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Thread: Jin Yong's adaptations 2017-2020

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    Fei Hu Wai Zhuan trailer with eng sub by WeTV, official english title is Side Story of Fox Volant

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    The drama will premiere on WeTV on 31st August

    Got new trailer

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    Look like a Loch prequel anthology series is being made. It will contains 5 parts. The first part about HYS and OYF is in post productions. It seems to be similar in idea to how tvb did all those random prequel series to loch in the 1990s to hype up the actual loch remake except most of them retcon the actual story just like the movies. It might be better action wise, but the loch story might be like how it was retold in roch 2015. Well, even the author mess around with the characters in the 3rd edition of his books.

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