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Thread: Favorite instrumental hip-hop albums? Producers?

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    Default Favorite instrumental hip-hop albums? Producers?

    Anyone have any good instrumental hip-hop albums? I havent heard much but my favorites are J Dilla's Donuts (a masterpiece if there ever was one), Dr No's Oxperiment by Oh No, Dill Cosby Suite by Madlib, and the instrumentals used for 9th Wonder's Gods Stepson. (full remix of Nas' God's Son, one disc is the album, the other the instrumentals.)

    Just to broaden this out a bit, I figured id add in favorite producers aspect too.
    my top five would be something like:
    Dj Premier (easily my favorite beat maker, so good he can make abysmal rappers such as Group Home sound great)
    9th Wonder
    Pete Rock

    among my runners up:
    J Dilla, Dr Dre, The Neptunes, The Alchemist, Jake One, Tha Beatminerz, Diamond D, Lord Finnesse

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    Not really a fan of hiphop but I love The Alchemist though.

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