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    Default Rising Winds, Scudding Clouds

    Thanks Sideswipe for giving me an idea to start a fanfic. Not sure if anyone here still reads Wuxia fanfics but I've decided to work on one.

    Please do share your thoughts

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    Default Chapter 1

    The fog had lightened due to the strong winds.

    At the back of Mount Wudang, Zhang Wuji knelt next to one another and kowtowed to the tombstone of Zhang Cuisan and Yin Susu.

    Standing behind him, Zhao Min watched Zhang Wuji pay respects to his late parents. They had agreed previously that they would never set foot on the Central Plains. Seeing how much Zhang Wuji yearned for his great teacher and his late parents, Zhao Min decided to make a trip to Mount Wudang.

    Zhang Wuji gazed at the tombstone and spoke in a joyful voice, “Father, mother, there is someone Wuji would like you to meet today. She is the one that Wuji wishes to spend the rest of Wuji’s life with. Her name is Zhao Min.” He looked over his shoulder at Zhao Min with a smile, revealing his transparent sincerity and love for her.

    Grateful for the love and devotion that he had shown her, Zhao Min stepped forward and knelt down beside him. “Father in law, mother in law, from now on I will do my best to protect Wuji and take good care of him. You need not worry,” she said respectfully. She reached for a cup on the stone slab with both hands and poured wine to the ground in honor of the deceased Zhang couple.

    Zhang Wuji reached out for her hand and returned to their feet together. They gazed at each other with an affectionate smile. After all the ups and downs that they had gone through together, they were finally together.

    While they were walking back to the temple they saw Song Yuanqiao and Yu Daiyan briskly walking toward them.

    Zhang Wuji cupped his fist in salute, greeting his senior martial uncles together with Zhao Min.

    Song Yuanqiao and Yu Daiyan responded with warm smiles. After listening to their teacher, Zhang Sanfeng’s explanation and advice , they decided to forget about their past enmity with Zhao Min after and accept her as part of the family.

    “Wuji, your Grand Teacher is so happy that you and Young Lady Zhao came to visit him,” Song Yuanqiao said. He was in fact the first person who agreed to forget about their past enmity with Zhao Min and accept her as Zhang Wuji’s other half. The death of his son, Song Qingshu, had certainly made him become more forgiving.

    “Big Martial Uncle, Wuji apologized for coming late,” Zhang Wuji flustered.

    Yu Daiyan gave a hearty laugh. “What your Big Martial Uncle said is true. If Young Lady Zhao was not pregnant we would have to wait for a much longer time before we could see you,” he reprimanded.

    “Third Hero Yu, it wasn’t Wuji’s fault. He did not return to the Central Plains because he was worried that it would remind me of how my late father was murdered,” Zhao Min explained in defense of Zhang Wuji.

    Song Yuanqiao looked at her with a solemn expression. “Young Lady Zhao, I understand how you feel. But I’m sure your father would not want you to dwell on the past. He would want you to live a happy and healthy life instead.”

    Yu Daiyan nodded in agreement. “Since Wuji has already left the Ming Cult, the two of you don’t have to worry about anyone coming between you anymore.”

    “Third Martial Uncle, Minmin and I have decided not to get involved in matters related to the martial arts community anymore. We’re planning to build a thatched hut on an island and live in seclusion,” Zhang Wuji expressed.

    “Since Young Lady Zhao is pregnant, the two of you should build a thatched hut by Mount Wudang path so that if you need any help, we can be there for you,” Song Yuanqiao advised.

    “It’s already a good fortune that they are back to visit us. Let us give them some space and let them spend more personal time with each other,” a deep and energetic voice rang out.

    The four of them recognized the voice. They looked toward Zhang Sanfeng who was walking leisurely toward them and greeted him with their fists cupped.

    Zhang Sanfeng gave Zhang Wuji a pat on the shoulder. “Wuji, there is something else that you have forgotten to do,” he hinted with a smile.

    Zhang Wuji looked at his martial uncles and Zhao Min with a confused expression.

    Zhao Min knew what Zhang Sanfeng meant. She shook her head at Zhang Wuji amusingly and said, “Wuji, we’ve yet to serve tea to Venerate Zhang and your martial uncles.”

    “We should host a wedding ceremony to share the joy,” Yu Daiyan blurted.

    Zhang Sanfeng made a hand gesture and responded, “That won’t be necessary. Let’s forget about the formalities and just have a simple tea ceremony. At my age, I would prefer to make things simple.”

    He then shifted his gaze to Zhao Min and called her by her given name. “Minmin, you should start addressing me as Grand Teacher instead of Venerate Zhang.”

    Zhao Min instantly knelt down at Zhang Sanfeng and kowtowed to him. “Minmin pays respect to the Grand Teacher,” she respectfully said.

    Zhang Sanfeng laughed heartily. He reached out for her hands and helped her up from the ground. “Minmin, since you’re pregnant there’s no need for you to be over courteous,” he said in a caring voice.

    That same night, all the disciples of the Wudang Sect assembled in the main hall in rows of two. They were chatting among themselves in small groups, the atmosphere was simply joyous.

    Zhang Wuji and Zhao Min knelt in front of Zhang Sanfeng and took turns to serve him tea.

    Zhang Sanfeng’s eyes welled up and he drank the cups of tea. “Wuji, Grand Teacher is really happy today. Grand Teacher did not have the opportunity to drink the tea served by your parents. But today Grand Teacher had the good fortune to drink the tea served by you and Minmin. Even if Grand Teacher dies now, Grand Teacher would die with no regrets,” he said in a voice full of emotions.

    Zhang Wuji looked at Zhang Sanfeng in distraught. “Grand Teacher will live a very long life,” he exclaimed.

    Zhang Sanfeng smiled and said, “Grand Teacher hopes so too. Grand Teacher hopes to meet your child before Grand Teacher leaves this world.”

    “Grand Teacher will certainly get to meet our child,” Zhao Min assuringly said.

    Afterward, Zhang Wuji and Zhao Min went on to serve the other Wudang Sect five heroes tea. Yin Liting and his wife Yang Buhui were the last ones to be served.

    As soon as Yang Buhui finished her tea, she rose from her seat and helped them up. “Brother Wuji, Sister Min, please rise,” she said, feeling rather uneasy.

    Zhao Min smiled at Yang Buhui and said, “Sixth Aunt, since you’re our senior, we should pay respects to you.”

    A boy ran into the hall toward Yang Buhui and pulled her clothing repeatedly. “Mother, what’s going on? Why is this brother and sister kneeling to you? Did they do something wrong?” he asked, looking at the couple with an innocent expression.

    Everyone burst out laughing.

    Yin Liting wrapped his arms around the boy’s waist, lifted him up and sat him down on his lap. “Qingyang, you should be calling them martial uncle and auntie,” he explained.

    Zhang Wuji took a closer look at the boy. He flashed a smile and asked, “Sixth Martial Uncle, he’s your son, Junior Martial Brother Qingyang?”

    Yin Liting nodded, “Father in law took him to town to see the lanterns.” He looked at the boy and said, “Qingyang, quickly greet your Martial Uncle Wuji and his wife.”

    The boy obediently cupped his fist in salute and respectfully greeted the couple, “Qingyang pays respect to Martial Uncle Wuji and Martial Uncle Wuji’s wife.”

    Zhao Min gently stroked the boy’s hair. “Qingyang is such a good boy,” she complimented.

    Yang Xiao majestically walked into the hall. The moment he saw Zhang Wuji, he hurriedly cupped his fist and bowed to him. “Subordinate pays respect to the cult chief.”

    Zhang Wuji sarcastically replied, “Uncle Yang, have you forgotten that I’m no longer the chief?”

    Yang Xiao smiled and said, “In my heart, you, Zhang Wuji will always be the Ming Cult chief. If it wasn’t for your acts of chivalry the Ming Cult would have vanished a long time ago.”

    Everyone concurred with what Yang Xiao said.

    Zhang Wuji walked up to Yang Xiao and gave him a pat on the arm. “I should be the one calling Uncle Yang the cult chief instead.”

    Yang Xiao shook his head. “I’ve relinquished my position as Cult Chief right after Qingyang was born. I’m a little tired of endless fighting and killing in the jianghu. Since I’ve already fulfilled my mission of chasing the Mongols out of the Central Plains, I would like to spend more time with Qingyang now,” he explained. A relieved smile spread across his face.

    “Father in law made a wise decision. After the Yuan Dynasty collapsed, the Ming Cult mercenary commanders and other rebel group leaders such as Zhu Yuanzhang, Chen Youliang, Zhang Sicheng, Fang Guozhen and Li Siqi are fighting over land rights incessantly. The entire realm is in chaos and the people have no way to make a living,” Yin Liting said.

    Zhao Min just stared at Zhang Wuji without saying a word. She had decided that if he intervened to stop the war she would stay by his side and support him. She knew too well that Zhang Wuji would never stay on the sideline and watch the common people suffer from war. It was also a good opportunity for her to eliminate Zhu Yuanzhang to avenge her father.

    Noticing her beautiful eyes blazing at him, Zhang Wuji kept silent. He knew that with Zhao Min by his side it would be easy to overpower the warlords and stop the war. But he also recalled how much they had to suffer while he was involved in the matters related to the country’s well being. He did not want to go through it again.

    Zhang Wuji turned his gaze to Zhang Sanfeng and spoke passionately, “Grand Teacher, would you please help us to think of a name for our child?”

    Everyone in the hall looked at him in surprise. They had expected him to volunteer himself to stop the warlords from fighting each other and to restore peace across the lands.

    Zhang Sanfeng mulled over Zhang Wuji’s response in silence. He realized that Zhang Wuji had become wiser. He had finally decided to be kind to himself and not just to others. If Zhang Wuji got involved in the internal war between the Han people, he would eventually end up returning to where he was before, leader of a group and possibly ruler of the realm, which was something Zhang Wuji had no interest in. Furthermore, he did not have the ambition and ruthlessness in him to suppress his opponent to pacify the chaos within the Central Plains.

    Zhang Sanfeng’s eyes gleamed with joy. “Of course. Give Grand Teacher a day or two to think of a good name,” he said, laughing heartily.

    Enclosing one of Zhang Wuji’s hands between two of hers, a soft smile curved Zhao Min’s mouth. She appreciated Zhang Wuji’s decision to place her and their unborn child above everything else.
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