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Thread: Trying to find a old song from my childhood

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    Default Trying to find a old song from my childhood

    I was wondering if anybody can help me.

    I'm looking for a song that my dad use to listen to. Now if I could remember a line from the song, I would be able to Google it and get the song, but I can even remember one line. I know that this does not help at all and gives almost nothing to go on, but...

    I know the song is old, maybe from the 60's or 70's maybe even the 80's, I think it could be sung by Rolf Harris or maybe Roger Whittaker but I'm not sure about that. The song is about a man that while walking one day finds ... (the song does not say what it is, but rather plays a tune "da da da" every time the man says what it is). He shows his kids, his wife but they all chase him away when he shows them. He eventually shows the local cop, who arrest him and drags him in front of a judge, with the same outcome that he is in more trouble because he has a .... (da da da).

    The song never reveals what the man has, so that makes it difficult as well. It is a funny song though.

    If anyone and recall a song like that or something similar I would be grateful if you can point me in the right direction
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    If you really searching an old music that is the music from the childhood I will like to suggest the music that I had loved and cherished in my childhood. This music is deliuved from the Favorite boy band The Beatles the song ‘From Me To You’ is my most loveable song the reason is that The Beatles was the most influential boy band of all time. It’s hard to narrow down which one of The Beatles songs really sum up their talent and career. ‘From Me To You’, the classic Beatles song was their number one single; it spent seven weeks in the number one chart spot in 1963 due to its success. Wonder why it was such a hit? You need to take a deeper look at the lyrics to understand. Whilst the majority of their songs are credited to both Lennon and McCartney as the songwriters, it was very rare for the pair to sit down together and write a song. ‘From Me To You’ is one of the exceptions to this as not only did John and Paul write this song together but also shared the lead vocals.

    Perhaps it is simply because this song was at the beginning of their career prior to any disagreements, but the combined writing of the musical couple allowed the track to transcend the group’s rise to fame.

    To have a quick review the Beatles check out this

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