Just a random thought.
Jiangshi genre is the only genre Hollywood havent tried but its slowly rising in interested in the west.

Sammo Hung was the first producer of the Mr vampire series. Imagine who are the ideal cast for you. Need to be a mix of hollywood and chinese cast.

A list of some standard characters.

1) Taoist exorcist (Hao-ge: Lam Ching Ying's last suriving disciple)

2) A qing dynasty Jiangshi

3) A provision shop boss in America's Chinatown (where Hao-ge need to buy all the rosewood and glutonious rice for his spells. A crucial guest character.)

4) An American muesum curator that brought the Jiangshi to USA

5) An American researcher that at first dont believe in vampirism or jiangshi (female lead?)

6) Hao-ge uncle-teacher (Lam Ching Ying's junior. Was acted by Chen You. Last surviving actor of the older taoist role)

7) The state's mayor

8) Hao-ge's comedic male lead disciple

9) A pastor that contradict in Hao-ge's beliefs

10) A joss paper seller (sell hell paper money, and etc)

11) State police commissioner (crucial role when the chaos turns out of hand)
maybe the female lead's father? Hahahahaha

12) A western trained american doctor that dont.believe in vampirism or Jiangshi

Who are your ideal cast for the roles.

And producer, director, action choreographer and movie soundtrack composer.