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    Default Adventures of The Condor Duo

    This fanfiction is is loosely based on Jin Yong's Return of Condor Heroes and a continuation of the Legend of Condor Heroes 2017.

    Chapter Links

    Chapter 1
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    Default Chapter 1

    Chilly wind swept across the smooth water surface, gently pushing a boat over the sea. The sound of a soft and graceful tune coming from the boat floated across the sea’s surface under the clear blue sky.

    A sturdy and strong stature man clothed in a coarse long robe stood on the boat deck. As he robe fluttered in the wind, he sipped a mouthful of wine, gazing at a woman dressed in a light purple silk gown lovingly.

    The woman in light purple silk gown was seated on a stool, playing the zither and singing at the same time. Her voice was crystal clear:

    Asking the world whether or not this mountain is the tallest.
    Perhaps, another mountain is higher than the sky.
    Surely a mountain taller than this mountain exists.
    But in love, I could find none better than you.
    A mountain higher than another mountain, none is comparable to you.
    True love is high like the heavens above, you have endless virtue.
    Nobody knows who has the best martial arts.
    Or perhaps, people are not what they seem.
    Yet, I know I could not find a better love
    In my heart, you are still the best in the world

    The couple appeared to be in their early thirties. They were none other than Guo Jing and his beloved wife Huang Rong.

    Listening to Huang Rong’s gentle and sweet voice, Guo Jing felt like he was in a daze. He blushed while listening to each and every word. He understood the meaning of the song and knew that his wife was praising him.

    Huang Rong gently took her hands off the zither. She gazed at her husband and asked with a smile, “Jing Gege [older brother], why is your face so red?”

    Guo Jing smiled bashfully. “Rong’er, you flatter me. I am definitely not the best in the world,” he replied.

    Huang Rong stood up and smiled, “In my eyes, there is no man under heaven who is better than you.”

    Guo Jing responded to her statements by gently pulling her toward him and kissed her on the forehead.

    Delighted, Huang Rong embraced Guo Jing tightly. After a short while, she smiled and said, “Jing Gege, do you remember the time when we sat on a small boat enjoying the scenery at the small lake by the river?”

    Guo Jing nodded, his face filled with joy, tenderness, love and affection. “How can I ever forget? At that time, I kept asking myself how could a male beggar suddenly transform into a beautiful fairy,” he said with a laugh.

    Huang Rong laughed silently, and said, “It seems like it was only yesterday that I met you, watch you learn Eighteen Subduing Dragon Palms from Shifu [martial master] and become a great hero.”

    Guo Jing nodded with a smile, and said, “Time passes so quickly. We are now the parents of two mischievous daughters.”

    Huang Rong let out a sigh, and responded, “Time passes much too quickly when we are happy together. There was a time that Rong’er was so worried that we will not be able to be together," Recalling how many times she cried because she thought that their relationship was going to end bitterly.

    Guo Jing gently wrapped his left arm around Huang Rong’s shoulder. “Thankfully Lao Tianye [god] protected us and helped us to overcome all the obstacles,” he said, feeling relieved and gratified.

    Huang Rong smirked. “You should thank me for protecting us. Don’t forget who disclosed Ouyang Feng and Yang Kang’s evil deeds to your Da Shifu [big martial master],” she said in a childlike tone.

    Guo Jing nodded with a laugh, and said, “Fine. Whatever you say is definitely right. I will never forget the kindness that you have shown me.” Deep in his heart, he thanked heaven for granting him a beautiful and intelligent wife.

    Huang Rong rested her head on Guo Jing’s bosom, and said, “Jing Gege, Rong’er is actually grateful to heaven for granting me a kind hearted husband and two beautiful daughters. The last sixteen years spent with you has been the happiest time of my life.”

    Upon hearing the word daughters, Guo Jing let out a deep sigh, and said, “Among our two daughters, Xiang’er is the one that worries me the most. Even at such a young age, she is already so rebellious. She got angry because I scolded her for being careless and ran away from home to vent her anger. She does not realize how dangerous it is for a girl to be out there alone. Because of her, we have to leave home to look for her."

    Huang Rong just smiled and shook her head. “We should just let her be. Xiang’er is extremely intelligent. No one would be able to bully her. Only she would be able to bully others. I am just wondering if she would encounter her ideal husband.”

    Guo Jing looked at her in confusion. “Rong’er why would you say that?” he asked, scratching his head.

    “Jing Gege, that year if I did not run away from home because my father scolded me, we would never be able to meet each other. If Xiang’er is lucky, she might meet a kind hearted and honest man just like her father,” she explained.

    Guo Jing knew at once that his wife was referring to herself. He remembered the feelings and events that they went through when they fell in love with each other. He stared at her with a teasing look and responded, “Rong’er but didn’t the song that you just sang said that I am the best in the world. How can our Xiang’er meet another me?”

    Annoyed and amused at the same time, Huang Rong gently hit his bosom and burst out laughing. “Jing Gege, looks like it is not just your martial arts skills that has improved. Even your sense of humor has improved,” she teased.

    Guo Jing gazed at her bashfully and laughed with her. "Rong'er, since we are already out here, I would like to go to Mount Zhongnan to visit Guo'er," he said.

    Huang Rong nodded in agreement.


    The morning wakened slowly with drops of rain falling gently as the day shook off the night. A young girl around the age of fifteen proceeded up Mount Zhongnan. She had long hair below her shoulders, wore a soft greenish blue dress, exuding a delicate air. She had very smooth skin that was as white as snow, with bright lively eyes, and had a beauty which was incomparable

    Her name was Guo Xiang, the second daughter of the Great Hero Guo Jing and famous Chief Huang Rong.

    Upon reaching the summit of Mount Zhongnan, Guo Xiang walked along a narrow path leading to the Quanzhen Sect’s shrine, Chongyang Palace.

    Outside the temple, at a courtyard, a young Taoist priest was busy sweeping the dry leaves away.

    Guo Xiang approached the young Taoist priest, placed her left palm over her right clenched fist, and greeted him. “Daozhang [Taoist priest], I am your disciple Yang Guo’s good friend. I have come to pay him a visit. Would you be kind enough to bring me to see him?” she said. Her voice was soft and graceful.

    Hearing Guo Xiang mention the name Yang Guo, the young Taoist priest’s countenance changed. He looked at Guo Xiang and said indignantly, “That traitor Yang Guo was been expelled from our sect.”

    Guo Xiang looked at him in surprise, and thought, “Yang Dage [big brother] has been expelled? He must have been mischievous again. If father finds out about this, he is going to be angry with Yang Dage.”

    She bowed at the Taoist priest respectfully, and said, “Since Yang Guo is not here, I will leave at once. I apologize for disturbing the peace of Chongyang Palace.”

    Just as she was about to leave, two other Taoist priests exited the temple, and walked toward her. The shorter Taoist priest glanced at her and, then looked at his sect mate conversing with her, and asked, “Qingdu, who is the young lady?”

    Qingdu bowed at the shorted Taoist priest, and replied, “Shifu [martial master], this young lady claims to be Yang Guo’s good friend.”

    Shocked and angered by his words, the shorter Taoist priest looked at Guo Xiang, and roared, “Yang Guo beat up his Shifu and killed his own sect mate. Since you are associated with such a brutal person, I am certain that you are not a good person as well.”

    Surprised by his remarks, Guo Xiang retorted, “Daozhang, how could you say such a thing? If your father was a despicable person, would it make you one too?”

    Greatly agitated, the shorter Taoist priest swept his hand and forcefully struck his palm out at Guo Xiang’s right shoulder.

    Guo Xiang heard gust of wind produced by the palm approaching her and knew that the attack carried great strength. Startled, she sent her palm out to receive the attack. The two palms collided. The shorter Taoist priest’s body shook and was pushed four steps backward.

    The young Taoist priest immediately rushed forward to help. He forcefully struck his palm out at Guo Xiang’s lower abdomen.

    Guo Xiang and easily dodged the attack, in a smooth motion, swayed behind the young Taoist priest, and sent her palm out at his back.

    The young Taoist priest stumbled forward and fell flat on his face.

    “Is this how Quanzhen Sect treats a guest?” Guo Xiang mocked.

    The sturdier Taoist priest helped the young Taoist priest up from the ground, and said to himself, “This young lady’s internal energy is far greater than Zhao Shidi [junior martial brother].” He stood in front of the young priest, cupped his right fist with his left palm, and said, “Young lady, my name is Yin Zhiping.” He paused, pointed at the shorter Taoist priest, and continued, “He is my Shidi, Zhao Zhijing. Yang Guo left our sect and joined the Ancient Tomb Sect a long time ago. Perhaps we can go into the hall and talk things over.”

    Guo Xiang looked at Yin Zhiping suspiciously. “There are definitely more Taoist priests inside the hall. If I follow him inside, they might join hands to attack me. I am not going to fall into his trap,” she thought. She clasped her hands behind her back, turned away and replied nonchalantly, “Yin Daozhang, I think that would not be necessary. Since Yang Guo is not here, I will take my leave.”

    Zhao Zhijing clenched his fist and stared at Guo Xiang, exuding a strong murderous intent, “I am a generation older than this smelly girl but yet I could not subdue her palm strike. If people within the jianghu [community of martial artists] hears about this, they would start laughing at me.”

    He strode toward Guo Xiang and blocked her way with his hand. “Chongyang Palace is not a place where you can come and go as you wish. If you want to leave, you will have to withstand ten moves from me first,”

    Guo Xiang narrowed her pretty eyebrows and asked, “What if I can’t?”

    Zhao Zhijing smiled wickedly and replied, “If you can’t, you will have to stay in our temple for ten years to study Taoism.”

    Guo Xiang laughed in her most charming way and said, “Daozhang, are you not ashamed of yourself for bullying a girl?”

    “Since you are that traitor Yang Guo’s friend, there is no reason for me to be lenient with you. Here is the first move!” Zhao Zhijing lifted up his right hand and swept it horizontally at Guo Xiang’s neck. The attack was swift and ferocious.

    Guo Xiang bent over backward, dodged the attack, and returned a kick to Zhao Zhijing’s chest. The energy used to execute the kick was so intense that it threw Zhao Zhijing backward.

    Zhao Zhijing knocked his back against a stone sculpture. He felt a deep pain in his chest. He quickly stepped away from the stone sculpture, steadied himself and proceeded to launch the third attack.

    Guo Xiang did not retreat or dodge. Instead, she flicked her finger, sent a silver piece in her hand at Zhao Zhijing’s chest, and sealed his pressure point.

    Zhao Zhijing stood there, paralyzed. “This smell girl sealed my pressure point with just a small silver piece. Even at such a young age, she already possess such great martial art skills. Looks like I have underestimated her capabilities.”

    Guo Xiang laughed and said, “Looks like our contest has ended. I don’t need to stay here for ten years to study Taoism.”.

    Yin Zhiping reached his hand out and unsealed Zhao Zhijing’s pressure point. “Shidi, are you alright?” he asked concernedly

    Zhao Zhijing did not reply. Instead, he placed his fingers at his mouth and lets out a whistle.

    Seven Taoists priests armed with swords leaped out of the temple, flipped in the air and grouped themselves into a formation; four to the left of him, three to the right, forming the Big Dipper Formation.

    “Shidi, I don’t think that it would be necessary for us to use the Big Dipper Formation to fight this young lady,” Yin Zhiping remarked.

    Guo Xiang’s heart shivered. “This be the Big Dipper Formation? Father once said that the Big Dipper Formation is Quanzhen Sect’s most formidable skill. The essence of this formation is combining seven people’s strength into one,” she said to herself silently.

    “This smelly girl injured our disciple and claimed that she is that traitor Yang Guo’s friend. Today we will show her the consequences of messing around with our sect,” Zhao Zhijing roared.

    The seven Taoists priests stepped forward, thrust it fiercely toward Guo Xiang, attacked her with the Quanzhen Sect’s exquisite variation sword moves.

    "I came to Mount Zhongnan to find Yang Dage, but now I am engaged in a fight for no apparent reason," Guo Xiangthought in disbelief. She flashed to the east and swayed to the west, dodging and avoiding her opponents attacks. The swords attacks were lightning fast, but she avoided each and everyone of it exquisitely.

    “Father has great respects for disciples of the Quanzhen Sect. He said that if Qiu Chuji of Quanzhen Sect’s had not sought help from Da Gonggong [big grandpa] and his martial siblings [referring to Jiangnan Seven Freaks] to search for him and his mother in Mongolia, he would not be what he is today. I must continue to hold back my attacks so that I do not hurt any of them,” she said to herself.

    With those thoughts in her mind, she remained bare handed, floated around amidst the flashing swords to defend herself without launching any counterattack. For dozens of moves, she only moved around to avoid the enemies’ blades without launching a single fist or kick.

    The seven Taoist priests attacking were fourth generation disciples. Their martial art skills were many notch lowers compared to their seniors, the Seven Immortals of Quanzhen. Hence, the power of their Big Dipper Formation was less superior, making it easier for Guo Xiang to avoid their attacks without retaliating.

    After avoiding another seven moves, Guo Xiang started to panic. She realized that seven Taoist priests moves became faster and deadlier, as if they were one person launching multiple attacks all at once.”Regardless of how good my qing gong is [lightness skill], it will be difficult for me to avoid getting hurt by them.”

    She suddenly swept her right foot around her body twice with her left foot firmly on the ground; forcing the seven Taoists priests to simultaneously back off. It was a move from the Tornado
    Sweeping Leaves Kick Technique developed by her maternal grandfather Huang Yaoshi.

    “Excellent kick technique!” Yin Zhibing praised.

    Zhao Zhijing cast a sidelong glance at Yin Zhibing and thought, “How could he praise an enemy? He is truly a disgrace to our sect.”

    Guo Xiang swiftly reached her hand down for a pebble from the ground. With a quick flick of her finger, she sent the pebble out at a Taoist priest’s waist, and sealed his pressure point.

    Zhao Zhijing hurriedly rushed toward the paralyzed Taoist priest, unsealed his pressure points, and took hold of his sword. “Let me handle this smelly girl,” he exclaimed, joining the other Taoist priests to fight their opponent.

    In the heat of the battle, an old Taoist priest appeared at the courtyard and observed the fight with a smile on his face. Yin Zhibing approached him and started whispering to him.

    Two swords swished through the air toward Guo Xiang; one held by Zhao Zhijing. Her left foot trod half a step forward and at the same time, her right foot flew up and successively kicked the two swords away.

    “Good skill!” the old Taoist priest cheered.

    Guo Xiang caught a glimpse of the old Taoist priest. “If this old Taoist priest joins in the fight I will most definitely lose,” she said to herself. She quickly pretended to pant, made her moves look disorderly, and yelled out, “Seven smelly Taoist priests surrounding one person, how heroic!"

    The old Taoist priest was the Everlasting Spring Priest, Qiu Chuji. “Stand back everyone!" he ordered.

    All the Taoist priests backed away. Qiu Chuji walked toward Guo Xiang and asked. "Gunniang [young lady], what is your name? And who is your father and teacher? What business do you have here at Chongyang Palace?"

    "I can't tell him my name. If father found out the mess I created he will be even more upset with me. The best thing to do now is sneak away,” Guo Xiang thought. She answered: "I can't tell you my name, I came here to visit Yang Guo. Although he may have been expelled from your sect because of his misconduct but that does not give your disciples the right to be hostile to his friends. I never guessed that the Quanzhen Sect would be so rude towards a guest. I am now wondering if this is a temple that I have entered. When Chongyang Zhenren [Taoist spiritual master] founded the Quanzhen Sect, his aim was to groom and nurturing Taoists, who are trained in martial arts, to serve the country and uphold justice.But today Quanzhen Sect disciples rely on their martial arts to display their superiority. Well you can keep me here to study Taoism, but if you don't kill me, everyone in the jianghu will know what happened today."

    With those words she made Qiu Chuji speechless. "I don't want anyone to know about this, and it seems that Quanzhen Sect does not want outsiders to know about this incident either. A group of seven Taoist priests attacking a young girl will not do their reputation any good," Guo Xiang thought. She turned around and away.

    Qiu Chuji walked forward in big strides. In a blink of an eye, he stood in front of her. "Gunniang, you withstood our sect’s Big Dipper Formation, old Taoist priest Qiu ChujiI bows in admiration. May old Taoist priest ask how you address the Chief of Peach Blossom Island?" he said.

    Guo Xiang laughed and replied mischievously: "The Chief of Peach Blossom Island? I call him old Eastern Heretic." Huang YaoShi was her maternal grandfather. Huang Yaoshi was a strange, eccentric man and he addressed his granddaughter little Eastern Heretic while Guo Xiang addressed him old Eastern Heretic.

    Seeing that Guo Xiang was not willing to answer him, he smiled and said, "Gunniang, I will be able to guess your school within ten moves."

    Guo Xiang felt worried. “Qiu Chuji is a generation older than father. His martial arts skills is probably a notch higher than father too. How would I be able to withstand ten moves from him? Most importantly, I do not want to do anything disrespectful to him.” She hid her feelings. frowned and said in a slightly annoyed tone, “Qiu Daozhang is a reputable figure within the wulin [martial arts circle] but yet you are bullying a little kid, are you not ashamed of yourself?"

    Qiu Chuji was dumbfounded by her words. He quietly gazed at Guo Xiang and thought that she resembled someone he knew. After a very short time of silence, he let out a loud laughter, and responded, “Guo Gunniang, you have inherited all your mother’s intelligence and quick wits.”

    Startled, Guo Xiang looked at him and asked in an anxious tone,. “You know my mother?”

    “Huang Rong’s cleverness and trickery is uncomparable. I met her even before she married Jing’er [referring to Guo Jing],” Qiu Chuji explained.

    “He even knows mother very well? Looks like I am going to be in a lot of trouble this time,” Guo Xiang sighed inwardly. She narrowed her brows, and asked, “And how did you recognize me?”

    Qiu Chuji smiled faintly, and replied, “Just look at yourself in a mirror. Your nose and your eyes, are they not as those of your mother? Initially, I only thought that your facial appearance looked familiar, but your Peach Blossom martial arts techniques and behavior revealed everything. Your Waigong Huang Yaoshi [maternal grandfather] used similar techniques against our sect’s Big Dipper formation years ago.”

    Guo Xiang frowned, “Since you already know who I am, how do you intend to deal with me? But I have to say that it was not me who started this incident. Your beloved disciple was the one who attacked me first,” she said, pointing toward Zhao Zhijing.

    Zhao Zhijing was so frightened that his face turned pale. “Zhangjiao [sect leader], please do not listened to this smelly girl. She is defaming me,” he exclaimed nervously.

    Qiu Chuji turned his back against Zhao Zhijing, and said to Guo Xiang, “Guo Gunniang, our sect and your father has a deep friendship. Old Taoist priest will see you off respectfully. As for Yang Guo, he has left our sect and joined the Ancient Tomb Sect. I will explain everything to your father when we meet.”

    “Ancient Tomb Sect? Would Daozhang be kind enough to tell me the sect’s whereabouts? I have something urgent that I need to tell Yang Guo,” Guo Xiang said courteously.

    Qiu Chuji pursed his lips, and replied, “Ancient Tomb Sect is located behind Mount Zhongnan. However, Old Taoist is unable to bring you there as our sect rules prohibits us to enter the tomb.”

    “Qiu Daozhang is most kind. I will find it myself,” Guo Xiang said with a smile.

    End of Chapter 1

    P/ S: Any comments / plot ideas are appreciated. If it matches what I plan to do then I will seriously consider using your ideas.
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