices.

“Wow, look, look, it’s Jinling number one talented scholar Hou Yuebai, Hou gongzi!”

“Wow, so handsome…”

“Wow, so passionate…”

“Ai, which young lady would have this good fortune…”

Lin Wanrong followed those young women gaze to look forward.

He saw three gorgeous boats floating downstream on the surface of the lake, each ship has two floors, with height approximately six or seven meter. The lanterns hung high on the upturned eaves of pavilion; Their appearance can be called imposing.

Banners fluttered on top of the three gorgeous boats, on the left and right side of each ship there were huge wall scrolls hanging from top to bottom.

On the right it read “Spring wind caresses my mind,” and on the left “Being admired by the ruler.”

On the middle boat, a young gongzi stood on the bow like a piece of jade adorning the surface of a hat, lightly stroking the fan with a smiling face, and his long gown fluttered in the breeze. All of which showed his indescribable outstanding talent, and dashing taste.

Across the three gorgeous boats, there was a bigger finer boat, bigger than Hou gongzi’s three gorgeous boats. It’s upturned eaves pavilion gave off an indescribable style. Unfortunately, all the curtains that encircled it were down, making one unable to see the appearance of the people inside. On the huge lantern fluttering in the wind on the bow of the ship, there was a large bronze word “Luo.”

“It’s Miss Luo, Jinling first beauty and talented woman Luo xiaojie.” A woman standing next to Lin Wanrong shouted, excited look were written all over her face, clearly she was a fan of this Miss Luo.

What kind of thing is this Jinling first talent, Lin Wanrong completely did not care. As for this Jinling first beauty as well as Jinling first talented woman, for Lin Wanrong, he even felt somewhat disdain. In this age, a woman who was able to play with a few characters all called themselves beautiful woman. In his era, beautiful women authors who rely on themselves to compose or write were more than even the lice on the head of an ox, therefore he was long accustomed to this sight.

“I heard Hou gongzi has been pursuing Luo xiaojie for about two years now. He is Jinling magistrate’s son, and also a famous gifted scholar in Jiangsu. With his family background and literary talent, ai, if I am miss Luo I would have long died happy.” A love-struck woman said.

“Cut, Luo xiaojie is known as Jinling first talented woman as well as first beauty. Her work collection is better than Hou gongzi’s, and she is also the daughter of Jiangsu governor. Regarding family background, she is one rank higher than Hou gongzi. Therefore, Miss Luo would not necessarily look up to Hou gongzi.” Another woman who is apparently a die-hard fan of Miss Luo analyzed.

“In my opinion, Jinling first talented scholar and Jinling first talented woman are a perfect match, an ideal couple. Do not say in this Jinling City, even in the Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces, it would be very difficult to find such a perfect couple like them.” The love-struck woman replied.

Lin Wanrong helplessly shook his head, women were born with good ability to gossip, in whatever era they are all the same.

Hou gongzi’s gorgeous boat has already parked next to Miss Luo’s ship. He was cupping his hand while bending his waist, evidently he is saying something toward the interior of Miss Luo pleasure ship.

After a long time, a pretty maid walked out from the inside of that pleasure boat of Miss Luo and said something to Hou gongzi who was still standing on the bow. That Hou gongzi’s face showed a burst of disappointment, and then a spell of happiness.

Lin Wanrong’s distance was too far away from them, and can not hear what they said, but seeing the strange change in Hou gongzi’s face, he wondered if this girl named Luo, in the end, accepted or rejected him? How could this monkey gongzi’s (monkey in Chinese is Hou, but different character from the name Hou here) face from disappointment suddenly turned happy?

The love-struck and die-hard women next to him also have the same doubts. Seeing Miss Luo’s boat slowly moved to the center of the lake, the die-hard fan of Miss Luo happily said: “Well, I did not say wrong right, Hou gongzi may not be able to impress Miss Luo’s heart.”

The love-struck woman interrupted her: “I do not think so, seeing Hou gongzi’s appearance seems to be very happy, perhaps on the next willow moon, the beautiful woman probably has make an appointment.”

This was also the social customs on this era, after all, men and women are different. To discuss passion and talk of love, naturally they would have to find a place where there are no prying eyes; the moonless night is the best night for the great talent to work.

Hou gongzi saw Miss Luo’s pleasure boat gradually receding from his line of sight, but he was actually still rocking his fan with smile still plastered on his face, and his attention focused on gazing. This so-called passionate appearance of the distinguished and accomplished scholar suddenly made Lin Wanrong upset.

‘Kid, what are you so proud of, on picking up girls, I your grandpa’s game is tens of thousands times more sophisticated than you, look at your foolishly smithen look.’ Lin Wanrong indignantly thought.

This was already late in Autumn, and winter is soon coming. Cold wind blew gently on the surface of the lake; Hou gongzi seemed unable to withstand the cold breeze, his shoulders slightly trembled.

Lin Wanrong is sharp-eyed and able to clearly notice that slight movement, therefore, he could not help but sneer, ‘Go freeze to death, you, guy who maintain elegant poise but cannot withstand the temperature. I thought the Spring season would come so early, turns out you are just the same as these horny chicks.’

Lin Wanrong’s sneer has attracted the attention from the several women next to him, their eyes fell upon Lin Wanrong’s body. Seeing his shabby dress and short hair, all of them covered their mouths to chuckle, until they saw his appearance, their face immediately blushed, and did not dare to look at him.

Lin Wanrong is 1.77 m in height, due to the results of years of relentless physical exercise, his physique is straight like a plank and brimming with power. His look is also very good, with healthy wheat colored (tan) skin, which if compared with this era’s uniformly white flour skin (pale), has a certain captivating charm.

It is no wonder that the several women who looked at him would not dare to look at him again. This man has a quite big of an impact on their hearts.

In the past when he was still a college student in Beijing University, Lin Wanrong is also known as the dark horse prince, the number of girls who secretly fell in love with him is not small.

“Where is this country bumpkin coming from…”

“Look at his wretched appearance…”

“Brother Huang, standing together with this guy is an insult to your status, let us stay away from him....”

The several nearby talented scholars, after watching Hou gongzi’s performance, their self-confidence have been completely shaken. The nearby beautiful women actually completely disregard them, instead, they gathered their visions on Lin Wanrong, how could these scholars not be angry?