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Jin Yong's Dragon Girl and Southern Seas Divine Nun
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Thread: Jin Yong's Dragon Girl and Southern Seas Divine Nun

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    Default Jin Yong's Dragon Girl and Southern Seas Divine Nun

    I thought this was informative: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Longn%C3%BC

    In the Lotus Sūtra Longnü depicted as a female bodhisattva in China.

    Longnü is depicted in the 12th Chapter of the Lotus Sūtra (Skt. Saddharma Puṇḍarīka Sūtra) as being full of wisdom and achieving instant enlightenment. In the Lotus Sūtra, Mañjuśrī Bodhisattva speaks of her, saying:

    There is the daughter of the nāga king Sāgara who is only eight years old. She is wise; her faculties are sharp; and she also well knows all the faculties and deeds of sentient beings. She has attained the power of recollection.[note 1] She preserves all the profound secret treasures of the Buddhas, enters deep in meditation, and is well capable of discerning all dharmas. She instantly produced the thought of enlightenment (Skt. bodhicitta) and has attained the stage of nonretrogression. She has unhindered eloquence and thinks of sentient beings with as much compassion as if they were her own children. Her virtues are perfect. Her thoughts and explanations are subtle and extensive, merciful, and compassionate. She has a harmonious mind and has attained enlightenment.

    Tale of the Southern Seas

    A single chapter in the Complete Tale of Avalokiteśvara and the Southern Seas (Chinese: 南海觀音全傳; pinyin: Nánhǎi Guānyīn Quánzhuàn), a sixteenth century Ming Dynasty novel is the first text that connects Longnü and Sudhana together as being acolytes of Avalokiteśvara. When the Dragon King's third son was out for swim in the sea in the form of a carp, he was captured by a fisherman. Unable to transform into his dragon form due to being trapped on land, he was going to be sold and butchered at the local market. Once Avalokiteśvara learned of his predicament, she gave Shancai all her money and sent him to buy him from the market and set him free. Because the carp was still alive hours after it was caught, this drew a large crowd and soon a bidding war started due to people believing that eating this fish would grant them immortality. Shancai was easily outbid and begged the fish seller to spare the life of the fish, but to no avail and earning the scorn of the people at the market. It was then that Avalokiteśvara projected her voice from far away saying, "A life should definitely belong to one who tries to save it, not one who tries to take it". The crowd realizing their mistake soon dispersed and Shancai was able to bring the carp back to Avalokiteśvara and return it to the sea.

    As a token of gratitude, the Dragon King asked Ao Guang to bring the "Pearl of Light", but his granddaughter volunteers to go in his father's place instead. After offering the pearl to Avalokiteśvara, she decides to stay with her and become her disciple to learn the Buddhist Dharma.

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    Hi Panda, I just thought you would like this.....

    Since you're into comparing Condor Heroes characters to Buddhism, perhaps you might wanna look into Hong Qi Gong and Ji Gong the great monk of Da Great Song.

    In some story legend telling of Ji Gong, it was said that he was Xiang Loong Luo Han before he became Ji Gong.....

    Well ummmm I'm not sure what exactly I'm trying to say but Hong Qi Gong have Xiang Loong Shi Ba Zhang and so I'm thinking Xiang Loong Luo Han..... Ji Gong might be what Jin qian bei was probably trying to relate to when he wrote The Condor Heroes series.....

    I mean since both Hong Qi Gong and the great monk Ji Gong are from the same Jiang Shan Da Song.
    And they both have something relating to loong and probably some other thing I haven't thought yet for now.....

    Perhaps you could ponder and look more into this?

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