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Thread: Sky Sports F1 - 5 years on...

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    Default Sky Sports F1 - 5 years on...

    So what's people's thoughts on the channel now it has several years under its belt?

    After the initial disappointment of BBC losing their full rights I was actually excited at the prospect of a dedicated F1 channel, the archive of classic races and season reviews are almost endless.
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    The first couple of years were good in this respect and there were also some interesting documentaries made...however this seems to have completely dried up in the last couple of years. Even the classic races seem to be the same 10 just used in rotation instead of screening the 100's available.

    That's before we even get started on Mr Croft! Another thread on here has probably said enough on him. But the overall team has become a bit of a complacent boys club in my opinion and really needs a refresh and a re-think.
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    The support bill such as F2/GP3 has been well covered but otherwise I find there really is only anything on race weekends worth watching and it is becoming harder and harder to justify the argument that its value for the money (and that's before we debate the quality of racing)

    Be interested to know how others feel about sky f1 5 years on and whether you think it's still worth the money.
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