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Thread: How do you become popular if you're not from USA?

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    Default How do you become popular if you're not from USA?

    Hello everyone! I've see a lot of new rappers comming up nowadays (like J. Cole, Mac Miller, Tyler the Creator, Kendrick Lamar etc.) and becoming really popular, but here's one thing: they're all american. Most of them say that you can achieve anything no matter what, but my question is... I wonder how any of them would achieve the same level of fame they have now if they weren't from USA? Let's say they were born somewhere in Europe. In a country, that's native language isn't english. How would they build up their fan base by rapping in english? How does anyone, who isn't from USA, UK or whatever builds a fan base if he raps in english? I am from a small country and I'm pretty sure english rap show wouldn't be popular here. I'm not trying to become popular or anything, I was just wondering... Any thoughts? Thanks!
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