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Thread: Unaffiliated, lone wolf monks of wulin.

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    Default Unaffiliated, lone wolf monks of wulin.

    Most Buddhist monks who appear in wuxia stories are affiliated with some Buddhist wulin sect: Shaolin Temple, Heavenly Dragon Temple (Dali), the various Tibetan schools, etc. Occasionally, however, we encounter "lone wolf," unaffiliated monks such as No Commandments Monk from Jin Yong's SPW or the Honest Monk from Gu Long's LUK SIU FUNG stories. What are we to make of these unaffiliated monks? Why are they not members of prominent wulin Buddhist sects? From where do their martial arts skills originate?

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    There is the tradition of Walking/Traveling monks. Perhaps these lone wolves apprenticed under these monks. Another possibilities is that these lone wolves were already prominent martial artist before taken their vows, so had no need to belong to a large monastery in order to gain their skills.

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