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Thread: Raw talent: JMZ = XF Agree?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doc Kwok View Post
    I do wonder about this. Did Jinyong hire an editor for his revisions, or did he, having been an editor himself for many years, just assume that he could do it all himself? Having read some of the original editions, all of the second editions and most of the third editions, I see the same problem crop up again and again - he makes a local change to correct some problem, then does a sort of search-and-replace to propagate the change throughout the novel, but then neglects to make sure that the change makes sense in other contexts.
    As an aspiring writer of fiction myself, I can attest that the struggle is real and continuity is a b*tch. That's no excuse for the sloppy editing on the SPW '84 TV series, though. The continuity editors went AWOL on that one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CC View Post
    Have you got the excerpt which states this? And was it a summarised version of the manuals he got? A whole bloody stack of 50 manuals seems quite crazy.
    for the fans translation english version: Murong Bo pondered: " Six Meridian Divine Swords Manual is a rare treasure, yet he is willing to share it with me? Firstly it is just a brief remark from him, he will surely not take the trouble to beg for it, secondly for martial art practitioners, they suffer untold hardships to obtain divine skills, i have no relationship with him, yet he is willing to present it to me so easily? Just now he mention about " exchanging skills with each other", most likely that is the essential point." he said: "There is a common saying: There is no reward for the undeserving. Great master impart [Blazing Sabre Skill] to me, i cannot thank you enough, i infiltrate Shaolin's Scripture-Depository Pavilion and copied the training methods to the 72 supreme consummate skills, currently i have around 30 handwritten copies with me. I will make a duplicate copy and present it to Great master. The other 50 copies are at Suzhou, in the next few days i will return home and make a duplicate copy of them as well. I will wait for Great master to acquire Six Meridian Divine Swords Manual, i invite Great master to Suzhou Basin of Swallow's Canhe Manor to exchange Six Meridian Divine Swords Manual for 50 copies of Shaolin supreme consummate skill, Great master are you agreeable?"Jiumozhi is extremely happy, both of them clap each other's hands 3 times to seal the agreement, each of them have to put in great effort to fulfil their promise so that they may exchange the martial art manuals in the future. Jiumozhi state clearly: Eminent monks from TianLong Monastery possess deep and profound martial arts, he is at the initial stage of training [Blazing Sabre Skill], he cannot proceed and demand for the Six Meridian Divine Swords Manual right away, he have to first dedicate himself to further training, once he achieve great success in his training he will naturally carry out the promise he made today. Murong Bo took out the 30 handwritten copies, at once he begin to make a duplicate copy along with Jiumozhi, several days later the task was done and he presented it to Jiumozhi. Jiumozhi expressed his thanks repeatedly, he return to Tubo to study Shaolin's supreme consummate skill, he knew his mastery of [Blazing Sabre Skill] is shallow, thus he put in painstaking effort and practiced diligently.
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