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    I'm posting this coz this one came out in 2019, which means the graphics are pretty modern. Basically it's a Chinese mobile MMORPG remake of a 12 years ago PC game. It's sort of like The King's Avatar, basically a wholy Chinese work featuring Western/Japanese art elements.

    I've played some Chinese MMORPGs and arguable, this is the best looking one in terms of graphics. Seems the developers put a lot of effort into remaking a 12 years old game to make it look and play more modern. I especially like how you can super zoom into your character to take a selfie photo and the char will turn their head to stare into the camera.

    Although its a PayToWin game, so far it doesn't appear the company is greedy for money unlike the ones I've played before. So far it seems like they make the game enjoyable to play for free so you would actually want to support their game with in game purchases.

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    In terms of game mechanics there are some weird MMORPGs that doesn't let u jump or swim. This game does both with the extra bonus that the 4th mid air jump lets you glide for a while. Also, in some games when you ride a horse you just ride it. In this game, there are those wind speed lines when galloping away on a mount. Overall developers of the game have put in a lot of effort to make it feel more cinematic real-time gameplay.

    The chars you talk to in the game actually read out their lines so you don't have to read the text, which is neat coz mobile games that do voice acting are rare!

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