Dewey is the hero in the fantasy novel Rules of the Devil. He passed through the earth to the kingdom of Luolan and established the Magic College, which was the counterpart of the Magic Union. In addition, he beat the northwestern army group of people from the prairies by his strong army with tens of thousands of soldiers. Furthermore, he founded the epoch-making air force and the victory in the battle against criminals could be attributed to him.
About the character:
A person who was good for nothing and taken as rubbish and an idiot, sold his soul to the devil for what? Beauties? Strength? Wealth? Power? Let us overthrow all the rules in the world, following the steps of devils
He said that I believe that I will be the master of the entire world!

Dewey once was the oldest son of the richest Rollin Duke in the family of Rollin. However, he was not appreciated by his father since he disdained to show his brilliant talent, of which 99.9% was from his father in the earth. After a series of adventures, especially when he made good friends with the prince Chen, his life started to become better and better.
The oldest prince failed to launch the mutiny supported by the Rollin family. But Dewey made great contribution to the army of prince Chen, who was the rival of the oldest prince. On the top of the defending building, Chen was composed to face his rivals army and promoted Dewey as the Tulip Duke. To everyones surprise, Dewey beat the best magician Gundolf from the opponents army. Whats more, the marvels he created later was a greater surprise to the world. Since then, he was famed as the Tulip Duke.
He got great reputation in the coup and was dubbed as Tulip Duke at the age of 14; he was also the student of the best magician teacher in the land; he initiated the spirit of sharing magic and founded the Magic College against the Magic Union; he beat the northwestern army and people from the prairie by his strong army; he created the epoch-making air force; he made great contribution in the battle against criminals. Later on, he was dubbed as the prince protecting the state. But finally, he went to live in the prairie with Qiaoqiao, Vivian and Nike.
Deweys profile:
Name: Dewey Rudolph Rollin (杜维鲁道夫罗林)
State: China (before the traversing), the Kingdom of Luolan
Birthplace: the House of Earl Rollin
Job: magician, warrior, prince protecting the state, marshal, dean of Magic College, tulip duke
Belief: himself (believe in the devil)
Major achievements: founded the air force in another world, established the Magic College and created the theory of sharing magic
Work: Rules of the Devil