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    Default help with research

    Anybody here working in the medical field? I am a physician's assistant and my boss is asking me to research about EHRs. We haven't upgraded our system yet, unlike other doctors who are already using EHRs. My boss is actually hesitant because he is thinking that it might be complicated to use, but we (the staff) convinced him to get one for his and our convenience. Now he is asking me to research on the top EHR systems. so far, my list includes:

    WRS health

    Any of you familiar with these? if so, please send in your reviews. Thank you!

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    Yes, I have worked in the hospital before but modern technology has not been used yet. I'm referring to ehr. I have known it as a computer based health records, It is commonly used by health professionals these days. Actually, patients and doctors are giving positive information about the paperless health records. By the way,among the top ehr system listed above, I guess most of them offer quality services. I have not tried any of them. As per reviews of my friends working in the healthcare market, they are advising one to get something with templates to guide you and a system that has a compliant messaging tool.

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    I have used Epic for an inpatient hospital environment and it is pretty convenient. The doctor's, nurses, and other healthcare providers document everything that has occurred during the patient's stay. Lab results are there as well as surgical reports. It's very organize. Initially it may take some time reading surgical reports on the computer.

    I cannot recall the exact date EHR must be implemented or else you get fined at your facility.

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    The only recommendation I can give you is that you should update this system urgently, I'm sure there must be a company that can provide that help

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    I think that's the best recommendation. I recently completed my thesis and was having some difficulty as well. But I was lucky enough to find where there are detailed recommendations on how to make the paper the best. It will be helpful to you as well.
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