I just saw this talk show in Mandarin. They had a guy dressed in some sort of skirt as he walked up to the piano to sit down and play. At first I thought it was an original song, till half way he started humming Princess Mononoke tune. Then at the climax at the end again Princess Mononoke.

Way to describe it was you know how in The King's Avatar, Han Wenqing is just a knock off of Ryu from Street Fighter but with Chinese characteristic?s The song above seemed like the same thing a knock off of the Joe Hisaishi song below, but with Chinese characteristic. This new song/remix IMO sounded way better than the original composed by Ghibli Studio... Does any one know what the song above is/where I can look for it? All I remember is at the climax, he switched from Chinese lyrics to Latin ending with something like "XXXX forte".

(BTW, when you put that Chinese musician next to this Japanese opera singer, the former had a way better sounding voice and better singing skills, like how Han Wenqing is a much better version of Ryu...)