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Thread: Cute Psychic Novel Story

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    Default Cute Psychic Novel Story

    Hello, all I'm writing a story called "Cute Psychic".

    Synopsis: Have you ever wondered why life is so? Why do humans behave with arrogance and deceit? Why is justice often not controlled? But the strong is the one who imposes justice in its concept even if it is far from the truth. But what if this concept changes for some reason? What if you grant this power? But with power comes the consequences of its bearer. Will you be able to overcome these consequences? This is what happened to the hero of this story.

    Genre: Overpowered MC, Fantasy, Psychic, Mystery, Crime, Romance, Violance

    Chapter 01 (Uncontrollable desire) :
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    I always wondered by the way this world works, when I was younger I thought that people were good by nature. That they wonít harm you for not one reason. While I grew up I discovered the truth behind the world, and how it works. No matter if people tried to hide it, by-laws or so anything else. Authority and the similar means it still controlled everything, everywhere, and at all times.

    Answering that question, I will touch a little story about me, before now. I was a student who thought the world was beautiful, and that there was no evil, and that all people were sincere and loving, but when I went to high school I bumped into reality.

    I had a difficult life, and that was because of some students harassing me, it was for a reason that I did not know of, but I braved it all. They were a group of students, and students with bad records, but the teachers did not care about their harassment, I tried to report them, but they denied it because they were controlling the students in our class and no one was able to tell the truth.

    One day, while I was eating my lunch, I accidentally listened to their ďleaderĒ talking about me, and I discovered that they were bullying me because of my appearance. I had a beautiful face and a body that I would be mistaken as a girl. They found it distinguishing as they said while laughing with despicable smiles on their faces. I was annoyed after hearing them, and I couldnít do anything then after I could hear the launch break bell ringing.

    Then I returned quickly to the classroom, By the time I returned I couldn't find my seat. Then I heard laughter coming from behind. At that moment I knew the culprit behind it, then, all I could do was to search for my seat at every possible spot in school. Then I found it and I moved it back to my classroom. But, once I returned it I found that it was late. Then my teacher harshed me with his words.

    Then, after I left teacher room it was almost time to leave school. So I decided to take the short way home because I hate crowded places. While I was turning to enter that street, I saw that beautiful girl standing there. I didnít knew back then that that encounter would change my life completely.

    That girl had purple eyes, they were like a shining piece of jewellery with a purple silky hair and slim body. Then, I saw those boys who were surrendering her. She seemed to be annoyed. From what I saw I figured that they were harassing her to go out with them. And they were presenting in that which leaded her to say.
    - No, I do not need to - with a loud voice.

    In the meantime our eyes met as if she was asking for help. I could not help her by myself so I decided to pretend that I didnít saw her and moved forward. Then I heard a voice echoing in my head.That voice said.
    - Do you want power? will you protect what you have to protect? can you resist its subsequences?
    In the next moments I looked around and it seemed like everything was frozen, nothing was moving. It seemed like that voice stopped the time flowing. But how come? how is that possible? have I gone crazy or what? Then I decided to stop all my thoughts with decision.

    And I answered.
    - Yes.
    With no delay the time back to flow normally. But, what I didnít predicted was something that made me tremble. It was within me, my hearing ability increased, my vision increased, I can tell that I feel power all within me. It was as if I was in a different body. Also, the reality changed, all I could see was red pitched.

    Then one of the boys who were standing there noticed me and suddenly he said.
    - Hey you there, want to join us? It seems you want to join us!.
    And then I wondered why would he say that, then I figured he might thought that I was a girl.

    Then, because I was adapting to the new changements, and for the strange occurance of things I decided to stay still for a while. Then he got angry and moved towards me. On the moment he moved his hand to my shoulder I felt a strange vibe that lead me to move my hand and attack him.

    What I did not predict to happen was that my bare hand pierced through his body. From the shock I pulled my hands fast, I was scared, I could not believe what just happened. Then he looked straight to me with a face that struggling. Then I heard him screaming with loud voice, then he fell on the ground shocked.

    On the sametime his friends heard his screamings and rushed to him while calling his name, they tried to figure what happened to him, on that time they saw blood on my hands and one of them said.
    - He did that to him?
    Then two of them moved to attack me in a full speed. The moment they were near me I saw the first one moving his hand in slow motion and I was able to land my hand piercing his forearm while kneeling fading his punch, then I moved behind him. I found out that my movement was faster than usual, even more than a normal human can do!

    Then, I found his other friend in my face, he noticed my disappearance from the front and my sudden appearance near him made him panic to attack me but I attacked first. I pierced his thigh. Then I pierced his friend back before he could turn around.

    Both of them fell on ground from bleeding, everything occurred instantly while their last friend was pushing on his friend wound. When he saw what happened he panicked and said:
    Their last colleague had decided to stay by his side. Which I have stabbed in the first to prevent his bleeding by pressing on his wound to prevent it. But when he saw everyone fell he lost his hope. He ran away and said.
    - Help, there is a monster here!
    I can not blame him for what he said, anyone would think that. Really, what happened to me?

    But how did this happen to me? many questions without answers, but the strangest thing, I did not feel scared at all as if there is something that controls my feelings and my body. Then my mouth slowly uttered outside my will.
    - More ...
    What is this? just a moment ago I would have said "more blood"?

    There was no escape from the following procedures. While I was done with these two boys, the last one decided to escape. I could not catch him. The girl was frozen on the ground, in shock, and she noticed that I had forgotten her presence there for a moment. But she saw everything and I had to talk to her and convince her to keep the secret and, how not, I was in a position to control her mind with little effort. I imagine she is now in shock because of what she saw. And a great fear and anticipation of what I am doing.

    It was to ensure her silence that I had played the role of the villain who does not care and does not mind killing one of them, even though I do not want to, but I had no choice. I told her.
    - Did you know that the truth is sometimes shocking but, can that truth be taken seriously especially when it can not be believed by common sense?
    Then she waited for her expressions to change.

    She looked at me with tears on her face, I could even see her fear. I can not do anything but continue. I told her.
    - I am not going to kill you, that's ...
    I found the look of anticipation as if she was waiting for me to say the condition of this, then I said.
    - The police will come soon and of course you will witness that I didn't do it right?
    She had a shock on her face for a moment, then she moved her head in agreement, she had no other way.

    Chapter 02 (School Surprise) :
    click to show/hide spoilers
    Life contains many unpredictable events, but what I went through was not a normal event that could be easily believed, I've always been the kind of person that everyone looks forward to be like, I was always nicknamed the best person, and in fact I did not want such a thing, and this is what left me without friends, until I met her, she was the only one who ever listened to me.

    I never imagined that one day I would do a bad deed, it was the day I met this strange boy. He was a boy with a deceptive appearance. I did not think he might do it. I did not think that one day I would face such a situation. It was the first time I saw blood, and the real pain, and a crime committed in front of me which does not outweigh the meaning of a crime, it is a nightmare in the sense of the word I wished to wake up.

    On the way to school, I was thinking a lot about what happened back then. I returned to my room yesterday after testifying before the police, it was not a righteous testimony but a fake one. I could not tell the truth. Under the influence of the situation I could not speak. I did something bad for the first time in my life.

    It was a scary situation I can not believe so far, anyway, I hope not to meet again with this boy in my life, while I was sober thinking I did not pay attention to this call.

    - Good Morning Yuki - she said.
    But I could not hear her at first, then she said.
    - I kept calling for you many times, but it seems you were thinking about something, is everything alright with you Yuki?
    That voice belongs to my best friend, her name is Rume and we are best friends for 5 years now, and she is 2nd high schooler as like me, we were also in the same class for those 5 years, I can not tell her about what happened yesterday, it will only worry her, and itís not needed.

    Then, I tried to comfort her, so I said.
    - Nothing special, I was just thinking about midterm exams.
    She looked to me with doubtful face, and said.
    - Is it that serious? you are one of the bests of our class, I did not expect elites like you to fear exams.
    Then I tried to change the subject by talking about other stuffs until we reached school gates.

    After the class ended, and we both went to the cafeteria, I decided to not think a lot about what happened, and to just forget it. But I did not imagine at that moment that fate had begun and that my life was intersected with that fate.

    When I sat down, I met my eyes with a boy, yes, that nightmare face, I automatically looked down, I was very afraid, why was he here? oh, he was in the same school, but why didnít I noticed that yesterday?

    She could see me doing that, and then she wondered why I did so, then she saw the boy smiling while looking at me, she became even more in wonder, then she said.
    - Do you know Aries?

    I looked at her, then I said.
    - Who is Aries?
    Then she told me.
    - It's that boy, you are staring at him with a strange atmosphere, I thought you may know him.
    - How do you know him?
    - I am amazed, did you got a boyfriend yesterday without telling me?
    - Oh come on we are friends.

    Then I got angry and furious at what she said, so I shouted saying.
    - How come I would be!
    I stopped at those words because people around could hear what I was saying.

    I got frustrated that I couldn't tell what was inside of me, then all I could do was leaving the place, in sadness.

    When I returned I sat in my chair waiting for lunch to end, and then moments later, a girl approached my seat, and then she told me there was someone looking for me. In that moment I got a hunch of who was that but I tried telling myself not to believe in that hunch.

    But my hunch was right. that boy was standing there waiting for me, then he looked towards me, and moved forward telling me to follow him. I got scared of what he was going to do but I could not refuse, so I followed him up to the roof.

    Once we entered from the door he closed it, I asked him.
    - Why are you closing the door? - I said.
    - Are you scared of me?- he said.
    - What if I am scared? you do not have the right to do such a thing. - then he said.
    - Do not worry I have no intention of harming you. - then I said.
    - What else you want from me? I did all you asked that day. - I said
    - I just want to make sure your lips are sealed, so, if you value your life you should remain silent. As long as you do that I won't harm you.

    And then like that he left, while he was at the door, he met my classmate Uzno, but at that time I decided to skip it, I was frustrated, and all I cared was to leave, so I left the place without saying anything.

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