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    Default Javascript emulators

    Problem: I want to play NES/SNES games on my tablet, but most emulators out there are infected with viruses.

    Solution: Use an online javascript emulator (not flash-based since flash is full of security holes, and emulators based on flash are just as bad as the regular executables that can be downloaded).

    BTW, the best clean offline emulator that I trust to run on my system so far is VirtuaNES...

    NES: (has built in large collection of ROMs) (very limited collection of hosted ROMs) (also has some SNES games listed on same page)

    SNES: (requires your own ROM files) (some games don't load while others do???)
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    Wow lol. SNES javascript emulator is very slow in Windows and very fast in Android (2-in-1 tablet) but stutters every 5 secs in Android. NES emulators work just fine in Windows...

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