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Thread: Official Legend of the Condor Heroes?

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    Default Official Legend of the Condor Heroes?

    I noticed that there is a translation for Legend of the Condor Heroes on Amazon, and another available for pre-order, are these legit? They both are using the same translator, Anna Holmwood, but have different publishers.

    I am mostly asking since I remember back in the day there were occasionally 'fake' translations sold on amazon, and I don't see these versions listed in the Reading Room.


    Thanks for any help!

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    does the second one also have the second volume?

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    Yes, it is legit.
    I dislike the naming convention used by the translator of the first book. Why not just call Huang Rong as Huang Rong or Rong'er? Why is it Lotus Huang?
    I do not know if the translator of the second book does the same thing.

    Source from SCMP article
    "An independent British publisher, MacLehose Press ... plans to publish an English translation of a trilogy by legendary Hong Kong kung fu novelist Louis Cha Leung-yung, who wrote under the pen-name Jin Yong, to test whether a novel first serialised in a Hong Kong newspaper in 1957 before becoming a household name in China can become a hit in the world of English literature."

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    Even though I do not like the naming conventions used by the translator, I do think we should support the publisher MacLehose Press. After all, we would like more wuxia novels to be translated.

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    It'll be great to support fellow translators that are doing it for free out of love for the genre. Unlike the publishers we don't get paid to work on this. Any small amount of donation goes a long way.
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