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    Default New translation

    well, ive been leeching on the translation here for about 2 years and i think its time for me to start sharing some o my own collection. so, im going to try to translate some of jin yong novel and i want to ask your opinion which one would you guys like to read more "The book and the sword" or "Sword Stain With Royal Blood". i decided on one of those 2 since those are the ones that noone has translated here.

    oh and since i saw someone posting a translation on a story by Kho Ping Hoo i will probably translate one of his story as well as to promote our (Indonesian) wuxia story.

    i will start either tonight or tomorrow after you guys chosen which one would you like more.

    thank you.
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    I wouldn't do the Book and the Sword, because there is an official version you can buy on

    As for Sword Stained with Royal Blood, I thought there was a translation of it, but if not, that would be a great one.
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    Are these novels you plan on doing xanxia or wuxia? other than that, i applaude you for letting other leechers leech off of you

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    Oooo! I think Sword Stained with Royal Blood is Ok! Since Book and the Sword already translated!

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    sword stained with royal blood it is then. gotta start translating soon. will probably be able to start posting them tomorrow night GMT+7.

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    SSWRB is one of my favo drama series

    sukses yah
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    do you still remember this project?
    apakah ada kelanjutannya?

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