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Thread: The Jade Swordsman

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    Post The Jade Swordsman

    Okay, this is my first time writing a fan fiction. So I'm doing this so I can get ur criticism so that I can improve. Thanks!

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    Main Characters


    From the Shaolin Temple:

    Great Abbot Song
    - Leader of the Shaolin temple, great martial artist, great inner power from the Yigun sutra

    Senior Monk Yin
    - The most senior monk in Shaolin next to Abbot Song, uses his Buddhist Beads as weapon, great martial artist

    Senior Monk Yang
    - The most senior monk in Shaolin next to Abbot Song, uses the Wooden Staff as weapon, great martial artist

    Junior Monk Sao
    - Young buddhist monk

    From Omei Temple:

    Great Mother Orchid
    - Leader of the Omei temple, as old as Abbot Song, master of the Radiant Brush technique, great martial artist

    Senior Nun Tian
    - Senior nun in Omei temple, practitioner and member of the Radiant 12 Sword Group Formation

    Junior Nun Wang
    - Young nun

    From the Wu Tang sect:

    Taoist Master Cheung
    - Leader and founder of Wu Tang sect,
    inventor of Tai-Chi, great martial artist

    Senior Taoist Mao
    - Senior taoist, practitioner and member of the Seven Star Sword Group Formation

    Bak Tang
    - Junior taoist, good friend of Liu Fei

    Liu Fei
    - Promising young student of Wu Tang sect

    From the Wah Mountain sect:

    Master Wei
    - Leader of the Wah mountain sect, master of the Cyclone sword technique

    Wei Hong
    - Spoiled daughter of Master Wei

    Wei Gong
    - Obnoxious and moral-less son of Master Wei, nemesis of Kai

    From the Song Mountain sect:

    Master Ma
    - Leader of the Song Mountain sect, master of the Handsome Sword technique

    Gon Ho
    - Right-hand man of Master Ma, cunning and manipulative, uses the Handsome Sword style

    Ma Zhu
    - Beautiful daughter of Master Ma

    From the Beggars Union:

    Master Seven
    - Leader of the Beggars Union, master of the Bamboo Stick technique

    Lai Chen
    - Junior member of the Beggars Union

    From the Kunlun sect:

    Master Guo
    - Leader of the Kunlun sect, master of the Hurricane Sword Dual Formation

    Madam Guo
    - Wife of Master Guo, master of the Hurricane Sword Dual Formation



    From the Blue Lunar Cult:

    Blue King Cao
    - Leader of the Blue Lunar cult, yields the Moon Crescent sabre, great martial artist, seeks to become the Demon Emperor of the Four Evil Lunar cults

    Princess Wind
    - Daughter of Cao, yields the Crystal Flute

    Skull Swordsman Du
    - Right-hand-man of Cao, yields the Ice Sword

    Jar-Face Bo
    - Lieutenant of the Blue Lunar cult, warped face, master of the Iron Staff

    Great Mong
    - Lieutenant of the Blue Lunar cult, gigantic in size

    From the Yellow Lunar Cult:

    Twin Kings
    - Mysterious leaders of the Red Lunar cult, masters of the Split Apocalypse attack, great martial artists, nobody has seen their physical appearance

    Iron Maiden Ban
    - General of Red Lunar cult, uses her
    screaming voice as weapon

    From the Green Lunar Cult:

    Dragon King Miao
    - Leader of the Green Lunar cult, master of the Dragon Palm technique, great martial artist

    Sorcerer Zazu
    - Hypnotist from Persia, Arcane magician

    From the Red Lunar Cult:

    Demoness Lilith

    - Leader of the Red Lunar cult, uses the Evil Oak Tree technique, great martial artist

    Seductress Rose, Ivory and Jade
    - Experts in seducing men

    From the Blood Demon Cult:

    Vampire Swordsman Pani - Leader of the vampire cult who are
    allies of the Four Evil Lunar cults, master swordsman who lived for hundreds of years, yields the long black ivory sword

    Dancing Vampire Vixens - Female entertainers, execute orders
    given by Pani


    From the Imperial Kingdom of China:

    Royal Eunich Tsang
    - Senior eunich working for the Emperor, master of the Vacuum Palm technique, great martial artist

    Royal Taoist Dao
    - Taoist working for Royal Eunich Tsang specializing in Arcane Magic

    Royal Swordsman Chang
    - Swordsman working for the Royal Eunich Tsang, possesses the Royal Snake Sword

    From the Zensai sect of Japan:

    Lord Sai
    - Leader of the Zensai sect, master of the Lotus Flower Palm Technique, great martial artist

    Shadow Zen
    - Japanese ninja assassin, master of the Shadow Sword technique and can use stealth, great martial artist

    Samurai Tachibana
    - Japanese samurai master, master of the 4 Winds Sword technique, great martial artist

    From the Assassins Guild:

    Master Yuk
    - Leader of the Assassins Guild, trained Fox, master of Flying Dagger technique

    Assassin Snake
    - Top assassin from the Assassins Guild, knows the Flying Dagger technique

    Assassin Fox
    - Most recent recruited assassin, knows the Flying Dagger technique

    From the Bamboo Lodge:

    Lodge Head Shang
    - Leader of the Bamboo Lodge in charge of protecting cargo

    Tze Mun
    - Bodyguard, uses the Earthly Spear as weapon

    From the Celestial Order:

    The Prophets
    - Mysterious group of nine men, rumors say that they can look into the future

    Three Golden Monks - Works for the Prophets, great defensive kung-fu


    No Factions and Wanderers:

    Sword-God Zu
    - Legendary master of the sword, #1 swordsman in the world, defeated the Demon Monk Tong before he retired from
    the martial arts world

    Phoenix Jin
    - Student of the Sword-God Zu, master swordsman, master of the Yin-Yang sword technique

    Demon Monk Tong
    - Evil monk trapped in a dungeon pit, master of the powerful Blackhole Palm stance, great martial artist, former Demon Emperor of the Four Evil Lunar cults

    Madam Violet
    - Prostitute from the Ivory Flower brothel

    Indian Monk Prama
    - Wandering monk from India,
    master of the Yoga Pada kung-fu technique, great martial artist

    Tibetan Monk Kull
    - Wandering monk from Tibet, in charge of transporting the famous kung-fu manual “Siva sutra” to Shaolin, master of the Flaming Palm technique, great martial artist

    Doctor No-Name
    - The #1 doctor in the world

    Poison Master Maza
    - Poison master from Persia, master of the Toad Poison Palm technique

    The Ancient Turtle Sage
    - The oldest person in the world, master of knowledge, utilizes the Turtle Shell Shield

    “Face Dancer”
    - Enigmatic masked swordsman, great
    martial artist, unknown kung-fu technique, master of disguise, MAIN VILLAIN

    Jade Swordsman Kai
    - MAIN CHARACTER , yields the mysterious Jade sword


    Seven Great Pillars of the Martial Arts World

    - Shaolin Abbot Song
    - Taoist Master Cheung
    - Tibetan Monk Kull
    - Royal Eunich Tsang
    - Blue King Cao
    - Ancient Turtle Sage
    - Sword God Zu

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    Update soon. The casts sound interesting.

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    Jeh: thanks <IMG SRC="smilies/smile.gif" border="0">

    ********* P R O L O G U E ***********

    The sun was still shining bright in central Tibet. The rays of light reflected off the roof of a fancy old religious building and scattered towards the ground illuminating both the green grass on the lawn and the building itself. The building is known by many as the Great Sun Pagoda, appropriately named because of its bright illumination from the sun. It is the home of the revered and mysterious people known as “The Prophets”. Rumors say that the building was constructed 700 years ago by the famous Indian monk Bodhidharma, founder of Zen Buddhism. An old monk sat on the dirty steps near the entrance of the Great Sun Pagoda watching the rays of the sun scatter throughout the courtyard. His face was wrinkled with age and lacked facial hair save for his long distinguished white beard. He was dressed in a colorful red and yellow Tibetan Buddhist robe and was carrying a small mysterious golden box. He stared at the bright golden box then back at the sun, pondering the hard days that lay ahead on his journey to China. He was entrusted by The Prophets to deliver a small golden box to the monks in Shaolin temple. He was instantly reminded of Bodhidharma’s journey where the great kung-fu manual “Yigun sutra” and the Zen Buddhism teachings were brought to Shaolin temple. Throughout the years many sects and organizations have both risen and fallen but Shaolin temple has always maintained its reputation and power. This was primarily due to the Yigun sutra, which effectively made Shaolin temple the greatest martial arts school in the world. Taking his eyes off the sun and staring back at the golden box, the old monk thought about the powerful kung fu manual secretly kept inside. The manual contained techniques even more powerful than the ones found in the Yigun sutra. Just a mere thought of this sent a shiver down his spine. Gathering his himself again, the old monk thought about the dangers that lay ahead: thieves, members of the Evil Lunar cult, power-hungry martial artists, and anybody else who wanted to get their greedy hands on the box. He then smiled confidently. Nobody will be able to steal the box from his hands, not a single soul. For he was known as the Great Tibetan Monk Kull, one of the most powerful martial artists in the world. Most fighters will not even last a minute against his Flaming Palm technique. Nobody that he knew could even match his great inner power, save for the head of Shaolin temple Abbot Song himself. As the evening approached and the illuminated courtyard started to turn to a shade of gray, the old monk Kull got up from the steps and started on his long and arduous journey.

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    Part 1: The Golden Box

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    I know somebody will come to steal the box. Update soon. I want to know what will happen to the box.

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    ****** Chapter 1: In the Pale Moonlight *****

    1 year later...

    A man sat along the shore, clasping his medium-length green metallic sword. He looked like a young male in his early twenties with long black hair and a medium build. His face was handsome but had a scar, covering his left jaw-line. The rays from the sun showered on the green metallic blade, casting a bright lime-green glow along the shoreline. The glow and the sparking blue waters dominated the visual beauty of the scene. Everything was beautiful saved for the floating carcasses of men floating along the waters. There were three bodies, all drained of vitality. The young man crept up closer to the bodies and examined it thoroughly. He noticed no signs of wounds or scars on the bodies, meaning that no weapons were used in the murders. Both the bodies and the water were clean of blood. It was nearly impossible to discover the cause of their deaths. Some super natural force was at work here.

    “I must go to the busy streets and find out how these men died.”, thought the young man.

    The man with the green sword got up and proceeded to the town. As he left, the green glow evaporated like mist and the sparking blue waters dominated the scenery once again.

    The young swordsman proceeded hastily to the local restaurant at the center of the town. He read the dirty sign that was hanging from the roof at the entrance of the restaurant: “The Shangshu Tavern”. The restaurant was a great place to gather all the gossip in town, including clues about the sudden mysterious deaths of the young men found along the shoreline during the past week. As he went inside the restaurant, nobody inside seemed to notice him and he let loose a sigh of relief . He was glad that nobody knew his identity, saving him a lot of hassle.

    “Table for one”, he told the waiter.

    “This way please”, replied the waiter as he brought him to an empty small table. He sat down on the seat and ordered some pork with steam rice along with some local wine, and then began observing his surroundings. There were a group of five men sitting at a nearby table talking aloud. He paid close attention to what they had to say, tuning in to any mention of the recent deaths.

    “… so do not go to the forest at night unless you want to die…”

    “All those murders took place late at night, why would anyone go to the forest during the evening?”

    “It seems all the victims are young males in their early twenties…”

    “What do you suspect could do such a thing? No puncture wounds, so the death cannot be due to any weapon! But all their blood seems to be drained from their body!”

    “The way they died… I mean… It seems some type of… supernatural force is involved…. Witches?”

    “I hear rumors that the deaths are due to evil fox spirits that live in the forest. These female demons are extremely beautiful. They seduce young males and then drain their blood when they are caught off guard…”

    “Either way, I am staying clear from the forest… ”

    The five men then changed the topic of conversation so the young man began to tune out.

    “Evil fox spirits? Hmmmmm… I wonder if the rumors are true. Well I’ll pay a visit to the forest tonight… See what I can find out…”, he thought to himself.

    The young swordsman drank his wine and patiently waited until the sun went down. He hated this agonizing wait but was willing to endure it. He could endure any pain as long as he could stop the evil in the world. He has saved countless towns from all types of evil forces and he was now determined to save this one. He made a name for himself throughout the martial arts world as a master swordsman. People called him the “Jade Swordsman” because of his green metallic sword that casts a green glow under the reflection of the sun. He could still clearly remember his last heroic adventure: saving the life of a rich merchant in the town of Wangdai from a dangerous assassin. The shadowy assassin used a martial arts technique known as the “Flying Daggers” technique. The assassin would launch countless small daggers towards an opponent. This projectile technique was faster than a bow reloading its arrows. No matter how fast the daggers came flying at him his Jade sword would swap them away. He managed to defeat this assassin in battle but the assassin used a smoke bomb to escape. He would never forget the last words of the shadowy assassin before he threw the bomb: “I am Fox, we will meet again.” The young swordsman was then awarded 1000 gold pieces by the rich merchant for saving his life which he promptly donated to the beggars on the streets who required it more than him. It was these heroic and generous deeds that made him famous throughout the martial arts world.

    The sun went to sleep, the moon dominated the sky and his sword was no longer casting a green glow. The young swordsman made his way through the dark with a lamp in his left hand. He could only see within a ten feet radius as the lamp illuminated the surroundings. He noticed that the streets were barren and that everyone had locked themselves in their homes, fearing to be one of the recent victims of the night. As he left the town and approached the forest, he gazed all around. The forest stood still under the pale moonlight, anxiously awaiting its next victim. The sky was full of stars and wonder but the forest was full of mystery and danger. He kept a steady pace towards the forest, feeling his heart beat with each step. All that could be seen were the stars in the sky and his lamp illuminated surroundings. The forest in front of him seemed to be taunting him, warning him of the dangers inside. A sudden thought rose in his mind: what if the light in his lamp died out when he was deep inside the dark and silent forest? He would be lost in the darkness and drowned in the sea of fear. He was absolutely terrified at this thought. He had once dreamed of being stranded in a forest at night with no light. He woke up from that dream with puddles of sweat rolling down his forehead and a wish of insomnia for the rest of the week. He hoped that he would not have to relive this nightmare.

    Suddenly in front of him, he noticed a young girl in her early twenties approaching him. She was ravishing, her body was slim and her face was radiant and beautiful. She wore a white silk robe, which covered her body except for her shoulders and some of her legs. Her dark hair was straight and long, covering some parts of her bare shoulder. Her long robes reached the ground, concealing part of her naked feet. The young swordsman could not help but notice her beautiful skin. She caught glance of the young man and gave a smile.

    “Hello there handsome, what are you doing out here at this hour?”, asked the young women as she gave the young man a warm, inviting smile.

    “Hello. You should be at home. This is no place for a beautiful young girl. There have been murders in recent weeks… Bodies along the shoreline. It is rumored that the murders took place in this forest.”, warned the young man.

    The girl moved forward and came within one foot of the young male, smiling all the way and never losing eye contact. He noticed that her face was unusually pale like the moon. It was probably due to the moonlight he thought to himself.

    “It is okay, I live in the forest. I have never witness any murders. You look tired and exhausted, let me escort you to my house inside the forest. By the way, what is your name?”, asked the young women who began to notice the young man lustfully eyeing her bare legs and shoulders.

    “You can call me Kai, and you are…?”, asked the young man who was wondering why her skin was unbelievably pale.

    “I am Jade, nice to meet you.”, replied young women with a smile.

    The two of them made their way into the dark forest. Jade was walking in front of Kai leading the way. The bottom of her robes were being scattered by the grass, her naked feet were no longer visible; it looked as if she was floating on air.

    "Under the pale moonlight, does everything look as mysterious and dangerous?", thought Kai.

    He was no longer scared of the great darkness of the forest. His mind was fixated on the attractive vixen in front. Kai had completely forgot of the dangers that lay ahead, his defenses completely annihilated. It looks like another body will be found along the shorelines drained of all vitality, as pale as the moon above.

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    Nice! Continue. <IMG SRC="smilies/thumbsup.gif" border="0">

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    Sha Gu: thanks <IMG SRC="smilies/smile.gif" border="0">

    ******* Chapter 2: Wah Mountain *******

    A tall man in his forties got up from his seat and slowly made his way towards the open window. He was entertaining several distinguished guests in the Grand Hall talking about the current affairs in the martial arts world. One of the guests sitting in the table sipped his herbal tea, breathed out a sigh of relief and began to speak:
    “Master Wei, did you receive the invitation from Abbot Song regarding the meeting in Shaolin temple three months from now?”

    The tall man stared at the glaring sun through the window and then after a minute began to turn around to face his guests. He looked like any other man in his forties but with long black hair and a crooked moustache on his face. He was known as Master Wei, the leader of the Wah Mountain sect. This sect was one of the seven traditional schools of martial arts along with Shaolin, Omei, Wu Tang, Song, Beggars Union, and Kunlun. The two guests sitting in the table were from the Song Mountain sect. After giving a faint warm smile to his guests, Master Wei replied:
    “Yes I have received the invitation and I assume all the traditional schools of martial arts have received it. From the letter, it seems that the meeting is regarding the artifact being transported to Shaolin temple from Tibet.”

    The second guest sitting in the table was the leader of Song Mountain sect, Master Ma. He was a big and heavy man in his sixties sporting a moustache and a beard. He replied:
    “Everyone wants to get their hands on this artifact. It is rumored to contain a powerful martial arts manual. I assume that we, the seven traditional schools of martial arts, are going to be assigned to protect this artifact so it does not get into the wrong hands. I believe this is the purpose of the meeting in Shaolin temple.”

    The first guest at the table was Gon Ho, the right-hand man of Master Ma. He was a handsome young man in his twenties, dark black hair and clean-shaven. Gon Ho spoke out loud:
    “By ‘wrong hands’ you mean members of the Evil Lunar cult, our eternal enemies?”

    Aside from the seven traditional schools of martial arts, the other major organization was the Evil Lunar cult. All the members of the seven schools deemed the cult evil. There has been much bloodshed and wars raged between the two throughout the years and the burning hatred towards one another remains just as strong as it was years ago. Rumors were abounding of how the Evil Lunar cult drank human blood, sacrificed innocent virgin girls and worshipped demons and monsters.

    After sipping his tea, Master Ma replied:
    “I meant any evil doers. Be it the Evil Lunar cult members or any other organization wishing to destroy us.”

    Suddenly, a young woman with long black hair in her teens came dashing towards the Grand Hall yelling:
    “Father, mother is calling for you! She’s in her bedroom, she wants to speak with you now.”

    Master Wei replied: “Stop screaming and behave. We have distinguished guests here. Pay your respects. Fellow brothers, this is my ill-mannered daughter Wei Hong.”

    Both guests greeted the daughter of Master Wei with a courteous nod. Wei Hong took a glance at the charming young Gon Ho and thought to herself:
    “My, how handsome he is! I hope my father’s guests can stay the night! I wish to know him better.”

    Master Wei turned towards his guests and said:
    “Comrades, I have some business with my wife to attend to. Perhaps we can finish our discussion another time. Thank you for coming to Wah mountain, the pleasure was all mine”

    The two guests said their farewells and began to leave. Wei Hong started to feel disappointed and held a small grudge towards her father for not offering them to spend the night. She thought to herself:
    “With that handsome young man leaving, I will see what Laozi is doing!”

    Laozi was a new young recruit to the Wah Mountain sect. His parents were murdered when he was only six and has been an orphan throughout most of his life. He spent most of his youth as a beggar wandering the streets for money. It was Madam Wei who took pity for this orphaned young beggar and offered him membership in their prestigious school of martial arts. Being modest and shy, Laozi did not have many friends or enemies. In fact most people in his life seemed rather indifferent towards him save for Madam Wei and her obnoxious son Wei Gong. Madam Wei treated Laozi as her own son and gave him lot of attention much to the discomfort of her real son. Wei Gong hated Laozi with a passion. He resented him for several things. First and foremost was his stubborn belief that his mother cared for Laozi more than she does for him. Second, he hated the fact that Laozi was a fast learner. Although Wei Gong had been training in martial arts for years, Laozi quickly surpassed him in his first year at the school. Due to Laozi’s incredible rate at martial arts development, Wei Gong was worried that his father would soon teach his renowned Cyclone Sword technique to Laozi. The Cyclone Sword technique is the heirloom of the Wah Mountain sect; it is a renowned swordplay that allows the sword to spin in all directions like a cyclone thus confusing the opponent. Its technique emphasizes both speed and offence. These two aspects of martial arts were drilled into the minds of all the students practicing in Wah Mountain sect. Offence creates defense; the opponent does not have the chance to attack you when he is too busy defending himself

    “Brother, I’m bored! Have you seen Laozi? I need someone to entertain me!”, asked bored and restless Wei Hong running across the courtyard.

    “No I have not seen him. Did the two guests leave already?”, asked Wei Gong.

    “Yeah, they just left. I am so bored!”, complained Wei Hong.

    “By the way, do you know if Laozi’s sword technique has improved?”, asked a curious Wei Gong.

    Wei Hong stopped running and started to walk back towards her brother. She replied enthusiastically:
    “Yeah it has improved a lot! He is so fast with the sword!”

    Wei Gong gave a frustrated look and did not reply back. He slowly began to walk back towards his room with his head hanging down.

    Right when Wei Gong was mere inches from his room, his sister yelled: “Mother just told me we are going to Song Mountain next week! I am so excited!”

    “Why would you be so excited about that? Father is just going to discuss politics with them, nothing for a girl to be excited about.”, replied Wei Gong.

    “Have you met Gon Ho? He is so handsome and charming!”, replied his sister with a blush on her face.

    “Haha, a teenage girl crush. I am more interested in Master Ma’s daughter Ma Zhu. I hear she is the most beautiful girl in our district.”, said Wei Gong with a grin on his face.

    “All boys care about is beautiful girls. By the way, why do you hate Laozi so much?”, asked the curious sister.

    “I think he is fake. He just pretends to be nice to get the things he wants. Don’t trust him sister. It is all a cover. He is very manipulative. He also wants to steal mother from us because he doesn’t have his own. One of these days I will best him at everything. I will beat him in martial arts. I will marry a more beautiful girl. I promise you I will.”, replied Wei Gong in a serious manner.

    All of a sudden a young man ran to the courtyard with sweat streaming down his forehead, catching his breath.

    “Laozi, what is it?!”, asked a worried Wei Hong.

    “Two men. Dressed in black. Both with daggers. At the entrance. Asking for a duel with your father.”, replied Laozi who was nearly out of breath.

    “Let’s go!”, yelled Wei Gong.

    Out in the courtyard stood two men dressed in black, each clasping a small dagger. With a black hood concealing all but the bridge of their nose and eyes, one could not recognize their identities. Having demanded a match with the Master they stood there patiently, unmoving. It was four in the afternoon, the sun was up and the wind was steadily blowing. The faint screams of kids playing under the sun could be heard. The blazing sun caused small drops of sweat to roll down from their foreheads. Ten minutes they have waited, unmoving, sweating. Having traveled this far to Wah Mountain, nothing but a duel with the Master would appease them. Suddenly the door to the school started to slowly open. One of the hooded men started to tighten his grip on his dagger, squeezing the handle with a tight fist. Their hearts were pumping, eager for action. Out from the door came Master Wei, a tall imposing man with long black hair and a moustache dressed in a gray robe. He gave a menacing glance to the two men dressed in black.

    “Who are you two?!”, demanded Master Wei beginning to reach for the handle of his sword.

    “No time for talking, draw your sword!”, answered one of the hooded men.

    Three figures stumbled onto the courtyard from the main entrance door: Laozi, Wei Gong and his sister. The three delightfully watched Master Wei fight and were confident in his abilities to easily overcome his foes. Wei Gong watched in awe as his father unleashed his acclaimed Cyclone Sword swordplay. His sword began to move like a hurricane; it was spinning and rotating at every angle, slicing and swapping away the incoming flying daggers from the two men in black. After each dagger was thrown, another one would slide down their sleeves ready to be launched. Master Wei remained standing at the same position, only his sword moving, rotating and swapping away the daggers like a tornado blowing away a feather. Master Wei wanted to take the offensive but was kept back by the swarming daggers. He has always taught his students to always attack the enemy first but here he was defending himself. The two men in black began to feel frustrated, all their flying daggers have been blocked and soon they would exhaust their supply. Acknowledging their futile attempt, the two men stopped throwing their daggers and began to draw out their swords. They ran towards Master Wei and began viciously hacking. Master Wei whirled his sword to parry the blows. He knew now that this was the time to take the offensive.

    Wei Gong marveled at his father’s swordplay, he imagined himself in the future as head of Wah Mountain sect.

    “One day I will become a master swordsman like my father and surpass Laozi!”, Wei Gong thought to himself.

    This was the first time Laozi saw the Cyclone Sword technique in action and was caught breathless, gasping at the sheer speed and precise control of the sword. Wei Hong sat on the lawn, happily amused and entertained. She was excited to watch her father fight in a real combat. She was no longer bored out of her mind.

    Master Wei then unleashed the second level of the Cyclone Sword swordplay. There were seven levels to master for this particular swordplay and this was the first time he had to go beyond the first level to overcome his foes. Master Wei began to rotate his body rigorously, rotating like a ballerina, with his sword drawn out. The two men in black rushed towards him again, but his spinning body and sword managed to slice the arm of one of the men, blood gushing out from the wound. Noticing the injury, both men began to make their hasty escape, leaving a trail of blood all over the courtyard.

    The next morning everybody in Wah Mountain was talking about the extraordinary abilities of Master Wei. The Master himself thought that it was only a matter of time before his Cyclone Sword would be considered one of the best sword styles in the world. However it still was not as famous as the Tai-Chi sword style from Wu Tang sect. High from the fight, Laozi was motivated to train hard all day to develop his own sword skills. He was training at the cliff of the Wah Mountain in the bright sunny afternoon, just twenty meters east of the main entrance where the fight took place. He practiced all 21 strokes of the fundamental Wah style swordplay, while thinking up possible counter moves for each stroke. The sword style emphasized offence; each stroke was aimed at attacking the enemy. Laozi practiced all afternoon, promising to quit once the sun was down. He practiced for hours on end, his goal being able to dance the rhythm of the sword: to know the style inside out and to be able to apply it to any dangerous scenario. His concentration was phenomenal; nothing perturbed him from his laborious training. He ignored the birds chirping in the sky, the howling wind blowing against the leaves of the tree surrounding the cliff and the constant whining of Wei Hong asking him to save her from boredom. He was thoroughly immersed in practicing and did not notice the edge of the cliff, a mere foot away. Suddenly Wei Gong approached Laozi’s training area, with a grin on his face.
    “How goes the practice?”, asked a grinning Wei Gong.

    “Pretty good, I’ve been going at it all afternoon. I want to become as powerful as your father someday”, replied Laozi with a smile.

    “Don’t look behind you”, warned Wei Gong.

    Laozi quickly turned around and was alarmed; he was but a foot away from the cliff’s edge. His whole body was trembling with fear as he looked down the mountain cliff. Drops of sweat trickled down his terrified face. Suddenly, a pair of hands reached for his back… and pushed him forward. Wei Gong stood there silently, watching the body dive off into the great abyss of death. If anybody were to ask, he would say that Laozi was too preoccupied with his training that he failed to notice the dangers of the cliff and consequently fell to his doom. An evil grin began to form on his face.


    Nothing was in the forest save for the tall oak trees and three shadowy figures whose faces were concealed by the darkness of the forest. There were no other sounds save for their whispers:

    “Master, we failed to assassinate Master Wei”

    “His Cyclone Sword technique has finally reached the next level”

    “Even our projectiles were useless”

    “I knew you two would not be his match. My only purpose was to analyze Master Wei’s current progress. Anyway, did you find out why Master Ma and Gon Ho visited Wah Mountain?”

    “Yes, they were talking about the invitation to Shaolin temple three months from now. Something about an artifact being transported from Tibet. It is rumored to contain a powerful martial arts manual.”

    “Ah so the rumors may be true then. We must get our hands on this artifact before it gets to Shaolin temple. Keep tabs on both Wah Mountain and Song Mountain sect. Get as much information as you can about this artifact and who is transporting it. Fox, did you assassinate the merchant from Wangdai? This was your second priority.”

    “No master, I apologize. I was stopped by a swordsman… He is known by the common folk as the ‘Jade swordsman’. His sword technique is lethal… I have never encountered a more powerful swordsman. I predict he is going to become a tough obstacle for our plans…”

    “Hmmm… interesting. Fox, I want you to find out more information on him. Track him down. Spy on him. See if he is somehow connected to the artifact being transported to Shaolin. Snake, I want you to stay behind and spy on both Wah Mountain and Song Mountain sect. Collect as much information as you can regarding the artifact.”

    “Yes master, one more thing… We found a body at the bottom of Wah Mountain. He looks like a student of the Wah Mountain sect...”

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    **** Chapter 3: Temptress Moon *******

    Kai sat down on the comfortable bed, stretching out his sore arms and legs. He could see the bright moon shining outside the window on the far side of the room across from the bed. The beautiful Jade was sitting behind Kai, giving him a soothing massage that relaxed all the muscles on his back. She was dressed in her evening garment, made of pure soft silk. He felt the smooth fabric and her soft skin rubbing against his back; it was the first time he had a sensual massage and he did not want it to end. He could hear the sounds of moaning in the other room across the hallway.

    “What’s that sound?”, inquired Kai.

    “Oh, that is my sister Ivory. She’s entertaining a guest.”, replied Jade with a laugh.

    “So just you and your sister live in this cabin in the forest?”

    “Yes. Our mother passed away a year ago and we have lived alone ever since. So where are you from? You have a beautiful green sword, are you a swordsman?”

    “I am from a distant land. Yes I am a swordsman. I came here to investigate the mysterious murders that occurred during the past week. I hear it is somehow connected to this forest…”, replied Kai who was curious to see how Jade would respond.

    “Oh, I would not know anything about the murders. My sister and I mostly stay at home and stay out from the affairs of the town.”, replied Jade coldly.

    “I see… It must get boring staying at home…”

    “Yeah it does. It is nice that I met you today. I do not have many guests or friends in town… So do you have a girlfriend or a wife?”, asked Jade with a warm smile.
    “No. I am a wanderer. I constantly move from one town to the next, so I do not have time for a female companion.”

    “You are very cute. I am sure many girls would love to become your companion…”, said Jade who was still smiling.

    Kai was blushing, he face turned red. He did not know how to respond to such compliments. Not knowing how to respond words quickly popped out of his mouth:
    “You are also very beautiful. I have never met a girl more beautiful than you…”

    ”Damn, why did I say that? I just embarrassed myself…”, Kai thought to himself.

    Jade started to move her hands towards his waist and down to his legs. She then rested her head against his arm and could feel his strong, hard muscles against her smooth, pale skin.

    “My… My… We have a strong one here… “, she thought to herself.

    “Kiss me…”, said Jade with a seducing look.

    Kai was pleasantly aroused but he reminded himself that he had a task at hand. Controlling his intense urges he gathered himself together and turned around to face her. She was incredibly desirable; her slim figure, nice long legs and smooth silky skin was almost too much for him to bear.

    “I am sorry, I would love to kiss you but we have only just met. I do not want to take advantage of an innocent girl…”, said Kai with a soft, apologetic voice.

    “You will not be taking advantage of me. I want you.”, replied Jade sharply.

    Jade put her arms around his shoulders and pulled his head against hers and started to kiss him passionately. Her lips were smooth and moist, almost irresistible. She threw down Kai against the bed and began to wrap her bare legs against his waist. She then started to kiss him on the lips again.

    “I must not give in…”, Kai thought to himself.
    Kai shied away from the kiss and pulled himself away from her warm, inviting body.

    All of a sudden, the doors to the room were slammed open. A young handsome man holding on to a long bronze sword was standing at the doorway glaring at the half-clad women behind Kai. Drops of blood were sliding down the blade of his bronze sword onto the ground creating a thick red puddle.

    “Watch out, she is a member of the Evil Lunar cult! She will drain away your life force. She and her sisters are responsible for the recent murders!”, yelled the man with the bronze sword.

    “Drain away my life force?”, asked a surprised Kai.

    “She is evil! Stand aside, let me kill her…!”

    “No I cannot. I am her guest, I can not allow you to kill her…”

    “Move aside! You do not understand… She was intending to kill you!”

    “I know.”

    “What?! You already knew?!”, asked the surprised man with a startled look. Jade was also astonished to discover this.

    “Yes. But still, I do not think killing her is a good solution. I would like to find out why she killed the men. As long as she is willing to change her ways, I can let her go…”, calmly replied Kai.
    “When dealing with members of the Evil Lunar cult, forgiveness does not come into the equation. They are purely evil. All of them must be destroyed!”

    “I do not believe everybody is evil by nature. I believe everybody should be given the chance to change…”

    Jade got up from the bed and put her arms around Kai’s waist and begged him to save her. As she got up, the man at the doorway noticed a sword lying on the bed. Through the window, the moon was shining down on the sword causing a light green glow from the blade. Noticing this green light, the startled man asked:
    “The Jade sword…! Are you the heroic Jade Swordsman??”

    “That is what they call me. My name is Kai and you are…?”

    “I am Gon Ho, member of the Song Mountain sect, one of the seven traditional schools of martial arts. We are the eternal enemies of the Evil Lunar cult and it is our mission to destroy every one of them. I have heard about you from various towns. You are making a name for yourself in this world for all your heroic deeds. It is a pleasure to meet you…”, replied the man.

    “It is my pleasure to meet you. I came to this town to investigate the mysterious murders that occurred during the past week. I came with this girl into her room to find out if she was the culprit.”, replied Kai.

    “I was also sent here to investigate the mysterious murders. My master, Master Ma, suspected that the Evil Lunar cult was behind this”, said Gon Ho.

    “I am sorry. I was ordered by my master to drain the life force of innocent men. She plans to use this life force to further increase her inner power. If I did not do as my master ordered I would be killed… Please, do not kill me! I beg both of you!”, pleaded Jade.
    “Excuses! You are guilty like your master! I must avenge the lives you have taken…!”, roared Gon Ho.

    “Please…! Do not kill me… I am sorry… I will not kill anymore…!”, pleaded Jade with tears streaming down her pale cheeks.

    “If she is truly sorry, I am willing to let her off. Please, in your good heart, can you assign her to me? I will make sure that she does not harm another living soul…”, appealed Kai.

    “Alright. I will give face to you because of your heroic deeds… You may decide her fate. I trust that you will do everything in your power to do the right thing. But let me warn you... She is a member of the Evil Lunar cult… All of them are evil! They worship demons and monsters and perform immoral deeds… None of their souls can ever be redeemed… If I were you, I will kill her right away!”, replied Gon Ho who was nearly out of breath. Drops of sweat were sliding off his small forehead.

    “Thank you… You are generous… What happened to her sister in the other room? I do not hear any noises… Is the blood from your sword…”, asked a curious Kai.

    “She was beginning to suck the life form of some innocent boy… I was too late… When I got to her room, the boy was already dead… I got into a fight with her and managed to severely injure her... But unfortunately she managed to escape into the dark forest… The next time I see her I will finish her off…”, replied Gon Ho catching his breath.

    “So my sister escaped…”, thought Jade to herself.

    “I will take my leave now. I have other business to attend to. It was a pleasure meeting you, Kai. Allow me to just warn you again to not trust that girl. Anyway, I hope we can fight the evil forces together someday… I hear that you are supposedly the greatest swordsman since the Sword-God Zu roamed the martial arts world. I must see your sword techniques the next time we meet. Farewell…”, said Gon Ho as he made his way out of the room.

    “Farewell…”, replied Kai.

    “Sword-God Zu?? Who is that?”, pondered Kai. This was the first time he heard of this name. He was curious to know more.

    “I am so sorry! Please do not kill me!”, begged Jade in a kneeling position.

    “I do not plan to. Just promise me that you will not harm another soul…”, demanded Kai with a soft gentle voice.

    “I promise… I have failed my master… I was assigned a task to kill you… To kill the great Jade Swordsman and steal his powerful Jade sword… To drain his great inner power… But I have failed and now my master is out to kill me…”, replied a worried Jade.

    “Leave the evil cult… It is no place for a young girl like you…”

    “It does not matter. I have failed my master. Failure means death. Now I have nowhere to go. Please. Please! Let me accompany you. I promise to be good! You are the only one who can protect me… Please!”, pleaded Jade.

    Kai slowly walked across the room and stood next to the pool of blood on the ground. He pondered the consequences of taking her under his wing. In his adventures he has always been alone, free from the troubles of managing a companion. He loved being independent; free to go wherever he wanted and to do whatever he wanted. Having a travelling companion may limit this freedom. It was one thing to have a male sidekick that can back him up during fights, and it was another to travel with a sexy vixen. He was afraid that she would distract him from his duties. All of a sudden, a clever thought sprang up in his mind: Jade was a member of the Evil Lunar cult, she knew the inner workings and had connections in this underground sect. Her knowledge of the cult could prove invaluable in the future.

    “If you wish to be my travel companion, you have to do whatever I say. Is this fair?”, asked Kai with a frown on his face.

    “Yes, of course! I will do whatever you like! I am yours… I belong to you now…!”, said Jade with excitement.

    “Tell me, how did you become a member of this evil cult?”, asked Kai.

    “I am an orphan. I roamed the streets of Shangdu begging for money. I was nearly on the verge of starvation when my master saved me. Since then she taught me martial arts and I became a member of her cult. I belonged to her since she saved my life… I did everything she wanted of me. There are many others like me, young girls who are orphans and have no place to go. My master trained us in the ways of the seductress: seducing men and then steal everything away from them. Such things include all their belongings, money, and their inner power or life force. She taught us a martial arts technique to drain the inner power of our opponents… We would then pass the inner power we stole onto our master thus making her even more powerful. She warned all of us that if we ever failed in any of our tasks she would kill us… This gave us the motivation to succeed no matter the cost!”

    “I see… Why is your skin so… so… pale?”

    “Whenever I drain power from someone else, my skin becomes pale. But I still look pretty, right?”, said Jade with a smile.

    “oh….yes…”, stuttered Kai.

    “Of all the guys I seduced, you are the first one that resisted me. So you knew I was planning to kill you?”

    “Yes. I almost gave in though…”, admitted Kai with a smile.

    “Everything I said about you is true. You are very cute and I did want you!”, replied Jade with a warm look on her face.

    Kai blushed again, his face lightened up with a rosy color. He dedicated his entire life (twenty years) perfecting his sword techniques and was rather inexperienced with the opposite gender, much less the beautiful and flirty ones. Walking towards the bed, he picked up his Jade sword and told Jade to pack her belongings and to make their leave. He sat on the bed and waited for an hour, lost in his own thoughts. He hoped he had made the right decision.

    “Alright I am done, let’s go!”, said Jade enthusiastically.

    The moon had retired and the sun was dominating the sky once again. He began to notice that her skin was no longer pale. A funny insight then sprang up inside his head: the “Jade Swordsman” was to travel with a beautiful companion named “Jade”. Was it a strange coincidence or fate? He pondered this question for quite some time.

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    **** Chapter 4: Travelling Companion *****

    Jade was dressed more conservatively than the night she first met Kai: a long-sleeved white cotton dress that reached down to her gray sandals.

    “So where are we going?”, she asked trying to catch up to her fast moving companion.

    “To the town of Chengdoi. That is where I can find the headquarters of the Assassins Guild. I have some personal business with these guys. They tried to assassinate someone I was trying to protect.”, replied Kai in a serious tone.

    “So this is what you do? Stopping evil people and trying to save the world? Do you even get paid for it?”, inquired Jade.

    “No. I already have sufficient money to last me a lifetime. I am doing it because it is my calling in life. My destiny.”, answered Kai.

    “Your destiny? So how do I fit in into your heroic adventures? I cannot fight but I can suck the inner power of your foes…”, laughed Jade.

    “I was hoping you can give me some information on members of your cult. Do you mind cooking or washing clothes?”, said Kai with a grin.

    “I guess I can do those girl things… So do you want me to suck the inner power of your enemies?”, replied Jade in a teasing tone.

    “No, it is ok. I do not like stealing.”, answered Kai.

    “Alright. Well after a hard day of saving damsels in distress and killing off the bad guys, I can give you a nice massage… I know you enjoyed it the last time I gave you one…”, said Jade with a warm smile.

    “Umm… Ok… Yes… That… Would… Be… Nice… ”, replied Kai nervously.

    “You are walking too fast, slow down. I can not walk as fast… I am also wearing a dress and sandals you know…”, demanded Jade.

    “Ok sure…”, replied Kai beginning to slow down his pace.

    “If you do not want me to accompany you… If I am slowing down your progress… Just tell me.”, said a worried Jade.

    “No, do not worry. You are fine. You are a good companion…”, responded Kai in a soft voice trying to calm her down.

    “Do you care that I may give you a bad image? Some people know my identity. Aren’t you worried that I may bring down your reputation?”, inquired Jade.

    “I have no interest in my reputation. I just do what I feel is right…”, answered Kai hoping his honest answer may comfort her.

    Jade started to pound her companion with questions, eager to satisfy her curiosity:
    “So people say you are a great swordsman. How did you get so good? Who is your teacher? Have you ever lost a battle? Are you the best swordsman in the world? Can you teach me? Will you protect me if I’m in danger? Would you risk your life for me?”

    Kai was amused at her curiosity and responded casually:
    “I promised my master to not reveal his identity. He was the one who gave me the Jade sword and taught me how to fight using it. I have never lost a battle and am eager to find a worthy challenger. The best fighter I fought was Tze Mun, a bodyguard from the Bamboo Lodge. But it only took me three strokes to defeat him in a friendly bout. I have never actually gone beyond three strokes for any opponent. I do not know if I am the best in the world, but I hope not; I would love to meet more powerful challengers. And yes, I will protect you from danger and risk my life for you as long as you give up your evil ways…”

    Jade was amazed at his fighting abilities, she suddenly felt incredibly safe travelling with him.

    “You are so sweet! You would actually risk your life for me?”, asked Jade with astonishment.

    Before Kai could respond to her question, he noticed a band of people walking toward them along the road. Two of them at the front were holding a sign attached to a long wooden pole that read: “Wah Mountain sect”.

    “It is just members of the Wah Mountain sect, one of the traditional schools of martial arts. Just ignore them; hide your identity. We do not want any trouble here.”, warned Kai.

    Jade responded with a quick nod. She was counting the number of people in the crowd, roughly fifty members of the Wah Mountain sect about to pass them by along the road. Through the crowd she noticed a tall, distinguished man decorated in a fancy green robe and sporting a crooked moustache. By his clothes and his manner, she suspected that this was the leader of the school. The tall man was walking past the two companions when he noticed a bright green glow emitting from the Jade sword. He stopped walking, turned around to face the two and began to speak:
    “Excuse me, are you the hero known as the Jade swordsman?”, inquired the tall man.

    Kai stopped his tracks abruptly, turned around to face the inquiring man and responded:
    “Yes. I am Kai. It is nice to meet you. You are…?”, replied Kai in a courteous manner.

    “I am Master Wei, the leader of Wah Mountain sect. I have heard a lot about you… It is an honor to meet you finally. I would have never guessed that you were this young.”, responded Wei with a smile.

    Standing silently beside Master Wei was his obnoxious and devious son, Wei Gong. He was marveling at Kai’s beautiful female companion Jade. He had never seen anyone as beautiful or as exquisite. Jade noticed that Wei Gong was staring at her; she could feel his lustful eyes examining her entire body.

    “I must get her!”, Wei Gong thought to himself.

    “This is my travelling companion. Her name is Jade.”, said Kai introducing his companion to Master Wei.

    “Pleasure to meet you. This is my son Wei Gong and my daughter Wei Hong. Unfortunately, we must hurry now. We have an appointment with Master Ma of Song Mountain sect. Perhaps we can meet another time and discuss the affairs of the martial arts world or trade battle stories. Feel free to stop by at Wah Mountain sect anytime you desire.”, said Master Wei.

    “Alright, nice to meet you.”, said Kai who gave a courteous nod and turned around to walk in the opposite direction.

    “He was staring at me…”, said Jade softly.

    “Who was?”, inquired Kai.

    “The son of the master, Wei Gong. I could tell he wanted me.”, replied Jade.

    “How can you tell? I did not notice anything out of the ordinary.”, asked a curious Kai.

    “It is my gift. I notice these things. If you want to know if a girl likes you, just ask me. I am an expert in this area”, responded Jade with a smile.

    “So you can cook, wash clothes, and can see if someone is romantically interested in me…You are quite useful…”, joked Kai as he began to laugh aloud.

    “Stop teasing me… If you keep this up, you won’t be getting any massages anytime soon…”, retorted Jade.

    “Haha alright, I’ll stop. We’re almost at Chengdoi… We can sleep at the local tavern near the entrance of the town. I know the innkeeper personally so he won’t mind giving us two rooms for the price of one…”, said Kai.

    “Two rooms? We only need one!”, complained Jade.

    “Uhh… You want us to share the same bed?”, inquired Kai.

    “Why not? I get scared if I sleep alone. I need a powerful swordsman to protect me in case my master sends some of her henchmen to kill me during the night…”, appealed Jade.

    “Uhh… Okay…”, replied Kai with a stutter.

    “I think we will get along just fine!”, said Jade as she put her arms around his shoulders.

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    ****** Chapter 5: The Prophecy ******

    A group of nine men dressed in blue robes and a covering hood stood in a circle inside a dark, unlit chamber. They were known to the world as The Prophets, appropriately named because of their uncanny ability to see the future. In the middle of the circle sat a man with a black robe wearing a mysterious mask. The mask was painted with an angry demonic face.

    “Has the box been delivered?”, asked the man with the demonic mask.

    The nine hooded men began to move around the circle, circling the masked man sitting in the middle. They began to chant some tune in an unknown language. When the mysterious chant was over, one of the hooded men took one small step forward towards the man in the mask and began to speak aloud:
    “Greetings my holiness. The box has not been delivered yet. It will arrive soon. There has been some complication…”

    “What kind of complication?”, asked the masked man.

    “The old monk ran into some trouble. Trouble from members of the Blue Lunar cult wishing to steal the box…”, replied another hooded man as he took a step forward.

    “The Blue King himself?”, inquired the masked man.

    “Fortunately, no. Only his henchmen gave him trouble. He managed to defeat them and he is now continuing his journey. The Blue King hardly ventures outside his underground kingdom. That is the reason for the delay…”, replied another one of the nine hooded men as he took a step forward.

    “I see… Well you have called me here urgently to tell me another of your prophecies. What do you see for the future?”, asked the masked man.

    “We see a great evil growing stronger. As you know, we have sent the old Tibetan monk on a mission to deliver the golden box in order to stop this growing darkness. But now, we fear that it may not be enough. This evil power is growing rapidly day by day. It will soon emerge in the immediate future.”, warned one of the hooded men as he stepped forward.

    “Could it be the return of the evil Demon Emperor Tong who once roamed the martial arts world?”, pondered the man with the mask.

    “Impossible. The legendary Sword-God Zu defeated him years ago, casting the evil inside a dark dungeon, forever trapped. We see a new evil arising in our world… But we cannot see his identity…”, replied the hooded man.

    “I see. Since the Sword-God has retired from the martial arts world, I believe we should warn his apprentice, Phoenix Jin.”, suggested the masked man.

    The fifth of the nine hooded men took a small step forward and replied:
    “Yes, that would be a wise thing to do. He is probably the top swordsman in the world now, with the retirement of his master.”

    “Has all seven traditional schools of martial arts received the invitation to Shaolin temple regarding the golden box?”, inquired the masked man.

    “Yes all the invitations has been sent. There will be a great meeting three months from today. Shaolin, Omei, Wu Tang, Wah Mountain, Song Mountain, Beggars Union, and Kunlun… All of them will be there…”, replied the sixth hooded man as he stepped forward.

    “Good. Everything is going according to plan. And what of this mysterious young swordsman with the green jade sword?”, wondered the masked man.

    The seventh of the nine hooded men stepped forward and spoke:
    “We do not know who he is. There is a great mist surrounding him. We cannot uncover his identity or look into his future.”

    “I do not want him ruining our plans. Make sure that he does not become an obstacle.”, ordered the man with the mask.

    “Yes. And what of the Assassins Guild?”, asked the eighth hooded man as he stepped forward.

    “Kill them. All of them.”, replied the masked man coldly.

    “Alright. Thank you for coming. We are humbled by your holy presence.”, said the ninth hooded man as he stepped forward.

    “Alert me when you have more news. I will take my leave.”, said the masked man.

    The man with the demonic mask got up from the center of the circle and walked towards the door of the unlit chamber. A strange mist then started to diffuse across the room, covering every inch. The chamber was now empty; the nine hooded men vanished without a trace.

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    Who is that mask man, is he a bad guy? Update soon.

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    your write really well, and your story is very interesting! Update soon!

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    jeh, sakura: thanks for all your comments!

    jeh: you will find out if he's a bad buy.. <IMG SRC="smilies/smile.gif" border="0">

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    ***** Chapter 6: In the Shadows ******

    Hiding behind the bushes few meters from the main road, a man dressed in black with a black cloth covering his entire head except his eyes gripped his small dagger waiting for his target to appear within visual range. The assassin did not have a real name, only a code name given by the master of the Assassins Guild: Fox. He was assigned to spy on the Jade Swordsman Kai, to find out more about his background and whether he knew anything about the artifact being transported to Shaolin temple. The news that Kai was in the town of Chengdoi on a mission to locate the headquarters of the Assassins Guild reached his ears. His secondary priority was to make sure the location of the headquarters remained a mystery, killing to maintain the secret if necessary. Kai was indeed a dangerous foe, Fox can still recall his previous engagement with him: he was defeated in two strokes and managed to barely escape by throwing a smoke bomb. He only managed to launch two daggers before the Jade sword sliced his right arm, causing his first permanent scar. His second scar was also located just below the first one, caused by the blade of Master Wei when he unleashed his Cyclone Sword technique. He wondered if his master was a match for either Kai or Master Wei since his Flying Dagger technique was more advanced.

    Fox was a recent recruit to the Assassins Guild, learning the Flying Dagger technique during his first year in the guild. His parents were murdered when he was only thirteen. With no income, he became a beggar roaming the streets for money and food before the master of the Assassins Guild discovered him. The master noticed that Fox had quick reflexes and molded him to become a first rate assassin within two years. His first mission was a difficult one: he was ordered to kill a local crime lord who owned the Ivory Flower brothel, the most famous after hours establishment in Chengdoi. Apparently the crime lord was no longer paying the Assassins Guild protection fee, and Fox was ordered to teach him a fatal lesson. It was a difficult task to accomplish because it was the first time Fox had to kill someone. After five kills, Fox learned to detach himself from his prey and consequently he became more comfortable with his assignments. Two years had quickly rolled by and Fox had successfully completely twenty assignments with a perfect record. His twenty-first assignment was the first time he missed his mark. Fox was ordered to assassinate a rich merchant in the town of Wangdai but was stopped by the mysterious Jade swordsman in two strokes. Two fast precise strokes by the green sword stopped his swarming daggers and gave him a scar that he would remember for the rest of his life. All of a sudden, Fox heard a familiar voice close-by along the road.

    “Next time I’m sleeping on the far side of the bed, you nearly knocked me down to the floor!”, complained Kai.

    “It was not my fault… I had a scary nightmare!”, retorted Jade.

    “Well… You were also hogging all the bed sheets… I was freezing!”, complained Kai again.

    “I’m a girl, I need to be warm… Next time choose a more cozy tavern…”, suggested Jade.

    Fox could recognize the voice; it was the Jade swordsman he encountered in Wangdai. He noticed a beautiful female companion dressed in a white robe with long straight black hair and bare shoulders travelling alongside his spying target. He began to ponder her identity:
    “Who could she be? I must find out…”

    “So where are we going now?”, asked Jade.

    “I want to go to the local gambling establishment to see if I can find more information regarding the headquarters of the Assassins Guild.”, replied Kai.

    “Ok. And if you cannot find any information there…?”, inquired Jade.

    “Then…uhh…”, stuttered Kai.

    “What…?”, asked Jade.

    “Then we’re going to the Ivory Flower brothel… Not for pleasure of course, just to find out more information. It’s a famous establishment and there’s bound to be people connected to the Assassins Guild there.”, replied Kai in a serious tone.

    “Hmmm… Interesting…”, replied Jade with a wink.

    “What…?”, retorted Kai.

    “Nothing.”, replied Jade codly.

    “Ok.”, said Kai.

    “I just can’t imagine you going into a place like that… Either for business or pleasure…”, replied Jade with a smile.

    “This is going to be fun!”, Jade thought to herself.

    “They might think you work there…”, joked Kai with a laugh.

    “Do you want to sleep with no bed sheets again?”, warned Jade with a laugh.

    Fox was secretly following the two traveling companions, using trees and bushes as cover. He followed them all the way to the main section of town and watched them enter the gambling establishment. He stood hiding behind the wall of the building next door, waiting for them to return to the streets. The sun was shining brightly and his black suit made him sweaty inside.

    “Why can’t it be winter?”, he said to himself.

    He waited for almost an hour before they came out. Using the walls and alleyways, he secretly trailed the two without getting noticed. He followed them all the way to the famous Ivory Flower brothel. The Ivory Flower building was quite elegant; it was five stories high and was decorated inside with paintings, calligraphy, and red flowers. There was the grand hall on the ground floor where people could sit at large tables to drink wine, sit and chat, or order food. The other levels housed the bedrooms where clients can spent a night with one of the beautiful prostitutes in the establishment.

    “How may we help you?”, asked a lady in her fifties dressed in a colorful red silk dress with patterns of flowers adorning her top.

    “Uhh…”, stuttered Kai.

    “Would you like to spend time with one of our lovely, attractive girls? Or just relax in the ground floor with some splendid food and wine?”, suggested the lady.

    “We’ll just stay on the ground floor, table for two please.”, answered Kai.

    The lady took a glance at Kai’s female companion and gave her a warm smile. She then led the two to a table located in the center of the grand hall. The place was good business; almost all the tables were occupied. People were having a great time: they were laughing and telling jokes to one another, talking about recent events in the world and drinking the finest of wines. The waitresses were all in their late teens or early twenties, slim, attractive and were scantily dressed.

    “Do you enjoy the scenery?”, asked Jade who was immensely amused at Kai’s facial expression.

    “Its beautiful… But none of them are as beautiful as you”, remarked Kai with a wink.

    “I see that your flirting skills has improved!”, laughed Jade.

    Standing behind a small flower stand beside the entrance to the brothel, Fox pondered how long the two would take in their rigorous investigation. He then heard heavy steps approaching him from the alleyway followed by a whisper:

    “He’s asking too many questions about our hideout. It is only a matter of time before he finds out. I suggest we take him out tonight. I can send a group of fifteen men to do the job…”

    “If it is possible, I would like to capture him first before we kill him. The master ordered me to find out more about his background.”, suggested Fox.

    “Alright, we’ll capture him tonight. We found out that he will be staying overnight at the Eastgate Tavern, just east of the brothel.”

    “He is an accomplished swordsman, I suggest we go for his female companion first. We can then use her as bait to capture him.”, replied Fox.

    “Good idea. Lets all meet up at ten o’clock at our usual hangout. We’ll go together to engage the two.”

    “Alright. We cannot fail in our attempt. I have already wasted lot of time on this swordsman.”, answered Fox.

    “I heard he defeated you with two strokes?!”

    “Yes, I must get my revenge!”, replied Fox angrily.

    “And you will, there is no way he can take on more than fifteen adept fighters at the same time…”

    “And this time he has a weakness… A weakness in the form of a beautiful companion.”, replied Fox with a grin.

    “Great and powerful men have been brought down due to this weakness…”

    “The great Jade swordsman will finally fall…”, remarked Fox as he rubbed the big scar on his arm.

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    I hope Kai will be okay. I think Fox and Kai will become good friends. Just my guess. Update soon.

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    jeh: hmmmm .. maybe <IMG SRC="smilies/smile.gif" border="0">

    ****** Chapter 7: The Demonic Swordsman *****

    The room was quite spacious and decorated, paintings of the beautiful Wah Mountain and the famous Yangtze River adorned the room. Kai desired to visit Wah Mountain when he had free time. He heard the mountain was beautiful, covered with oak trees, bright white rocks and a clear river stream flowed along the base of the mountain. He also wanted to talk with Master Wei about the affairs of the martial arts world and to exchange adventure stories.

    In far corner of the room was a bed that was twice as large as the previous one they slept in, much to the comfort of Kai. Jade had just finished unpacking her belongings and was yearning to get some fresh air.

    “I’m going to take a walk for a bit, I’ll be back in ten minutes.”, She told her travelling companion.

    “Alright, be careful.”, warned Kai as he started to relax and lie down on the comfortable large bed.

    It was dark outside, the streets were empty and everyone had retired for the night. A couple of stray cats crawled out from the garbage dump and were heading to the dark empty alleyway. Jade was walking down the side of the empty road thinking about the recent events that transpired. She was no longer a member of the Evil Lunar cult, but instead the travelling companion of the Jade swordsman. The people from the traditional school of martial arts would frown upon her if they uncovered her identity. She let loose a sigh of grief.

    “I’m an outcast in both worlds…”, she thought to herself.

    All of a sudden, she could see an iron staff coming towards her head. Bang! Blood was rolling down her forehead and onto the dry pavement; the ground was soaked with a pool of blood. The staff hit her so hard that she fell down on pavement losing all consciousness.

    Kai was lying down on the bed and was wondering why his companion did not return. Thirty minutes had passed and he was beginning to worry. A dagger was thrown. It went through the window and caught itself on the surface of the table beside the bed, creating an irreparable dent. A startled Kai got up and examined the dagger on the table and noticed a note was attached. He removed the white paper from the blade and began to read the note aloud:
    “We have your travelling companion. Meet us at the west gate entrance of the town. Come alone.”

    Kai was frightened, he never felt more terrified in his life. He did not mind being in mortal danger risking his life to perform good deeds, but now someone he cared for was in danger and he was scared. He did not realize he cared for her this much, after all he only knew her for few days. His stomach felt uneasy, it began to ache. These past few nights have been a pleasant and joyful experience for him, he did not realize having a travelling companion would make his journey more thrilling and satisfying. He loved having someone fun and colorful to talk to.

    “Who could have done this?!”, he thought to himself.

    He then grabbed his sword and ran out of the tavern onto the empty streets. He noticed a pool of blood on the pavement flowing down the street into the sewers by the alleyway. His face then became red like the steaming lava inside a volcano. He was boiling inside, immensely furious. In all his life he was never this angry. His fist tightened the grip of his sword handle and he dashed through the streets to the west gate entrance a quarter mile away.

    Jade was tied up with ropes wrapped around her body with her arms behind her back. She was barely conscious; her vision was blurry. Blood was dripping down a small cut on her tiny forehead. There were sixteen men dressed in black with their faces covered surrounding her waiting for the arrival of the Jade swordsman. They were all equipped with a medium-length sword. The assassin Fox was hiding behind a nearby bush, waiting to ambush the Jade swordsman with his flying daggers. Suddenly loud footsteps against the hollow pavement were heard, and all the assassins stole a glance at the incoming figure. It was quite dark and all they could see was a glimmering green sword and burning eyes of a young swordsman. Those flaring eyes melted away their confidence and drowned them in a sea of fear. Before they could unsheathe their swords, a blinding green light cut through the fresh night air. Blood was being splattered everywhere; the green blade stormed the surrounding ripping apart everything that came within contact. Blood was gushing from their wounds sprinkling the pavement and the grass. Fox could not move; he was frightened at the sheer monstrosity of the attack. He was completely speechless and dumbfounded. It all happened within a blink of an eye. His mind was still registering the events that transpired. Five seconds had passed since they saw those burning eyes. Sixteen dead bodies now littered the ground.

    “Kai!!”, screamed Jade who was tied up and could not move.

    She saw Kai standing ahead, his clothes were bathed in blood. His expression was blank, his eyes no longer flaring with rage.

    “Jade! I’m here!”, screamed Kai as he dropped his green sword, which was covered with blood and ripped out skin.

    He untied her ropes and then quickly gave her a tight embracing hug.

    “Are you ok?!”, asked a worried Kai.

    “I’m a little dizzy…”, replied Jade softly.

    “I’ll take you home…”, replied Kai.

    “Thanks for saving me, I owe you my life…”, whispered Jade.

    “Like I promised you, I will protect you from danger”, replied Kai.

    “I missed you…”, whispered Jade.

    “I missed you too…”, replied Kai.

    He lifted her in his arms and carried her back to the tavern. She fell into deep slumber in his warm strong arms.

    Fox was still behind the bush, dumbfounded. It was the first time he ever felt this much fear. All the assassins were slaughtered mercilessly, all within few seconds. The young swordsman was like a vicious monster slaughtering everything in its path. He had severely underestimated the power of the young swordsman. Those flaring eyes will forever be imprinted into his mind. It was time for him to return to the headquarters of the Assassins Guild and tell his master everything that transpired. The secret headquarters was located in the basement of the local gambling establishment, accessed by a hidden entrance on the main floor.

    Hiding behind a tree near the bodies stood a dark figure. He wore a scary demonic mask and was dressed in a long red robe. He had witnessed the entire fight and was aware of an assassin hiding behind the bush.

    “When he is angry, his fighting potential increases exponentially. At this state, he is quite a powerful swordsman. Quite frankly, he’s a monster. I might be able to use him in our plan.”, thought the man with the demonic mask.

    Fox got up from his hiding spot and noticed the mysterious robed man with the mask.
    “Who are you?!”, demanded Fox.

    The man with the demonic mask turned around to face the inquirer and stared at him. He then turned around again and began walking away.

    “Wait! I am talking to you!”, demanded Fox.

    Fox did not want anybody to know of the events that transpired. If word got out, he would be viewed as a coward for hiding behind the bush. Motivated by his thoughts, he launched a dagger towards the masked man.

    Before the dagger could reach the target, the man with the demonic mask gave a roaring laughter and promptly vanished from thin air. Fox was dumbfounded once again.

    “How could a man just disappear? What kind of power is this? Did I just meet a ghost?”, pondered Fox.

    Suddenly, he heard that same roaring laughter again but could not determine the location of the source:
    “The Assassins Guild will fall!! Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha….!”

    “Who are you?!”, screamed an alarmed Fox.

    There was no reply. The roaring laughter had ceased. Fox quickly made his way back to the headquarters of the guild.

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    Kai's martial arts is incredible. Update soon.

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    Love your story. Little details makes the story interesting, remember not to start off the sentence with too many He or She words.

    Update soon. <IMG SRC="smilies/biggrin.gif" border="0">

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