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Thread: Heaven Sword Dragon Saber 2019 Sequel

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    Default Heaven Sword Dragon Saber 2019 Sequel

    This fanfic is loosely based on the recent Heaven Sword Dragon Saber 2019

    Chapter 1

    Zhao Min enthusiastically walked her father, Ruyang Wang and her brother, Wang Baobao out of the round tent deep in the woods. Letting out a quiet sigh of relief, she thought inwardly, “Thank Heavens Fuqin (father) and Wuji has mutually agreed on a temporary cease fighting.”

    Smiling sweetly, she started thinking about her marriage to Zhang Wuji. “Fuqin (father) may have accepted my relationship with. But the war has not completely ended. If Wuji was to ask for my hand in marriage now, Fuqin may not agree to it. Since I have already waited for so long, there is no harm for me to wait a while more,” she continued daydreaming.

    Standing outside the round tent, in front of the Xuanming Elders, Zhang Wuji watched the love of his life send her father and brother off in delight. “Now that Ruyang Wang has agreed to a temporary treaty of peace, should I just take this opportunity to ask for his daughter's hand in marriage?” he pondered. “After this meeting, nobody knows when we are going to meet again. What if our next encounter is at the battlefield? I am going to even lay my hands on my Yuefu (father in law)?” The more he thought about it, the more worried he became.

    Seeing his daughter under the care of a benevolent man, Ruyang Wang felt at ease. He thought that it would be a greater relief if Zhang Wuji could relinquish his position as the Ming Cult chief and join his army. Snapping himself out of the impossible thoughts, Ruyang Wang heave a long sigh, he patted Zhao Min’s shoulder in a fatherly way . “Minmin, take a good care of yourself. Father is leaving … you … you have to be careful in everything.”

    Zhao Min only nodded, afraid to look at her father anymore.

    Wang Baobao gave his sister a farewell hug, glad that his sister and father finally came to terms. “Minmin, take good care of yourself,” he said.

    Zhao Min hugged him back. “Gege (elder brother), you take good care of yourself too and please look after Fuqin (father) for me,” she said between sniffles as she looked at her brother with tearful eyes.

    All of a sudden, a signal flare was fired into the brightening morning sky. Everyone except the Xuanming Elders and Fan Yao looked toward the director of the signal flare in alarm. “What is going on?” Ruyang Wang asked, sensing danger.

    The Xuanming Elders unexpectedly raised their hands and thrust their palms at Zhang Wuji’s back.

    Hearing the fierce and swift whooshing sound, Zhang Wuji bent forward to dodge the palm strikes. Just as he turned around to confront his attackers, he felt a sudden numb in his limbs. He could not channel a single bit of inner strength. “Ten Fragrances Tendon Weakening Powder!” he let out a cry of shock.

    As soon as the Xuanming Elders palms struck Zhang Wuji squarely in the chest,he felt a blast of cold energy penetrating his chest and went straight into his body. His whole body shivered, he staggered, and fell on his back.

    Startled, Ruyang Wang took a step forward and yelled at the Xuanming Elders, “Xuanming Elders! What are you doing? Stop at once!”

    “Xuanming Elders! Stop it!” Zhao Min cried out in fear. Rushing toward Zhang Wuji, a thought suddenly came to her mind. “Fan Yao did not make any effort to help Wuji. Something is not right…” she thought worriedly. From the corner on her eyes, she saw Fan Yao drew a knife and leaped toward her father.

    Wang Baobao hurriedly stood in front of Ruyang Wang. He sent out his left palm at Fan Yao’s wrist, knocking the knife away from its target. Fan Yao retracted the knife and slashed Wang Baobao’s throat instead.

    At that crucial moment, without thinking twice, Zhao Min returned to her father’s side, helping her brother to fend off Fan Yao with lightning fast palm strikes and kicks. The siblings executed all the skills that they had learned all their lives against Fan Yao, just enough to prevent him from getting close to Ruyang Wang.

    “Fuqin! We have been set up! Run!” Zhao Min said in alarm.

    Bewildered, Ruyang Wang reached for the reins on his horse ready to make a get away. Suddenly, the soil in front of him exploded, forcing him to move backward.

    Eight masked men armed with bow and arrows jumped out of the soil, into the air, and started shooting arrows at Ruyang Wang’s body.

    As the arrows rained down upon Ruyang Wang’s body, a sudden gust of wind swept over his head at the arrows, knocking the arrows back at the eight masked men.

    The arrows pierced through the eight masked men’s heart. Losing their lives, the eight masked men fell down on the ground.

    Yang Xiao flew down from the tree lightly and stood in front of Ruyang Wang. “Wangye (prince), not to worry. I am Zhang Jiaozhu’s aide, here to help you,” he said, in his usual condescending voice, feeling awkward. He was still unsure if it was the right decision to rescue an enemy, possibly his chief's future father in law.

    Speechless and shocked, Ruyang Wang gazed at Zhang Wuji who was still on the ground, being watched by the Xuanming Elders. “Looks like it was not Zhang Wuji who plotted this whole ambush,” he said inwardly.

    Distracted by Yang Xiao’s interference, Fan Yao’s attacks became slower.

    Zhao Min took advantage of Fan Yao’s temporary distraction, she sent her palm struck out at Fan Yao’s chest. Fan Yao staggered ten steps backward without sustaining any injury.

    Suddenly a white shadow flashed toward the round tent, fiercely lashed out a chain whip at the Xuanming Elders. A gust of wind produced by the chain whip was so intense that it caused the Xuanming Elders to stagger backward and nearly fell to the ground.

    The white shadow lifted up Zhang Wuji from the ground and an instant they were gone, vanished among the trees in the woods. The white shadow’s movements were swif beyong belieft. Yang Xiao and the Xuanming Elders were the only ones who saw the white shadow’s movements.

    Fan Yao let out a snort. Acknowledging the plan to assassinate Ruyang Wang had failed. “Retreat at once,” he yelled out at the Xuanming Elders. Turning around to make get away, he felt a strong hand grab him by the shoulder. Fan Yao turned his head toward the person grabbing him; he was none other than Yang Xiao.

    “Yang Xiong (brother)! What are you trying to do? Let go of me!” he said, annoyed.

    Yang Xiao’s right palm struck Fan Yao’s upper abdomen.

    Startled, Fan Yao pressed his heels against the ground and propelled himself backward away from Yang Xiao. “Yang Xiong, stop it. We are on the same side. I don’t want to fight you,” he insisted.

    Yang Xiao glared at Fan Yao and said coldly, “I have once said that I will disable anyone who disrespects Jiaozhu. After knowing me for so long, you should know that I will always keep my words.”

    A group of men in black hooded robes armed with swords, led by Wei Yixiao approached the area swiftly. “Yang Zuoshi, we have surveyed the area and took out the remaining assassins!” Wei Yixiao said aloud.

    The Xuanming Elders looked at each other. Seeing that the enemy were growing in numbers, they simultaneously leaped into the air and vanished from sight.

    The group of men in black hooded robes stood around Fan Yao and Yang Xiao in a circle, waiting for Yang Xiao’s further instructions.

    “Stand back! This fight is between me and Fan Youshi,” Yang Xiao said assertively.

    Wei Yixiao made a hand gesture at the men in black hooded robe, instructing them to stand back, as he stepped away from the two combatants.

    Fan Yao knew at once that he would have to battle for his life. Curving his fingers in the shape of a claw, he jumped toward Yang Xiao and attacked him ferociously.

    Yang Xiao diverted the attack with a sweep of his left palm.

    Pouncing forward, Fan Yao’s right hand attacked his opponent’s left shoulder, while his left hand attacked the abdomen. The attacks were lightning fast and vicious.

    Yang Xiao dodged and deflected his opponent’s claws. He was so familiar with Fan Yao’s moves that he had no difficulty defending and attacking.

    The two men exchanged continuous blows. After exchanging seventy to eighty stances moves, Yang Xiao executed the Qian Kun Da Nuo Yi techniques. Fan Yao’s right claw which was aiming for Yang Xiao’s shoulder, ended up poking his own left arm.

    Fan Yao shouted in pain and anger, “If Yang Jiaozhu had also imparted me the Qian Kun Da Nuo Yi, I would have been able to defeat you in less than fifty moves!” He attacked three consecutive times. Yang Xiao jumped away., Seeing Fan Yao’s fingers stretched out attack him, he once again used his Qian Kun Da Nuo Yi and redirected Fan Yao’s fingers straight into his own eyes, embedding them deeply.

    Fan Yao let out a loud scream. With his eyes were bleeding, unable to see anything; he sustained six forceful palms strikes from Yang Xiao. He staggered several steps backward until his back knocked against a pine tree; blood gushing out from his mouth.

    “Your martial art skills are gone and you are now blind. I will now take my leave,” Yang Xiao said coldly. Every country has its own law while every family has its own rules. No matter how close they once were, Yang Xiao did not hesitate to severe his relationship with Fan Yao in defense of his Jiaozhu, his benefactor.

    Yang Xiao approached Ruyang Wang and his children who were watching the fierce battle from the side. “Wangye, for security purposes, I will escort you back to your camp,” he said.

    Zhao Min and her family stared at Yang Xiao skeptically. “Yang Zuoshi (Left Emissary), can you please tell us what is going on?” she asked.

    Yang Xiao heaved a sigh. “I received news that Zhu Yuanzhang plotted to assassinate Ruyang Wang, putting the blame of Jiaozhu hoping that it would severe his relationship with Junzhu,” he explained.

    “That’s killing two birds with one stone. How brilliant,” Zhao Min remarked.

    Yang Xiao nodded and said, “His only miscalculation was me. He did not know that I am deeply indebted to Jiaozhu. Yang Xiao can go against brothers of the cult but Yang Xiao will go against Jiaozhu.”

    Ruyang Wang laughed and said, “This Zhang Wuji must be very remarkable to have subordinates who are willing to die for him.”

    Zhao Min furrowed her brows as she thought about Zhang Wuji. “Yang Zuoshi, do you know who was it that rescued Wuji just now?” she asked inquisitively.

    Yang Xiao looked at Wei Yixiao, waiting for him to provide an answer.

    Wei Yixiao looked away bashfully, trying not to answer. “I have no idea,” he said, chuckling.

    Recalling the white shadow’s form and movements, Zhao Min uttered a cry of surprise. “Zhou Ziruo? The mysterious person was Zhou Ziruo?”

    “I take my leave now!” Wei Yixiao turned around and disappeared, fearing that revealing the identity of the white shadow may bring trouble to Zhang Wuji.

    Yang Xiao too did not respond to Zhao Min. He walked up to Ruyang Wang and said respectfully, “Wangye, let us take our leave now.”

    “Minmin, are you going to look for Zhang Wuji or are you coming with us?” Ruyang Wang gazed at his daugher, as he asked.

    For Zhao Min, the most important thing at that moment was to find her lover. “Father, Minmin will visit you once Minmin finds Wuji,” she said softly.

    Ruyang Wang and his son waved Zhao Min farewell before walking away with Yang Xiao and his followers.
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    Interesting. Keep it coming. Are you thinking of making zwj and zzr a couple?

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    Cool! I see some angst coming up... ... also FY is a surprise. I was similarly disappointed by his seeming eager betrayal of ZWJ in HSDS 2019 even though ZWJ had saved him from the 6 sects and ZM loved him as a teacher. (The way he egged them to get married... ouch!)

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    That was really good. Do you have anymore chapters?

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    I like this too.

    The Ming Cult members of 2019 adaption were no longer as loyal as they were supposed to be.

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    More please!

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