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Thread: "Rebellion from the Alien Koen" by Noffin.

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    Thumbs up "Rebellion from the Alien Koen" by Noffin.

    Rebellion from the Alien Koen

    Chinese name :异人傲世录

    Written by ming mei
    Translated by

    Rebellion from the Alien Koen, a nice Chinese Fantasy Fiction. I think the novel is worthy reading. We will upload new chapters off and on. I believe that you should be interested in the mysterious adventure, when a person dies, but he is able to exist in another world by magic powers. It is really wonderful. You can't miss it. Please give us your feedback please, in order to service you better, your ideas or suggestions to us is much important. I love you all.
    Here are the story, have a nice reading ^_^

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    Chapter 1

    Part 1

    There is something puzzled for us in the far away from the back of the stars we understand. He, who brings endless souls from the human beings, reborns in the unfamiliar world. All of them are unfamilar. The world, the magic, the spirit, the monster, and the alien. Besides, the battles between blood and fire, and some familiar…

    In the night, the sky is so soft with the bright moon.

    I, who have got exciting passion from her, now ended the passion, just fell asleep.

    “Mr. Lang, It is time to go.”

    The guy who is knocking the door is my asisstant “mouse”. He is quite careful and cautious to everything because of his unusual experience. He has been the secondary leader in our community, since I saved his life from a group of drug dealers two years ago. What? Who is the No. 1? You idiots! Did you hear he called me Mr. Lang.”

    “I see.”

    I am unwilling to push myself up and put on my clothes lazily. Turn my head back and look towards the bed. A girl`s body is under the clear and bright moon. So perfect! The afterglow of passion is still there. With his crazy eyes. I put two P7 guns, which is my secondary life, into the gun pocket under my oxters.

    “Honey, Be docile and wait for me to return.”

    “Hurry up, and I want to play with you once more.”

    I throw a smile to here, open the door and go downstair.

    Mouse and partners are waiting for me in the lobby downstairs. Mouse walks to me instantly when he sees me.

    “Boss, they told us the goods will arrive on time. We will deal on schedule. We have two hours left, and we all get ready.”

    Take a deep breath in the first autumn and look up the sky, the land is covered a layer of surrealistic sliver by the full moon, when I go to the yard from the lobby. It is Mid-autumn Festival, a day filled with quietness and harmony.

    “Go! “ I get on the car, “tell them, kill all and be careful! I will take you to play all night long in Blue Ray Night Club when you return.

    “Okay,Mr. Lang.”

    The five cars are driven out of the gate one by one, and the gate keeper bends to salute. I who am the centre in the world, am everything to him too.

    Do you know who I am?

    I am a head. Exactly speaking, I who am a head in the gangdom am a spy from the Ministry of National Inner Affairs. Kinds of sins, such as crime and corruption cover the world, which looks civilized highly but it is very dirty in fact. However, it is harder and harder to find out the evidences, because sinners are getting wise and practiced. Which rotter threw such an idea, that selecting a group of elites from the special troops in the Ministry of National Inner Affairs to punish the sinners with violence to violence without the name of public officials, in the government department, also puzzled for me. I, who am just a 21 years old boy who am the only one to get grade A in all test items in the strategic tactics examination. Win the lottery unfortunately.

    From now on, I have to end my military life and step into a dark and dangerous world.

    “Shit! I just got a full A in the exam, but I had never won a lottery!” I am thinking it angrily.

    My task is so easy, just sending the target sinners to the hell by the easiest way. By order of my head, a group of heads in the gangdom and government were killed by our guns. It seems they are rubbishes instead of heads, because I get apathetic when more and more heads are killed by us.

    I get tired about it gradually; I still feel that my hands are stained with blood, although our head told me they did too many ill things so they should be killed. I am not sure which one is ill and which one is innocent. I just a tool, handy, freely. I don`t need to consider the consequence when I work. I am a lawman or troublemaker on earth, who knows? I am their head to my subordinate partners. A headman who is very interested in drug dealers, because, I am the chief in the department of Drug Combat in MNIC.

    “Shit! Don`t consider too much, take a good rest after this task.” I have succeeded in switching from a junior office to real bludger during these years. We also earn lots of money in cities. Quantities of cashes rush into our bank account from time to time. It makes me madly cling to the job. Go where I want and do what I like, even any girl I like belongs to me. A head of the gangdom should live like this. Whether the governors have considered such, hah, hahh, it is time to use their head for them.

    “I am not sure she, my first lover, still kept me in mind. Chen Si, a gentle girl. Or she may disgust me when she sees me.”

    I was educated well from my childhood. No one believe that I am a head in the gangdom, including my family, my teachers, partners in childhood, pals in youth, my lover and even myself.

    “Mr. Lang.” the car parks in a ruin of the deserted harbour. One runs to me and helps me open the door. “We are all here now.”

    I get down to across the ruin in weeds. Staffs are waiting for me there. I just see the cool and serious lookings along the way. Mice are jumping near a ramshackle wall. I pause and squat down in front of one staff. Hold a low-light-level night vision device from one staff and open it and look towards the dock.

    “Mr. Lang, our staffs who arrived ahead tells us everything is okay, and dealing is on the run.”

    There is a yacht docking in the dock. However bustling shadows are seen under the bright moon in the dock. They carry boxes from yacht to dock one by one carefully. A shaking from the night vision device makes me find the target near several trucks. It is him! A fat who named Jesus by himself. A nearly bare head and a belly as big as a fire balloon are the most obvious features to him. It is said that he is fond of womanizing strongly. I get much attention to it. It is an unpleasant thing to be pressed by a guy weighing 100 kilograms.

    Jesus is talking with two middle-aged men who look like businessmen, and they are suppliers from the situation.

    “They really are audacious! Don`t they know that they must be sent to the hell, once they can traffic in drugs in our areas.” Murmured Mouse to me.

    A big profit as much as 30% is enough attractive to all!” Everything goes well from the judgment that I was training from childhood.

    “On your marks! And get ready at my command.”

    I am so proud of my staffs, who are trained by me strictly. They take out their weapons and lie on their stomachs dispersedly. They have occupied the favourable position.

    I go over the automatic rifle that Mouse gives me. When the auditions of several teams come out from my earphone.

    “Team one is auditioning, team one is auditioning, over.”

    “Team two receive it, team two receive it, over.”

    “Team three receive it, team three receive it, over.”

    “Team four receive it, team four receive it, over.”

    “Team five receive it, team five receive it, over.”

    “Boss, Okay.” Says Mouse and nods to me.

    I adjust the pickup sticking in my throat and start to issue orders.

    “Confirm that you all follow the prescribed order.”


    “Confirm that Attack team reaches the prescribed position.”


    “Confirm that Shield team reaches the prescribed position.”


    “Confirm that Assistant team reaches the prescribed position.”


    I know they are waiting, waiting the order from me. When I heard “Confirmed” from all teams.

    I begin to adjust the automatic rifle I like best, aiming the rifle at the fatty face of Jesus, and the figure of the laser gunsight is changing and pauses when the distance is 400 metres.

    “What does the guy do for his skin care? So smooth and so white.” I say to myself and get ready.

    It is also an interesting thing to be a tool with temperament, though I am just a tool.

    I smile and begin to pull the trigger little by little.

    (For more chapters, please click the link below to read in our app for free.)
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    Part 2
    I pulled the trigger eventually, and the shot with a little raucousness travels in the quiet night sky. The bullet leaves my rifle happily and rushes to the neck of Jesus. Suddenly a blood flower appears. His body shakes several times and falls down on the ground with face up.
    Each team begin to work as they heard the shot. Firstly Assistant team fires, then Shield team begins to throw grenades, and enemies begin to be surrounded by Attack team. The dock is full of shots and screams. Gradually, shots get weak. I know it is so easy to send them to the hell, but it depends on the time.
    I jump out of the wall, rush to the dock. Being followed by Mouse tightly.
    Several drug dealers left and they are hidden in the corner of a warehouse. I rush and get to the gate of the warehouse to nod to Mouse.
    “Apple!” shouts Mouse.
    Grenades are thrown to the warehouse one by one by partners. After the strong explosive sound, we jump into the dusty warehouse to check some are alive. And actually we find there is something moving. So I aim to the target and pull my trigger. The man behind the box is unlucky.
    The dock gets quiet again, except some low groans.
    “Team one, target finished and no casualty.”
    “Team two, target finished and no casualty.”
    “Team three, target finished and no casualty.”
    “Team four, we…”
    I walk on the dock with piles of broken cement debris. They are check the drug and crops, cut the throat for the undead ones. That we claim that everyone must be killed, which fits the feature of a head in gangdom.
    “How many?” I am asking the partner who is checking drugs. “It contains some cube candies in the heroin.”
    “Bo….os, It is No. 4. Nearly 500 kilo…kilograms.”
    I was shocked by the figures. 500 kilograms. Generally speaking, 30-40 kilograms is the most before. Jesus? He can not get so many money even he sells himself. He, is just a go between? Where is the head then?
    A burst of explosion interrupts my thinking. When I look up, the ruins our car parked has been a sea of fire. Two partners near me have been shot, with blood covering my face.
    “****!” I am rushing to the warehouse nearby suddenly, as I am shooting them. Cling to the window and look out, chaos and the flying debris shot by the bullets covering the whole dock. Our casualties are growing. How come? No one has such a strong power in guns in our community. Including the policemen here.
    Instantly, our role changed, from attackers to the ones be ambushed.
    “Boss, we are surrounded!” I hear Mouse said in the earphone. “Troops, marines! They have strong grenades. We will fail to fight for them.”
    Don`t be kidding me! We don`t grap guns here. Where are the troops from? I get frightened. It is just a lure that the dealers pretend. They put half a ton of drugs on the dock in order to kill me. They are really preparing well and planning detailedly.
    “Partners! Spread and assault by team.” I shouted, we can not compare with the enemies with heavy guns, even we are strong enough.
    “Boss, Half of our partners have been shot, the rest spread out.”
    Mouse rushed in with two partners and said: “We did not have chances to retreat, boss, We are covered by the troops. They have too many soldiers.”
    “Regretful? Regretful to work with me?” I asked them when I saw their faces covered with blood dots.
    “What do you mean on earth, my Boss?”
    “We never think that it is regretful to work with you.”
    “We still no regret to work with Mr. Lang; even we can not escape from here today.”
    “I am neither your boss nor your Mr. Lang.”
    Said I slowly, when I am staring to them and hearing the shot near to us little by little.
    “My real identity is an undercover agent, a government officer, a tool to kill persons. I am not you head, I am Chen Si.”
    Surprising eyes come out from partners, and Mouse shakes his head and says: “Boss, In my heart, you are just my boss, no matter who you are on earth. We never be betrayers to you. ”Those two partners do not know how to say but just nod.
    “Really? Look out of the window. They do not let me escape. Their aim is to kill me, if I do not guess wrongly.” I said with a forced smile.
    “But why? You are the workmates to them, boss?”
    “Nothing strange, they come to kill me because I know too much.”
    “Boss, just say your order to us. We just are killed at the worst.”
    “Shoot the works! Let us rush to break!” it is okay even we die. We need to be as brave as a man. Glancing the vast and empty warehouse. “Postern.”
    Just walk a short time, a small cylinder is thrown in front of me.
    Flashbomb! When the word just jumps out from my mind, serried bullets with dizzy light are thrown at me. I lose balance and fall down on the ground because of excessive tension. Several bullets shot my right shoulder so that my rifle was thrown from my hand when I planned to shoot them. My back was shot by a small bullet.
    I was surrounded by many soldiers when I woke up. Mouse and the other partners were near to me, hurt badly.
    A soldier kicked out a gun in my back. Then a familiar shadow is walking to me. Actually, it is my head.
    “Chen Si,You never think you will be killed by me one day.”
    “Yes, sir. I have never thought it is you. I worked so bad for you? My life will end with the flowing blood from the wound, I feel.
    “It is time to retired for you, you work for so long.” Said my sir.” Your position will give to a fresh soon.”
    “It is my fault, it seems that.”
    “Don`t blame me to be cruel to you, cause your statue has make others attention. it is your fault to make everything widely known. I can explain to the head for killing the heads in the gangdom, but I can not explain it about those killed officers. I have to give you up in order to protect me, as well as MNIC.
    “****! Your order?”
    “I know that no one knows it in case you are dead.”
    “Sir!, Task is over, enemies are killed totally. But we also have casualties, 50 or so.” An officer walks fast here and says.
    “Chen Si, Great! You can let them work with you just by teaching them a few skills. But it is worthy.” To his surprise more or less.
    “Worthy? It is not worthy at all to me.” I shake head and touch a cool article in my waist, press one button in the middle with my hand.
    “You should stay with me at least.” I said.
    I hold up the article hidden in my back with my left hand. What a heavy article! With length of 250cm and diamond of 3cm. there are red light is flashing in it. Faster and faster…
    “Air bomb!”
    “Get out quickly”
    “It is cloud bomb! Get out quickly!”
    “Kill him!“
    “Too late!”
    A quiet blast comes ahead of a huge and strong blast. The spark is burning among 150m. The shake can be felt beyond several kilometres…..
    “Ladies and gentlemen, a piece of news we get just now. The anti-drug marine troops exchanged fire with drug dealers in the deserted No. 6 dock last night. Both are big casualties, when all the drug dealers were killed. Especially the last blast. Died 33, including 5 senior officers in MNIC. What we see on the screen now is the middle of the blast…..”

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    Part 3
    What`s wrong with me? emotion is in chaos. I want to tap my head but no feeling about the existence about my body. My… My body? Have I gone to the Hell?”
    Okay… we fall into the trap when I take my partners to carry out tasks, then….fierce fighting…. Explosion…In this way… I am dead actually….
    ****! I meet a big trouble.
    Calm down…calm down…I have to calm down…although I am dead… but I have thoughts now. Okay, I am thinking, I should be alive now that I have thoughts. Right…right right…. I am alive…
    ****…what am I on earth? Even though I have thoughts. Thoughts without a body, soul? I at present am a soul?!!!
    Please.. Oh my god…. I didn`t have enough fun…I do not want to be a soul….i have lots of partners with me…lots of estates…
    I don`t feel the existence of my partners when I am thinking about them, which is beyond of my knowledge obviously.
    How long have I been a wanderer here? I don`t know. But I know that I am alive by means of energy. Just an assembly of dissociative energies, neither organs nor entities.
    I can feel everything just by a special perceptivity, which can make me get rid of all danger in the space. Besides, I found I have peer groups, some of whom are very strong than me.
    I will rush to those who are weaker than me at once and eat them…
    Make them mine by my powerful power. What? Cold blooded? ****! I have to.
    There are individuals who are stronger than me, and some unauthentic powerful impact waves, which make me disappear forever, in the space. I … I also lead a hard life, which really saddens me.
    “What are you thinking of, the Fragile Life?” a thick voice comes to me clearly.
    “It is none of your business. Don`t bother me!” I am in touching
    “You are in my body. You can leave my body if you want.”
    “Hold on! Are you talking with me?” I realize and reply.
    “Exactly speaking, it is not conversation. Just communication in spirit. It is okay by the way of your thinking.”
    “Really? Wha…what are yo…”
    The same to you, I am an individual alive by your thoughts.
    “My thoughts? You know how do I think?”
    “I have seen all the memories when you enter my body.”
    “You thief!”
    “I do not know what does the word mean. All the lives` memories here should be shared in order to ward off danger.”
    “it is my privacy, why don`t you share yours to me?”
    “You do not have the ability to share mine as your power at present.”
    “No,I don`t care…”
    I know we are at the edge of the universe from the conversation. The huge life-group in the space is born when the universe appears. There are four planets that are as big as her around her. She is much knowledgeable than me. But I also have my strong point, act shamelessly in talking. Giggling…
    We get good friend in a short time. I also know a little about her. I name her Cotton by her shape. But she is unwilling to name me “A big cool Mr. Lang with the dogged life and stable will in the all universe and don`t need to pay me my life if you art too beautiful to kill me.” Because she says it is too long to remember.
    “What are you thinking, The tiny kid?” Look, she prefers to call me like this.
    “I am thinking the 24 years in my life.” Replied sadly a bit.
    “24 years, what I left in my life?”
    “Are you still unforgettable to it?”
    “I did not miss it , but I have many things that I did not time to deal with.” The faces of my partners appear in my memory.
    “Impossible. The past has never been regained.”
    “I would do it better, if I had a chance….” My voice is unclear.
    “Really? Do you really want to retour?if there was still just pain left in your life if you could retour?”
    “I will change my destiny, why my destiny is controlled by others?”
    “Really? No regret?”
    “I have dead, is it meaningful to say such? It must be a fantasy.” I think.
    “I will give you a chance provided that you do one thing for me.”
    “Are you kidding me? I do not like kidding.”
    “I know one place the fits you most, but I have a requirement” said cotton.
    Say as soon as possible! I want to go out.” I can not stand the life here.
    “Don`t hurry, it is just a piece of cake for me. Don`t you want to know my requirement first?”
    “Not only one requirement, but also ten are okay for me, giggling…..” I can`t help my joy.
    “That don`t name me Cotton from now on, which is my requirement.”
    “Sure. No problem! Just this one? Giggling.... no problem.”
    “I will send you to there, and I will tell you something you must pay attention to as soon as you arrive there.”
    “Okay, okay okay….giggling… why not tell me ahead?”
    “Because I find that I am bored with you now.
    “Really? I will make much trouble to you if I would know. Giggling….”
    “Well, what is my new name?”
    “Cotton Candy, if you don`t like Cotton. Giggling…..”
    “Shut up…!”
    “Get out….!”
    My body shakes slightly as Cotton Candy says….
    Retouring Train, Start!

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    Part 4
    I stopped.
    Something familiar comes to me although I can not see the view around. Ah.. The feeling that breeze blows and the drizzle cools is so familiar to me. I can not help tearing (I don`t tear, because I do not have a body.)
    The Tiny Kid, Here it is.” This is Cotton…. Candy`s voice.
    “How should I…. do next?” I am a bit in chaos in my heart.
    “Have you felt several lives moving towards you?”
    “Yes. Six. Ah. But a strange one among them. It is actually one, but it seems two lives?”
    “Not strange at all. She has a baby in her belly. She will become your mom.”
    “You… You plan to let me retour by being reincarnated in a new body?”
    “Yes, don`t worry, it is safe.”
    “Why not find an adult? Why you want me to be a kid?”
    “No, it will make another soul killed. I don't want to do that. Neither do you.”
    “Depends on you, you are my head now.”
    “I have to tell you that your body will not match with her body perfectly suddenly.”
    “What? Are you kidding me, Cotton candy? Neither adult nor kid is okay? Fool me?”
    “You are alive by energy. Besides you ate other substances in the universe. It is hard for you to stand so many messy energies. Of course, there are other aspects too.”
    “Don`t keep me in suspense any longer.”
    “I will compress you into a tiny ball with energies and put you in place that the life is thinking. You can wake up when the life can stand the power. Of course I will deprive some energy out, so that you can use it to control your body.
    “That`s all?another situation?”
    “No temporarily, you`d have a long sleep. You will lose all your memories when you wake up again. Have you got ready?”
    “Okay, start please!”
    “Wait a moment, Cotton Candy…. Will I remember you still?”
    “If you insist on….”
    “Cotton Candy….”
    “Thank you…..”
    “No worries!”
    “Cotton Candy…..”
    Anything else?”
    “Do you want to try to lose weight, according to your shape?”
    “Close your dirty mouth! I have got start!”
    Half a year later…..
    All the people in the governor`s house are as busy as bees in Anyue City. Their faces are covered by worries with joy. Why? Vicereine will have a baby! It is the third kid. It never goes out from mom`s belly after one night. The most serious person must be viceroy.
    Wesy Kadar, the unique civil viceroy in the history in Anyue City. Walking forth and back in the garden near the bedroom. The painful groan from the bedroom made him as painful as his wife.
    A tall and strong man who stands near him dressed like a soldier said: ”Don`t worry, brother. Kathnine will be okay, because the saintess of the City enchanter ceremony is beside her.” This is Tenash, Wesy Kadar`s sworn brother.
    “Yes, I see too, but Kathnine….”
    “No problem, you should trust her.”
    “I, Webb, can do it, if saintess can not do.” An enchanter said.
    Another sworn brother of Wesy Kadar. A great enchanter.
    Wesy Kadar plans to say something more, but interrupted by a girl servant.
    “Mr. Viceroy, Little prince can`t cry!”
    “Mr. Viceroy, Little prince is smiling…. and…..”
    Wesy Kadar can`t help waiting outside and rush into the bedroom at once.
    A pale face, a pair of bright eyes , cute eyelids, and a small mouth under a tall and straight nose are seen by him. This is Kathnine Hige, his wife, who is staring to the baby in her arms in a eyelight filled with love. The baby is dancing with his hands and legs disorderly. Chuckling in his small mouth.
    Kathnine looks up and throws a smile to his husband filled with worries, when she hears the footstep. The smile like the sunshine in spring sweeps away husband`s worries all of a sudden.
    “Dear, come to see our baby!”
    “Kathnine, I am so happy to see you are safe. But maidservant told me our baby can not cry….”
    “Who says a new-born baby must cry? If a new-born baby can smile, it must be a talent in the future.”
    “But…but both of his elder brothers are crying?”
    “Who says? I like as soon as he/she is my baby. Don`t worry, I will love him, as much as my love to his elder brothers.”
    “Wesy Kadar,” the saintess who is washing hands looks up and says: ”There is another thing for your baby.”
    Wesy Kadar feels so rude not to notice another person in the bedroom, Bertina, the saintess in the City enchanter ceremony.
    “Sorry, I don`t notice you are here too. You shouldn`t have. Saintess Bertina. What`s it please?”
    “Strange enough, there is not any magic energy in his body.”
    “Really? But how come?”
    “I do not know the detailed reason either, but don`t worry. Maybe he is so young that we can not feel it.”
    “Okay, any way, thank you for your kind mention.” Said Wesy Kadar with a salute.
    “Don`t be so polite! We are friends, aren`t we?”
    Kathnine are my best elder sister. Well, what`s his name then?” said Bertina smilingly with his mouth covered by a hand.
    “Koen Kadar, I want to name him. Is it okay? Kathnine?”
    “Koen, Koen, a name I like.”
    “Naughty infant, you are Koen Kadar from now on. Be docile and be a good kid.” Said Kathnine to the infant in his arms.
    He smiles more strongly in her arms….
    …..On June,2215. The disasters of the god`s patriarch, which is the origin of the choas, evil. An alien that hands filled with blood dots of god`s patiaches. Koen Kadar was born in the Anyue city.

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    Part 5
    Bisse Land, which is filled with magnificence and tragedies, is a battle field between Gods and demons. Gods live in an island called Paradise in the north of the land. But Demons also live in an island called Hell in the south. They fight every year. As for the residents in the middle, they have to find an idol in each land in order not to be killed.
    “Wesy Kadar, I am so sorry for the study of your little son. You can find another teacher for him.”
    “But sir, Why do you talk about him like this? Is he rude to you ?”
    “Not really? He is polite to me. But his thoughts are so absurd that I can not accept them. Hey… My heart will stop as I mention it.”
    “Ah, calm down, Mr. Shike.” After a short thinking.
    “You don`t need to teach Koen any more, just teach Rick and Shifta. How about ?”
    “The First Prince and the Second Prince? They are excellent in kongfu and magic.” he says and his eyes are filled with joy exactly.
    “Please go on your study to them, okay?”
    “Is it okay? Could I be the abecedarian of them?”
    “Sure, you are the most excellent grand secretary in Anyue City.”
    “But knowledge is not so popular in modern society.” When he reminds of his major, his eye light gets dark. “There are magic and swords in their mind.”
    “Don`t mention it, Abecedarian, I am a civil viceroy. Although they are excellent in both magic and kongfu, it is not enough to inherit the position in a nobility family.” Said Wesy Kadar and tapped abecedarian`s shoulder.
    I will promise to give all my knowledge to your princes, because of your trust and love to me. But please ask the Third Prince not to say those absurd words, in case it is heard by God`s palace.” He salutes to Wesy and says.
    Shocked, asked Wesy: ”what does he say this time?”
    “You`d better ask him by yourself, Your Excellency. I go first.”
    Viceroy falls in deep thought as he sees abecedarian sighs and leaves. Koen always is troubles-makers since he comes to the world. Professor Shike is the ninth to be driven away by him.
    “Hey, the naughty kid…. “Sighs Wesy Kadar heavily.
    “Dear, what`s up? Why sigh again?” his wife walks slowly in.
    “It is your son that drives another abecedarian away again.”
    “Ah! How many teachers have been driven away?”
    “Is it funny? is the ninth.” Wesy Kadar`s face shows a bitter looking.
    “Shike is the last abecedarian that I can invite in the Anyue City.”
    “Don`t worry. He is docile although he always has absurd ideas. Look! This is the one he did for you.” Said Kathnine and passed the blue belt with sliver patterns.
    It is easily shown that it cost lots of time and energies. A vivid phoenix is embroidered on the purely hand-made belt.
    Wesy Kadar is filled with warm relations, when he sees the belt. And shake head helplessly later.
    “Kathnine, you don`t hope he just knits belts for us either, when he grows up. Yes, he is kind-hearted, but it is very dangerous to live without skills in such an unpeaceful world.”
    “Well, what should we do then?” Kathnine gets a bit worried about him too.
    “Where is Koen?”
    “Go out to play, and he will be back in the evening.”
    “Let`s talk with him when he returns. Well, I will go to Holy City, what do you want to buy? I will buy them for you.”
    “I don`t buy anything, but you can go to see Tenash and Webb. By the way, give my regards to Mme Bertina.”
    “I will, I don`t know how do they get along?”
    What a happy day! I am a 6 years old boy now. I don`t need to learn those messy courses today. The old men who are in long beard and dressed long gown always teach you something meaningless. But daddy told me they are knowledgeable. But I don`t think so. Just like Shike teaching me that land is flat.
    But I don`t agree with him. Otherwise I always see the top of a sailing first when a sailing drives from far distance to me. It is obviously round. But it shocked him when I speak out what I think. I see. I really do not mean to frighten him, but I have more time to play if so.
    Ah! You still don`t know who am I? I tell you now. I am Koen Kadar. You can call me Koen if we are friends. I am a boy without any magic. It is incredible here if someone does not have any magic at all. For everyone here has magic power. I don`t know why , but I have not had any magic power since I came to the world. But daddy invited others to teach me piles of basic information about magic power. Anything useful?
    Well, there is another thing. I Koen Kadar hate, hate weapons so much. I will feel disgusted with any weapons that may hurt people. In this case, I will vomit and cry loudly, then throw them as far as I can.
    My kongfu , in this case, is naturally as weak as an ant.
    Everyone likes me, I am such a kid though, because I like helping others all the time. I have lots of friends here, and they are growing with me. I like them too.
    “Uncle, How much is the fruit?”
    “Koen! Take one to eat, for free.”
    “Well, let me knit a bobby pin for you next time.”
    “Sister, How to use the toy?”
    “Koen! Do you like it? Give away one to you.”
    “No, sister. Mom told me not to take other people`s thing casually. But I can give you my three-coloured sprout as exchange.”
    Granny, Could I read your book for a moment?”
    “Of course, just give me back when you finish reading.”
    “Thank you, granny, I will give it back to you in several days.”
    I see the name of the book “Records of The Continent”, when I get the book from granny. Ah, a book about history, I don`t like historical books. I can keep it for several days. Otherwise, granny will get angry if I give it back at once.
    “Eeeh? What? I look up and the sky is getting is time to have supper. I will go to have supper…. Hur…rr….ry…….I have other things to do after that……

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    Part 6
    I rush to the governor`s house in the sunset and stop at the place a little distance to the dining hall. It does not mean I am hungry, but I ran into an adult.
    “Hey, man, how many times have you run into my body already like this? But you should, maybe OUGHT TO, stand primly at a fixed place each time.” Says I , rubbing my deformed head.
    “What a shame! Another abecedarian has been driven off by you, who dare to teach you in future? ”Says Rick Kadar, my elder brother, who is fiery hairs, firm look and a pair of blue eyes. To be a knight who masters magic and Kongfu is his decision, he is ten though.
    “Yeah, parents are waiting for you in dinner hall, they have something to discuss with you after meal.” Says my second elder brother, who emerges suddenly from the back of my eldest brother. They two have the same color in hairs and eyes. But second elder brother is much prettier. “Please, don`t talk with parents in strange ideas tonight.”
    “Well, okay, brothers. But I always speak out what I am thinking, I don`t mean to make them angry on purpose.” I am very hungry now, but I do not show that in front of them. It is polite.
    Until mom appears at the door of dinner hall.” babies, aren`t you hungry? It is time to have meal, so hurry up!”
    “Hurrah…. Have meals, mom is my favorite, giggling….”
    “Finish having? Babies?” asks father tenderly.
    “Yes, what can we do for you, Daddy?” two brothers have put down bowls.
    “Hold on, Koen.” Mother looks at me who is voracious and says to father with a smile.
    “Our Koen is a voracious kid to all.”
    “Giggling…. Yeah, they can have a meal almost as much as two people do. What are you doing every day on earth?” says father with a smile too.
    “I, I had nothing special to do, just hanging about in the street today.” My month is full of food, so I answer ambiguously. “I don`t know the reason either, why I get hungry faster and faster these days.”
    I throw the last bit of rice to my month painstakingly, and tap my belly satisfactorily.” Ah… I am full now.”
    Okay, let`s talk about Koen.” Father says slowly the remarks he has considered scheduled.
    “Koen, What did you say to Professor Shike today?”
    “Nothing else, But Professor Shike told me the continent is flat, then I told him it is wrong, the continent is round like a ball.”
    “Are you kidding? Koen, we all will fall down if it is round.” Says Rick, opening his beautiful eyes.
    “I do not know, but why always see the top of an object at first from a far distance. If continent is flat. Think about it!”
    “Shut up! Don`t argue any more. It does not matter about the fact, but the matter is that you should not say such words to Professor.” Says father.
    Father looks at the curious look on our face and says: ”Koen, it is a good thing that you are a good thinker, but you may not know what the consequences are if the words will be heard by the people in the temple.”
    I shake my head and say:” I don`t know, but what the relationship between my remarks and the temple on earth?”
    “That you are too young is my worry. You can not distinguish which words can not be said. In these cases, I can not invite a professor, but I will teach you by myself.”
    “Hurrah, fine. I am so happy.”
    “Besides, don`t speak such any more from now on, but you can keep it in mind or ask me directly.”
    “Well, what do you want? I will go to Holy City.”
    “A knight outfit!” says eldest brother.
    “so am I!” says second elder brother.
    “Really? Shifta, you want to be a knight?” father looks at second elder brother of 8 years old and says.
    “Yeah, I have been decided for a long time.”
    “Hah….hah… Look! Kathnine, we will have two knights in the future.”
    Father turns to our brother: ”But how about Koen? he has neither magic nor kongfu.”
    “It doesn`t matter, I, Rick Kadar, will try my best to protect my brother the whole life in the name of a knight.” shouts eldest brother.
    “So will I. I, Shifta Kadar, will try my best to protect my brother the whole life in the name of a knight.” Second elder brother always follows what eldest brother does every time.
    Mother says filled with joy on her face.
    “Dear, Look! they all get along well with each other.”
    “Of course! They are all my sons. But maybe we should have a daughter.”
    “Oh, no, don`t speak such in front of kids.” Mother laughs coyly and taps father on his shoulder.
    “We both are going to have a bath. Sons” says father.
    Ah, what are they saying? Why don`t they want us to hear? They have secrets as we have, haven`t they? Strange enough!
    “Mom, my hair is black, why?”
    “Because mom like black hair, my Koen is so docile that you have black hair.”
    “But I don`t have magic, why?”
    “Because mom does not like you to fight against others, you are so docile to become a boy without magic.”
    “Mom…. I want a pair of blue eyes, like brothers.”
    “Little fool, your black eyes are my favorite. Many girls will be charmed by you in the future.”
    I sit up in the bed, when I hear the steps that mom goes away. Giggling…. Mom was cheated by me, it is too early and I don`t want to sleep now. But what should I do?
    Well, I borrowed a book from a granny. It is free now, let me read it.
    I make the oil lamp brighter by pulling wick longer. Pull the book out of my pocket. Okay, have a read. I can return it to granny when i finish reading the whole book, if it is interesting.
    <Record of Continent>
    Our continent is Bisse,(namely hope).
    Battles have existed between God and Demon, since continents were in the original state. The Black power and the desire of invasion are the nature of the vicious demon group. But the great god, whose nature is bright and positive power, is protecting us. The temples constructing for God will be found in any place which people believe God of Light in continent.(That`s true. Father told me there was a very big temple in Holy City.)
    Ah… Flaming boring! I have to stop! Well, how time flies. I have to do what I do every evening.
    I put down the book and cross my legs to sit. I control my breath by a special rhythm when I calm down. I don`t know what it is , but it is my nature. I will be vigorous and energetic the other day if I sleep like this. Well, I have piles of secrets. I will tell you the other day. Gradually, I fall asleep with the peculiar rhythm. What will appear in my dream tonight?.....

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