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Thread: KungFu Arena (mobile game RPG / Jin Yong)

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    Default KungFu Arena (mobile game RPG / Jin Yong)

    Anyone play this game? it's all about Jin Yong's Heroes

    Martial world was peaceful after the victory of 5 sects on the Evil Sect. The Heaven Letter was hidden. But now, it is missing. The Evil Sect rushes to find it to rule the world again. A dark future lies ahead. Fighter, Tanker, Healer, Caster, 4 warriors decide to stand against the evils. A bloody war is about to happen.


    ►LEGENDARY HEROES: All famous heroes will be under your control: Dongfang Bubai, Guo Jing, Dugu Qiubai, Qiao Feng, Yang Guo... are ready to fight for you.

    ►HD GRAPHICS: Tired of bad graphics martial arts game? Experience vivid HD graphics in every details.

    ►NEXT GENERATION STRATEGY: How will you perform in PvP battles? Create your own formations with perfect strategy. Put a hero in a different place, the whole battle will change.

    ►SMART AUTO SYSTEM: Auto system will help you deal with the enemies in your journey. You can setup skills order, and when your heroes use their skills.

    ►VARIOUS SKILL EFFECTS: You will see dragons flying around whenever Qiao Feng, Guo Jing or Hong Qigong cast their skills! Effects are carefully designed, skill by skill.

    RECRUIT 600+ HEROES: Each hero in the martial arts world will appear in the game and you will be able to recruit every one of them.

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    Kungfu Arena (Android iOS):

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