James White is as story about a man who has already lost his father and is on the verge of losing his mother as well. James White is in his mid twenties and his life is totally reckless. Yes he has dreams that are of making it big and rich but, at the same time he likes to party all day and night and easily gets angry with those who dare defy his thoughts, even his parents. His father had left him and his mother for another woman and later married her but; a few months back he died leaving his wife behind so she came to stay along with James mother. It was hard enough for James mother to accept the fact that her husband had left her for another woman but, now after his death she is to stay with them was perhaps more than she could take and soon she was diagnosed with a serious illness. When James got a call informing his mother is gravely ill his world changes. James had barely gotten the time to get over his fatherís death that now he has the possibility of losing his mother as well. How will James come through all this and will he manage to make any use of his life is what James White is all about.