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Thread: Bands that lost you to change

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    This is a good question, and it allows me to confess that my interest in David Bowie took a total nosedive after Aladdin Sane.
    I agree too that "selling out" is an over-used accusation and in fact I have my own theory about the transitions that bands go through, which is like this:-

    First album or two: they are still finding their feet or special sound so their music is a bit confused or generic
    Albums #2, #3 or #4: they've worked out how they want to sound and are full of great ideas and enthusiasm. These are their classic albums.
    Albums #5, #6 or #7: they've explored all their best ideas, but feel that they should progress in some way so they either change their style or try making their songs more sophisticated. If we are fans of albums 2, 3 and 4, we try to like these later efforts, but deep down inside we are kidding ourselves.
    Albums #8 and above: just the upper echelons of the musical pantheon find a new creative high and keep going according to their own individual genius.

    For me, Steely Dan, Yes, Neutral Milk Hotel, Paul Young and Bryan Ferry more or less follow this pattern, without quite reaching that new creative high.

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    This would be pretty much ALL bands if they manage to last long enough. U2 was great in the 1980s and early 1990s, but I really haven't been able to get into anything they've done since ACHTUNG BABY way back in 1991.

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    I am not very much fan of old slow rock music or alternative rock but recently a couple of days ago I started to some songs Of the band called The Beatles and belive me i felt in love with their all songs,. The best part of their songs is that all of their songs are beyond time and really lovely .I think that the beatles were the most influential boy band of all time. It’s hard to narrow down which one of The Beatles songs really sum up their talent and career. ‘From Me To You’, the classic Beatles song was their number one single; it spent seven weeks in the number one chart spot in 1963 due to its success.
    Sometimes i Wonder why it was such a hit? You need to take a deeper look at the lyrics to understand. Whilst the majority of their songs are credited to both Lennon and McCartney as the songwriters, it was very rare for the pair to sit down together and write a song. ‘From Me To You’ is one of the exceptions to this as not only did John and Paul write this song together but also shared the lead vocals.
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