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Thread: State of Divinity 1996 English Subtitle Translation

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    Quote Originally Posted by texture View Post Hi Darkaos, No problem. I totally understand. Try above link. (I have been having problems with formatting on spcnet.)
    Hi texture, I'm an idiot, came late again for the link. Sorry to trouble you again, if you can reupload. Alternatively you can also use this link which shouldn't expire, although the website is a bit slower. Update: Milestone 2 is finish. Once Milestone 3 is finish then beta English version can begin
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    Hey Darkaos, Sorry for the delay. Here is file again.

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    hi Darkaos,

    i'm Kami, i'm really interested in your project and wanted to join. is there any way i can help to speed up the process?

    btw are you vietnamese, i see that you use vietnamese dub to go with, i'm vietnamese so it would be amazing if we can work together.

    hope to hear from you soon

    best regards,

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