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Thread: Mega Budget ($10-$100+ Million) Android games

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    Default Mega Budget ($10-$100+ Million) Android games

    Genshin Impact: $100 million budget. I just started playing this game. What I like about it is level of details not found in other mobile games. Like if you go near a fish, it will dart away. And also lots of moving decors like leaf blades flying in the wind, crabs burying itself in the beach, cloud movements creating shadows on the ground, etc. What's surprising about this game is it's free to play but acts like a triple A paid title.

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    I love the game in a way that you can still enjoy it without spending too much money on it. What your ign by the way? I've heard there will be party boss fights/dungeons in the future, I'm excited for it.

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    Hey there. Sounds like a great game. Where can I download it?

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