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Thread: TVB Celine Ma Attacked by Anti China Protestors

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    Default TVB Celine Ma Attacked by Anti China Protestors

    TVB Actress Celine Ma Attacked by Protestors

    TVB actress Celine Ma (馬蹄露) was photographed getting attacked in a protest last night after she confronted a group of black-cladded protestors.
    The TVB actress, wearing a visor and large red-rimmed glasses, was seen bleeding in the neck, chin, and the corner of her lips.

    According to eye witnesses, the 51-year-old A Kindred Spirit <真情> actress appeared at the heart of a protest that was occurring in Mongkok. After seeing the protestors attempting to break the ATMs, Celine took out her phone to record them. That angered the protestors, who took away her phone and attacked her.

    In a circulating clip that aired on the news, Celine was seen yelling at the protestors. “Did I hit anyone? Come at me!” she yelled. After their physical altercation, Celine was left bleeding on the ground. She held onto a foreign reporter, who brought her to the Mongkok Police Station.

    Celine recalled the incident when she was met with reporters at the police station. “They were breaking the ATMs, so I recorded them with my phone,” she said in tears. “They then took my phone from me and sprayed me with spray paint.” Asking if she managed to retrieve her phone, she said, “I did, but it’s broken.”

    The police station, which was closed for the night, opened up to hear Celine’s case. She was heard telling the foreign reporter to go with her to the station.

    Celine’s friend Mandy Yim (嚴淑明) and her nephew Michael Ma (馬米高) were reached out for comment. Michael said, “I heard she’s with the Mongkok Police. I’m trying to contact her now.” Mandy said, “I’m angry. I told her not to go, but she didn’t listen to me. No one should be attacking anyone. (Have you contacted her yet?) I’ve already reached out to a police friend for help. He’s going to Mongkok. I will also be going soon!”

    Celine has been very public about her stance in the protests, and supports the Hong Kong police. On social media, she has stressed multiple times that Hong Kong has always been part of China, and has shared clips and media about the Opium Wars, the battles that led to Hong Kong’s handover to the British in the mid-1800s.

    Many celebrities have expressed their shock with the incident. Jacqueline Chong (莊思敏) said, “I’ve heard about this from a friend. It’s extremely frightening. No one wants violence to happen, and I really hope this will stop. Hong Kong’s out of control now. I really hope we can return to peace.”

    Maria Cordero (肥媽) said, “We were all told to not go out anymore! I’m going to call Celine to ask how she’s doing. I am worried. (Worried that artistes might get targeted?) I really don’t know, but I’ve already promised my family that I will not take part in the protests. Hong Kong is my home after all. I hope it’ll quickly go back to how it was like before.”

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    Thanks for the news, Galvatron. It is saddening to see what is happening to Hong Kong right now.
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