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Thread: I built my first PC!

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    Default I built my first PC!

    I did it, just built my second PC. Oh oh wait a minute, but y the thread say "first PC"? Let me explain.

    The first PC I ever built used an MSI motherboard. Easy as shiet with the included instructions. MSI products are mostly for clueless Westerners, meaning even a baby can assemble an MSI PC following baby step instructions in their sleep.

    Now, I tried this again, building my second PC, but this time a non-brand name mobo from an unknown Chinese company. On the mobo itself, there are no printed English words, just naked pins sticking out at you. Mobo did not come with written instructions whatsoever. The thing that helped me put everything together was the number of pins and location of missing pins. Turned out it was easier than I thought.

    Some other info

    This is the mobo I got from eBay:

    Everything in this PC is brand new except the CPU (pretty hard to find a new CPU made in 2013 nowadays). DDR3 ram was new when I got it, but maybe now they don't sell them new anymore.

    I can proudly say, my new PC CAN run Windows 7. Pretty easy to go out get the latest PC hardware, BUT can it run Windows 7? Nope, only crummy 10 that spies on everything u do.

    My first PC used a ThermalTake PC case. This second one a Deep Cool PC case. If anyone wants a recommendation, I suggest go Deep Cool. I really hate those PCs that don't have a HDD light so u can't tell when the HDD is working. Deep Cool impressed me a lot for having this. Plus the HDD bay and DVD drive bays are better organized with conveniences not found in my ThermalTake PC case.

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    Deep Cool is basically a Mainland company. The first PC I built using MSI mobo ThermalTake case, etc. all Taiwanese companies stuff. I like my second PC build much better, Mainland engineers are way smarter than Taiwanese make much better products (except where Taiwan got a head start like in semiconductors).

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