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Thread: SPW Reread?

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    Default SPW Reread?

    Hey all,

    Reading the *other* SPW thread made me want to take go read the translated version here on spcnet once again. I started right in the middle, more or less, but immediately got sucked right in. Most of us are pretty familiar with the basic plot line of this story, but this time round I really found myself enjoying the often dramatic turns from intrigue and action to tenderness, humour (at times extremely dark), biting satire/allegory, and tragedy. SPW is unquestionably the work of a storyteller at the height of his powers, and it's easy to see how this story is rated by many Jinyong readers as his best.

    I'm wondering if there would be any interest in a series of posts noting my thoughts and comments to each chapter? I'm also wondering whether I should start where the story really starts to pick up thrust (when Linghu Chong gets sent up to the cliff by his master) which is where I have often started reading, or right from the very beginning. Chuck some thoughts at me, please.

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    deleted due to inability to break my reply into paragraphs - is anyone else having this problem?/ (Edit: I tried re-posting anew, but just can't seem to get my Enter key to function once the "Submit Post" or "Save Changes" button is clicked. I've tried on an iPad, on Google Chrome and on the Microsoft browser so I don't think it's a browser-related issue. Sorry for the wall of text! It's so frustrating not being able to structure your posts correctly!)
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    (I now seem to have regained the ability to paragraph things properly!)

    I decided to start right from the beginning. My memory of the first few chapters is that they were somewhat "draggy" but I thought it'd be interesting to read them with the foreknowledge that one has from having read the whole story. As it turned out the story went at a cracking pace and before I knew It I had finished chapter 5. I thought about noting my impressions of all five chapters in one post, but since a lot happened, it's probably better to do each chapter by itself.

    Chapter One: Massacre

    In which Lin Pingzhi and the Fortune Prestige Escort House are introduced; Qingcheng Sect goons harasss an "ugly" girl working at a roadside eating shop; LPZ's attempt to be the gallant ends up in the death of a certain person surnamed Yu; and Lin Zhennan's men start getting killed one by one by an invisible attacker...

    I can no longer take care of each of you, brothers. If you feel like leaving, please go ahead,” he declared.

    “If the Qingcheng Sword School wants to get rid of the Fortune Prestige Escort House, that’s easy; but as to who is right and who is wrong, the Martial World will definitely be the judge of that. Young Sir Yu, if you please!” Lin Zhennan saluted Yu with his sword.

    I'm finding myself quite liking Lin Zhennan. He's clearly a shrewd businessman, tries to do right by his employees, keeps relatively calm despite being under enormous mental strain and humilliation, and I actually think his skills seem fairly reasonable for a person in his position (escort guard who ought to be outclassed by proper students of a significant martial arts school). There's a bit of text later in the story where Lin Zhennan's abilities are likened to those of a three-year old child (I may not be remembering this properly but it's something similar) but on reading this chapter it's clear he has qinggong sufficient to easily jump to the top of the roof of his house.

    Lin Pingzhi managed a smile, but deep inside, he was miserable. “The whole affair is my fault,” he thought to himself. “It is all because I couldn’t contain myself and killed that guy; so many people have died because of me. If I only worry about my own life like a coward, how can I bear to ever look at myself again?”

    LPZ starts off as being a bit of an entitled bratty rich-kid and not very likeable, but by the end of the chapter I think it's pretty easy to feel sympathy for him. Unfortunately his trials and tribulations are only just beginning...

    On my first read I thought Lin Zhennan's men must have been killed by Yu Canghai himself, but now I'm not so sure. Given that the martial arts skills of the Qingcheng sect seem to be considerably higher than anyone in the Escort House, it could have been one of the more senior disciples like the (chortle) "Ying Xiong Hao Jie" foursome.

    "I guess you must be wondering at this very moment: How the hell did the Qingcheng Sword School learn the Lin family’s Evil-Resisting Sword Art? Am I right?”

    Oh yes you are, Mr Yu Renhao... and I'm also wondering just how you Qingcheng tw*ts are going to get your well-deserved comeuppance...


    Feel free to offer your own comments, by the way! If there's enough interest, I'll go to Chapter 2 and onwards...
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    Just a quick thread-bump guys - I somehow seemed to have regained the ability to paragraph things, which makes my earlier post a lot more intelligible. I'll continue on if there's any interest.

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