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Thread: How does one download torrent files?

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    Default How does one download torrent files?

    I have ZERO experience at doing this, and would appreciate any advice from someone who knows.

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    Becareful when using torrent. Especially if you use it to download movies/music/software.

    The way a torrent works is like the pages of a book, you assemble the pages from different people until you have the complete book. The tricky part is as you're downloading the pages from other people, you're also uploading pages you already have to different people at the same time. It means, you're sharing the file as you download them. That's where the caution part comes out.

    If you live the West, the police are regularly snooping out people who connect to torrent networks to catch them illegally uploading movies/music/software to others. Even if you are sharing pages 2, 7, 18 as you are downloading missing pages 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 those bits of pages uploaded to others by you constitute ILLEGAL activity.

    This law DOES NOT apply to people who just download movies from a file hosting site like,, etc. The traffic on these sites is one way, from the web browser onto your computer. You do not share the file with others as you download them. It is NOT illegal to download movies/music/software. But it IS illegal to share them (as you download them). This is why I prefer direct downloading from file hosts (one way traffic) instead of torrents (two way traffic with you sharing the file parts with others as you download them).

    Anyways, there are files that are legally distributed thru torrent networks. But b/c most volumes on torrents are to transact illegal files, it's best to avoid them. In fact, you can't download a torrent from a web browser, you need a torrent client (software) installed on your computer. Most torrent clients are infected with nasty stuff that delivery malware onto your computer when you install them anyways, even the most popular ones like uTorrent... simply nasty nasty pieces of software that will hijack your computer when you click run!
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    Install this first then you can use it to download torrents to your hard drive. I would have to agree with hirobo2 torrents comes with malware and other malicious files that can harm your computer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ken Cheng View Post
    I have ZERO experience at doing this, and would appreciate any advice from someone who knows.
    You can use to download torrent files.

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