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Thread: Team Condor Heroes vs Team Heroes' Island

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    Default Team Condor Heroes vs Team Heroes' Island

    so i just copy other thread.

    the story goes like this;
    guo jing, yang guo, zhang wuji want to take a break from their respective fussy wives.
    they want to take a vacation on a small island,
    accidently they arrive on Heroes' island, and met Long and Mu island masters, the island master told them to leave the island, as the island is for invited people only, but the 3 heroes insist that they want to rest there.
    the battle cannot be avoided, they call all their disciplies including Zhang San, Li Si and hundreds wulin warrior that stay there (Priest Yucha, abbot shaolin, etc).
    who will win the fight? can they drive away the 3 heroes?
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    With all of Wulin members which visit Hero Island it seem too much for GJ YG and ZWJ to handle since Lord Long and Lord Mu individually is only a bit worse than GJ/YG and put Zhang San and Li Si/all Hero Island disciples is more than enough for The Condor Heroes..

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    My thoughts:

    Fight 1: Zhang 3 Li 4 would be equivalent to about 2 Du Monks, enough to keep ZWJ occupied for a while.

    Fight 2: Lord Long / Mu are at least 2 LOCH Greats - even a super depressed YG can likely only hope to fight them to a draw.

    Fight 3: GJ vs 100+ Wulin masters - that's even more worse than XF at Juxian Manor.


    ZWJ can win, but it'll take awhile. YG can last for 1000+ exchanges.

    If the 100+ wulin masters attack together, there's no way GJ can win.

    Overall, it's still a bit too much for the trio to handle.

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    The other disciples of the island lords are around the level of Zhang San and Li Si.

    "They saw that the two envoys of command of reward and punishment were also standing among these two rows of people. Zhang San had put on yellow clothes and was placed on the right hand side on eleventh position and Li Si had put on blue clothes and was placed on the left-hand side on thirteenth position in the row of twenty people.
    The people cannot help but sucked in cold air. The martial arts of Zhang San and Li Si were incomparable in the martial art world and everybody had personally seen it and they thought: "No wonder no one came from this island of heroes in last thirty years. Not to mention the other people, these two people can single handedly get rid of numerous heroes in the central plains and have become a famous characters. No one even managed to fight twenty moves with them and these are just two of the followers?"

    Moreover, someone like Bai Zizai, who is very proud and arrogant, was humbled by the skills of a wine servant. Heroes' Island is possibly the strongest organization in Jin Yong universe in strength to number ratio.

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    The three will need to bring at least all the Greats, Xuanming Elders, Du monks, Yellow-dressed lady, Duan Yu, Xu Zhu and of course Sweeper Monk for a good fight.

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