Just saw WWII so I thought I'd make few comments on it:

But first, I must make a confession. I have not seen The Mermaid. I dislike Stephen Chow's comedy style. So, when I saw another movie topped $500M USD at the Chinese b.o. this year (WWII actually made +$800M USD to become 2nd highest b.o. gross in 1 region only behind NA's SW VII: Force Awakens gross), I nearly rolled my eyes and thought China had really bad taste in movies.

Thus, I started watching WWII with derision only out of curiosity why it made so much b.o. Let me say that the movie does not disappoint. This movie had a budget of $30M but looks like a +$150M Hollywood production.

My favorite parts:

1. Wu Jing went from gunfight to shooting a bow and arrows laden with toxins at the tip. It had the you've gotta-be-kidding-me factor but was the coolest part of the shoot outs. Too bad he ran out of arrows so soon.

2. The Chinese Navy scenes. Very good depictions of actual Chinese warships. I especially love how the Commander couldn't shout fast enough "fire" to unleash a slew of ship-launched missiles after receiving approval from higher up.

3. Not aimed at anyone on this board, but Wu Jing did "finish off" his opponent by driving his bullet necklace into him. I thought the movie handled various weapons aspects extremely well, even makeshift ones.

4. Concerning movies with gunfights, I grew up watching Stallone/Schwarzenegger/Van Damme (did I spell his name right?) movies. Well, suck on this! Wu Jing, where was you when I was growing up? If I thought the best Schwarzenegger movie was a 9.0, then WWII has got to be at least 18.0 (my scale)

5. Western/Hollywood military movies tend to be about brawn. But WWII managed to integrate some pretty hardcore medical/biology stuff into its storyline (I was a Science major in univ. so I can tell).