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Thread: Liu Yi Fei as Hua Mulan for Disney's live action

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    Default Liu Yi Fei as Hua Mulan for Disney's live action

    So news is out that Disney has finally settled on Liu Yi Fei as Hua Mulan for their live adaption. Current news said it will not but a musical so probability of Mushu returning as a character is low.

    Thoughts? Feels?

    I for one thought she was a good choice given what they were looking at, I mean for a while Jennifer Lawrence's name came up for Hua Mulan so anyone Asian would have been better.

    I mean Liu Yi Fei is fluent enough in English to get away with it, is relatively known to the western crowd and is bankable in china. good fit so far.

    I don't really know enough Chinese actress outside of the drama scene to comment on if there were other's more suitable.

    Disney was looking for someone who could speak english, be chinese and has enough background in martial arts to make it look passable. It's suppose to be a action-y film and all.
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    her character on screen is always a sad-flat-cold type character, so i doubt if she can acting like easy-going character like mulan
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    I'm currently watching Oh My General and the main female character who is played by Sandra Ma Sichun is great! I believe she would be great playing Mulan instead of Liu Yi Fei. I guess we will see if Liu Yi Fei can pull off the main character.
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