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Thread: My experience with cheap Windows 10+Android dual OS tablets

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    Default My experience with cheap Windows 10+Android dual OS tablets

    The days of me buying $500+ laptops just to do basic computing tasks are long gone.

    I've switched to cheap disposable Windows 10+Android dual boot devices that cost no more than $100 from eBay.

    The reason why they're so cheap is coz Microsoft made Windows free for any device with screen <9 inches.

    There are currently 4 major manufacturers contending in this market:

    Cube: This is by far the most expensive brand. But then again the screen is gorgeous (produces very vibrant colors). I enjoy doing work as much as watching movies on this tablet.

    Chuwi: No experience with this brand. Price close to Cube tablets.

    Teclast: No experience with this brand. But they sell the 2nd cheapest tablets with same specs as everyone else.

    Onda: Tablets are priced the cheapest among top 4 brands. They did a clever move making a 8.9 inch tablet (just 0.1 inch off the cutoff to free Windows license, which is devices <9 inches). But you get what you pay for. The screen produces such terrible colors, I did not feel like watching any movies on it. The reason I bought it was for the 10% bigger screen. Only pro is larger battery so longer uptime.

    In summary, it boils down to whether you want to drive a Toyota (Cube = most expensive), Honda (Teclast = mid-range price), or a Nissan (Onda = cheapest, but also not with the best screen on the market)...

    I've had my Cube tablet for over a year, so reliability shouldn't be an issue with these types of devices.

    PS: To keep these tablets running optimally, you will need to disable any forced/automatic updates and spying features in Windows 10. This can be done, even in the Windows 10 Home edition. PM me if you want more info on how to do it...
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