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Thread: Meng Ziyi 孟子义

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    Talking Meng Ziyi 孟子义



    Meng Ziyi 孟子义

    place of Birth : Chang Chun, Ji Ling China
    Date of Birth : December 5, 1995
    Height 170 cm
    Weight 47 kg
    Graduated school : Beijing Film academy
    Agency : Zhejiang Yongle Pictures Limited

    Chan Shen Che Sue Ran Te Ching Chuen 2015
    Legend of Silly Children 2016
    God of War 2016
    The Legend of Condor Heroes 2017






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    Thank you Shakepeare for all of the pictures. 👍 Mang Yiyi looks like Angelababy in many pictures

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    That was my thought too, looks a lot like ABB up there.

    But in her drama, it is unfortunate that I cannot tell much difference between her and Gang Ting Ting, Zhang Tian Ai, Wang Ou, Ma su, Li Qin, Zheng Shuang all these ladies are way too identical. Another reason why I hate the overly fair skin type of thing, it does make people more BEAUTIFUL, best example is how Zhao Li Ying is not considered pretty in the Red Chamber and The Gold Conveyors 镖行天下 until she changed her skin tone style ever since My Fair Princess. But this skin style....the difference between these ladies just don't look unique enough, I know there are differences in these girls and I can see them but it really is not unique. Way too flawless isn't good, most natural flaws are actually beautiful.

    Every single actor (maybe only exception of Liu Tao, Ariel Lin, and most taiwanese) that passed the year 2008 will not look like the pictures below. Even actresses like Yang Mi, Liu yifei, Gao Yuanyuan, Shu Chang, etc. are doll up like these now a days while in the past they look so much better with shadowy yellow skins.

    I really don't mind just randomly picking one of these below as a wife u know, the difference is really not too different.


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    Who are those ladies, beauty pageant contestants? Is it possible for all of those ladies to have the same heart-shaped face structure?
    I guess lighter skin tone prettier to look at? I think there are procedures to lighten up the skin. I think tanner skin tone like Ady An, and Liu Tao looked healthy and athletic.

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