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Thread: Spcnet got hacked or what?

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    Default Spcnet got hacked or what?

    suddenly i got log-out, and this notification show up
    do i really need to change my pass?

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    Lol. Why r u using Chrome? The worst software in the world comes from Google. China even bans Google, which is why I've never touched anything from Google. My default search engines are Bing or DuckDuckGo.

    Anyways, I think u should give the new Microsoft Edge a try. It's now using the same web engine as Chrome. Can be got here:

    Of course, if u can read Chinese, I find the QQ Browser from Tencent is even better! Both Microsoft Edge and QQ Browser r using Chromium engine (not the same as Chrome since Chromium is open source and has nothing to do with Google).

    QQ Browser:

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