A number of our members have experienced difficulties with formatting their comments on this forum in recent days. Unfortunately, the only person who can fix this problem for us, site owner SPCNET, has been out of contact for two or three years. Hopefully, she is well, but it has been at least two years since anyone has heard from her. All attempts to contact her have met with no response.

It is probable that this forum will cease to exist after January 24, 2021. Perhaps SPCNET will resurface before that time, extend the lease, and fix the technical problems, but it is unknown if any of that will happen.

I created a Facebook group to continue the community and legacy that have been established here at this forum during the past eighteen years. A number of our veterans have already joined and, since April of this year, have contributed to exporting critical wuxia novel translations and articles written by members of this forum over to the Facebook group. I would like to invite all members of the SPCNET Wuxia Forums community to join the Facebook group:


During the remaining two months, we can also look into the possibility of establishing a V-Bulletin Forum such as SPCNET to continue the community. Let me know your thoughts on that.